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These past few days have been insane - and the next few days are too.
I haven´t had much time or energy to post anything really anywhere, and I know that is mostly due to the fact that I have been pushing myself way too far mentally.
I am still super busy for the next few days (and more) but I am trying to get better at giving myself a bit of room to breathe in between events, classes etc. That´s the key, you know.

For instance, I am just sitting here right now, drinking tea and writing - relaxing a bit before a super packed day.

Today is going to be so intense, but I have a good feeling about it.
Right now (after I finish my tea) I am going to go check out a new gym, which I´m so excited about!
I haven´t worked out properly in about 6 months, and I know that is something that makes me happy - so I just can´t wait to get back into it!
After that (I am obviously gonna shower and get ready) I have a class for a couple of hours, and one thing in between there if I have the time - and then tonight is all about insp love 💜
(and you know, boring stuff like grocery shopping, homework and such)

And hey, if you want to come with me, I am vlogging all of it as much as I can on my new snapchat!

Anyways, I hope you all are having a great day!

Talk to you later 😘

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Products used:
Makeuprevolution Pro Base Aqua Priming Base

MakeupMekka Mattifying Camouflage Foundation in Neutral light .03

A sparkly and cute-ass beady kinda thing (on my forehead) from H&M

Eyeshadows from Sara´s Beauty Slay Like a Pro - Ultimate BeautyBox

JvG Liquid Precision Liner 20

JvG Soft Touch Eyeliner 45

JvG Complete Perfect Eyelashes Mascara



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Inspired by Kepaza and kinda a bit by the netflixshow "The Good Place"

Products used:
MakeupRevolution Pro Base Primer spray
Just an old foundation
The Bodyshop Matte Clay Skin Clarifying Foundation

Sara´s Beauty Slay Like a Pro - Ultimate BeautyBox
Makeupmekka Perfect Brow Pomade in Dark

And that´s literally it 😊

What do yo think?💜



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Yesterday morning I was on my way to a gig. I arrived waay too early, so I figured I would just wait for a bit, and I took up my phone to write a tiny blogpost - you know, since I finally had the time to do so.
But before I actually got to do anything, I looked up and I saw this guy on a motorcycle fricking crashing about 5-8 meters in front of me!
And the motorcycle landed on top of his leg!

I didn´t really think at all, I just automatically ran over to help, not knowing how I could help or whether or not I would´ve been able to handle it if it was really bad - and so did a couple of other people.
We grabbed the bike asap and carefully pulled it off him, and tried to see if he was okay or not.
He stood up after a bit, and his jeans and his leg was scratched up, but not badly and it was thankfully not broken!
Then a lot of other people came to help and check if he was okay.
And we got the motorcycle and the guy off the road.

One of the guys that came to help had a looot of experience with motorcycles and with crashing (and the shock of crashing and aaall that stuff)
So he helped him with checking if anything on the bike was broken, if he was in shape and helped calm him down a bit.

Everything went well in the end, as far as I know. Well, relatively.
It must´ve been a really terrifying experience for him, and he scratched up his leg, it probably hurt a lot, and the bike got busted a little bit. - But the important thing is that he didn´t get seriously injured!

So yeah, that happened yesterday.
I am just so glad he´s all right, and that so many people came to help!
You know, you always see videos and hear about how no one helps when help is needed like that, and that our society is so awful and selfish in that way, and everyone just lives in their own bubble not caring about what happens to people that they don´t know. (damn, that´s a long sentence, A.J)

But I feel like what happened here proved that wrong. At least in this case a whole bunch of people cared! Without thinking, nonetheless. And without expecting anyone else to do it.
Kinda feel like I learned something, in a strange way.
Is that weird?
And it kinda restored my faith in people, which has not really been on top throughout 2017.

And I really feel like learning more about what to do in situations like that - to be more prepared for such things.

Has anything like that ever happened to you?



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These days have been really busy, and I know that the next couple of weeks are going to be as well.
And on days like that, having a simpler makeuplook at hand is both smarter and quicker than experimenting, playing around and doing different looks every. single. day.

