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17 years and 10 months old


I actually got time to write today, a bit late but still enough to post and write to you... :)

☆ ⭐︎ ☆ ⭐︎ ☆ ⭐︎ ☆ ⭐︎ ☆ ⭐︎ ☆ ⭐︎ ☆ ⭐︎ ☆ ⭐︎ ☆ ⭐︎ ☆ ⭐︎ ☆ ⭐︎ ☆ ⭐︎ ☆ ⭐︎ ☆ ⭐︎ ☆ ⭐︎ ☆ ⭐︎ ☆ ⭐︎ ☆ ⭐︎ ☆ ⭐︎ ☆ ⭐︎ ☆ ⭐︎ ☆ ⭐︎ ☆ ⭐︎ ☆ ⭐︎ ☆ ⭐︎ ☆ ⭐︎

These past weeks I've been dizzy, nasueous and had wierd symptomes, so I went to the doctor today and we talked about it and how it comes that I've been feeling this way. She told me that it was a bit normal for my age and that it could be iron deficiency**, it could also be my crazy hormones and if not I hade to take other studies to discard the idea of it being something more serious. So I have to change somethings like my diet and sleephours, as long as I don't lose weight everything will be fine.

So I will just have to visit her two more times to see if my body changes in any way. For the first time in my life I haven't been worried about it, I just feel relaxed and I trust that whatever it turns out to be I will make it through without dificulties and I will get better. Either if I get a real taitement or just pills I will do everything to feel better and take care of myself. It doesn't feel scary at all and I see that as a posotive thing?!

Well, to find out what it is I have to take blood samples everytime I go and visit my doctor and I took some today. When I saw my name on the screen I could see how old I am and as the title says I'm 17 years and 10 months old! I understand if you don't see it the way I do, but I think it's cool because I've never thought about the monts? Do they even matter or do they just tell them that I'm turning eighteen in two months? I don't know, I just got curious about it... :D

Yes, I'm turning 18 in two months and I thought I would be all excited about it but I'm actually not, the only thing I feel about it is that I will never be able to say that I'm still a kid as an excuse when I don't want to do/say several things. I won't be able to feel like mum's little baby, the most loved one in the family instead everyone will say: Oh the family's little baby is an adult now! No more warm hugs and comforting kisses when you fail because you're an adult now so you have to grow up, move out and get a life. Of course, I know the won't say literally what I just wrote but it will feel that way when the time comes where I have to take care of myself or move out...

Everyone mentions the word: EXCITEMENT when they turned eighteen, so I wonder why I don't feel the same, it just means more responsabilities and suffer for me. It means that it's almost time to find an university and move, it means that I will get older and my family expects me to make my own ''perfect'' decisions and to become a mature, self-confindet woman. I don't know, how do you feel about turning eghiteen or how did you felt? Did you throw a big party or did you just drink with friends? Did you ever think about it or did it feel easy peasy lemon squeezy for you?

guess I won't get any repose but at least you can just think about it by yourselves? :)

☆ ⭐︎ ☆ ⭐︎ ☆ ⭐︎ ☆ ⭐︎ ☆ ⭐︎ ☆ ⭐︎ ☆ ⭐︎ ☆ ⭐︎ ☆ ⭐︎ ☆ ⭐︎ ☆ ⭐︎ ☆ ⭐︎ ☆ ⭐︎ ☆ ⭐︎ ☆ ⭐︎ ☆ ⭐︎ ☆ ⭐︎ ☆ ⭐︎ ☆ ⭐︎ ☆ ⭐︎ ☆ ⭐︎ ☆ ⭐︎ ☆ ⭐︎ ☆ ⭐︎ ☆ ⭐︎ ☆ ⭐︎

Until next time unicorns!!

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I think that I want to quit or take a break....💔

Hi, Unicorns…. 🦄

First of all, sorry for not keeping up with the trip series. Sorry for not updating at all as I did before. Sorry… My life has come to the point where my real personality is developing and becoming stronger than ever. My feelings and thoughts are becoming more clear for everyday that goes and I am pretty proud of myself. I have changed in a good way, in the way that I am beginning to love myself as I am, in the way that I am more self-confident with some failures but I know that I will reach my goal very soon and in the way that I am becoming more mature than ever.

