Some backpackers told us that we should check out Ninh Binh, so we did. Stayed at a home stay called Tam Coc. Really nice place, and met a lot of people. We actually met on if the guys from Cat Ba. So funny how you meet the same people through the whole trip. Already met two people from when I was in Vietnam! Trying to catch up with one of them, they are heading south and we are like one day behind them..

So, Ninh Binh is a nice place, a lot of rice fields and I don’t know exactly what it was, water where they grow stuff? And these roads and bridges over the water. It was cloudy tho, so we could se more than some meters in front..
we rented some bicycles and checked out what it was to see. We took a boat trip through Tam Coc, in the pictures we looked at it looked so nice, lot of green stuff in the side of the river, but we didn’t se any of it.. I think this is the rain season so things are kind of grey, cloudy, it looks kind of messy everywhere but still beautiful and different from what we are used to.. And yea, our tour lady of course tried to sell us some stuff in the way back, she also wanted money because she was so tired??

The last day we just followed the road till it suddenly ended. So we ended up visiting some old temples and did a real mountain climbing tour. It was no stairs when u got to the top. We actually had to climb our way up to the mountain peek. We met a local guy on the way up, he seemed really happy and excited to follow us up, so we let him. He couldn’t hear anything so he couldn’t speak either so he just made a lot of funny sounds and used his hands. And he was really excited over taking pictures of us so we had a camera man as well! Should have understood that we wanted money for this tho.. on the way down he took out his hand and did the famous money sigh you know... when we didn’t want to give him any, he got kind of grumpy, so we gave him 20k Dong...
EVERYONE here in Vietnam will try to sell u everything and charge u money for everything, starting to understand that now...
Anyways.. the view was amazing when we got to the top! And I’m also happy that the guy came with us, he was so funny and smiled all the time!
It was also kind of funny to climb a mountain!!
It’s so funny how Erik and I don’t have a plan, like At all.. And yet we end up doing all kind of weird and funny stuff! We just trust our intuition and other backpackers! Btw, you should really learn to follow your intuition, doesn’t always make sense in the beginning, but after you follow it, you understand why u did it! It like the gut instinct, it’s always the right thing to follow, leads you where you need to be, trust me :))

Didn’t take too many pictures on top, it was too cloudy. But it was amazing to stand there on that super Rocky Mountain.
On the way back we found another small road and found another small cave. So we have been doing a lot of hiking on this trip. Pretty much by ourselves. If you are planing on backpacking, you should just rent a motorbike or bicycle and check out for your self, much more fun and much cheaper.
And: follow your intuition, that’s like the only thing I do, and I end up finding so many beautiful places! Every time I follow it, it just leads me to so many nice places, maybe also because of what I manifest!
It so funny, I try to not think so much and rather just manifest, and that really works. Check out the law of attraction, it may seem weird in the beginning, I didn’t really believe it first, but after I started using it, it started working! It actually works really good!
It’s basically: the more you think about or the more you manifest something, the more chance of getting where u want or what u want, you have to really believe the thought. It may not happen the same day or next, but it will show up eventually. It’s not like you can manifest that you want more money tho..
If you knew how powerful a thought really is, you would never thing a negative though again!
Your mind and body is much more powerful than u think. Even if you don’t believe me, take some time off and go through your thoughts and how your life is in comparison to your thoughts, what do you think about everyday?

This blog is an example actually. For so long I have been asking myself/universe how I can kind of get my thoughts out there. How can I talk to people about, the world, universe, inner landscape and so on.. I didn’t want to start a blog cuz I think that kind of stuff is awkward, I started this blog in the first place just for my family and friends so they could follow me on my trip, but suddenly I got a lot of followers and now I see that as an opportunity to talk about this stuff! Won’t be to much of it while I’m in this trip, but when I come home will start writing about it!
Sorry, totally got of track there, but you will hear more about this crazy stuff :P
People call me crazy because of my mindset, maybe I am or maybe I’m right :))

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Today we visited the national park in Cat Ba, I wouldn’t actually call it a national park tho..
but it was a good hiking tour! We walked and climbed to the top of a mountain! Our legs was shaking when we got down.

