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Schools over and it’s summer now! Well… ’’summer’’, Sweden isn’t the country you visit if your looking for a sunny and hot summer. One day is it sunny and then two hours later you see how the raindrops start to fall from the sky and the heaven turns from clear blue to grey. That means you can’t make plans that includes being outside without doubting about how the weather will be which is a bummer, so you just gotta be decisive and do it no matter what.

Just like that, Zakir and I were determined to go out for a picnic today even if it was grey and cold outside. Which it was but at least it wasn't raining, just blowing but I’m okay with the wind and the grayness as long as I’m wearing warm clothes. So back to the topic, we went out for a picnic!

It felt like we needed to talk after all, it’s been quiet between us lately and it turned out to be some misunderstandings and talking about it uses to work for us. That’s something I have to point out, no matter what, Zakir and I always try to talk about it and fix it. It has worked good so far and I really appreciate that we can do it without making the problem bigger than it is or have discussions that leads to breaking up the friendship. We can always fix it and I like it!

So the sun wasn’t shining and it was windy but we had a great time, we needed to talk about the things that has happened around us and how it has been these days. We ate pasta and mud cake cookies, yum! He also got followed by som ducks for while, are we the only ones that thinks ducks are a bit scary?

It was fun anyway and I hope everyone is able to find a friend like him, at least when his normal, and keep the friendship alive! Make it to a friendship where you may not talk everyday and where you go through difficult times so you can grow together and create memories/experiences where you learn how to be a better person with other people.

I can tell you that with Zakir I’ve learned to be patient, accept people for who they are and the fact that I won’t change their mind, forgive and understand ’’complicated’’ personalities. That’s why I think that you always can learn something new in every friendship you’re having, because everyone is different and has different thoughts than yours. Some of them are older than you and some are younger than you, that helps you to get more perspective in things. I’ve learned when I can be childish and in which circumstances I can not act like a little girl but a mature person, of course, if the other person is hurting you or just making you feel bad you have the right to stop being their friend. A good friend is someone who regrets hurting and tries to not hurt you at all and if they do, they will apologize for what they’ve done and of course you have to forgive them.

This is how you turn a casual picnic to a proverb, hope you agree with me and that you liked this.

PS. I have a little surprise to tell you in the next post so stay tuned!!!

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Oh it’s been a long time since I wrote last time but you know why I haven't posted so yeah. Anyway, yesterday I spent a really good time with my best girl friends and I thought of writing about our Spa night full of laughter and joy but also about Vero’s Quinceañera party.

Elisabeth, Isaac and their son Elliott came from Stockholm to spend some days with Elisabeth’s family in Västerås in which my family is included. My sister came from Jönköping to spend the long weekend here with us too but there’s another reason which is the main subject of this post. Vero is fifteen now and that means, for us Latin-Americans, that it is quinceañera party!!!

However we planned a Spa/Girls night with Elisabeth AKA Lali, Vero and Blanca before Vero’s party. It has been the most wonderful night in my life with, what I call, my girls. We tried some Black Pores face masks and ate snacks with cola while we listened to our favorite music. We also made our nails and they were super pretty, Blanca really has the skills with doing nails.

When it was time to sleep we just started a pillow war and laughed so hard at each other all the time, of course, but we also did som pirouettes on the couch and it was super fun. Blanca and Lali fell asleep when their heads touched their pillows but Vero and I stayed awake until 03:38 a.m. just talking about dreams and her thoughts as we use to do. My Friday turned to a Friyayy this time and I don't regret it.

Today was a special day, not only because Lali and Vero where over but because the quinceañera took place today. This is, despite my own, the very first quinceañera I go to in my life and it was totally a good feeling. Vero had many surprises waiting for her and it felt good to be part of them, I just wish the best for her as the little sister she is for me and being able to share this special moment means a lot for me.

I got to interpret from Spanish to Swedish and from Swedish to Spanish, that is good way to practice and you know what we all use to say ’’practice makes perfect’’. It felt weird though because I knew everyone and more than the half of the guests speaks Spanish, I don’t know if it’s just me or if it’s a normal feeling.

