Undorn had a cozy and fashionable pre-christmas event on thursday. (Førjulsgløgg)
And of course me and HP went!
Undorn is such a great brand, with very luxurious and impressive designs - not to mention, Karina is so cute and inspiring!

We got "gløgg" and clementines and gingerbread, while just having a great night looking at/trying on goooorgeous clothing from Undorn, jewelry from Alvilde David-Andersen and artwork from BjørnØdegård!
Definitely got some new stuff to put on my wishlist to Santa!

Thanks for a great and inspiring evening full of good christmas-vibes, Karina! 💜

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This is a trend that has been going on and off for a while - and I loooooove it!
I hope this never ends to be honest! Especially because the faux part is trendy as well.
Real fur=tacky and gross, faux=slaay
Just the way it should´ve been all along!

Anyways, I am living for this trend! It is such a great way to stay warm and class up most outfits at the same time!
And I don´t think it´s gonna disappear any time soon.

So I picked out a few, from all kinds of different price-ranges, for you to check out if you wanna hop on this trend - if, of course, you haven´t already.

These are some that are definitely going on my wishlist for santa this year:

Also, remember that vintage often goes a long way for trends like these. If you want one, but you don´t want to (or can´t) spend a lot of money on this; check out your local thriftstore, or ask your mom, grandmother or anyone - and you might find a hidden treasure to fit your budget.
I literally just "stole" the one I am wearing lately from my mom!

What do you think about this coat-trend?
Hot or not?



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Remember I told you in the "Insp X WhyNot Christmas Party"-post that I got a goodiebag from Vass PR ? And I told you I would show you what I got in it.
Well, here it is!

I got all of these beauties - and I haven´t even gotten to trying them all out, but the ones that I have tried have got me addicted and obsessed!

The bath and shower gels from Treacle Moon have become bathtub-essentials for me! They just smell sooooo friggin good!

And the Schwarzkopf GLISS hair mask has literally saved my hair lately. You know, I have been dying my hair in basically every shade possible for yeaaaars - which means I have been regularly bleaching it into oblivion.
And we all know how bad that is for your hair.
It has actually been falling out for a while now - I know; freaky! It´s been so damaged that it just breaks off out of nowhere.
But after using this hair mask for just a little while, my hair is so much healthier and heyho - doesn´t break off every time I touch it! Hallelujah!!

And also, the eos lip balms;
I remember literally collecting these like pokemon-cards as a kid, and over the years I sort of forgot that they existed. But after getting them again, my purse and I are never leaving the house without one.
I keep putting it on aaaall the time!
...for several reasons, actually; first of all because my lips always get super dry in the winter, and I there are few things that I despise more than having dry lips.
But honestly, the biggest reasons I use them as much as do is because they taste and smell incredibly good! haha! That is always a huge plus in my book!😉
And let´s be honest, they look pretty cute.

Another thing that is currently living in my purse, so that I always have it with me when I go out, is the Weleda Skin Food - It´s suuuuuch a good moisturizer! And my hands are almost never dry anymore after I got this! (and they also aaalways get dry in the wintertime)

I haven´t gotten around to test out the Emma S. oil serum or the SwissLashes Eyelash Enhancer yet, but I am pretty damned excited to - considering how much I adore the other products that I got, they must be really great as well 😍

Thank you so much again, Vass PR for this aaaaaaawesome goodiebag! I am in looove!💜



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This weekend we celebrated Jamie´s birthday up in a cabin in Darbu.
We had a whoooole lot of fun - which is evident in the pics above.

Me, Jamie, HP and Philip stayed the whole weekend and we just came home last night; Super tired, but happy!

It felt really good to just get away from reality for a few days, and just have fun with friends.
I even took this trip as an opportunity to take a so-called "social media-cleanse". AKA, this is the reason why I haven´t been posting here, on snapchat or on instagram this weekend. And it was really nice actually.
But now I feel tingly to get posting again!
(although, my phone has crashed completely for no apparent reason, so idk how this is gonna go)

Anyways, this trip has been fab!! 😍
And also - I have a surprise for you guys, so stay tuned 💜

What have you been up to this weekend?