I am doing a 30-day makeupchallenge on instagram though. But the looks I do there are mostly for the look, for fun, creativity... and not necessarily for... idk... grocery shopping, meetings, having coffee with a friend, busy days etc. - you know, every-day-life kinda stuff.

And also, even if you are like me, and you like to try out and play around with different, and perhaps more dramatic looks even on totally normal, boring and regular-ass days;
It´s always good to have a go-to, quickly (or quicker) applied look at hand for those times where you have to go fast and don´t have the time to do a lot - you know?

So this is my go-to everyday look, lately. ( Give or take the lipstick )

Disclaimer, and important note: I do NOT wear makeup every single day, you guys!
Just when I want to.
It´s so important to let your skin rest regularly and it´s even more important to make sure you don´t get "addicted" to wearing makeup.
I can´t stress enough how important it is to get used to you own skin, even without makeup. - Makeup is for fun, not for hiding!

Products used:

Makeup Revolution Pro Base spray
and on some days makeupmekka´s Plumping Pore Filling Primer as well
Makeupmekka Mattifying Camouflage Foundation
A lil´bit of babypowder to set my undereyes and a bit in the t-zone as well (because, oily skin)
JvG Sunny Glow Bronzing Mineral Powder
The Balm Mary Loumanizer
Makeuprevolution Pro Fix Illuminating Setting Spray

A bit of mascara as a brow-gel (keep in mind, my hair is pretty much blackish)
Makeupmekka Perfect Brow Pomade in Dark
H&M brow powder to set

Beauty UK Eye Prime FX
ABH Modern Renaissance: Golden Ochre
JvG Complete Perfect Eyelashes Mascara

I do change up the lips a lot from day-to-day, but I have pretty much been alternating between two different lip-products lately.
Which are:
TheBalm Meet Matt(e) Hughes Long-Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Trustworthy
NuSkin Contouring Lip Gloss
And I like to pop it off with some gold using TheBalm Mary Loumanizer



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I am gonna start a vlog on snapchat, but I have two things that I am struggling to figure out;

First of all, the name!
I am not sure what I should call it - you see, saraaj (which is what I am called pretty much everywhere) is taken! ooops...
So, I need to call it something else... AJdaily perhaps? Do you have any suggestions?

And also, I am not sure whether I am going to do it in english or norwegian. Or both.
I do everything else in english, but idk, maybe I´ll do this in norwegian... what do you think?

I´m just waaay to eager to start doing it!
As you know I am vlogging on smiinkevloggen every friday, and I love it so much that I want to make my own and vlog a looot more!
It´s of course going to be about my everyday life, makeup, beauty in general and of course fashion!

I can´t wait, and now I´m rambling haha!

If you have any name or language-suggestions, just let me know 😘

Love you lots, and talk to you later, babes ❤



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I honestly think this is the first time I have ever used green as anything other than a side-thing in my makeup.
Well, except for when I was a kid and just smudged on anything I could find 😝 (I mean, we have all been there)

I have never been a big fan of the color green in either beauty, interior or fashion, to be honest.
Although I could easily use colors such as green in more artsy, "out-there" looks, I never even thought about putting it into a wearable, everyday kinda look.

But I felt like challenging myself color-wise today, and see if I could lure in some greenness in a somewhat subtle manner. (Well, it is subtle for me at least.)
And I wanted to see if something cool would come out of it.

And to tell you the truth, I think my shying-away-from-green-shades-days are over!
So get ready for more experimentation like this in the future.