As I said, it was super fun and I met my ’’godbrothers’’ Johan and Christian, they are nice guys and funny as well. They all have turned to my second family for real and they make me feel like one of their family too. Maybe is that why I love Vero so much too, because her parents are like my parents too and we turned to sisters but if it weren’t like that I know I would love her anyway.

Vero looks like a very shy and quiet person, someone you never can have a deep conversation with or have a normal conversation with at all but inside of her there is this smart, beautiful and lovely girl that everyone loves to spend time with. She’s one of those few people I feel comfortable with in silence, we can spend hours in silence without it getting awkward. I love her so much that there aren’t words, songs, poems, books, numbers or thoughts enough to describe my love for this girl. She brings out the best of me and knows literally everything about me, every little secret and opinion and seeing that she’s still there for me melts my heart.

All that I know is that she’s a wonderful grown up woman to be and I totally know that she’s the best friend everyone would like to have or needs in there lives. If you have one of those, take care pf them because nowadays our world is full of ’’fake friends’’ or just momentary friends that will disappear after the first fight or inequality and there are tones of them, but there are very few friends like Vero and I’m lucky having her as my best friend.

Happy Birthday Aiko-can mogna banan Berti Iiou!



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It’s been a long time since I wrote and I’m sorry for that but we have had so many final exams to study for and it was very hard for me to come up with something good to write about. Still, I don’t know what to tell you but I can start by saying that these exams are making me crazy. Besides the exams, we have other projects in other subjects which make it harder to stay focused.

It’s only 1 month left of my first year of high school and now that I said that I want to give you an update on how the results of my expectations look like now. Mhm I can say that is has been rough but not so much as I thought it would be, of course, I have my flaws and those are maths and chemistry but I will do better soon.

It feels weird that so many things happened during only 10 months already and it feels like there are no experiences left but I know more things will happen in the second year and I'm so not ready for experiencing them. I’ve made friends, real and fake ones :) Yup, that’s right I know who my fake friends are and those who have become very close to me. Since the squad doesn’t exist anymore so Léa and I became close and Z became really close to me too.

Speaking of the devil, I'm gonna tell you who this ’’Stitch/Z’’ guy is. He’s my best friend for the moment and he has written here when we had a sleepover at my place. He has been a really nice person to me and we have a really weird friendship but still a good and funny one. His real name is Zakir and I waited so long to write down his name because I didn’t really think we would continue being friends after the squad split up because he talked and hung out with the others. I thought we would never become this close as we are now and go through the things we’ve been through until today. He’s supportive and an understanding person with me (sometimes) and the total opposite to me when it comes to almost everything. I think it turned out to be as it is because we both decided to be open-minded with each other but also because we respect each other’s decisions all the time. Now that you know who it is and blah blah blah can I finally write his name from now on and I'm sure his name will appear often.

During this year of school, I’ve met other people too, like an exchange student from Mexico. His name is Adrian and he’s from the north of Mexico, Monterrey to be more specific. It felt awesome to meet someone in almost my age that’s from the same country as I come from and someone that uses the same words to express himself! You don’t meet a Mexican in Sweden so easy, we are counted people here and we are so unpopular that people tend to think we come from Thailand or Iran and talk in weird languages because of that…

Remember the book I started to write last year?! Well, I started all over again and this time I don’t even know how to write it so the progress has turned out to be harder that I thought it would be. I also decided that it won’t be there any sneak peeks of it on the blog as I told you at the beginning, I will keep it for myself until I feel done with it. I'm sorry but that feels so much better than giving you false hope about reading it here and I will also write it in Swedish so it won’t be so hard for me with all the grammar. I feel more comfortable writing in Swedish than English but when I become confident with my writing skill I will probably translate it to English.

I guess this is all I wanted to write about, a very random blog post but it's still something you can find interesting.