(Contains affiliate code)

Me and my boyfriend, HP, went for a "short" walk today, to Frognerparken. But as we walked we realized none of us really remembered the quickest way to get there. So we walked for a bit, which was nice, don´t get me wrong, but we did walk for a looot longer than planned, haha!
Turns out we sort of walked around the whole area to get there, instead of just going straight to the park - if that made any sort of sense at all.

It was soo cold outside today, but we had a really nice time on our super long walk, even though we pretty much froze our butts off.
And I just love the way Oslo looks - with all the different kinds of people, places and buildings.
I honestly think we should start going for walks like this more often.

We do that every now and then - and we never actually have a plan as to where we want to go (except for today, obviously, to some degree)
We just walk and then we see where we end up. Kind of making it into a tiny everyday-adventure. It´s like our little thing now, and I love that 💜

And we took some pictures. Well, mostly HP, which is obvious in this post, but it was really fun. I love having mini shoots with him!

They can get kind of silly sometimes, which you can tell by these pics

I am wearing
Coat: BikBok (last year)
Pants: H&M
Sweater: minimum
Boots: XIT
Scarf: from a swapmarket
Necklace: Reveuseonline (use code "sara10" for a discount)
Socks from Monki

All in all; Today has been a great and peaceful day - And a kinda romantic one to 💜

What did you do today?



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Last thursday I was at the best, prettiest and cutest christmas party ever - with the girls from Insp!
Otto from Why Not invited us up to his gorgeous villa in Holmenkollen, which was literally house-goals and it had the most breathtaking view over Oslo!

There was so much sushi and wine, and I really felt our fashion-influencer community growing so much stronger. We are a really nice friend-group now,I feel, and I think the other girls would agree 😃

I wore a black dress from BikBok, a blouse that I took from my mom, and a gorgeous rhinestone choker from Mirina Collections/Chic Wishlist. (find it here )
And also a huuge faux fur coat that I also stole from my mom, but I don´t have any pics of it right now.

Aaaand we all got a cuuuteass goodiebag from Vass PR, and I´ll show you what I got in mine later - so stay tuned, babes 💜

In the meantime - you could check out the Insp App in appstore if you want 😊
To post and see amazing outfit-pics, and to vibe with me and the other Insp-girls!

Thank you all for an amazing party that will be hard to forget! 🎉



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I have reeeally fallen out of routine lately - which is understandable, actually, ´cause I´ve had quite a lot going on, as well as I´ve been struggling to literally just walk/sit/stand, on and off, because of my hips/ overall legs (snapfam knows)
But last night I took some time to clean the living-room a tiny bit. Not much, but enough for it to be a bit more cozy in the morning.
As you know, I truly believe that the way you start your morning is sort of like a forecast of how your day is going to look.
And a clear space equals a clear mind.

So this morning I woke up, to a clean living-room, I made tea - and my awesome boyfriend actually made me breakfast -
I sat down with Noldus (the cat) on my lap and watched an hour long documentary with Alexa Chung for British Vogue, called "the Future of Fashion".
I seriously do recommend checking it out if you are as passionate about fashion as me and want to pursue a carrier within the industry. It was really cool, informational, cute and inspiring.
There are two parts actually, and you´ll find it all on British Vogue´s Youtube channel.

Here is Noldus. Yes, he is in fact wearing a turtleneck. He gets cold, you know - as he is pretty much naked. And also I think this is the first sweater we made for him that he actually seems to like. Turns out our cat is quite the fashionista.

After this super chill morning, I feel a bit more ready to tackle the day - which will consist of a whole cr*pload of schoolwork, writing, reading and probably tons of coffee.

How do you start your days?💜



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Ivy&Abe is a romantic novel. And I usually don´t read books like that, I´m usually just not that into it. But this one caught my eye, because it´s a little bit different than your average boy-meets-girl thing.

Here is the description on the back of it:

"They're soulmates.

