Friday!!! :D

This day has been a long-lasting one, the feeling of waking up early everyday during break isn’t so good or maybe I’m just not used to it. We ate breakfast by 08:30, my sister had to go to the university so it was only me and Vero this morning.

When we finished, we returned to our room and fell asleep again… hehe. Pernilla came in and said that she and Olivia would go out and they wouldn’t come back before 23:00 and that the house was our and that we could call her if we needed something. She’s so nice and such a kind woman. I really like her personality and even if I haven’t had the chance to stop blushing in her presence and the courage to have a real conversation with her, I know she has a beautiful heart and good feelings. Now I’m sure that my sister is safe and in the right hands of the right person.

And even today I got the honor to cook again, but this time I had a bit of help from my sister. :) When we were done with dinner we wanted a while to ourselves and by 18:00 our ’’fredagsmys’’ started. We tried to play monopoly but we’re dummies so we didn’t understand anything about how you play that game… It ended with a quite funny game and the last thing we did was watch a movie.

Tomorrow we are going to a big mall called A6, I don’t know why but I call it ASUS and yes, I know, it is a computer brand it’s just so similar for my brain that I call it ASUS….

So I’ll try to capture what I can, tomorrow will also be the last day in Jönköping so I’ll try to make the best of it and cuddle as much as I can with my sister. Just to load my love energy to 100% until I see her again.

Heeey! Today is an important day!!! Because it’s Lali’s birthday :D I don’t want to write a lot, but I think you guys have seen her name a lot of times on my blog and sometimes she has been an anonymous person in the backgrounds of my blogs. But as I’ve always said, she’s like a star in my life because she’s like a little insignificant dot in the sky but the significance of giving brightness to my night is so important. Every time I talk to her, she always leaves a big smile on my lips and really good taste in my mouth. She can always give good advice and she can push me up whenever I’m about to fall in my ordinary life and my spiritual life as well.

I love her for who she really is and because even though she’s way older than me we can still be best friends! <3

Bai bai unicorns! See you tomorrow :D

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Dreams/ Goals, Text-blogg, Pictures


Today I woke up at 07:00 and everyone was still asleep at that time, so I did nothing but pray, brush my teeth and go back to bed and scroll through all the notifications I hadn’t seen the night before. But I was totally bored until 10:30 when Vero woke up and so did my sister after a few minutes.

My breakfast felt more like a brunch which consisted of a cup of strawberry tea and two bread slices with some eggs. Today we face-timed with our big brother Francisco, we kind of ate breakfast together and had fun as always. I don’t mind a single time where we actually can talk without a joke in the middle of the conversation and I think that’s good because you can talk some serious stuff but still joke during the conversation. I think my life wouldn’t be the same without my ultimate squad, there I can find love, support, family and a lot of joy in Blanca, Vero, Lali and Francisco. These people are simply the stars God sent to my darkness to give it brightness and life to me.

So I always enjoy spending time with them and even if there is a distance between some of us, it just feels the same when we Skype or actually meet each other and being able to have the same faith makes the friendship last longer and stronger! Guys, if you read this.. I love you so much! <3

Okay, back to the real subject… Today we went to the cinema and watched the film: Storks.

I think it was a good movie, I could relate to so many things in the different characters and I found a lot of similarities between some of my friends and the characters too. Hehehe… Pyttegrej….

It was cold outside so we didn’t ’’fika’’, instead we went home. While we waited for the bus to come we went to a music store and of course I went all the way to the piano and I actually played the beginning of Nocturne no. 9 by Chopin and the whole song I learned at my piano lesson last week.

Oh, the feeling was awesome and it just convinced me more to reach my biggest goal and realize my biggest dream about being a pianist as a hobby. It was actually what I’ve always wanted to be, but the most members of my family always said that being a musician always ended wrong or maybe I didn’t even have the talent to be a pianist. Because of that and the fact of not getting some lessons I gave up my dream, but now that I have the chance again I ain’t afraid of being a pianist at least as a hobby or in my spare time. So I won’t give up yet, my grandma always believed in me and she said that I would be a strong, self-confident and an independent woman that could play piano. Now that she isn’t here by my side, I'm even more sure of not giving up! I will do this for her and for myself.

I know that we didn’t do so much today, sorry. But at least you are getting to know me better and that’s good I think.

Before the movie we went to a museum and I found one to first cameras and the story about the woman who was the royal photographer and this was her camera.

