Trying to describe what you mean to me would be pointless. There are now words for how much I love you. You are kind, loving, caring, handsome and an amazing dad to our daughter and to Stanley. It's been 933 days since I met you and it has been the best days of my life. You give me love and you gave me our beautiful daughter. You mean the world to me and I am so lucky I met you that night. You make life worth living and I never want to live without you.
Thomas Patrick Vandersteen, you are my soul mate and my partner for life ♥

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Hello, I just realised how long it has been since I last made a blog post. I'm lying on the sofa, Tom is out with the kids and I'm not well. Have had problems with my tummy for about 6 months on and off, Tom has been my rock like he's been since we met. He always take care of me, I am pretty fed up with it as I miss out on time with my family. Oh well, thought I would give a brief sum up of the last year, Ellie is not that little tiny baby anymore. 18 months old and a little menace, so loved and happy. ♥

June 2016
First plane ride! 10th of June Ellie was christened in Sweden, in the same church as me and my brother and sister. My whole family was there, Tom's mum, dad and stepmum and his sister and our niece Emily. Was a lovely day and Ellie was good as gold. Will carry that weekend with me all my life.

July 2016

First teeth!

August 2016 •
My little brother Alexander was born.

September 2016 •
Second trip to Sweden for a week with my family. I went back to work the 5th of September, and Ellie started going to Tom's mum. Was hard the first weeks, in tears every day when i dropped her off. You never get use to it, now, nearly a year later I still find it hard being without her.

September 2016 •
Ellie sat up on her own. 9 months (7 months corrected - she was born 2 month early)

• October 2016 •
Had to take Ellie to the hospital because of the horrible cough she had. This was on going from about October up until spring 2017. She got some antibiotics and we stayed in for 1 night.

• End of October 2016 •
Girlie stood up on her own against furniture.

• End of October start of November 2016 •
Started crawling.

• November 2016 •
Started walking when you held both her hands.

• December 2016 •
Ellie and me went for a weekend in Sweden, 3d Sweden trip in a year. Went to my new little brothers christening.
First Christmas was spent here in England. My mum, brother and sister came over and we had Swedish Christmas on Christmas eve and then one English on Christmas day and Boxing day. She liked the wrapping more than the presents and we had an amazing time.

• January 2017 •
FIRST BIRTHDAY - Had cake, got presents and we went out for tea on the 11th. My dad was here. Had birthday party the weekend after. She also had a cake smash photo shoot so more cake. Her first year went so fast and couldn't believe she was one already. But then it's like she's always been with us. She brightens up my life so much. ♥

She started walking when holding on to one hand.

April 2017 •
Started walking!!

• May 2017 •
First family holiday, went to Corfu with my mum. Had an amazing time. Tom's 30th birthday and my 25th. We rented a villa, very secluded but absolutely perfect. Will never forget how great this holiday was. Ellie wasn't too keen on the pool as it was only May so not too hot.

June 2017 •
We had two holidays in June, a week in Italy with my dad and a week in Abersoch with Tom's dad.
Italy was first, we had to move it up one day because we were at the hospital with Ellie, they were treating her for possible meningitis. Scary times but tests came back negative so we re-booked the flights and went a day later and had such a great time. Ellie was so confident and went in the pool, throwing herself in it. So much fun seeing her so confident. Went to Abersoch end of July, stayed in a house right by the sea. Weather wasn't great but we had a great time. Spending time with family is the best there is.

Now - July 2017 •
Here we are, Ellie is 18 months. She is climbing on everything, babbling. Her vocabulary isn't great but seeing as she is multilingual (I speak Swedish to her and Tom and everyone else in her every day life speaks English) she doesn't say too many words. She says mamma (first word), mammi, pappa, hejdå(bye in English), hiya, bye bye, bappi(dummy in English), baby, birdie, what's that(in both English and Swedish). She is walking so confidently and trying to run. She gives kisses, on her own initiative and when you ask for one, you have to say it in Swedish though (puss). She is now giving kisses with closed mouth, a new thing from a week ago or so. She is so not a little baby anymore but she will always be my baby. So hard coming to terms with her never being that small again but I am so grateful for the future. Will be another post after this with pictures from the last year (if you found this interesting enough to read it all)

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Hi. My grandparents are here for a few days, first time they meet Ellie, so nice to see them. haven't seen them since Christmas.

Health visitor was here yesterday and weighed Ellie, she's now 4,48kg/9lb 13oz, my big girl!

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Hi! Took Ellie to the doctors today and she has to have her eye drops again for 5 days and hopefully that'll make it better. The doctor also thought she has got a virus with the diarrhoea and vomiting but as she's feeding normally she wasn't that worried atm so she thought it'll just go away in a few days and that we should just bring her back if she stops feeding or peeing.

Ellie is in bed and I'm waiting for Tom to come back from the shop so we can have a night just me and him. Has been a while, I'm so excited! x

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Hi. Right in this moment I'm sitting and watching my beautiful girl. Isn't it just amazing how much you can love another person. It's incredible how she's been inside me, she'll always be a part of me and I'm so in love with her. Today we've just been snuggling as Ellie isn't herself, her eyes aren't better and she still has her cough. She's also sick and cries a lot more than usual. I've got an appointment for her tomorrow morning so hopefully they can figure out what's up with her so she can be better soon.

Tonight we are going for a curry to say goodbye to Toms brother and his fiancée as they're going back to Australia tomorrow.

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