I forgot to tell you but I have a job now, incredible right?! I am super glad that I found a job besides my studies because it is making me more social than I am usually and it is making me stronger, more confident and patient than ever. This job is making my perspectives getting wider than before and I see things/situations in a very different way. On the other side, this means that I never have time to decide a good topic to write about as I did the last years, plus I have school and second grade did not get easier which means I have to take my time to study so I that get into a university 14 hrs away from home. Also, my life in school has become harder, not only in an educating way but in my social life at school. Friends come and go through our lives, very fast sometimes to be honest… and once again it has been hard for me to accept this reality. It is difficult to accept this idea and truth about life but I know that I am stronger now than three years ago, that I will get over this very soon and even if you do not understand what I am talking about, I just want you to know this because this is what I usually did on my blog posts. Sorry for that too, one day I will explain everything (Perhaps).

As I said, big changes are happening or are about to come and I would really like you to read about them, I just feel like I do not have the time to sit down and write about it as a diary. I do not want the blog to become an everyday diary because I already have one, I want it to become an interesting place where people get to know about the cool and funny thing this human being does or has done in her life. I am going through rough times in a very different way than I did last year, but I know that this is 2017’s challenge for me and I am ready to get through it!

Like the title says I have been thinking about quitting with the blogging, not only because I do not write as often as I would like to but because I feel like I have become boring and I do not feel like writing in English. Would it be okay if I wrote in Swedish? Should I continue with writing in English? Who knows? Because I do not know and you do not seem to write back either which makes me feel like this is unnecessary, writing without getting any response. It only makes it more difficult for me to know if you like the blog or not. I just want you to think about it and I hope that you do not take this too personal because I do not want you to!!

I am so confused right now, I do not know what is happening around me or if I am the problem, the one who has to stop talking, thinking, acting, loving, hoping, changing or waiting. Writing this down is making me feel better, unfortunately, I have not taken any good pictures since the trip to Canada so my camera is not comforting me right now but one thing that I know for sure is that this little period will be over soon, my awkwardness will disappear and so will I. The old me has to grow up and make important decisions, even though they will mean losing friends, family members' love or even being rejected for who I am and want to become.

With this I will not say goodbye, I just want you to know that I may not continue with this for a long time until I really either find myself or feel better enough to continue blogging as I would like to. I want to take a small break or pull my blogging life together during next week (It is autumn break for me) as I did last year. Do you remember? :)

The only thing that I want to hope for is that you will understand me and that you will not feel bad at all, I mean, I am human after all and we all are which means that we all need to spend time to find ourselves again, that is exactly what I want to do right after the break... Do not forget to treat yourselves and to spoil yourselves sometimes, find new people around you and get to know them, change if you need to but never hurt yourselves or your surroundings!

Until next time!

❀ Sanchez ❀



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From tomboy to a girly tomboy if you can be that now...


Let the second part of the trip begin :D

Day 2

We had to wake up early the second day and it felt terrible because we were jet lagged, it felt terrible to wake up feeling that way but we were excited which made the sleepy feeling go away for a bit. I always fell asleep in the car while we were on our way to our courses at church and on our way back home.

After ’’school’’ (let’s call it school because it’s easier to call it school that courses or church or class.) we went to a park to have a picnic with our teacher, my host parents and Byron’s wife, the prophet Amanda. We ate Portuguese chicken with fries and I’ve never tasted such a good chicken as the one I ate that day, it was more than delicious for me and my tummy. After that, Amanda took us to an ice cream shop called ’’Le Bilboquet’’ and they say that the ice cream is handmade and that’s what makes the store so popular. Believe me or not, that ice cream was delicious and refreshing. It was sunny and very warm outside so the ice cream was needed.

We headed back to church where our parents were waiting for us to go home, so we said goodbye to the others and they took us to a place with a lot of shopping stores. It was like a mini city in a big city, I don’t know if you understand what I mean but it looked like a little town, a super cute one to be honest. Amanda met us up with Olga and Vero and, for the first time in my life, I bought a bikini :O Big step for tomboy Matilde!

Unfortunately the stores closed earlier than we thought so we ate dinner at Mc Donald’s where we made an old couple mad because we laughed so hard. It ended with them leaving the place because we didn’t shut up. Sorry because we are joyful people and we decided to eat at a public place where we actually can laugh hard… <3

When we came home we headed right to the pool and took an evening dip with the girls and Vero came over to our place to spend a day with us too. We played Marco Polo and it was funny though I was always taken and I always took Blanca. We laughed a lot that night and I started feeling myself like a part of the family already.

