Hello everyone!

My name is Sarah Brakmanis and I am from Adelaide, Australia. I will be going on an exchange program to the USA for a semester with Student Exchange Australia & New Zealand in 2017 and this blog is designed to keep my family and friends at home updated on my day-to-day life whilst I am away, along with allowing me to record my memories which I can look back on in the future.

In regards to my exchange, I have sent off my application forms and am waiting for confirmation from the company, therefore I do not have any information on my placement or anything yet. If all goes well, I should depart in August of 2017 and stay for five-six months depending on the program. However, I will keep this blog updated and will share any future information and processes I need to go through for my exchange program to America. 

Although my exchange is practically a year away, I am already very excited and cannot wait to experience life as an American teenager. I've been reading so many blogs from other exchange students and I can't wait to live it myself!

So until next time,