What´s your full name? Sara Elina Kjellgren

What high school do you go to and what do you study? IHGR, in Gothenburg. I´m starting IB in fall.

Do you have any pets? I have a 5 year old Miniature Schnauzer named Jippie.

What´s your go to perfume? I´ll always be a huge fan of all One Direction perfumes, but at the moment my go to perfume is Endless Euphoria by Calvin Klein.

What has been your favourite trip so far? I´ll have to answer Malta on this one. Not because it was the best destination but because the whole language trip experience was incredibly fun!

What languages do you speak? Swedish is my mother tongue but I would say that I'm also kind of fluent in English. Apart from that I've also been studying German for a couple of years now.

​How do you see you life in five years from now? ​I´ve graduated IB with good grades and am studying at university somewhere in the world.

​What does a perfect day in your life look like?  ​I'm waking up early by myself, with the whole day ahead of me. I cook and eat breakfast with good musik on the speakers. Good weather is of course essential for a really good day, so i spend some time outside walking or just sitting in the sun. Then doing some productive things always makes me feel good. Just feeling happy, healthy & energetic makes a really great day.

What are your main goals and plans at the moment? ​I´ve quite recently become a pescetarian, now trying to be completely vegetarian. My next goal after that is to continue on to becoming vegan.

I´ve also been renovating my rooms, so an ongoing project is to complete that.

And of course a goal is, to put it frankly "to get my shit together". I've in school and occasionally at home been a complete mess and to survive my upcoming two years in the IB I need to get it together. 

Do you have any last words for this blog post? ​Actually I do. I'm really excited and inspired to start blogging. I'm probably going to get tired of it in the near future but until then I hope to get some good posts up. 

Hope you enjoyed it! 

Sara Kjellgren