The view was amazing! Didn’t pick the right day to climb mountains tho, felt like I had fever, but I guess it’s just because of the big shift, if you have heard of it? The world is going through a big shift. The world is changing old energy with good energy! You should google it if you haven’t heard of it. Think I will write about it later actually.
Anyway the trip was really nice, felt like I was walking through a jungle, the trees where so alive in comparison to Norway. Beautiful. Loved the sound of the birds and the other animals.
We also checked out some caves, it wasn’t that impressive tho..

They had some monkeys in cage, felt so sorry for them :((

We went to the hospital cave witch was not impressive, just a lot of Empty rooms.. heard if was more interesting with a guide, but we didn’t get any cuz we are on a low budget.. but you have to pay to get in to the caves anyway..

The second cave was a bit more interesting but not impressive either.. If you want to se real caves you should really go to Phong Nha!! Every bacbacker we met tells us so much good stories from there, haven’t checked it out jet but we are going there next!



The boat tour from Halong Bay city to Cat Ba was not what we expected.. but it was a nice trip anyways..
We booked a tour where everything was included, both food and drinks.. turned out nothing was included.
We also didn’t get the room we paid for.
We booked at a tourist office in Halong Bay city.
All of the people we met on the boat were also promised a lot of things that they didn’t get. All of us had paid for different things but ended up at the same boat..
The boat trip itself were okay, it’s just that we paid for more than we got. We went kayaking for 30 minutes and that was it. We were supposed to stay one night at the boat but suddenly they started splitting up all the people.. to of them had to go on another boat and the guys we made friends with had to sleep at the island Cat Ba, we wanted to stay together so we joined them. It was a tiny shipping boat they put us on.. it got dark as we were heading to Cat Ba, it took about an hour..
We got a free hotel room with free dinner, breakfast and lunch, so I was happy 😁

When we got to the island, we ate some dinner and then went out for som drinks together. The girls were from Canada, think they was supposed to get married on this trip! And if they didn’t find anyone to do it, on of the guys would do it, how cool!

Ps: if you are traveling in Vietnam/ Halong city. Or if you are planning on taking a boat tour, be careful with where you book. When I got to the hotel we tried to negotiate with the staff at the hotel, one of them just gave me his phone so I could speak with him, and he told me that we bought the trip from a mafia? Don’t know if I believe that either.
It seems like it is much safer to book a boat tour from the island Cat Ba, and MUCH cheaper!



So, second day in Halong Bay City, we just walked around exploring more of the city. Found a quarter with a lot of abandoned blocks that we checked out.
It isn’t really much to do there so we booked a boat tour. 2 days 1 night.. didn’t really got what we paid for tho..
when it got dark we went to sun world it’s an actual amusement park called sunworld, it’s like in the middle of the city. It has a zip line or cable car(?) that goes to the other part of the amusement park. But there was a lot of tourism so we didn’t see to much.. what we saw was a lot of lights! The whole city is full of lights. Think that was the best part of Halong Bay.. the amusement park itself wasn’t too impressive. It was a lot of pictures of roller coasters that wasn’t even there.. it was one thought..

We want out with some guys we met the day before and some new guys from Germany. Got some more laughing gas. It’s kind of funny, makes u feel like you are kind of vibrating and the sounds kind of turn into sound vibration?



Arrived Halong Bay yesterday after 12 hours on a sleeping bus.
The city kind of looks like a big amusement park.
It wasn’t too much to du here, the city came to life after the sun went down.
And it looks like the city is kind of built for tourism, but it’s a pretty city tho. Think it’s better than in Hanoi..
Feel like the whole city is under refurbishment, looks like they are going to build a huuuge promenade here. Can imagine how it will look in a few years, also even more tourists than now..
We rented a bike for one hour so we could get around the city, really felt like a tourist..

Felt so sorry for this puppy.. it was desperate after some love :(( instantly calmed down when I held it in my lap..

At the end of the day we went out to check out the night clubs! It was only Vietnamese people, much older than us witch was dancing.. Me and Erik joined them and danced like crazy, can imagine we both looked like idiots. But you dance to express not to impress, right? I’m not gonna see them again anyway so I don’t care. Had a really great time! We also met a couple of people. Or we made them join us!
All of the clubs were kind of empty except the one where we danced with the Asians. It was so funny.
At the end, after taking a drink at every bar we found we joined some locals and tried some lystgas. Uknow that thing u get in balloons.. it just works for a minute or two.. I collapsed first time, passed out for 5 seconds, couldn’t remember anything, felt like I was gone for some minutes tho. luckily Erik was there to catch me tho. Tried it a couple of times after. It was weird, fun, nothing big. Erik just started laughing after trying..
Erik also passed out after taking a bong hit, but the guys we met was so helpful, helped me get him back to the hostel..



