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I've bought these products myself and I'm only recommending them because I think they really work

I am in no way an expert on this subject, but for the past year or so I've had my share of struggles with my skin. So I thought that I'd share with you, what really helped me getting my skin back on track!

I've actually always been pretty lucky on that point - going though my teenage years, my skin was somewhat near perfect and perhaps I would get a zit every now and then, but I didn't really have any major breakouts like a lot of teens do.

Then came my mid twenties - and somehow my skin decided that of course I shouldn't miss out on that experience - so here you go Sandra, enjoy your new messed up face!

When I got back from Greece last year - my skin was a mess. My complexion was completely off and I've had what seems like permanent whiteheads and pimples all over my chin.

That was until I started using Nip+Fab about six months ago. My "new" skincare rutine is pretty extensive - but it really works (for me at least) and as long as I stick to it, my skin problems are very few.

I always start off with the Glycolic Cleansing Fix, which I massage into damp skin. It really helps get rid or all traces of grime and make-up whilst giving my skin a refreshing boost. The Glycolic Acid helps retexture the skin and it also contains olive oil which really hydrates and smoothes. Now my face feels really clean and then I splash my it with really cold water to rinse off the face wash - and now I'm awake, haha!

When my skin is dry I use the No Needle Fix Serum which has a cell active formula that helps plump the fine lines and smooth out the look of wrinkles. After this I put on the Bee Sting Fix Deluxe (yes you've heard it - bee sting!) which is a nourishing moisturiser that provides an ant-aging shield with bee venom that really tightens up the skin (you can feel it instantly as you put it on). Then I use my regular eye cream and then the Shine Fix Mattifying Gel on my chin and forehead to absorb excess oils and voila - now I'm ready for makeup.

At night I clean off my makeup using the Plaisir Cleanser since this is still the only one I've tried that doesn't make my eyes sting. After this i use a foamy facewash and my electric face cleanser. The face brush works kind of like those derma rollers that everyone is using, it cleans out my pores and open up my skin so the skin can really take in the serum I put on afterwards, which is; The Glycolic Fix Serum. This is an overnight serum which reduces the size of pores and gives an even looking complexion. It also contains aloe vera which calms the skin.

The last step in my night rutine is the Viper Venom Extreme Night Fix which is specially formulated with encapsulated time release retinol and does a lot of wonders while you sleep.

I'm telling you that you can actually feel the difference already from the first use and after sticking to this rutine for about six months, my complexion has really cleared up and my skin looks so much better! I still struggle with a bit of whiteheads and of course I still get a zit ever now and then then the pizza/nachos party has taken over, but I have so many fewer problems with my skin than I had before!

One of the important things to remember in any skin care rutine is that you need to let the products dry on your skin and really sink in, before you put on the next product! Don't just splash 4 different products on at once because you're in a hurry - they'll loose their effect.

Also, when using the Glycolic Acid Range it's important to remember sunscreen during the daytime, because this really peels your skin - and after all the titles does contain words like "acid", "bee sting" and "venom" - so remember to read the declarations before you use them to make sure that you can tolerate them on your skin!


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Contains affiliate links

Even though I lived in my last apartment for 2,5 years, I never really felt at home. It always seemed temporary somehow. I didn't really hang anything on the walls, no posters, no shelfs, my dining table was a small desk from IKEA, my dining room lamp was just a bulb hanging from the ceiling (and not one of those cool bulbs that are meant for that), my sofa was an ugly brown giveaway from the guy who lived there before and I never really had friends over, because the apartment was so un-together.

But this time it's gonna be different! Even though this new apartment is also a rental, and also temporary, I have decided that this time it's gonna be homey and very much ME. I already bought a new sofa and a rug for the living room. And as we speak, a new coffee table and a fancy dining table is on its way to my new address. There are gonna be plants, a new bed and posters on the walls and I'm gonna do mine to make sure that this place really reflects my style and personality and feels like home. I am really excited to decorate this apartment and the items above reflects exactly what I'm going for with the decoration. I can't wait for the finished result!

I already bought the sofa, yes the one I've been teasing about already, and yes, it's pink and I LOVE IT! Yesterday I went to IKEA and bought the bookcase, and those of you following me on instagram already know that I've also ordered the round dining table. It's from HAY and it's so pretty, I can't wait for it to get home!



As I mentioned I was lucky enough to win a competition on instagram! Even though I actually enter a lot of giveaways and things like that, I usually don't win anything, and I think that the last time I won something was when I was around 12 years old and won a bracelet and at 10 i won a frying pan (yes girls, a frying pan, and I was 10, so my mom got that one haha!)

But lately I've actually been kind of lucky! A while ago I won a Maria Nila giveaway - and I've been addicted to their haircare ever since, and this time i won a bag from a brand called Noella Fashion. I actually already had this bag in large, so I choose the smaller one this time and I just love it! For a "cheap" bag it looks really amazing, proving that you don't actually have to spend a million dollars on a bag for it to look good!

I still want that Chanel bag though (obviously!), but until that happens, I'm rocking this one and I love it!

Now I'm gonna get dressed and take the bus to IKEA and buy some of the last furniture for my new apartment, which is FINALLY starting to come together! So see you soon :D