Cool huh? :o





I woke up to the most wonderful weather in this world today, snow!!! Can you believe that my favorite season has already arrived? Im so happy, my friend thinks I’m crazy but I actually don’t care by this time of the year. Winter is just the best thing I know and snow is so beautiful because it brings a little sparkle to the darkness outside.

Snow is perfect for me and I love looking out the window when it snows because it feels so cozy, it feels like we are inside a crystal snowball and God has just shared it so the snow starts moving around.

Drinking a cup of tea or coffee is a delicacy, reading a book makes me feel complete and a cozy blanket makes everything perfect for this weather. And that is what I did in the morning after waking up.

I read and looked out the window until my sister was about to come back from school and I had to cook some ’’salchipapa’’, it is something we ate on Saturday night at my friends surprise party and we thought it would be easy to cook today when my sister wouldn’t be home.

So I cooked that for us today. :)

After yesterday’s dinner we decided to play some games, unfortunately we just played one. We played for a long time actually but after a while it became boring. So what we did was watch a movie and we watched Corpse Bride. A really good novel that my old English teacher showed us in 8th grade.

When the movie was over we started joking with each other and Vero started to tickle me, so that I made weird sounds. This little girl seems to be very shy, but when she gets comfortable you can’t be serious with her. We had a kind of a happy hour by ourselves until we reminded that we weren’t home alone so we just calmed down and went out of the room and Pernilla said ”Oh you guys seemed to have fun, didn’t you”?

I felt how I flushed and how she noticed that so she started laughing and said that it was okay.

Until now we have just been sitting in the room in silence and I’m writing this for you, hoping that this ain’t annoying for you to read and if it is, please don’t be worried to say that and I’ll try to do this better…

Tomorrow we will do something different and fun. I think that you are going to like it! :D

Bai bai unicorns!



Blog week- Tuesday

Today I’m basically writing about what we’ve done today so let’s get started!

I woke up at 07:00 and my sister, Blanca, and my bestie, Vero, woke up at 08:30.

There is something that I may have to tell you. I had a very strange dream last night and it scared me in some ways but it also confused me a lot. It began with me at one of my friends place but their house was renovated and totally white. I felt happy and after drinking tea with them I went to school because I had a chemistry test that day and I didn’t want to miss it.

When I came to school the lights were turned off, and I’m that kind of person who’s still afraid of the dark as many children are. So now you know about that. Anyway, I just looked after a button to turn on the lights but while I did that there was a teacher following me, so it was an uncomfortable situation with someone walking behind me.

I found the button and went to my locker which is on the third floor. I took my chemistry book and my computer, I was about to go when this strange teacher stopped me and asked: Why does your homework look like this?- he fluttered my project in his hand - This is just a piece of sh*t! Now you follow me to the principal’s office and explain what you’ve done!

I was so confused that I didn’t follow him and when he found out that I didn’t do it, he started slapping me at the face and the people around didn’t do anything but stare at me, going away and letting the teacher do whatever he wanted to me. I was crying while he dragged me all the way to the classroom. I was so sad and didn’t try to hit him back or run away because I knew that all I could get out of it was losing and getting worse punishments.

We came inside the room where my classmates were, they stared and so did my chemistry teacher. I screamed for help and got eye contact with this one close friend from ’’the squad’’. He was paralyzed and didn’t react until the teacher lifted me up holding my hair up, he walked by this friend and all I did was whisper ’’help me please’’….

I thought he was going to slap the teacher or something else, but he ran out with another guy. I didn’t actually care so much anymore, my head hurt and I felt how my sense of pain was going away and I heard the teacher say: you like these cables? Well I hope you enjoy them as well! So he hung me up in the cables, I was prepared to die by that time, all I did was cry and hate him.

When he was about to actually kill me, I saw the close friend of mine rushing into the room with the principal and the other guy. The principal saw how scared and half dead I was and said that the police was about to come and that the teacher couldn’t do anything about it. He tried to run away but my friend stopped him on his way out, while I was trying to not fall down, hang myself with the cables and finally die.

The police came and they took the teacher away to jail because of what he had done.

When they went my friend helped me get down safely and the others hugged me. I cried so much that I was red in the face and about to swoon, so they called an ambulance. My friends followed me and all of them took care of me.

The dream has a good ending, but it’s one of the most terrifying dreams I’ve ever had! It felt so real that when I woke up I had tears running down my face.