Until next time!! ☺️



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We all prefer different things when it comes to choosing between two different things. Sure we do, but have you ever wondered why a person prefers what they picked? I was looking for something to write about while I waited for my best friend to come over and surprise me and I got this thought about writing a typical ’’30 things about me’’ blog but then I asked myself if I would like to read what someone else would choose between two things. No I wouldn’t actually, so I’ll write why choose different things.

I find drinking a cup of tea in the evening is more relaxing and something that keeps me awake, unlike coffee that makes me feel sleepy. I remember drinking a cup of coffee before a meeting and it ended up with a sleepyhead instead of a creative Matilde. Ever since then I only drink coffee in the evening if I’m going to a café with a friend or when I know that I can fall asleep afterwards.

If I have to choose between black coffee or cream and sugar, I would pick cream and sugar these days but I’m practicing to become a black coffee drinker and now you know one of my weird challenges in life right now. I still think that I won’t give up the cream and sugar, coffee has a better taste with cream or with at least sugar.

A few years ago I was talking to a friend who wanted to eat at a fast-food restaurant instead of a sit-down restaurant for dinner, I wanted to make her happy so we went to the fast-food one and I actually don’t like it that much. You feel too stressed when you go to a fast-food restaurant so I would rather go for dinner or lunch to a sit-down restaurant because you feel more relaxed and there is a chance to have a deep conversation but it’s also a good reason to have candle light Im that type of person who loves candle light, especially while I’m eating. Maybe this is why I prefer being more romantic than funny. People classify me as a boring classic/basic person but details like these make me feel more comfortable to open up to someone or just talk.

During summer I always prefer going on a picnic instead of candle lights at a restaurant. Unfortunately not everyone around me likes picnics. Why? I don’t know, everyone seems to like being more inside than outdoors and I’m totally a more outdoor person. I love nature and books more than a cold room and movies. So having picnics alone so I can read while I listen to music is so much better than staying at home watching movies.

If it weren’t for the norm of wearing shoes everyday and the bees at summer, you would see me walking barefoot. Believe me, it’s the best feeling in the world just walking around and feeling the ground you are walking on. Of course I wouldn’t do it during winter but if I could choose one weird superpower it would be to be able to walk barefoot without hurting my feet. But reality is rough, you know, so I keep chasing sneakers before heels, flip-flops and almost anything else.

A really good thing about chasing sneakers is that I can take long walks without feeling tired, walking is my thing whether it’s hot or cold. That’s something weird about me but walks make me

enjoy nature and it also inspires me. Most of my topics are thoughts I get on my way home or after taking a long walk with a friend. A sunset makes it always better because you feel calmer than when you walk when the sun rises, I don’t know that’s just how I feel.

When I feel really inspired I write down my thoughts but when I feel a bit vague I tend to draw. It’s hard to explain the feeling because drawing can inspire too but I like drawing my feelings is my way of showing that I either care, love, think about, hate, like or feel really excited about something/someone. So when I draw something thinking bout someone special I always try to give the drawing to the person, if I don’t do it it is because the person isn’t living in the same country as me or if they are dead.

Something that also can inspire me is roses, their soft, red color and their texture gives me lots of funny and romantic thoughts. When I look at roses somewhere I tend to write a poem or a letter afterwards. There is something about roses that catches my attention and I have always wanted to receive a bouquet of roses rather than a Christmas gift or a birthday present. Unfortunately I have never got one so I will buy a bouquet of roses once a month when I get my own house/apartment.

I will also make sure to make waffles with whipped cream for dinner once a week, cook spicy food for lunch and decorate my walls with the pictures of all my adventurous trips. I also want bookshelves with all the books I will have read from when I first started reading until the recent book I will be reading.

What I want you to know is that we all make different decisions and choose different things, but also that we all have different dreams, life goals and perspectives of what we call a life. I felt like I needed to write this text because I want to remember my dreams and keep them somewhere I can’t lose them and because I know my decisions will change on my way to adulthood but if there’s something I know won’t change is my will to fight for my dreams and to never stop until I reach them. This text is written because some of us would always answer with an ’’I don’t know’’ or ’’whatever works’’ and I want you to think, what would you choose? Do we have something in common or are we completely different people?