Day 3

First day of liberation! OMG I felt so good after that, I won’t explain what it is because that would be too much to read, so I basically talked with someone about what I had in my heart I got healed by praying and talking out all my feelings and stuff. Well, that day was very important for me as the female that I am and the one I should be.

One thing that I’ve been fighting with is loving myself as all girls do and my ’’getting better process’’ had to begin with starting loving myself and see myself as a pretty girl, someone worthy love and respect, someone who knows she looks good in dresses and skirts and not only jeans and shirts. It all happened after I prayed with this person and God showed me much He loves me, rather, I started seeing how much He loves me and how He wants me to love and appreciate myself.

On day 3 we went downtown to Montreal’s centrum and it felt like I was in a movie or in FRIENDS with all the lightning and stores, tall buildings and all the people! OH MY GOD there were a lot of humans there and the traffic was horrible! You really need to wait when the traffic lights are on red for the passengers and even when it’s on green, some drivers don’t care if they drive over you or not.

Oh well, it was beautiful anyway and we went underground for the first time that day, it felt like we were in Stockholm!! When we went to the first FOREVER 21 store the girls and my hosting mom made me try a tight green dress and a long skirt with green flowers on it. I felt pretty, too pretty and when I walked out the dress room they all gasped and said how beautiful and good I looked in the dress and the skirt. I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears, so I said ’’No, this isn’t made for me. It’s way to good for me, I should just find a shirt or some jeans instead’’. My hosting mom came towards me to say wonderful words to me and she reminded me of what God wanted me to do. Of course, I started to cry and she asked me if I wanted the dress and the skrit, if I felt good and pretty in them and I said yes. I took them off and told my sister to not buy them to me, that I only said that to make them feel good and that I felt too good-looking in them.

Kamila took the dress and the skirt from me and started talking with our mom, she came to me and asked me one more time if i liked them and, again, I said yes so she hugged me and said that I looked beautiful and that I should buy them. I started crying again as the sensible person I am and in that moment I saw them, the coolest Carlos Perez Monterrosa and my big sister Genesis. I felt so ashamed, the first impression of me to him was a crying girl who didn't love herself enough to buy a dress and a skirt. Genesis took him with her to see the fireworks with us. Both of them told me to buy the clothes and yeah they really said comforting words to me.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot! I met a new friend that day, Abi, a girl from the worship group at church. She was really kind and nice, I liked her! While we were at FOREVER 21 walking and looking at the clothes, Kamila and the other girls headed to the pay desk and bought the dress and skirt to me!!!! Again, I started crying because they gave me so much love so I hugged them and that day, that day, I wrote history! I went from a real tomboy to a more girly tomboy, if you can be that now… I never felt like that before, so much love and compassion. I’m so thankful for you guys, I know you’re reading this! <3 <3

We headed to the place where we would watch the fireworks. We were so tired, more like exhausted, but it was totally worth it. The fireworks were amazing! We went home and told dad about what happened and he agreed with the rest of the family about me and my sister, that we should work on our self-confidence and that they would help us with that for the rest of the trip.

This blog ended up being longer than I wanted it to be but I hope you liked it and that you’ll like the following pics of these two days! :D

See you next week with part 3!

Le Bilboquet and the shopping center

Day 3

Downtown Montreal and a picture of all of us, I look horrible but the other ones look good so avoid looking at crying me :D



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Let's get this trip story started! 


Sorry because I didin’t post the last week but I really didn’t have the motivation to write so I just played played bass ad slept so I could turn the day into Swedish time. Anyway, today will be the first Canada Trip post and I hope you’ll like as much as I did. If I wrote day every single detail this post will get too long and perhaps boring for you, so I’ll write about the first days and then leave a comment below the pictures so off to the trip story!!