I really had to write this down, because maybe there is a significance in the dream. I don’t know, but writing this down makes me feel good in some way.

By the way, I didn’t tell you about what we did today, but I leave these captures from todays walk through town and a little description about their themes.

Bai bai unicorns! See you tomorrow with another blog! :D

This is a part of Vättern, well I need to go down in the knees so that I could take this capture, but I'm really pleased with it.

This is how the town looks like in the beginning and the more you walk into it the more you see all the shopping stores :D

What can I say? I just did to take a picture of this elegant restaurant, isn't it awkward? Like:

- Where are we going to eat tomorrow?

- I think Dirty Dick's would be good!

That's just disgusting but funny in some way.... XD

There is a park, like in the center of the town and it reminds me of Central Park at New York City. I think that I'm falling in love with this cosy city, help! :S



Blog week?

Well it’s autumn break here in Sweden and for the first time in my life I’m not spending it at home. This time I will spend it with the best people in this world and in my life. My big sister and my best friend. We are in Jönköping this week and I think that it’s a very nice and cozy city. It is cozy enough to cuddle in almost everyday (in my opinion).

So what I’m thinking of is to blog everyday, of course, and tell you what we have done during the day and this time I will try to take some photographs because I feel that it has been a long time since I uploaded or showed you the ones I have taken. This is going to be a kind of a photo-blog week.

I can tell you a little bit about the trip right now. It was fine but we had to wake up at 04:30 am because the train went at 06:25 am. So yeah, we didn’t have a good sleep.

The trip took about 3 hours and 45 minutes which led to my day feeling longer than usual. I can’t believe that it is 19:25 it just feels like 21:00 or so.

In Jönköping there are so many uphill slopes. Geez! I couldn’t breath half way up!

But we made it to the top and when we entered the house, the dog of the owner welcomed us with happiness and so did Pernilla, the owner. The house is very stress-free and there is a brook on the backside of the house and it’s very relaxing to listen to it while we are eating or cooking. I think this break will be the most relaxing and fun I’ve ever had. Our room is big and it has a large bed to sleep on which looks extremely comfortable.

We took the dog out for a walk and it was already dark outside. You could see the Vättern and the houses on the other side of the lake. The lights and the water made me feel like I was in a movie or like a night walk in Paris with the lights and the darkness. It just felt wonderful. All I needed was some background music.

And now it is time for me to eat again and the plan for the night is to watch a movie together and sleep because tomorrow we will be going to walk around town and will try to make capture good shots for you too, so that you can get a nice image of Jönköping!

Bai bai unicorns!



The last time I wrote was in September, so it is maybe time to tell you guys how it’s going in school and in life for me :D

Well, I have told you about my surroundings at school and there is nothing wrong with them. I have become a bit closer to all of my friends, which feels good, and we are on different types of ‘’close’’ but it is so fun seeing how every person is unique and how they try to develop in different ways.

All I can say is that they are awesome people. We always have fun and we try to do as many things together as possible. For example, today we are going to have a sleepover and even though I am not coming we will skype through the night. The feeling of knowing that they do things to include me is good I think :S There are so many things that I have seen with these guys and it is incredible how classmates can be so good to you.

One of them is getting extra closer to me. I am trying to not make the same mistake I have been doing with my previous friendships and I will give it time that it needs. Who knows, maybe it is just a friendship for the time being and I am not in the mood for suffering for a friend. I just want to take it slow and not rush into the friendship. xP

If there’ s anything that I can’t keep up with, it’s math. God, please you don’t know how hard it is for me to think outside the box and have self-confidence at the same time, yikes! Thank God my friends have patience with this little dummy dummy girl… Hihi, believe me you don’t want to teach me how to think when it comes to math, unless you really have enough patience with someone like me, someone who always wants a reason for everything.

So now you know how it’s going for me in two different areas…. :D

I will try to write a blog once a week, this time I promise that!



Memories, Dreams/ Goals

​One week ago I facetimed with my very best un-biological sister: Elisabeth ( Lali ) and I was doing an affisch for a presentation I was going to have with a class-group. 

While i was working on it, we talked about about why I chose this line. I think it's important for you to know what my dreams look like and how I want my future look like. So let's get started! :D

The science career has always been a very important dream for me. Why?