Or the most important, why would you choose that? Is it because of peer-pressure or because you actually would like to pick that?



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This weekend has been a good one and my week started in a good way. I got a new haircut which has been a radical change for me and my surroundings, the good thing is that I love the outcome and that I’ll keep the hairstyle for a while until I find something else. My friends and family think it looks great on me, that just makes me feel like it was a totally good decision.

My Monday was quite boring during school, unless that Stitch and I had ’’fun’’ and we ate lunch together for the first time on a Monday at school. We never use to eat together because we have different languages and that is just not fun because I used to eat alone on Mondays.

After school I met a friend, Niklas. I can say that we had a really good time, we talked a lot about everything that has happened in life for us and we went for a walk. The topics were about our favorite dogs to ’’deep’’ discussions. There is something I like about most of my friends and it is that I can talk freely without feeling ashamed or afraid of saying something wrong. Niklas is a type of person that is open-minded which makes it easy to talk about everything with him. I always learn something new when we hang out, everything from life advices to life hacks and I always get to know more about him as a person.

People like him are special and few, nowadays we are full of stereotypes and I count myself in the stack. Meeting and talking with people has made me more open-minded and they make me see the world from different points of views and understand that we’re all different, from different cultures and full of thoughts we would like to share with pleasure. Every person has another way of thinking, some of us have things in common that includes us to a ’’group’’ but we’re still so different! That amazes me and inspires me to always give people a chance and take my time to get to know them for real. We all know the phrase ’’ Never judge a book by its cover’’ and I finally know what that means; reading the first 3-4 chapters may help you to know if the book will be a good one or not. All of us are books with different covers, chapters, styles, genres, ages and happy/bad endings.

Open-minded people are known as intelligent and funny people and what I find most interesting is that you don’t have to have been through a lot of hard times in life to be an open-minded person. You could be 7 and have such a good point of view or 77 with a lot of stereotypes leading your life. I have seen how isolated people can get because they didn’t give someone the chance to express their feelings or thoughts; that just doesn’t feel right for me. Either for the closed person or the open one, it’s bad for both of them.

Being 17 doesn’t stop me from thinking that everyone deserves a chance to express themselves and that not every person I meet will think and agree with me on everything. Sure, I have a lot of stereotypes left and I don’t say having them is wrong but letting those isolate ourselves and losing the chance of seeing the world from different perspectives doesn’t fit into my personality. I’ve met people that say that I think I am someone who’s intelligence is over the other’s intelligence and that’s NOT true. I know there will always be someone way better than me and another one who won’t be as mature as me. I am prepared to help others and let them see my point of view in different situations.

That’s what I want you all to do as well! I want all of us to dare to share our opinions and letting others share their opinions to us without feeling bad or worried about our reaction. Age is just a number when it comes to maturity as I said before: you can’t judge someone because of their way of thinking. Venture going against the stream and HELP those who find it hard to express themselves and letting others express their feelings!

So if I answer the title’s question, yes, age is just a number!




Hi guys!

I’ve always written in English because I’m working on it, but this time I have to write something very important and that I find difficult to write down in English. This will be one of the very few times I will write in Swedish, I promise and hope that it is okey with you. So let’s switch!

Idag, söndag, gick jag till tågstationen för att säga hej då till min syster som åker tillbaka till Jönköping. Dessa farväl känns väldigt svåra för mig innerst inne, även om jag inte visar det för henne så har hela flytten varit svår för mig att hantera för att jag inte är bra på att hålla kontakten med personer som flyttar. Det är svårt att handskas med verkligheten och den blev ännu svårare att hantera när hon skaffade pojkvän, inte för att jag inte gillar honom eller så, för han är min bästa vän också. Men det känns som att hon börjar flytta från våra liv eller mitt liv, det är inte likadant såklart och jag börjar inse hur beroende jag har varit av henne och hennes närvaro. Nu bor hon inte hemma längre och självklart har hon hittat hennes livskärlek vilket gör att hon blir upptagen med annat.