I want to tell you one thing before I start writing about the landning. The main reason to the trip was because we wanted to visit the main church in Montreal, so the Apostol had to fix the place where we would spend the three weeks. My sister and I didn’t know WHO we would spend the three weeks with because Byron (the Apostol) couldn’t find a family for us so he told us that he would wait for us at the airport and then take us either to our hosting family or to their house, but of course that didn’t happen because he ended up stuck with a dinner so he couldn’t pick us up. With that clear we can go on with the story. :D

So we didn’t know who would pick us up which means we didn’t know if they were there or not, if it has a her or a him, a whole creepy family or a really nice one. We were basically excited but worried at the same time.I mean, what if they had little kids or teenagers that wouldn’t like us. I was totally scared when I thought about a dad being a part of the family, maybe because I’ve never had a real dad by my side and it feels weird just to see someone as a dad… #deep

Anyway, we recognized Tere who was waiting for Olga and Vero so we just walked towards her and just behind her we saw two faces. A woman with yellow shirt and a girl in my age with earphones and a big smile on her lips. The hugged us and said ’’Welcome to your temporary hometown!’’ They were super nice and they kissed us twice because they salute like in France. There was a dad waiting for us outside and the house was 40 min from the airport. We said goodbye to Vero and her mom and got up on the car. Silence, questions, silence, questions and ta daaa we arrived to our home. They had a dog! Luna, the most cutest dog I’ve ever seen, you should follow her on instagram to make her instafamous! —> @lunavidal_

This family turned out to be nicer than we thought and they were from Chile, of course! They took care of us and they wanted us to feel part of the family. We got our own room which is one of the girls’ room, So the family is based on dad Alfredo, mom Susana, sister Kamila, sister Genesis, sister Thiare and ’’brother in law’’ Carlos.

It was raining Monday morning so we couldn’t do anything fun but the sun came out after lunch. We met Genesis for the first time and we thought she was really cute and smart. She took us to buy candies at a store just to see if the types of candies were different from the ones in Sweden… Turns out to be the exactly same thing in Canada as well. Sweden you just disappointed again…

Oh well we had a good time and though it was raining it has so hot outside which surprised us, that would never happen in Sweden. Rain = 13° = jacket and jeans…. I’m disappointed Sweden!!!

Take a look at the pictures I took the first days! :D

When we were flying over Canada I got to the these mountains that I always saw on the map, it was so cool to see them in real life becuase they don't look like that in the map and they look beautiful from above!!!

They have really weird busses at the airport as you can see, they picked us up to get us to the airport itself.

The place's name is Promenades du Boisé which means promenades in the forest, I don't really remember if it was something like that but yeah, it has a really classy french name B)

We found a chocolate store and the chocolate covered by little cups of glas looked so pretty!



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Je me souviens 


It's been 2 weeks now from landing in Canada and all I can say is WOW I'M IN LOVE!

I've seen so many things and felt so much love. 😊 First I was thinking of blogging everyday just like I did when I was at my sister's place last year but I've so busy that I haven't got a real tight sleep because of the time difference. So I've been sleeping whenever I can, at the car specially.... It takes 30-40 minutes from the place we live at to Montreal so there's time for sleeping and try to relax.

Okey back to what I was going to tell you, I'm going to write about this trip in the next five posts which will be published week for week after my return in Sweden though I don't have my computer charger with me and I want to be calm while I write. I've just tried to continue writing in the book but nah it isn't the same thing when you're not at home, laying on your bed with all your teddies with a cup of tea. So next week the first post will come out so keep in touch!!

Oh right! I almost forgot to tell you about one of my new friends, Carlos Rafael Perez idkw 😁 he's going to appear later and you'll see why he's become my friend AKA brother in law 😂

Bai bai unircorns 😋🦄 Je vous aime! ❤



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Tre söta grisar gick runt i världen....


I got to tell you two things today, one is about what happened today and te other one is about the surprise I told you about in the last two posts. I'm so happy to finally get the chance to write about this, so let's get started!

So we all have childhood besties right? Yeah, those you hang out with in third grade at school and those you made fun memories with. Well I have two of those myself and it has been like seven years since we last hang out. Should I have a little presentation of them..... Okey, yes. Here we go.

