The last time I wrote was in September, so it is maybe time to tell you guys how it’s going in school and in life for me :D

Well, I have told you about my surroundings at school and there is nothing wrong with them. I have become a bit closer to all of my friends, which feels good, and we are on different types of ‘’close’’ but it is so fun seeing how every person is unique and how they try to develop in different ways.

All I can say is that they are awesome people. We always have fun and we try to do as many things together as possible. For example, today we are going to have a sleepover and even though I am not coming we will skype through the night. The feeling of knowing that they do things to include me is good I think :S There are so many things that I have seen with these guys and it is incredible how classmates can be so good to you.

One of them is getting extra closer to me. I am trying to not make the same mistake I have been doing with my previous friendships and I will give it time that it needs. Who knows, maybe it is just a friendship for the time being and I am not in the mood for suffering for a friend. I just want to take it slow and not rush into the friendship. xP

If there’ s anything that I can’t keep up with, it’s math. God, please you don’t know how hard it is for me to think outside the box and have self-confidence at the same time, yikes! Thank God my friends have patience with this little dummy dummy girl… Hihi, believe me you don’t want to teach me how to think when it comes to math, unless you really have enough patience with someone like me, someone who always wants a reason for everything.

So now you know how it’s going for me in two different areas…. :D

I will try to write a blog once a week, this time I promise that!

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Memories, Dreams/ Goals

​One week ago I facetimed with my very best un-biological sister: Elisabeth ( Lali ) and I was doing an affisch for a presentation I was going to have with a class-group. 

While i was working on it, we talked about about why I chose this line. I think it's important for you to know what my dreams look like and how I want my future look like. So let's get started! :D

The science career has always been a very important dream for me. Why?

Well, it all started when I was 2-3 y/o when I got my very first allergy attack and I couldn't see or breath. I remember how the pediatrician saved my life in so smooth way. (Can you even imagine the scen? to parents crying because their child is between death and life, a crying baby and a very relaxed pediatrician.) He carried me up to a bed full of teddies where he, at first, sang for me, calmed me down and said: everything will be alright okey?Trust your best friend, the pediatrician! 

He gave a medicine and after 30 minute- nap my skin was recovered and I could breathe normally. At that time he was my very first hero and I remember how 3 y/o Matilde said: When I grow up I want to be like you. I want to save lives the same way you did it with me since I was born!

Now I'm only 3+5 years away from realizing my dream, the feeling is good and when I was young it seemed so easy, but now I know that this isn't so easy as I thought and played with my teddies.... Now I'm certain about that this will not be easy, but it will not be impossible neither! My inspiration arose 2003 and it will be released approximately 2024, there're 8 years left!

I can't wait for helping kids with better methods and I want them to feel safe with me, I want them to know me as a friend and not an angry, scary and a mean doctor.

Unicorns this is an absolutely important part of me, so I hope that you liked this 2 new blogs! 

Bai, bai! 👷😊




Sorry for not being active for a month, but it's been kind of ahard time for me! :S But I'm back and this time I decided to write 2blogs, because I wanted to write the other one long back ago. 😁

Let's talk about High School... The terrible/fantastic time ofour life. 

It's been a month, I think, since the school year started and Iremember how nervous and afraid I was of beginning in a new class where Ididn't know anyone. The fear of being myself on the first day attacked me, thethought of being forced to make new friend was terrifying and scary. I talkedwith a friend of mine about how the social-phobia wanted to take over meagain, he was/is very kind and tried to hep with that a little bit but itdidn't work or yes, but I didn't talk so the problem wasn't over yet. Anyway,he actually did his best and talking about it is always good forme. Another friend of mine called me one day before school-start and thehelped too. ❤🌟

The first 2 days was funny and it was like a war plan where myworst enemy was fear.... But I made it! :D I battled with a speed-dating hour,interview and name games. After those days it felt good, the fear was stillthere,but at least I could be myself in my class and everyone looked reallynice. 😊🌹

About making friends all I can say is that I found great people,they're gentle and really nice people to hang out with. We have the typical:

1. Super tall-guy

2. The french girl

3. The latina (me)

4. The nerdy, funny-one

5- The awesome cosplayer

6. The rainbow girl

7. The new landed foreign. 

Let's say that it went better than I thought! These people hasbecome my nearest cycle of do called friends.