Well, it all started when I was 2-3 y/o when I got my very first allergy attack and I couldn't see or breath. I remember how the pediatrician saved my life in so smooth way. (Can you even imagine the scen? to parents crying because their child is between death and life, a crying baby and a very relaxed pediatrician.) He carried me up to a bed full of teddies where he, at first, sang for me, calmed me down and said: everything will be alright okey?Trust your best friend, the pediatrician! 

He gave a medicine and after 30 minute- nap my skin was recovered and I could breathe normally. At that time he was my very first hero and I remember how 3 y/o Matilde said: When I grow up I want to be like you. I want to save lives the same way you did it with me since I was born!

Now I'm only 3+5 years away from realizing my dream, the feeling is good and when I was young it seemed so easy, but now I know that this isn't so easy as I thought and played with my teddies.... Now I'm certain about that this will not be easy, but it will not be impossible neither! My inspiration arose 2003 and it will be released approximately 2024, there're 8 years left!

I can't wait for helping kids with better methods and I want them to feel safe with me, I want them to know me as a friend and not an angry, scary and a mean doctor.

Unicorns this is an absolutely important part of me, so I hope that you liked this 2 new blogs! 

Bai, bai! 👷😊




Sorry for not being active for a month, but it's been kind of ahard time for me! :S But I'm back and this time I decided to write 2blogs, because I wanted to write the other one long back ago. 😁

Let's talk about High School... The terrible/fantastic time ofour life. 

It's been a month, I think, since the school year started and Iremember how nervous and afraid I was of beginning in a new class where Ididn't know anyone. The fear of being myself on the first day attacked me, thethought of being forced to make new friend was terrifying and scary. I talkedwith a friend of mine about how the social-phobia wanted to take over meagain, he was/is very kind and tried to hep with that a little bit but itdidn't work or yes, but I didn't talk so the problem wasn't over yet. Anyway,he actually did his best and talking about it is always good forme. Another friend of mine called me one day before school-start and thehelped too. ❤🌟

The first 2 days was funny and it was like a war plan where myworst enemy was fear.... But I made it! :D I battled with a speed-dating hour,interview and name games. After those days it felt good, the fear was stillthere,but at least I could be myself in my class and everyone looked reallynice. 😊🌹

About making friends all I can say is that I found great people,they're gentle and really nice people to hang out with. We have the typical:

1. Super tall-guy

2. The french girl

3. The latina (me)

4. The nerdy, funny-one

5- The awesome cosplayer

6. The rainbow girl

7. The new landed foreign. 

Let's say that it went better than I thought! These people hasbecome my nearest cycle of do called friends.

The fear is gone by this time and in these people I found, kind of my piano- look up to- person, my fantasy soulmate, my code language sister, my ''own'' teachers at maths and a self confidence-look up to-girl :D 

I hope that this 3 years will be filled of fun, studies, laugh, some tears and a little bit of rudeness that'll make the friendship grow stronger :D And also I hope that they'll be filled of good experiences and unforgettable memories! 💙 

All I know is that high school is going to be awesomeeee!! 😄





Why am I Christian?That’s a really normal question I hear from my friends and even family members.I want to write about this because this is a big part of me and God is the person I love to talk about, over all the themes a conversation can be about I never get tired of talking about Him and what He has done and is doing in my life. I’ll try to do a short list of the reasons why I choose to be Christian:D

1. 1.  1.  I’m always loved:

Whenever I feel unhappy, alone, sad, depressed and even ugly, I will always know that someone loves me. And I can find that great love when I read the bible, the most of people says: Yeah ofc! No way, all the Christians do read the bible and says they find love with simple/stupid words that are written by a human. How’s that possible? How can you feel loved when the person who loved you died on a cross? Is that even possible? Isn’t it gross?! Let me answer:

Yes, there are simple words in the bible, but when you read them they become special if you can break the code, the meaning of these ‘’simple’’words, that’s what makes the more than just ‘’simple’’ words. How you break the code? THAT’S the simple thing about this, you make those words to yours, and you make the chapter to a letter from a person who loves you and you live the words you’re reading, then you feel complete. When it comes to a word from the Old Testament then you learn something of the mistakes those persons has done or you learn how to react in a bad/good situation.

So when I feel unhappy I can teach myself how to be happy in difficult times by reading a story or a promise that’s written in the bible.

2. 2. 2. I find peace:

Everyone says: you find peace when you do something you like and that means in everything!