Marie-Lisa AKA Marre is the first little pig, she's adorable and fun. You may also think she's short, but that only makes her cuter. She is the friendly type of person who invites those left outside to join the party. So she's the cool one 😎

Marjorie AKA Mayonesa (for me) is the second pig, she's just funny. You can literally look at her and start smiling, she's clumsy and tries make a joke out of anything. She's the lovely one, she's really warm-hearted and loves to show that she's there for you. She's the quiet one as well, one of the most introvert friends I've ever had. 🦄

Now that you know that, let me tell you about our reunion day. It all started a week ago when Marjorie told me that she would come to Västerås today, I got really excited and was looking forward to this day so the first one I told about this was Zakir, he gave me the idea of letting Marre know about Marjorie coming and having a reunion meeting. So did I and Marre thought it was a great idea, so we started talking the three of us and planned a day together.

I met up Marjorie and her sister at a china food restaurant and ate lunch with them, while we were eating I saw a friend of mine so I waved but he didn't see me... Awkward!! Marre met us up after that and we had a picnic at Västerås ''Central park'', we ate fruit, cinnamon rolls, cookies and drank soda. We had a really good time talking about what our lives look like now and how the city has changed while Marjorie has been living in Stockholm.

After that we decide to take a tour at the area were Marjorie used to live and the school we went to in third grade. It was so fun and overwhelming for us, we talked about people we knew and how the look like now and we also talked a bit about William. When were done we just went up to my place and started reading our old diary of the ''Three M club'', glanced through photo albums and talked about the people we knew. For the very first time in my life I have talked about guys with my friends, we felt like mean girls for a while but that's okey... 🙊

All I can say is that I'm very happy for meeting them again and I hope that we'll do this again because it didn't feel so awkward as we thought it would be. I hope you guys have old friends like them and that you still can hang out sometimes, just don't let seven years past through before you meet up again!

On to the surprise!!!!!

I'm traveling to Canada on Sunday for three weeks and I was thinking of maybe blogging abut the trip, of course, but also vlogging the trip. What do you think? Let me know if you want 😕

Until Sunday!! ✈️



Story Time
'' How high will the sycamore grow? If you cut it down, then you'll never know...''-Pocahontas


This day turned out to be one of the most exciting and unforgettable days in my life. So I decided to have a little story time with you and tell how this ordinary day turned out to be extraordinary.

Well I woke up earlier today and ate breakfast with my family, today's plan was to go out for shopping with my mum and sister, because of the surprise I will write about soon, after that I would head up for school. Oh, of course, I forgot to tell you that Im going this year's summer school because I want to get a higher grade in math. Okay, back to the story time.

So we went downtown with my family and our first stop was at HM, I must say that I'm not a girly girl who wears pink, skirts, dresses, make up or really tries to fix her hair every day. Im what society calls a ''tomboy'', a normal girl for me, but somehow people kept telling me that I should try to be more feminine and rock my body shape and curves. I just didn't find the right clothes with the right color or size, so I didn't care for a long time.

My attitude isn't girly neither, I tend to take risks when it comes to challenges and I'm always the one who kills the spider instead of screaming (Still scared of ducks though....) or running away from it. So yeah,the girls around me said that my voice didn't sound girly, it sounded like a boy's voice. That really affected me in some way so I started liking being called tomboy and the style is super comfy. Anyways, through the years I've learned that there's nothing wrong with my voice, style or attitude, I'm just myself.

This means that it's complicated for me to find something elegant that I like when it comes to parties and choosing make up or hairstyle can be a 10 minutes thinking. So one of my new year's resolutions is that I will try to find comfy feminine clothes and wear them with pride.

This is why I bought new clothes today, they are super cute, comfy and elegant but the most important of all, they are feminine!! I'm sure that I won't regret spending money in this ''makeover''. So that was just the beginning of this extraordinary day.. but now to the real story.

When I was on my way to take my bus to my mom's friend's place, I took a walk through Västerås ''Central Park''. Surprisingly, it was sunny and warm outside today so I started to take some photos because of the harmony I felt while I was walking through the park's gates. There's a statue almost in the middle of the park and there are some benches around the statue, to the left of the statue there were some guys playing the guitar, laughing and having fun.

I looked at the background behind and how good a picture of them would look great, so I started wondering if I should go and ask them for a photo, but you know how shy I am so that would've been the most embarrassing thing I could do!

I was listening to ''Colors of the wind'' from Pocahontas (Yeah, I love that movie) and just when I was doubting about doing it, the part that says ''How high will the sycamore grow? If you cut it, then you'll never know..'' came up and I took that as a sign and turned back towards the guys. I was almost there when I thought ''How am I supposed to ask? What am I supposed to say, in what language should I speak in? Oh God Matilde just do it!'' So English it was, I asked if I could take a picture of them and they said yes! They also said how much they love going to the park just for playing guitar. They also asked me where I came from and that I should take a selfie with them too.