Products used:

MakeupRevolution Pro Base Aqua Priming Spray
Makeupmekka Mattifying Camouflage Foundation in Neutral Light .03
JvG Sunny Glow Bronzing Mineral Powder
Highlight: ABH Modern Renaissance palette shade Primavera
Smoldercosmetics loose pigment in Mojito

Makeupmekka Perfect Brow Pomade in Dark
H&M brow powder to set

BeautyUK Eye Prime FX
ABH Modern Renaissance Palette, shades: Golden Ochre, Raw Sienna, Realgar, Primavera
JvG Sunny Glow Bronzing Mineral Powder
Smoldercosmetics loose pigment in Mojito
JvG Soft Touch Eyeliner no. 98
JvG Soft Touch Eyeliner no. 11
Morphe Eyeliner pot in Slate
JvG Complete Perfect Eyelashes Mascara

TheBalm Meet Matt(e) Hughes Long-Lasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade Trustworthy
JvG Soft Touch Eyeliner no. 19

Eye and lip details:

What do you think? 😘



I have been in a bit of rut lately - well, truthfully, I am in a bit of a rut.
You know, sometimes that happens, and that is okay! And it is especially common when the days are getting darker and colder like they are now. (ugh, fall)

As you might know I am struggling with anxiety, which I know a looot of other people do as well.
And one of the things I find to be important when it´s really bad, is taking a tiny step back to make room for myself and kinda recharge.
So that is what I have done these past couple of days, and that is also the reason I haven´t posted here or on instagram for a few days.

And pretty much the whole point of doing that is to relax, make time for myself, let myself actually feel a bit and of course; recover enough to get back on track.

One of the main things that I find helps me a lot is getting inspired. Which then sort of leads to motivation, which in turn leads to me getting my butt back up - did that make sense to you at all?

Knowing exactly what inspires you isn´t always the easiest thing in the world - especially when you aren´t feeling inspired or motivated at all.
So one of the things that I like to do is I literally just scroll through pics on weheartit, tumblr, instagram or any platform really, and I put them together.
A.K.A I make an inspiration board.

So that is what I did (or one of the things I did at least)
And I figured I would share it with you.
So here it is:

(these pics are not mine, btw)

I don´t know if this works for you or not, but it does for me.
No one thing works for everyone and I think the really big trick lies in trying out different things until you find what works for you personally.

And you know, whether you are in a rut, or not - some inspiration at the beginning of the week is never a bad thing 😃

Talk to you later, babes - and hope you all are having a great monday night (and week)😘

What do you do when you´re in a rut?



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I am going out for pizza with my little brother and my boyfriend tonight.
I´m so excited (is it just me or do I always seem excited over something?)
and also I am vlogging at smiinkevloggen on snapchat!

Come and check it out if you want and see how I did this look and also come with me tonight.😄
(disclaimer: the vlog is in norwegian - sorry)

And here is the look I did for that today:

Products used:
BeautyUK Eye Prime FX
Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette: Tempera, Golden Ochre, Warm Taupe, Cyprus Umber, Vermeer, Burnt Orange
The colorful eyeshadow palette in Sara´s Beauty Slay Like a Pro- Ultimate Beauty Box
Kleancolor Madly Matte Lip Gloss no. 1639
A white liquid liner
JvG Complete Perfect Eyelashes Mascara

Makeupmekka Perfect Brow Pomade in Dark
H&M Brow Powder to set

Makeupmekka Moisturizing Lip Balm Chubby Stick in Pow Wow

Makeup Revolution Pro Base Spray
Makeupmekka Plumping Pore Minimizing Face Primer
Makeupmekka Mattifying Camouflage Foundation in neutral light 03
Nyx Wonder Stick (contour) in universal
Emite Makeup Millesis 101 Active Eye Light Corrector
JvG Sunny Glow Bronzing Mineral Powder
TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer
Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette: Vermeer, Primavera
Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Illuminating Setting Spray

Let me know what you think 😊

What are you guys doing tonight?😘




I tried it today. McDonald´s vegetarian burger.
I know I am super late on trying it, but the McDonald´s closest to me never got it, and also - everyone I talked to who had it said it was super dry, tasteless and boring.

But today I decided to try. This is so not what I usually write about, but I just felt like doing it today. Why not, right?

And you know what? It actually tasted pretty good. I didn´t really find it dry or tasteless, nor did I find it boring.
Although I must say that calling it "spicy" is a quite a stretch. Because it´s really not spicy at all - which is good for me actually, as I never really liked spicy foods.
It´s not the best veggieburger I´ve had, but it definitely wasn´t the worst either.
Just pretty good.