Let me tell you that everything can be drugs, alcohol, tv games or even your phone. I can relate that you can be relaxed by some joints or some shots,but how do feel the day after you took these joints or shots? Do you really feel the same happiness and pleasure you feel while you’re doing it? NO! Hah, I’ve never done drugs or get drunk but I know those who do and literally don’t feel the same the day after. You may think, I don’t do drugs or that, I find peace when I’m playing video games, and okay do you really enjoy kill people on a screen? And you say we dumb for reading a bible that’s written by a human.

Peace isn’t about feeling it for second or some hours, it’s about feeling it every day without needing to smoke herb, kill some cute characters or drink until you ‘’don’t feel’’ any pain.

3. 3. 3. I am forgiven and I can forgive:

Sometime we can feel like a little bite of poop, like literally you feel like it at least once in your entire life. Well I’ve felt like it many times,but hey, I always find a reason to be happy even if my worries and feelings aren’t on top. You also may feel unforgiven, like you have made so many mistakes that you don’t deserve to be forgiven and there’s when God come into the story. We don’t even think about it, but he has forgotten all our ‘’mistakes’’,even called sins. I like to call it mistakes because the most of us says that all the wrong things we do are mistakes and I’m here to tell you that those mistakes are forgiven, even though you think it’s impossible because you did it on purpose you are forgiven.

When I think about that grace its impossible not to choose being Christian,like say whaaat?! Is this for real, can you be forgiven for free without any costs or conditions? Eh, yes you can if you believe.

I can also forgive and when I do it is it like I’m free, fearless and kind. And back again to the peace part, you really feel peaceful after you’ve said: Blaba I forgive you for you having hurt me in Jesus name. That’s a HUGE GOOD FEELING!

Does anyone do it for you? Like forgive you without any problem? NO! The only one who does it at first and already has done it is God, say what?! YES!!!So that’s something I wouldn’t change for anything.

Treat others like you want to be treated reminds me of a verse- How do you expect God to forgive you when you won’t forgive your neighbor.

I think I wrote, almost, the most important reasons why I decided to be christian. Some say that it is crazy, hard, hurtful and meaningless but let me tell you that I rather be called stupid, racist by humans that also makes ‘’mistakes’’ like me than being judged by God.

Everyone who ever asked this question: here’s my answer to you.

For the ones who don’t know me: This is me and my lovely thought and relationship status, because I have a relationship with God everyday :D

And hope y’all can understand and respect me as I like to respect you. Would you like to talkmore about this? Then mail me -> matilde_sanchez13142hotmail.com

Ps. all opinions are accepted, so comment/mail on! ;) <3

See yaa!! :)



Book, Text-blogg

Hello dears! :D

This week I had a weird question in my head about how many books I've ever read. You may not know, but I really enjoy reading, getting into the stories about love, thriller or some comedies, playing with the fantasy is one of my favorites moments which makes me feel like my brain isn't totally lost or dead. And first of all I can visit places where I've never been before and some normal humans don't understands the feeling of getting off this world to another world at least they watch the movie of the book and I don't call it imagination, I call it being a lazy person watching the result of someone's fantasy work of art, no offence, you who does this may have many reasons why you do it but if you only opened a book or at least tried to read one you'll see the fantastic world of the real fantasy. If you only like to watch, well let me tell you that you're missing a big part of the hole story, but just keep watching if you enjoy watching! ;)  

My motivation to start reading began when I was about 9 years old and I still remember the name of the very first book I ever read: El caso del director del colegio desenmascarado of Joachim Friedrich. It's actually a german book translated to spanish, but believe me, it was such a good, funny and thrilling. That book opened my mind and made me take a decision: I have to read so many books as I can before I die, but I can't read them all at the same time without enjoying the taste a books brings with it. So I want at least read 100 books some day and the day I reach the goal I will celebrate by reading every 10:th book I read.

So today I'm doing what I promised myself. I counted all the books I've ever read these years and at first I said to a friend: I think that I'm up to 50 books, not more and not less. When I wrote down all the books I've read it turned out that I have read 100 books (or more, I'll update if I menage to find my book history)!!!!

I can't believe that yet, it's a big thing for me like what? How? When? All these questions has been up in my head these days and all i can say that this a confirmation for me that approves I will read 1000 books before I'm 50! If that ever happens I'll freak out!

Wish me good luck and if you like reading: Just keep reading, just keep reading and reach your goals!