Started out with a good breakfast. Finally no noodle soup for breakfast!!

This was one of the most beautiful places. Picture can’t describe this place.. At all!

Stopped for som bamboo climbing!
Jk, we stopped because I wanted to taste fresh bamboo. Didn’t get to taste some tho..

Suddenly it felt like I was back in Norway..

It was villages and people all the way! Both women and men was working!
It looked like they were growing all kind of stuff everywhere!

And then the bumpy fuckin road began..
my ass was already acing after the long ride from yesterday.. we took another turn so we didn’t have to see the same landscape on the way back.. this way was not on the map we got, but we followed google maps. God job. I understand why they don’t recommend this way.
You can imagine how my butt felt like after 14 hours..
But even though my ass was hurting I just had to laugh it through.. it was just so ironic, typical Sandra wanting to explore EVERYTHING.

Whole family on one bike! Pretty normal here..

Back to where we started! Ended the day with a bowl of rice?? Mm



Finally in Dong Van! My ass was kind of acing after the 7 hour long ride in a scooter so it was kind of nice to grab something to eat and just walk around in the village..

Erik! Take a picture of me!

No wait! I need my scarf!
I always mess around with scarf, just for the picture, hehe :P

Okay enough now, get the camera

Thought I looked cute with this, Erik thought it was better with the hair down.
Kind of felt like I looked like an elf..

Checking the map for tomorrow

This was our room. Just booked at a home stay we passed by.. The mattress was so hard, think it was made of styrofoam, felt like I was sleeping on the ground or something. And the duvet smelled weird :/ so we didn’t sleep too much.. Backpackers life tho!



Last time we stopped before we got to the finish line.
These girls just ran towards us as we were stopping. They just put all these flower crowns in my hand! Thought they gave me them but of course they wanted me to buy it..
I bought one and paid for more. Couldn’t just give one of the girls money.

Just wanted to show you this beautiful picture of me. Very good at taking selfies you see, nice Sandra :))
As you se we had to put our jackets on again!
The jackets went on an of through the whole trip as the weather and climate changed.

Finally there!!

Next part coming soon :P



Kind of feel like I’m in a hurry while writing this, just lost it AGAIN! Think I have to do the posts even smaller this time..
I’m on a sleeping bus to Halong Bay you see, so the WiFi isn’t to well, and a lot of people are using it..

Here we go!

This is the sixth time we stopped I think. met some children. Looked like they were dealing cigarettes?? Tried to take some pictures with them, but they seemed afraid of the camera because they just ran away.. maybe it was just me thought.. looked like they liked Erik, or at least his glasses..

We drove from Ha Giang to the red dot. You can see it on the map. Think we were like halfway here.

I’m just gonna post this, so I don’t lose it again..



So we just finished the famous Ha Gian loop! Don’t know if it is that famous actually, but for a backpacker in north Vietnam it is!
It was absolutely amazing! The view was stunning! Can’t describe it in words, neither can pictures..
The loop is through the mountains and valleys. The road went up and down and ziczac all the way for seven hours!
We rented a semiautomatic scooter for 200.000 DNG - 73 NOK, witch is pretty cheap.
We rented one scooter only so I was just sitting in the back enjoying the beautiful landscape while Erik had to drive :P
It was so funny and weird to watch how the landscape and climate was changing for like every mile we drove.
It went from jungle kind of mountains to rocky kind of mountains in just a few minutes.
I’m gonna post pictures from the whole trip. Took way to many pictures..

Started out driving the wrong way..

Stopped on this beautiful mountain top for a coffee

Wrong turn again. Had to ask for the way, even though she didn’t understand English. But she pointed the right way out.

Had to stop because we were running out of gasoline, and it looked like these guys got some. We also got something, tea? Herb water? Nice and friend people:)

Ii will post more parts!
I will post the whole loop in parts because I keep loosing the post when I wrote it (maybe because of the wifi or something) already written this 4 times, so I post it like this and post a part 2 and 3 with the rest of the pictures!