So yeah, if you haven´t tried it before, at least now you know one more persons opinion of it.
Honestly though, if you´re looking for a really good veggieburger in Oslo, I would rather tell you to go to Max or Tommi´s burger joint.
I would only get this again if I just happened to be at McDonald´s I think.
There are just so many better ones out there, but it was not bad at all.
And who knows, I might be craving it again later on.

Anyways, such a random post from my beauty and fashion-loving self.

Talk to you later, babes😘

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Jeg er så excited og så glad for å si at dette innlegget er i samarbeid med Dyrevernsalliansen!
Og enda mer gira for det jeg skal si her!

Så Dyrevernsalliansen er amazing! Hallo, de jobber mot et pelsfritt motebilde og politisk avvikling av pelsdyroppdrett og pelsdyrfarmer!
Og i dag lanserte de en gratisapp med en søkbar oversikt over alle klesmerker og butikker hvor du kan se om de selger pels eller ikke!

For å havne på denne listen må bedriftene ha en offisiell policy eller skriftlig dokumentasjon mot salg av pels.
Og heyho, du får den på både Apple og Androids!

Reven har ett grønt øre som lister opp merkene/butikkene som er "snille" - a.k.a de som har pelsfri policy
og ett rødt øre som lister de "slemme" - a.k.a de som ikke har pelsfri policy.
Sykt greit! Og så utrolig viktig!

Hvis du lurer på hvorfor jeg er så imot pels og hvorfor jeg er så passionate på det her, så du finner viktig informasjon om det HER

Jeg skal hvert fall skaffe meg denne appen!

Ja, til pelsfri mote!

Vi snakkes, babes😘

(btw, sjekk så cute den reven er tho)


I am so excited and happy to say that this post is in collaboration with Dyrevernsalliansen! (an amazing organization that works for animal rights)
And I am even more excited about what I am going to tell you!

So, Dyrevernsalliansen is amazing! I mean, they are working for a fur free fashion-world and for a political end to fur farms and fur farming.

And today they released a free app with a searchable list of all clothing brands and stores where you can see if they are selling fur or not!

To get on the list, the companies have to have an official policy or written documentation specifically against fur.
And, heyho, you can get it on both Apple and Android phones.

The fox (which is also the app icon, and is also so cute) has one green ear which lists all the "nice" brands/stores - a.k.a the ones that do have a fur free policy
and a red ear which lists all the "naughty" ones - a.k.a the ones that don´t have a policy against fur.

So simple and convenient! And so friggin important!

I am definitely going to get this app!

Yes, to fur free fashion!

Talk to you later, babes😘




So, fall is here. I am not really too happy about it, but there are some cool things about this season as well - like halloween (a.k.a the best day of the year) and of course fall fashion!

And also, since today is sunday, which is a day I usually like to spend planning out the coming week (including outfits), I figured making some fall fashion inpo-boards would be just right!

So if you need some inspo for what to wear in the very indecisive weather we are getting lately - here are some boards full of pics to take in!

(disclaimer, these pics are not mine, I literally found them on tumblr and fell in love)

I can´t really know for sure if the furry pieces in this board are faux, but I would obviously only wear/get faux fur - and so should you.

After making these I feel sooo inspired and ready to put together outfits for the whole week, and I hope they maybe did the same for you!

Let me know what you think and what your fave part of fall is!

Talk to you later, babes😘



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I am on my way to a swap-market right now!

For those of you who don't know what that is, a swap market is basically just a place where people can bring old stuff that they no longer want/need and swap them for someone elses stuff.
Free thrift shopping...almost.

So I am bringing a bag full of clothing and so is HP (my bf) and then we are going to look through the stuff that other people brought and find those hidden gems to take home with us!

It is budget-friendly, environmental-friendly and super fun!

Btw here is what I am looking like today:

Keeping it simple, but cute today.

But I gotta go ~ talk to you later!



