This weekend me and my friedns decided to go to Budapest!!! It took about 5 hours to get there with bus from Zagreb, so it was not too bad + the tickets was really cheap.

I didn't know anything about Budapest or Hungary before going, so I had zero expectations, but oh my god I loved it so much! Such a nice city. Here is what we did the first day:

We checked in at our Airbnb. We thought we rented out own apartment, but turned out we just rented a room in someone elses apartment. Oh well, the location was really nice, we stayed on the Pest side, close to the WestEnd mall.

We decided to walk all the way to the Buda castle that is on the Buda side, so we got to see the Parliament.

Shoes on the Danube bank, a memorial houring the people that died during world war II.

A huge funicular, or Uspinjaca as we say in Croatia, that went up to the castle, but we decided to walk up.

The beautiful Buda castle. We went up to the castle at the perfect time, we got to see it both in the sun but also as the sun was setting and they light the castle up.

After the castle we went to the old town of Budapest, also on the Buda side. We went to Laburintus which is an old cave system under the Buda castle that was used during the cold war and actually, count Dracula was imprisoned there a long time ago. It was pitch dark in the tunnels, but we got a latern so we could see where we're going. It was scary but also super intresting, I love doing things like this.

We ended up walking home from the Castle as well, which was great because we could see the parliament from the other side, when it was lit up. So pretty. The night ended after we grabed some food and a drink. 

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Last weekend was a lot of fun. On Friday it was time for the welcome party for all the freshers and all the new international students (us). Me and my roomie threw a little pre party for some friends before heading to The Gallary, a club we've never been to before. It was a pretty nice club and the night was really good.

On saturday I had to get up pretty early even though I got home at 5 in the morning, because I was invited to a BBQ party at my friend Julie's house, her and her roomies invited a bunch of people from house to do some grilling and hang out.

Such a nice weekend!!



I've been so busy, haven't had the time to post anything here, so here is a quick update on what I've been up to:

Last week all my courses started for real, which feels kind good because I like having routines. I think my favorite courses so far is Entrepreneurship and Management of Information Systems.

My school weeks are pretty short and my weekend starts on Thursdays at 12! So after finishing for the week, me and some of the girls went to the burger festival again:

Then my friends had to leave for school, since they aren't as lucky with their schedules.. So I decided to go for a nice walk in the upper town of Zagreb since the weather was really nice.



Took a couple of my friends to Boban, where me and my mom ate once, and really liked it. The pasta is great and the restaurant looks very luxurious, but the food is really cheap! We also ordered in some desserts to share. One of my favorite restaurangs in Zagreb.



Friday = day off, since I don't have classes on fridays (best schedule ever!). Most of my friends have school so me and my roomie went for lunch at the burger festival! There are so many markets and food festivals here, every weekend.

A mexican burger and a bacon/cheese burger. It was really good!! And it was nice going there during the day since it was less people and we could walk around and check all the little booths out. I love these kind of markets!!! Except for burgers, they had local made spices, honey, aijvar and more.

Then we went to the cinema and saw the re-make of Stephen king's "IT". It was good, well produced and a little bit scary. Good thing we saw it during the day.

In the evening me and my friend Julie went out for a pub crawl with some people from class.



After a lot of problems with courses schedule and bureaucracy issues, I could finally start school (2 weeks after introduction???). I basically have the same courses as planned accept that I dropped business communication since in overlaped in my schedule, but since I dropped that course I have 29 ETCs and I need 30, so instead of taking another course and take too many point I'm gonna extend the promotion course and make an extra assignment worth the 1 ETC I'm missing.

E-business will be the most difficult course for me as we work in a lot of computer programs, but it will also be the most beneficial one. Management of information systems will be fine since I'm familiar with it from back home, but here we will build our own information systems, very exciting. Entrepreneurship is basically building our own company. Promotion I've read before so that one will be easy. And tourism seems easy too, I only took that course because I needed the points not because I'm really intrested in tourism hehe. Still haven't had my language course, I'm actually really looking forward to that on monday.

The beches in our classrooms are very old school and uncomfortable haha. But the teachers seems really good, my teacher in promotion always have his dog with him to class, and calls it his assistant. I don't know how that is legall, but it's so cute I'm gonna take a picure of it next week and show you.

Pretty good first week, it was only introductions, so luckily no homeworks yet.



Yesterday we spent the entire day in a car.. we wanted to go somwhere on the way from Zadar, like to Plitvice or some small historical town.. but the wheather was so bad do we decided to head directly to Zagreb and just stop for lunch in Karlovac

beautiful mountains we drove through


Karlovac was really dead, almost like a ghost town.

It feels so good to be home, I've had the best time, but I need to rest up and then I'm ready to start school.



For the last day we wanted to do all the things we hadn't had time to do yet:

we we're so excited for the pool when we booked the house, so it was about time we used it..

after the pool we went down to the pier close to our house for a final swim in the sea

enjoying the final sunset... the sunset in Zadar has been so pretty every day, especially from our balcony

The last dinner wasn't very nice.. we went to a restaurant that had very good reviews on tripadvisor. But I ended up having to wait for a plate of 8 onion rings for 1,5 hours!!! And when I finally got them they we're cold and had to be sent back

the bridge to the old town

we went and listened to the Zadar sea organ which is a sea instrument, so when the waves hits, the organ makes whale-like sounds. It was so cool, but also quite scary since the noises coming from the sea was like something from a horror movie.

And to end the night we visited the multimedia exhibition in a church, it was nice, but not for me. I thought it would be contemporary art and not jesus projections.



we took the cars to krka national park which is about 1 hour away from Zadar. The waterfalls we're cool but I didn't enjoy it as much as Plitvice. It only took about 40 minutes to walk around the entire thing and we weren't allowed to go to the biggest waterfall since there is no water there this time of the year, so that was quite the bummer. The wheater wasn't too good either so the water wasn't as blue as in the pictures I've seen before going.

A wild cat that lived in the national park

Boats took us out to the waterfalls

Then we went out again, to Ledana. It was much nicer this time around



we visited the old town of Zadar 2 days ago, we didn't do anything during the day since we were all tired, but we managed to get out of the house for dinner haha.

thunder storm that luckily it missed us.

exploring the old town

dinner with all the girls. Very hard to find a restaurant where all 13 could fit, but we ended up at a really nice place. Had pasta bolognese, yum