The quality of the pictures is quite shit to be honest. But I really wanted to post about this anyway. ♥

I had an anniversary with my boyfriend little while ago and he wanted to take me to a spa as a gift. Yesterday we finally went there and how nice it was! Much nicer than I expected. Our room was amazing, with this beautiful view. The dinner felt unreal, the place was probably the nicest I have ever been.. I feel so spoiled and lucky!

Now I need to try to not to complain of his playing and not giving me enough attention. xD Heh. Hope you guys have had a nice weekend! ♥


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I wanted to list some things I really love and enjoy in life. Here it comes:

1. My dogs

Hilma and Martta. They make me happy every single day. They are always so happy and they love everyone. Sometimes I wish I was like them and could enjoy all the small things in life like they do. ♥

2. Traveling

In my opinion, the best way to spend your money is traveling. Lately, I haven't have chance to travel that much, because ive been studying and haven't have that much money haha. But soon again hopefully.

3. Working out

I've been going to gym for about 5 years now. I think it's the best way for me to excercise. I go there 3-5 times a week. I am not saying I'm a real fitness girl, not at all. I work out, because it makes me feel good.

4. Food

I feel like all I talk about on this blog is food.. Can't help it, it is so good haha. But yes I love food; eating out in restaurants, making food myself, trying food from other cultures and so on. It's just something I really enjoy!

5. Taking photos

I have loved it since I was a kid. And still, I always take photos. Of food, dogs, nature, buildings, selfies.. Its one way to me to be creative. And that's actually why I started a blog!

6. Beauty products

​Make up especially. I can't say I am a real make up freak who has make up on fleek everyday. I'm way too lazy in the mornings hahaha. But still I love trying new products, and spend time on doing makeup. 

Soo that was it. Of course I also love people around me, but that's another thing :-) Anyone found any similarities with themselves?



Like I told you; I LOVE FOOD. Today was like the best day ever because we went to food market. So much good food haha. Here is some pictures from there. waffles with nutella, macarons, paella with seafood you name it. I was so full after it earlier but now i feel like i wanna go back there. Hard life.

Have a good saturday people ♥



Hey new blog♥

My name is Sanna, I am a 25 years old girl living in Sweden. I have been blogging since 2009, sometimes more sometimes less. Now I feel like it's time for something new and start completely fresh with a new blog!

I have loved everything creative since I was a child. Drawing, taking and editing photos etc. I could also say I'm quite aesthetic person, I love everything beautiful. Beautiful pictures, fashion, make up, interior.. But still, to be honest, comfort is more important to me than looking hot -so you'll probably never see me dressed in high heals and a tight dress. ;-) SWEATSHIRTS ROCK.

I also love food and my dogs, going to gym keeps me sane and I dream about traveling. My lifestyle is pretty chill and I like it.

This blog will be a place for me to share things I'm into. Feel free to follow♥