Ivy and Abe were inseparable as children until an accident tore them apart. Several decades later, when both are in their seventies, a chance encounter reunites them. But time is not on their side.What if they'd met in a different time and place?
In another life, Ivy and Abe meet in their forties, when both are married already. Unable to resist the attraction between them, they embark on a passionate affair.
In yet another, they marry young, with a bright future ahead of them - only for a dark shadow to threaten their happiness.
Throughout various incarnations of their lives, they come together and go their separate ways, fall in and out of love, make or break promises.

In every universe, Ivy and Abe are meant to meet. But are they meant to be?"

I just thought it was so cool that it sort of plays on the theory of reincarnation, and that they meet again and again in several lives. I think that´s so cool!

I haven´t gotten too far into the book just yet, but the second I opened it I was in love! (and I still am, which you probably gathered from this post)

Hiiighly recommend checking this one out!

And if you´ve already read it; what did you think about it?



I am so overwhelmed... This tuesday I attended the most amazing workshop with Insp Love, Varner and Days Like This. It was straight up gorgeous and so inspiring!

We all met at Barcode Nodee Sky - and they gave us the whole 13th floor! And the elevator-ride up was beautiful and terrifying all at the same time.
We got sushi (but I didn´t have any, because you know, vegetarian) and chips and an amazing view over Oslo - while we learned all about Days Like This and Varner, and a whole lot more about fashion today.

We got to see the whole new Soft Like This collection and more. And let me tell you - I am in love!
The fabrics, the colours and the quality was to die for, and I reaaally just wanna go buy the entire collection right now. It was all just the perfect way to stay cute, comfy and warm at the same time - which I am all about! Especially in the wintertime. ⛄

I had such a great time, and I still haven´t really come down from the high of this evening.

Also, I have a big, really cool announcement to make later - so stay tuned!

Thank you Varner/Days Like This, the Insp Team, all the girls and Nodee Sky for an awesome tuesday night 💜

I am wearing a super soft sweater from Days Like This - You can find it HERE



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So, the cold weather is here, there are only 10 days until december - which means the winter will officially be here, and Oslo is freezing.
Sweaters are definitely the way to go if you want to look somewhat fashionable on the daily, unless you wanna freeze to death. (Honestly, Norway is sooo cold, you guys! And I haate being cold!!)

So with that in mind, I found some really cute, cozy and on-trend sweaters that I am seriously crushing on this season.
And here they are:

What do you think?💜

And also, is it super cold where you live? ⛄



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Last night I went to Uncover Unveil; a show/party that just knocked my socks off!
It was the queer event of the century, with so much beautiful art (and so many different artforms), and so many gorgeous and friendly people. I felt right at home, even though I was initially having a really bad day, anxiety-wise. - This event made my week!/my november!

My camera died pretty quickly, because I am silly and forgot to charge it properly before I left the apartment. But I still got some pics which I feel capture (at least some of the) creative, extra vibe of this friday night at TAKET Steen&Strøm.

Liam and Gjermund; I love you, babes - you slayyy 🔥

Thank you, Gjermund for inviting me and thank you to literally everyone who were there for an amazing, inspiring, touching, beautifully queer, creative and fun evening!
I had the time of my life, and holy f** I am so inspired right now!! 🔥

Artists that showed us their talent:

Collin Cherry
Daniel Gundersen
Gjermund Eskedal
Karin Keisu
Lene Johansen
Mange Debauch
Phillip McLeod

Reidar Deadswan (Iconoclastic)
Tod Louie (Det Gode Selskab)
Purpurrpurple (Ball Em Up)

'Lust Remix by Beos & Mange Debauch' music video
Naken BTS & Footage

The amazing hosts:

Det Gode Selskab
Mange Debauch

Honestly, go check aaaall of these people out - they are all amazing!!

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I while back, I told you about a new app developed by Dyrevernalliansen - which makes it easy to see which clothing brands avoid fur and not.
Or as I put it; the "nice" and the "naughty" brands.