Senaste tiden har jag varit ganska ’’elak’’ mot dem och jag har inte velat erkänna sanningen att jag är avundsjuk på Frans och deras relation. Det är så för att jag minns när hon och jag hade den typen av relationen, en sådan där man pratar hela tiden, går ut tillsammans, gosar och där man vet att vart man än går så kommer den andra att följa med. Nu är det inte så längre, utan jag måste börja om och inse att jag inte kan vara beroende av någon/ något och att jag måste börja skaffa mitt eget liv och egna erfarenheter utan min syster. Visst, hon kommer alltid att finnas där för mig och jag för henne men ibland växer man ifrån varandra och en av oss var ju tvungen att känna av det mest.

Idag, när jag var påväg hem, tänkte jag på allt som har hänt hittills och hur tacksam jag är på något sätt. För oavsett om min syster är borta så har jag stöd från min pastor och hans fru, jag har Frans, mamma, pappa, Lali, Zakir, Lea, Vero, Niklas, Jessika m.m. och då slog tanken mig. Jag har varit så egoistisk av mig och tänkt mina behov,utan att tänka på att ni faktiskt är där för mig när jag behöver gråta, skratta, ett gott råd och en axel att luta mig på. Blancas plats är ingen annan värd i mitt hjärta, hon har också varit där: även om vi inte har samma relation så har rollen som systrar inte förändrats och det är jag lycklig för.

Det är er och Gud jag vill tacka! Tack för att ni finns, tack för att ni håller ut med mig, för att ni orkar lyssna på mina åsikter och dumma kommentarer som jag får ur mig ibland. Tack för att ni litar på mig, tack för att ni lägger tid på vår vänskap och för att ni hittills visat mig att man kan demonstrera kärlek på flera olika sätt. Med er har jag lärt mig att man kan vara vänner trots ålderskillnaden, sin åsikt inom religion och även när man har olika personligheter. Ni har lärt mig att ens omgivning faktiskt kan hjälpa en att utvecklas som person, komma över vissa rädslor. Förstår ni hur bra ni är?! Ni är ju bara bäst!

Tack, tack för att ni har hjälpt mig och gett mig tålamod, kärlek, tillit och främst av allt chansen att vara mig själv när jag tillbringar tid mer er. Ni är fantastiska människor som förtjänar mer än vad ni tror och jag vill se till att ni får samma saker tillbaka från mig.

Tack för att jag kan räkna med var och en av en inom olika områden och så vill jag att ni känner om mig också. Det här blev en väldigt spontan text/blogg, men det är något man behöver påpeka då och då. Att ni är en del av mitt liv känns bra och att få vara er vän är en stor ära för mig, tack!

Jag finns här för er, alltid.

Matilde Sanchez



Good Evening.

Today's post will be a rather special one since it won't be written by Matilde, instead it will be Stitch who will take control and write a post instead. This post will be about the much anticipated sleepover that I, Stitch, and Matilde have been wanting to have. It is a rather special moment because I happen to be the first of her friends from school to ever sleep over at her place. I also happen to be her first male friend to ever sleep over at her place. Now I know what you might be thinking. That I'm feeling almighty and special because of this, and even though I am, that is not the point of this post. The point is to show everyone who thinks that they are friends with Matilde to realize just how little they actually matter and just how important I am. I'll start with telling you about this absolutely fantastic day then.

This day has been unlike any that we have had so far. We have talked, we have laughed, we have baked, we have eaten, we have watched a movie, we have relived our childhood memories, and we have just hung out. The best part of the day, I think, has been that for once we have been able to just relax and have fun at home. I really hope for much more of these sorts of things with her. It is memorable moments that I think will be quite important for our friendship in the future.

