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A couple of weeks back I went to Hong Kong for a long weekend trip to see my friend Greta. It was my first time there and HOLY SHIT what a contrast to Beijing. Hong Kong was kind of as if New York and some tropical place had a baby and it really got 50% of each parent. On the one side there's the humidity (which was not fun for my hair) and the tropical looking surroundings and beaches, but all of a sudden all of these skyscrapers peak forward and you're in this crazy metropolis. I think it's safe to say I love it. The one thing that kind of bugged me was how entitled the western youth I met there felt. Not a single person spoke a word of mandarin or cantonese, which is understandable because there's really no need for it like there is in Beijing since a lot of times people don't speak English. I just find it to be such a waste of an opportunity to not try and at least learn more than ni hao, right?

Anyways, here are some photos from when I visited!

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I'm a big fan of the magazine i-D, with their controversial and out-of-the-box way of reporting fashion and society today. Their YouTube channel is filled with videos about alternative styles, different societal looks on LGBTQIA+ , feminism, and youth today, and more, all beautifully shot. I really enjoyed their "Summer of Love" series, where they documented four different groups of people in New York, London, Barcelona, and Paris and how they view love and life. Recently, however, I've been really invested in their "Beyond Beauty" project with Grace Neutral. Neutral is a tattoo artist and activist who has herself explored alternative beauty, as she's undergone multiple body modifications. She has now come forward in the "Beyond Beauty" project to view beauty around the world, and how it affects different societies. Previously she visited Korea, with it's booming makeup- and plastic surgery industry. Now she took on Brazil and wen't on a trip into not only mainstream media beauty, but also the underground and alternative styles that have risen lately.

One person in particular that stood out for me was LAY. LAY is a female rapper and activist for female rights in Brazil, and she is also just a boss ass person. With her gritty rapping style and covered in silks and leathers she blew me away. She spoke about her latest album, which was inspired by the "peripheral woman" in Brazil and her daily struggles of male objectification and assault. According to LAY the world is shutting it's eyes to how women in Sao Paulo are treated, and how dangerous it actually is to just be a woman there. She also speaks up about racial stigmas and hatred she's gotten from the rapper community, which is predominantly male. LAY's music is both empowering and moving, even if you don't speak the language. And if you're not really into the whole social part of the message, it's a fucking good song.



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Hello! (is that the correct way of starting a blog post, I'm not really sure of what I'm doing???)

I have about six drafts from previous attempts of starting this blog off, but somehow every time I think I have something good to say, that will put my first blog post down in history, it slips my mind as soon as I muster up the courage and the effort to open up Nouw.

Either way, here I am, a mere 17 years of age living abroad. I think this will be a good place for me to write out a lot of things, but mainly my existential questions and general annoyance with people of this earth. That sounded a tad bit dramatic, but I'm sure there'll also be posts about travel and life abroad, as well as maybe the odd outfit post (because what dignified teen girl blogger can REALLY call herself a blogger without posting her outfits?)

I think that's quite enough for the first post, hopefully I can take more of an initiative to work on this blog now that I've actually posted something.

Here are some images from Beijing.

OBS! It's a pretty great place