The fear is gone by this time and in these people I found, kind of my piano- look up to- person, my fantasy soulmate, my code language sister, my ''own'' teachers at maths and a self confidence-look up to-girl :D 

I hope that this 3 years will be filled of fun, studies, laugh, some tears and a little bit of rudeness that'll make the friendship grow stronger :D And also I hope that they'll be filled of good experiences and unforgettable memories! 💙 

All I know is that high school is going to be awesomeeee!! 😄





Why am I Christian?That’s a really normal question I hear from my friends and even family members.I want to write about this because this is a big part of me and God is the person I love to talk about, over all the themes a conversation can be about I never get tired of talking about Him and what He has done and is doing in my life. I’ll try to do a short list of the reasons why I choose to be Christian:D

1. 1.  1.  I’m always loved:

Whenever I feel unhappy, alone, sad, depressed and even ugly, I will always know that someone loves me. And I can find that great love when I read the bible, the most of people says: Yeah ofc! No way, all the Christians do read the bible and says they find love with simple/stupid words that are written by a human. How’s that possible? How can you feel loved when the person who loved you died on a cross? Is that even possible? Isn’t it gross?! Let me answer:

Yes, there are simple words in the bible, but when you read them they become special if you can break the code, the meaning of these ‘’simple’’words, that’s what makes the more than just ‘’simple’’ words. How you break the code? THAT’S the simple thing about this, you make those words to yours, and you make the chapter to a letter from a person who loves you and you live the words you’re reading, then you feel complete. When it comes to a word from the Old Testament then you learn something of the mistakes those persons has done or you learn how to react in a bad/good situation.

So when I feel unhappy I can teach myself how to be happy in difficult times by reading a story or a promise that’s written in the bible.

2. 2. 2. I find peace:

Everyone says: you find peace when you do something you like and that means in everything!

Let me tell you that everything can be drugs, alcohol, tv games or even your phone. I can relate that you can be relaxed by some joints or some shots,but how do feel the day after you took these joints or shots? Do you really feel the same happiness and pleasure you feel while you’re doing it? NO! Hah, I’ve never done drugs or get drunk but I know those who do and literally don’t feel the same the day after. You may think, I don’t do drugs or that, I find peace when I’m playing video games, and okay do you really enjoy kill people on a screen? And you say we dumb for reading a bible that’s written by a human.

Peace isn’t about feeling it for second or some hours, it’s about feeling it every day without needing to smoke herb, kill some cute characters or drink until you ‘’don’t feel’’ any pain.

3. 3. 3. I am forgiven and I can forgive:

Sometime we can feel like a little bite of poop, like literally you feel like it at least once in your entire life. Well I’ve felt like it many times,but hey, I always find a reason to be happy even if my worries and feelings aren’t on top. You also may feel unforgiven, like you have made so many mistakes that you don’t deserve to be forgiven and there’s when God come into the story. We don’t even think about it, but he has forgotten all our ‘’mistakes’’,even called sins. I like to call it mistakes because the most of us says that all the wrong things we do are mistakes and I’m here to tell you that those mistakes are forgiven, even though you think it’s impossible because you did it on purpose you are forgiven.

When I think about that grace its impossible not to choose being Christian,like say whaaat?! Is this for real, can you be forgiven for free without any costs or conditions? Eh, yes you can if you believe.

I can also forgive and when I do it is it like I’m free, fearless and kind. And back again to the peace part, you really feel peaceful after you’ve said: Blaba I forgive you for you having hurt me in Jesus name. That’s a HUGE GOOD FEELING!

Does anyone do it for you? Like forgive you without any problem? NO! The only one who does it at first and already has done it is God, say what?! YES!!!So that’s something I wouldn’t change for anything.

Treat others like you want to be treated reminds me of a verse- How do you expect God to forgive you when you won’t forgive your neighbor.

I think I wrote, almost, the most important reasons why I decided to be christian. Some say that it is crazy, hard, hurtful and meaningless but let me tell you that I rather be called stupid, racist by humans that also makes ‘’mistakes’’ like me than being judged by God.

Everyone who ever asked this question: here’s my answer to you.