So did I and when I went back to take the bus I had big smile on my lips, I can still not believe that I dared to go and ask but I know that I didn't want to wonder how high this sycamore would be for the rest of the coming days!

This turned to a long text again but I really had to write this down, you don't know how big this is for me or maybe you do but believe me, I cannot be more proud of myself than what I already am! So, do you have a sycamore to watch grow up or have you already cut it down?

See yah!!!



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Schools over and it’s summer now! Well… ’’summer’’, Sweden isn’t the country you visit if your looking for a sunny and hot summer. One day is it sunny and then two hours later you see how the raindrops start to fall from the sky and the heaven turns from clear blue to grey. That means you can’t make plans that includes being outside without doubting about how the weather will be which is a bummer, so you just gotta be decisive and do it no matter what.

Just like that, Zakir and I were determined to go out for a picnic today even if it was grey and cold outside. Which it was but at least it wasn't raining, just blowing but I’m okay with the wind and the grayness as long as I’m wearing warm clothes. So back to the topic, we went out for a picnic!

It felt like we needed to talk after all, it’s been quiet between us lately and it turned out to be some misunderstandings and talking about it uses to work for us. That’s something I have to point out, no matter what, Zakir and I always try to talk about it and fix it. It has worked good so far and I really appreciate that we can do it without making the problem bigger than it is or have discussions that leads to breaking up the friendship. We can always fix it and I like it!

So the sun wasn’t shining and it was windy but we had a great time, we needed to talk about the things that has happened around us and how it has been these days. We ate pasta and mud cake cookies, yum! He also got followed by som ducks for while, are we the only ones that thinks ducks are a bit scary?

It was fun anyway and I hope everyone is able to find a friend like him, at least when his normal, and keep the friendship alive! Make it to a friendship where you may not talk everyday and where you go through difficult times so you can grow together and create memories/experiences where you learn how to be a better person with other people.

I can tell you that with Zakir I’ve learned to be patient, accept people for who they are and the fact that I won’t change their mind, forgive and understand ’’complicated’’ personalities. That’s why I think that you always can learn something new in every friendship you’re having, because everyone is different and has different thoughts than yours. Some of them are older than you and some are younger than you, that helps you to get more perspective in things. I’ve learned when I can be childish and in which circumstances I can not act like a little girl but a mature person, of course, if the other person is hurting you or just making you feel bad you have the right to stop being their friend. A good friend is someone who regrets hurting and tries to not hurt you at all and if they do, they will apologize for what they’ve done and of course you have to forgive them.

This is how you turn a casual picnic to a proverb, hope you agree with me and that you liked this.

PS. I have a little surprise to tell you in the next post so stay tuned!!!



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Oh it’s been a long time since I wrote last time but you know why I haven't posted so yeah. Anyway, yesterday I spent a really good time with my best girl friends and I thought of writing about our Spa night full of laughter and joy but also about Vero’s Quinceañera party.

Elisabeth, Isaac and their son Elliott came from Stockholm to spend some days with Elisabeth’s family in Västerås in which my family is included. My sister came from Jönköping to spend the long weekend here with us too but there’s another reason which is the main subject of this post. Vero is fifteen now and that means, for us Latin-Americans, that it is quinceañera party!!!

However we planned a Spa/Girls night with Elisabeth AKA Lali, Vero and Blanca before Vero’s party. It has been the most wonderful night in my life with, what I call, my girls. We tried some Black Pores face masks and ate snacks with cola while we listened to our favorite music. We also made our nails and they were super pretty, Blanca really has the skills with doing nails.

When it was time to sleep we just started a pillow war and laughed so hard at each other all the time, of course, but we also did som pirouettes on the couch and it was super fun. Blanca and Lali fell asleep when their heads touched their pillows but Vero and I stayed awake until 03:38 a.m. just talking about dreams and her thoughts as we use to do. My Friday turned to a Friyayy this time and I don't regret it.