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Last week, I was so lucky to be invited to an amazing workshop with insp and the brand M.A.M.B Oslo !
We (a bunch of other bloggers and me) got to learn about the brand, their designs, process and even see and try on clothing from their coming collection, SS18!

M.A.M.B Oslo aka Me and my brothers is an Oslo-based brand, inspired by the streets of Oslo.
What first caught my eye about this brand, was the fact that their clothes are all very comfy, street-style pieces, but at the same time they all have a very high-end vibe to them.
Also, of course, the colors! I mean, this showroom was 100% heaven for a monochromatic-addict like myself.

I felt so inspired just seeing the clothes on the racks, and when we got to style outfits using any items we wanted from the collection - I nearly died. (disclaimer: I did not die, but you get the point)

I had so much fun racing through these amazing pieces, and what I noticed is that almost every piece went perfectly with each other. No, that is not always, or even usually, the case - so you can imagine my excitement.

I paired this super comfy and cute nude/pink, oversized sweater with a long, formfitting pencil skirt in the same color. (there´s that monochromatic stuff again) The whole outfit was sooo comfy and, if you ask me, it looks pretty great and boujie.
I would wear this on ANY given day!

I love when fashion and comfort unites, and oh lord, this brand knows how to do that.

This is Madelen, btw - check her out on instagram, because this girl got style: @madelenmy

We just had to take pics together - I mean, we styled almost the same outfit!

What is insp?
Insp is a social network for fashion and beauty lovers!
They have workshops going on like these for bloggers, instagrammers and other influencers to meet, be inspired and learn from brands, and vice versa. Which is such a great thing!

Also, they have a really cool, new website where girls can sign up, post their outfits and inspire and learn from each other! It´s just fantastic - you can sign up - here - if you want.
And you know, follow me so we can interact on there too - my profile can be found here.

The best part, I think, about them is their vision. Which basically states that fashion is not about size, or curves or anything like that - it is about confidence and style. Yaaas!

Thank you so much insp and M.A.M.B for having me! I had such a great time 😍

Well, talk to you later, babes ❤



Products used:

Nivea Men Moisturizing After Shave Balm (As a primer)

"Homemade" BB-cream

Millesis 101 Active Eye Light Corrector - Emite Makeup

BabyPowder for baking and setting

JvG Sunny Glow Bronzing Mineral Powder

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette,
shades: Raw Sienna, Burnt Orange, Realgar and Primavera
(I actually used primavera as both an eyeshadow and a highlighter, because that b** be poppin´)

JvG Liquid Precision Liner no. 20 (blue) for brows and the lip/chin-line

JvG Complete Perfect Eyelashes Mascara

And no settingspray, because I am all out of that.😔

What do you think? ❤

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As you might have read (HERE), I walked for topstylist Erika Liljesson on sunday, AND I did vlog it!
I am excited to show you guys this, my second video on my brand new youtube channel and to "take you with me" to a modelling gig!
I have so much fun making these, and I am still learning, you know - and that is very challenging and great in so many ways ❤

Hope you enjoyed watching this video, and hit subscribe for more - because I am keeping this up 😘

I also am/have been doing some other pretty cool things this week, so you know - stay tuned!
But I gotta go get ready for an event right now (which I ofc will be telling you about)

Update: I didn´t go, unfortunately 😔 because I am soo not feeling well (I have a pretty uncool cold that I just can´t seem to shake + I´m angsted up af)... Oh well, that´s okay every now and then, right?

Love you lots &
Talk to you later, babes!❤



Today is my little brothers b-day!
I have just been editing, responding to emails and been in a meeting today, and now I am so ready to celebrate!

And I can't wait to give him his present!
Also, it'll be so great to see the fam again, 'cause it's been a while now.

Happy birthday, Fabian (:
Hope the day has been (and continues to be) great, despite the fact that the weather has been awful (:

*insert uninvented sappy-and-awkward-sister-emoji*



RIght now I am editing a vlog from this weekend.
I got a suupercute haircut and walked for Erika Liljessons hairshow at Escape in Oslo.

