Jag fick den tragiska nyheten att en lejonhona vid namet Kali dog för några dagar sedan. Hon var en utav de lejon som hade en stor plats i mitt hjärta under min tid i Antelope Park 2010. Hon hade en väldigt fin personlighet och det är så himla tragiskt att hon lämnade denna plats på det sättet... Jag känner hur mina tårar börjar rulla ner på mina kinder... saknad!
"It is with deep sadness that Antelope Park announces the tragic death of the lioness Kali on 18th October. Kali (along with Meeka, Mara, Moyo and Tanaka) were housed in an enclosure next door to Thulani, Tsavo, Sango, Jelani and Jabari. Kali was found dead in her enclosure at 07h30 on the 18th of October. The male lions from the adjacent enclosure had pulled the wire away from the concrete at the bottom of the fence line and pushed underneath it. We presume a fight then broke out during which Kali received fatal injuries. Mara, Meeka and Tanaka received minor injuries only and appear to be fit, but we will continue to monitor them.

The male lions concerned have been moved to another enclosure within Antelope Park’s breeding centre and immediate repair work was done on the fence. The fencing at Antelope Park is of very high standard and this incident is entirely unexpected and a heartache to us all. Antelope Park continually invests in the monitoring, maintenance and upgrading of its lion facility.

Kali was a wonderful lioness who will be very sorely missed by us all at Antelope Park and, we are certain, by anyone who had the pleasure to spend any time with her. Thank you for your support and understanding during this time."

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