Today was a special day, not only because Lali and Vero where over but because the quinceañera took place today. This is, despite my own, the very first quinceañera I go to in my life and it was totally a good feeling. Vero had many surprises waiting for her and it felt good to be part of them, I just wish the best for her as the little sister she is for me and being able to share this special moment means a lot for me.

I got to interpret from Spanish to Swedish and from Swedish to Spanish, that is good way to practice and you know what we all use to say ’’practice makes perfect’’. It felt weird though because I knew everyone and more than the half of the guests speaks Spanish, I don’t know if it’s just me or if it’s a normal feeling.

As I said, it was super fun and I met my ’’godbrothers’’ Johan and Christian, they are nice guys and funny as well. They all have turned to my second family for real and they make me feel like one of their family too. Maybe is that why I love Vero so much too, because her parents are like my parents too and we turned to sisters but if it weren’t like that I know I would love her anyway.

Vero looks like a very shy and quiet person, someone you never can have a deep conversation with or have a normal conversation with at all but inside of her there is this smart, beautiful and lovely girl that everyone loves to spend time with. She’s one of those few people I feel comfortable with in silence, we can spend hours in silence without it getting awkward. I love her so much that there aren’t words, songs, poems, books, numbers or thoughts enough to describe my love for this girl. She brings out the best of me and knows literally everything about me, every little secret and opinion and seeing that she’s still there for me melts my heart.

All that I know is that she’s a wonderful grown up woman to be and I totally know that she’s the best friend everyone would like to have or needs in there lives. If you have one of those, take care pf them because nowadays our world is full of ’’fake friends’’ or just momentary friends that will disappear after the first fight or inequality and there are tones of them, but there are very few friends like Vero and I’m lucky having her as my best friend.

Happy Birthday Aiko-can mogna banan Berti Iiou!



Text-blogg, Book

It’s been a long time since I wrote and I’m sorry for that but we have had so many final exams to study for and it was very hard for me to come up with something good to write about. Still, I don’t know what to tell you but I can start by saying that these exams are making me crazy. Besides the exams, we have other projects in other subjects which make it harder to stay focused.

It’s only 1 month left of my first year of high school and now that I said that I want to give you an update on how the results of my expectations look like now. Mhm I can say that is has been rough but not so much as I thought it would be, of course, I have my flaws and those are maths and chemistry but I will do better soon.

It feels weird that so many things happened during only 10 months already and it feels like there are no experiences left but I know more things will happen in the second year and I'm so not ready for experiencing them. I’ve made friends, real and fake ones :) Yup, that’s right I know who my fake friends are and those who have become very close to me. Since the squad doesn’t exist anymore so Léa and I became close and Z became really close to me too.

Speaking of the devil, I'm gonna tell you who this ’’Stitch/Z’’ guy is. He’s my best friend for the moment and he has written here when we had a sleepover at my place. He has been a really nice person to me and we have a really weird friendship but still a good and funny one. His real name is Zakir and I waited so long to write down his name because I didn’t really think we would continue being friends after the squad split up because he talked and hung out with the others. I thought we would never become this close as we are now and go through the things we’ve been through until today. He’s supportive and an understanding person with me (sometimes) and the total opposite to me when it comes to almost everything. I think it turned out to be as it is because we both decided to be open-minded with each other but also because we respect each other’s decisions all the time. Now that you know who it is and blah blah blah can I finally write his name from now on and I'm sure his name will appear often.

During this year of school, I’ve met other people too, like an exchange student from Mexico. His name is Adrian and he’s from the north of Mexico, Monterrey to be more specific. It felt awesome to meet someone in almost my age that’s from the same country as I come from and someone that uses the same words to express himself! You don’t meet a Mexican in Sweden so easy, we are counted people here and we are so unpopular that people tend to think we come from Thailand or Iran and talk in weird languages because of that…

Remember the book I started to write last year?! Well, I started all over again and this time I don’t even know how to write it so the progress has turned out to be harder that I thought it would be. I also decided that it won’t be there any sneak peeks of it on the blog as I told you at the beginning, I will keep it for myself until I feel done with it. I'm sorry but that feels so much better than giving you false hope about reading it here and I will also write it in Swedish so it won’t be so hard for me with all the grammar. I feel more comfortable writing in Swedish than English but when I become confident with my writing skill I will probably translate it to English.

I guess this is all I wanted to write about, a very random blog post but it's still something you can find interesting.

Until next time!! ☺️