I am so happy with my new hair, had such a great time the whole weekend and can´t wait to show you the vlog - which will be up on my youtube-channel on wednesday 😄

My hair has not been touched in a pretty long time and has been growing rather quickly, not to mention all the times I have been bleaching it throughout the years.
That is pretty much the recipe for a hairtastophe!
It didn´t really have any shape to it what so ever, it just kind of existed on the top of my head there; Being damaged, and not cute!

So this was before: (ikr, it was a total mess)

And also, here is a pic of me being super excited for both getting to see what she would to with it and for the show:

And this is my hair now: (and you know, all of me pretty much - right after the show)

I love it so much! It is a very cute cut, which is perfect! And I can also change it up a lot making it more classy, edgy or whatever. And it is no longer a mess and it feels so much softer and healthier than before!
I am so happy and I actually feel a lot more confident over-all. You should not base your confidence on your appearance, of course, but there is nothing wrong with a little boost like this!

Thank you so much to Erika, and everyone at Escape for the fresh hair and for a fun experience!❤



You guys, I am so excited right now! (even though I am freakishly tired)

Today is going to be one of those few times where I do other peoples makeup, and not just my own. Haha!
Me and my friend, Liam, have a makeup-gig together today!

We have worked together once before, and they are not only a sweet friend, and a deadly talented mua, but also great to work with!

And yeah, this is what I am looking like today.

Well, I've got all my stuff packed up, and I am ready to go!
Although I still have an hour before I actually have to leave.
Guess I like being ahead of schedule.

Also, I am vlogging on smiinkevloggen (snapchat) today as well. So join our gig if you want!
(It's in norwegian, though)

Talk to you later, babes!



This morning, just a few minutes after my boyfriend left to do the things that he was doing today, I went (kinda half-asleep) into the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea to start my day.
I had so many emails to send and answer, blogstuff and other things to do. But out of nowhere, just when I put the water in the thingy to boil, ALL of the power in the entire apartment went out.

Fortunately it was light out (duuuh, A.J, it was in the morning), but the hallway and the bathroom are window-less so they went completely, blackout dark. - And anyone who knows me, knows that I am suuuper afraid of the dark. (Yes, I am aware of the fact that I am 20 years old, idc) And btw, so is the cat.
And another thing I am super afraid of, is making phone calls.(to people I don´t know suuuper well, that is) I´m usually fine if I feel like I am actually prepared for it, but I didn´t in this case, obviously.

So, trying to keep my cool, I called my boyfriend, then my mom, then Jamie, realizing I had to try to act like I´m at least tiny fraction of an actual adult for once and call the landlord or anyone who could actually do something about it.
So Jamie came to my place for moral support (they are so sweet, and I am so not adulting properly)
and we tried to contact the people who could fix it.
But no one answered.
And the longer it took the more worried I got about all the things I had to do (that required wifi and power), the food in the fridge and the freezer and whether or not it would be fixed before sundown.

After a whoooole lot of time, trying, searching through the whole building and a frustrating amount of fuzz, my landlord calls me - telling me that someone was on it, and the power would be back on in a few minutes. Thank god!

And like he said, after a few minutes, the power went back on - and none of the food in the freezer/fridge got ruined, I (obviously) didn´t die haha, and everything went just fine.

I seriously have to stop overthinking stuff so much.

I am aware that this is not that much of an interesting story, but it is pretty much all that has happened today, and I felt like writing about it.
Oh well, hope the power never goes out again!

Anyways, talk to you later, babes😘



I am sick right now. Which obviously sucks, but it is fine ~ as long as I take care of my body I will most likely be fine again in a couple of days.

Fortunately, I do not have that many important plans for a couple of days!
In other words, I am taking the time that I have and need to just relax, sleep, hydrate and drink loooooots of tea! AKA doing exactly nothing, which is what my body needs right now.

Also, I apologize for any major spelling/grammar-errors as my brain seems to have turned into porridge! hahah!

I have a lot of fun stuffs coming up, that I just cannot wait for and blog (/vlog?) about!