For the ones who don’t know me: This is me and my lovely thought and relationship status, because I have a relationship with God everyday :D

And hope y’all can understand and respect me as I like to respect you. Would you like to talkmore about this? Then mail me ->

Ps. all opinions are accepted, so comment/mail on! ;) <3

See yaa!! :)



Book, Text-blogg

Hello dears! :D

This week I had a weird question in my head about how many books I've ever read. You may not know, but I really enjoy reading, getting into the stories about love, thriller or some comedies, playing with the fantasy is one of my favorites moments which makes me feel like my brain isn't totally lost or dead. And first of all I can visit places where I've never been before and some normal humans don't understands the feeling of getting off this world to another world at least they watch the movie of the book and I don't call it imagination, I call it being a lazy person watching the result of someone's fantasy work of art, no offence, you who does this may have many reasons why you do it but if you only opened a book or at least tried to read one you'll see the fantastic world of the real fantasy. If you only like to watch, well let me tell you that you're missing a big part of the hole story, but just keep watching if you enjoy watching! ;)  

My motivation to start reading began when I was about 9 years old and I still remember the name of the very first book I ever read: El caso del director del colegio desenmascarado of Joachim Friedrich. It's actually a german book translated to spanish, but believe me, it was such a good, funny and thrilling. That book opened my mind and made me take a decision: I have to read so many books as I can before I die, but I can't read them all at the same time without enjoying the taste a books brings with it. So I want at least read 100 books some day and the day I reach the goal I will celebrate by reading every 10:th book I read.

So today I'm doing what I promised myself. I counted all the books I've ever read these years and at first I said to a friend: I think that I'm up to 50 books, not more and not less. When I wrote down all the books I've read it turned out that I have read 100 books (or more, I'll update if I menage to find my book history)!!!!

I can't believe that yet, it's a big thing for me like what? How? When? All these questions has been up in my head these days and all i can say that this a confirmation for me that approves I will read 1000 books before I'm 50! If that ever happens I'll freak out!

Wish me good luck and if you like reading: Just keep reading, just keep reading and reach your goals!




Let me upload an update with such goodguys and two of my favorite’s ones. My best friends.

I want to tell you our story, actually I was about toupload this blog the last week but I've been really weird with my habits, so don'tjudge! But let's just start this lovely story...

15 April 2010

The day I started in a normal Swedish school, the daywhen I didn't knew how to make new friends and the day I had to able to speakin a different language. All these thoughts were in my mind while theheadmaster took me and my parents on a tour around the school at the same time,my so called class, were out on break and at that moment a little girl came upto me and said: Hey! I talk Spanish too! What's your name? You want to playwith me?

That was the first time I saw my best friend Marjorie,she was cute and had a funny accent. I discovered that she came from Peru andthat was the reason number one to her funny accent, but I liked it anyway :)

My parents went home after leaving me in the hands ofMarjorie and all I remember is that everything I did was funny and a little bitcomplicated because I didn’t have a good swedish somehow. The maths was easyand not everyone seemed to like me, maybe because I was new and my clothes wereweird. I remember that I had a checkered blouse in different colors, a limegreen skirt, pink tights and white shoes… I was a kid who thought that was avery good combination of clothes.

Then we had lunch, it was about 40 minutes long so weate in 10 and then we had 30 min to play. I didn’t expect me what it was goingto happen. There was a boy and a girl who looked being angry all the time, so Idecided to keep it cool…

When Marjorie and I went out, they came out too andstarted follow after us. I started to run and so did Marjorie, but I got tiredand almost completely angry because they said dumb things to Marjorie so when Ihas running I saw boy hide from me to scare me behind an bush and that was mytime to say something back to that little angry boy!

I forgot all my complains with the language andstarted yelling at him, but he was quiet and I released that he was aboutscream and say very stupid things to me so I stopped talking to him and waitedto hear all the stuff he had to say. What I thought became a real scenario, hewas angry but at some point of the discussion we started to laugh, all becauseI spelled something wrong and so did he too.

He explained that everything was a joke and all theywanted from us was our friendship. All that I knew was that I hated him! Howcould someone chase you because just because they wanted to be friends?! I didn’tsay anything; all that did was to go away from him and in to the classroom. Butthough everything that happened at the lunch break, we became friends anyhowand that was how I met William.

After that day we’ve gone through laughter, tears,fights and reunifications. 6 years have passed and we are still friends, there’remany more memories in my mind like the time when I fell in the mud and Williamborrowed me his jacket to cover my butt and the time I farted at my room withMarjorie. God, those were the days…!

Today is William’s gone; he’s in a better place. Iwill never forget everything I’ve done with him. Marjorie moved to Stockholm,but our friendship is the same as the day we met.

Real friends are hard to find and once you find themit’s hard to let them go… I feel sorrow in my heart now, but I’m happy toobecause God let me know him and become his best friend.

Thank you for reading this and I hope that you allhave one/ some friend/s like mine!

See ya! :D



Text-blogg, Book

Hello my unicorns!