If you missed that post, or would like to know more, you can find it HERE

But to explain it shortly:
This is a free app with a searchable list of all clothing brands and stores where you can see if they are selling fur or not! And it is developed to make it easier to help work towards a fur-free fashion world, and to stay updated on which brands we can completely trust when it comes to fur!
Amazing, right?

And, they released it on both iPhone and Android this week!!!

You can download it here for iPhone
and here for Android

And here is a totally unrelated pic of me and my cat (I just always look for an excuse to post pics of him, you know)

Let´s all aim for a fur free fashion-world.
I truly believe we can get there!




Products used
(disclaimer: I used a whoooole lotta nyx, hell yeah)

NYX Professional Makeup #nofilter Blurring Primer
Makeup Revolution Pro Base Aqua Priming Base
I also used it as a settingspray, because I am all out of that 😭 (RIP gimme more) But it actually worked out pretty well!
MakeupMekka Mattifying Camouflage Foundation in Neutral Light 03
KatvonD Lock-it Concealer Creme in Neutral
Some babypowder to set the undereyes and more oily areas (don´t use that if your skin gets dry easily. Seriously, just don´t)
JvG Sunny Glow Bronzing Mineral Powder
NYX Professional Makeup Strobe of Genius Illuminating Palette

BeautyUK Eye Prime FX
A.K.A my baby, which I also have to get more of soon, or else I´ll cry
ABH Modern Renaissance palette, shades: Golden Ochre, Tempera, Raw Sienna, Burnt Orange and Primavera
NYX Professional Makeup Epic Ink Liner in Black
I tried it for the first time with this look, and I am officially in love with the precision and pigment it provides
JvG Complete Perfect Eyelashes Mascara in Black

NYX Professional Makeup Tame&Frame Tinted Brow Pomade in Black
H&M Beauty´s brow powder

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Dubai

What do you guys think? 😘




I promised you a swatch-post with the products I got from mac last week.
And here it is 😍

I got a lipstick, a matching lip-liner and a gorgeous eye pencil! + a super handy makeupbag, which I have already used for my brushes to a gig.

From the left: MAC Eye Pencil in COFFEE, MAC Lip Pencil in BURGUNDY and MAC Amplified Lipstick in DARK SIDE.

All of these are perrrrrfect for fall and winter-looks - and I am already planning to wear them all on christmas.

Thanks again to Mac cosmetics for giving me these beauties 😍

Have you ever tried these?




Products used

Nyx Professional Makeup #nofilter Blurring Primer

MakeupMekka Mattifying JvG Soft Touch EyelinerCamouflage Foundation

Beauty UK Eye Prime FX

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette

Limecrime Venus the Grunge Palette

Nyx Professional Makeup DUOchromatic Illuminating Powder

Nyx Tame&Frame Tinted Brow Pomade

Nyx Pigments in Peacock (24)

Bronzer from H&M Face Palette

MAC Amplified Lipstick in Dark Side

JvG Soft Touch Eyeliner no. 98

JvG Complete Perfect Eyelashes Mascara

Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Illuminating Fixing Spray



MAC is, as you might know, the leading brand for professional makeup in the world - so you can imagine my makeuplover-excitement when I got to be at a workshop with Insp Love and MAC!!

They have great products, reasonable prices and they have everything you would need as a makeup artist. Not to mention what they stand for.
MAC (Makeup Art Cosmetics) are all about
Makeup Artistry
and Social Responsibility

The first sort of explain themselves, but the social responsibility part is something that you might not already know, and which caught my attention a little bit extra.
You see, they do a lot of great work regarding HIV/AIDS with their VIVA GLAM and the Mac Aids Fund.
Here is something that they themselves have stated about this:

"Created in 1994, the passionate red VIVA GLAM Lipstick raised money and awareness for HIV/AIDS at a time when the pandemic was dramatically affecting fashion communities in particular as well as the wider world. Then and today, an unprecedented 100% of the purchase price of any VIVA GLAM product goes toward the M·A·C AIDS Fund "