Anyways, if you are in the same boat as me; make sure you listen to your body and get lots of rest and hydration!
Actually you should do those things even if you are not sick.

Talk to you later, babes! :))



Hey, babes!
So on friday I went to this supercool event!
And since I am always on about stepping out of your comfort-zone and just doing what you want to, for you and all of that kind of stuff, AND that is what the Gaia Gang is all about as well - I figured I would do so myself!

This is so scary, but I have been wanting to start making videos for such a long time now, without daring to actually do it.
And you know, that is not productive at all - so I just did it.
And also, I find it super scary that I am not wearing makeup for pretty much the whole video, haha.
That is also a stupid fear, so hey!
I am stepping faar out of that comfort-zone! Like, my comfort-zones are literally nowhere to be found right now, and I love it!

Well, just watch the video - let me know what you think, and hit subscribe on my super-extremely new youtube channel!
Find it right HERE

Talk to you guys later 😘



As you guys probably have noticed, I have changed up the language of this blog.
I am norwegian, and I used to write posts either in norwegian or both norwegian and english.
I tried to do both because I know a lot of you guys are not from Norway, but writing in two languages kinda becomes a lot, and makes blogging more of a chore than the fun and positive thing it actually is to me.

So I thought about narrowing it down to just one language... for a while.
But the question was - norwegian (which is obviously the more "inside the comfort-zone" option) or english.
I am a big believer in stepping out of the comfort-zone, and also, I have always loved speaking and writing english.
Plus, like I said, I know a lot of you guys are not norwegian, and all norwegian people know english - so choosing english meant I could practice my writing in english, not having to write every post twice, without loosing any of you guys!

Not to mention - I do pretty much everything on instagram in english, work with mostly foreign brands, and the majority of my followers on instagram are actually american or from a different country than I am.

It of course, also gives me more of an opportunity to grow this blog, and my other platforms. Which is super important to me, as I am (as stupid as it may sound to you) trying to make a career out of this thing. Because it makes me happy.
And everybody knows that english is a pretty international language.
I like to travel and would like to move to a lot of different places (as soon as possible, really) and then it just seems natural to me, using an international language. - and getting more used to it.

So yeah, those are the reason I made this change - and it really works a whooole lot better for me! And I like it!
I hope you guys think that is okay and that it won´t be a problem for any of you.
Let me know what you think?

I appreciate all of you guys so much!

Talk to you later 😘



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My everyday sneakers are breaking down, guys.
Although I totally cannot afford to get any new ones right at this moment, there is no shame in looking.
And look I did - And what I found are 2 pairs of veeery different sneakers, that I just adore and crave to the core of my being.
I am already imagining all the outfits I would do with these. Hnnnggg.

Here they are:

Nike Juvenate Sneaker - Find it HERE

A comfortable and occasion-flexible white sneaker is definitely a shoe-collection essential to me. And it seems Nike is with me on that one. They have so many beautiful sneakers that can just as easily be used for everyday wear, as for workouts.
Since my pair of well-worn Nike Air Max are currently going from well-worn white to overused gray, I constantly have my eye out for a new pair. And the Juvenate Sneaker could very well be next in line for me.

Tommy Hilfiger Heeled Sneaker - Find it HERE

I am not the tallest girl in the world, which is no secret.
Some people find shoes like these to be tacky, but I think they are clever, quirky and totally wearable.
Like I said, a good white sneaker is a must-have for me, but I always love having something suuupercasual, but tall - you know, to switch it up every now and then.

I love how the look is so casual, but with a tiny sprinkle of class - AND you get the heel, which
1. makes you look taller even though you are in a sneaker and
2. elongates your legs which makes any leg look xxxx times longer and more toned.
3. Keeps your posture on fleek all day.

And ofc, Tommy Hilfiger is awesome.

Both of the shoes are from one of my many fav onlinestores - STYLEPIT - if you want to check out more of their stuff.

What do you think about these shoes?
Wear of tear?

Talk to you later, babes 😘