So I didn't post about the contest, but the good news are that WE WON! I think that we will never forget the moment when they said: And the winners are from... NYBYGGESKOLAN! It's a good memory and I learned to know some people that I usually don't talk with and there where some new ones too. The bad thing about that was that I got sick in the middle of everything, I did the mistake of talking the way outside to the restaurant with David (A good friend of mine (: ) and because of that I had fever so I thought that I wouldn't participate on the night ''show''. But thank God my teacher gave me a headache pill and it all went well on the night show. The day after that we went to the radio of Vastmanland and did a acoustic version of the song and played it for about 5000 listeners... :S Yep! I was nervous! We were interviewed at Vaster Tidning and my music teacher invited us for lunch, that was really kind of him.

Now over to the real content of the post, I told you that I was trying to write a book and here you have a sneak peak on how the title looks like. Remember that I'm writing it on Swedish, so sorry for that but I'm not that good in english but what I can say is that the book is about my life, about how I matured and how it is to be mature for others too. I know that there's a lot more things for me to know, but somehow I feel pretty mature sometimes and even a little more than the others around me and that's a little bit good and not good sometimes! Well... The book is going to be about some big and important things in my life.

Bai bai unicorns.. more sneak peaks will be coming soon!




​I know that I haven't posted in a while, sorry for that. But it has happened a lot since the last post, I didn't have the time to write som few words to you, but now I'm here for a quick time to write down some important informations... well one's bigger than the other but who cares?! Here I go..!
1. I've been busy with some music stuff and photographing things this time. So I can discribe everthing with one word: STRESS. But thanks to that I'm goin to participate in something called: Låtskrivarfestivalen on wednesday, it's a festival where my school has a really good song for it! Believe me, even though I didn't win, I think this will be a successfull track for the contest and there's a big chance that we do it. So I'll tell you how it went, later.
2. I'm writing a BOOK! I know and yes you read rigth Im writing a book, wich I think will be a good one if I give it the time it needs to be perfect. I will not write what it will be about, BUT I think that it would be nice if I wrote som parts of it here.  Unfortunately, the book is going to be writen in swedish. Maybe one day I'll translate it to inglish. Just wait for this ''book sneaks!!'' 
Bay Koalas! :D



Memories, Pictures, Text-blogg

Well this has been a good week end. Why? Well I was in Stockholm for meeting up my family and dearest friends.

There’s a special thing or memory form this week end and it was my dearest best friends baby shower, yes I have old friends if want to call it like that, I know that it is going to be a beautiful baby and they are going to be such good parents that will take care of their baby. At the same time I’m going to be Tia again and that feel pretty good and it gets me to think about how many nephews I have at this age…. Hmmmm… Do not even have the thought of guessing how many I have!

I had a BIG wish of taking good pics in Stockholm all the time, but I forgot or just didn’t wanted to have the courage to stand like tourist taking photos of almost everything I saw in front of me, Yeah I know! Now I don’t even care and that’s thanks to a blogger out here. So I wanted to share want I took this few days in Stockholm, the capital of Scandinavia 😉 at least that’s what is written on the bus station….

If I have to say something deep, than I would say that these days has been incredibly relaxing for me and my family, it has been a trip we had to do because my life has been a stressing one. But if know something about a place where you can see many interesting things and relax, it’s Stockholm.

My family has always been there for me and though my dad is gone, down at Chile, it feels like I’m love now and I don’t fight with myself like before with the terrifying feeling of being alone, as always I can say that God is the person #1 who made that possible for me and then I have my family.

Guys! Listen! If have your own parents and family together, take care of them because there are those like me who doesn’t have the hole squad with us and who wants all the family united and we have no chance for that.

I’ll be writing a new song soon…. At least I think so!




My photos

As the title is wroten and you know how much I like to take photographs, I wanted you to see how my hometown looks like and what I feel while Im taking a photo.
My inspiration doesn't come from a song or just a deep thought, NO hah my good photos has only ONE inspiration and that's the thought of show me and the otherones what God has made! And I know what the most of you think: omg I thought this would be a good post or you just ruined everything!
Yes, if you want to say that about this post it's okey, I just have another wiew of point and YES I'm christian but I'm just a girl who shares her inspiration. :)
Don't be mad or annoyed, relax men! Even God thinks it's dumb to be angry for a small reason, but he just gets worried about your soul.

Take this letters and focus on what's your inspiration? 😊

Bai bai unicorns!!!! 🦄 #inspiration #god