" The M·A·C AIDS Fund itself is a pioneer in HIV/AIDS funding, providing financial support to organizations working with underserved regions and populations. As the largest corporate non-pharmaceutical giver in the arena, the M·A·C AIDS Fund is committed to addressing the link between poverty and HIV/AIDS by supporting diverse organizations around the world that provide a wide range of services to people living with HIV/AIDS. To date, the M·A·C AIDS Fund has raised over $400 million exclusively through the sale of M·A·C VIVA GLAM Lipstick and Lipglass donating 100 percent of the sale price to fight HIV/AIDS. "

I mean, if I didn´t love them enough already, this really does it!
So remember that the next time you´re out mac lipstick-shopping. When you buy lipsticks with the pink packaging, all of the money (not just a bit of it) goes to the aids fund.
And if that´s not great, then I don´t know what is. 💘

It was amazing to meet, learn from and talk about makeup with the amazing MAC artist Anette Koch (@akg.makeup on instagram)
We got to learn about the brand, the products and they even when through the biggest fashion makeup trends for this fall/winter season.

And after that we got a fantastic demo by Anette!
It was so inspiring!
And lately I´ve felt kinda uninspired, but after seeing this demo and her presentation about the latest trends and all - I got several look-ideas just popping up in my head right away. So thank you Anette for inspiring me so much!

They even gave us a goodiebag with some gooorgeous products and a makeupbag 😍

Thankyouthankyouthankyou 🔥

And heyho - stay tuned on instagram, babes, because I have an awesome surprise for you 💜

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(Get ready for lots of pics)

This halloween I was lucky enough to be invited to Nyx Cosmetics Nordics´Halloween party; #getlithalloween !!

It was so insane and amazing and perfect and goddamn I am still excited about this haha!
I went as Sally from Tim Burton´s Nightmare Before Christmas. That has been one of my top 2 fave movies ever since I was a little girl, so you know - I was pretty excited about the costume too!

I got to meet so many cool and interesting people, and just had some spooky, halloweenie fun!

And also we all got some goodies and we got to win some more goodies, which I am going to make a whole swatch-post about😍
Here´s the makeup-stuff that they gave me:

I am soooo happiiiiii

The whole thing was so thought-through and perfectly themed!
I mean, even the drinks were themed! Just look at these for instance:

It was mua/beautyblogger/halloweenlover-heaven, tbh!
I was just so impressed by the whole thing😃

I feel so honored that they invited me to this amazing party!
You probably got that already, but I just had the time of my life 😍

Thank you soooo much to Nyx Cosmetics and Gloss Edite for a wonderful night and for the beautiful makeup-gifts 💜
You are the bomb! 🔥

#getlithalloween #nyx #makeup #nyxcosmetics #nordics #nyxprofessionalmakeup #halloween #party #celebration #2017 #nightmarebeforechristmas #beautyblogger



Damn, I feel like I´ve been kinda M.I.A lately!
I have just been so busy with all kinds of different fun (and less fun) stuff, that I haven´t had much time for anything else, really.
But today and tomorrow, I am getting some time to chill and get some content out for you guys, and to tell you about some of the fun stuff that has kept me busy!

And I also have a really cool surprise for you! 😍
So stay tuned 💋

But right now I have to do some schoolwork, some cleaning and then my parents are coming over in a bit 😊

Talk to you later, babes 😘

I´m wearing:
Winter jacket from Black Squad
Sweatpants from Black Squad
Faux leather boots from XIT



I have been wintershoe-hunting for a while now, and last week I found these gorgeous boots in Sweden from XIT. (and they where super affordable too!)

I just love faux leather shoes! But the problem is that they often look a little too "tough" for me. What I love about these is that they have that "tough" leather look, but with a more sleek, feminine touch in the gold details.

And they have a faux fur lining inside, which makes them so warm and cozy! And you bet I need the warmth - I do live in Norway, after all!
I´m in love 😍
What do you think about them?

Talk to you later 😘



Today is gonna be pretty intense - and fun!

I am reaaally excited, but also so friggin nervous and angsty! (which I honestly am a lot lately)

I always try to start those kind of days in a calm manner. You know, to keep the stresslevel and anxietylevel as low as possible.

So I started the day a lot earlier then necessary, so that I had some extra time to chill the f out. And I just had a whoooole lot of tea and rewatched some episodes of friends, with my cat, for the... idk, 9th time?
I know there´s nothing very special about that, but I think we all have a tendency to sort of forget how important it is to wind down, and to start the day the right way.
I feel like the morning kinda shapes my mood for the rest of day - so if I have a chill and happy morning, the chances are I´m gonna have a chiller and happier day, than if I started out superstressed and worked up. Does that make sense?

Anyways - I think this day is gonna be pretty sweet!

And I hope yours is to 😄

Talk to you later, babes 💜



Every year people come together to speak up about the horrible reality that is the fur industry.
And this year´s demo was on saturday!
I was so happy to see so many people coming together to speak up for the poor animals that can´t do so themselves.
I don´t feel like I even need to get too much into the subject of what actually goes down to make a fur-lined jacket or a pair of mink-falsies. - It´s everywhere, and most of us already know.
The problem is; Why is this still happening?
I mean, it is horrible, pretty much everyone knows that, the majority of our country´s population wants it to end, but the government is still giving money to this industry, and the industry refuses to quit.
This is something I think about pretty much daily, and it breaks my heart. And it also kinda makes me question the good in people. Why is it still being ignored?
But seeing the huge crowd of people who took time out of their day to try and actually do something about this - to help - gave me some hope.
I really think we can end this horror - Like they said at the demo; it is no longer about whether it will happen or not, it´s about when!
And we are not giving up!

Thank you to all of you that showed up, and especially to NOAH for making this happen every year, and for working for freedom and safety for animals every day.



Contains affiliate links

I am just constantly craving change and new stuff around me. And lately I have been looking at decor items and other interior items a whoooole lot!
Of course I can´t afford any of it at this point, but there is no harm in dreaming, right?

So here are some of the things I would love to put in my home 💜

(you can check out any of the pieces by clicking on them)

What do think?
Would you get any of these?



These past few days have been insane - and the next few days are too.
I haven´t had much time or energy to post anything really anywhere, and I know that is mostly due to the fact that I have been pushing myself way too far mentally.
I am still super busy for the next few days (and more) but I am trying to get better at giving myself a bit of room to breathe in between events, classes etc. That´s the key, you know.

For instance, I am just sitting here right now, drinking tea and writing - relaxing a bit before a super packed day.

Today is going to be so intense, but I have a good feeling about it.
Right now (after I finish my tea) I am going to go check out a new gym, which I´m so excited about!
I haven´t worked out properly in about 6 months, and I know that is something that makes me happy - so I just can´t wait to get back into it!
After that (I am obviously gonna shower and get ready) I have a class for a couple of hours, and one thing in between there if I have the time - and then tonight is all about insp love 💜
(and you know, boring stuff like grocery shopping, homework and such)

And hey, if you want to come with me, I am vlogging all of it as much as I can on my new snapchat!

Anyways, I hope you all are having a great day!

Talk to you later 😘



Products used:
Makeuprevolution Pro Base Aqua Priming Base

MakeupMekka Mattifying Camouflage Foundation in Neutral light .03

A sparkly and cute-ass beady kinda thing (on my forehead) from H&M

Eyeshadows from Sara´s Beauty Slay Like a Pro - Ultimate BeautyBox

JvG Liquid Precision Liner 20

JvG Soft Touch Eyeliner 45

JvG Complete Perfect Eyelashes Mascara



Inspired by Kepaza and kinda a bit by the netflixshow "The Good Place"

Products used:
MakeupRevolution Pro Base Primer spray
Just an old foundation
The Bodyshop Matte Clay Skin Clarifying Foundation

Sara´s Beauty Slay Like a Pro - Ultimate BeautyBox
Makeupmekka Perfect Brow Pomade in Dark

And that´s literally it 😊

What do yo think?💜