Now I don't wanna sound cheesy but I think that we have really gotten to become very good friends, especially after today. We went through what you could call a rough patch a while back but things are better than ever right now. I mean I need to stick with her, she's the only one who puts up with my crazy shit without judging or trying to change me. She and I are like light and dark, we're complete opposites yet we both need each other. And besides, she's the only one who has come to get to know the real me and still sticks around. Okay now this is getting too emotional and sentimental so on to the next topic, shall we?

For a while now we have been trying to figure out why exactly Matilde and I became friends. We are seriously as different as people can get. What surprises me even more is how close and open we are with each other. Although I am glad that I can tell her anything and everything, even my deepest secrets which I have a lot of, neither one of us gets why it turned out like this. Especially considering that both of us have some kind of trust issues and don't usually let people into our lives that easily. But I am glad that we met and I am really glad that we got to the place where we are today.





Sorry because I haven’t written for a long time, but this time I have been really busy with rehearsals, school and I have been sick for a whole week. That means that I haven't really written in my journal either. This week’s blog will be about two things and maybe more, but I’ve thought about two main topics. 😅

I was scrolling through all my posts and my English grammar has improved.. No regrets on keeping writing in English, to be honest! I also realized that it has been a year and a month ever since I started writing which means that I have been a good girl by keeping this thing up because I’ve always given up on every blog I ever started. You should be proud of me or at least feel good for seeing what I write and getting the chance to read my thoughts. While I was reading the texts, I saw that I have some favorites among them and so the idea of ranking them came up…

My absolute favorite one is the blog-week I did at the autumn break, it was fun to write every day and it was a real challenge for me so it has to be the number one of the five I found.

The second one is the ’’Why are you a Christian? That’s stupid…’’ blog and it is because I received good feedback. Seeing that people like what I write/share with them feels good to me and I bet you all like getting compliments when you do something you didn’t think would be good or look nice, right? So that one is the best one for getting good feedback and being the most inspiring text for me.

The third one is ’’Childhood bestie’’ because that blog made me feel so much better after losing my best friend but I also got the chance of showing you another side of me which makes me feel good because I usually don’t like to share these kinds of things with other people, especially those that I don’t know.

At the fourth place comes ’’Music cuddle’’ and it isn’t the fourth one because it is a bad one or so, it is special to me because music is what I love the most and the photo wasn’t taken by me. It was taken by Jessika and she’s a really special friend of mine that you will get to know later on.

And finally we got the ’’Bucket list’’ blog, that is the latest one but also the other topic I was planning to talk about in this blog too. Here comes the upgrade:

I’m done with number 4. It has been more than a week that I tried to be vegetarian and let me tell you it went better than I thought and I liked it!! It is a bit impossible being the only vegetarian at home, but chasing vegetarian meals at school or restaurants is a big step for me. That means that I’m on well on my way. Please don’t judge me if you are a real vegetarian!

My journal is fine, I will begin writing in it again and finish it soon. I’m halfway so I have to buy a new one. I have spent hours writing in it, literally hours! This will be the third journal I have written in my whole life and believe me, the others are funny too just like this one. I will be able to see the development in my personality so well when I get older….

I started learning sign language and it’s going good, I think…. I can spell the alphabet and ’’say’’ some phrases like I love pizza or I hate math! :D This language is a difficult one but so fun to learn because your hands get really warm after all the signs and moves.

I haven’t completed number 1, 2, 3, 7 and 8 on my bucket list but there are 10 months left of the year, so no worries I will make it.

There are other things I would like you to know, like the plans I have about having some ’’different kind of stories with a message’’- section here or continue uploading some photos I’ve taken the last few weeks. I still want to write like this but there are better or other subjects I would like to write about and not only waste your time reading about a girl’s life. I would like to inspire people with this blog at the same time that I write funny or boring things like this. What do you think? Would you like it? 



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Hi! 🤓

I have been thinking about what to write about this week, as you know I promised to write a new blog every week but I will not decide a day yet because I know that I won’t be able to keep that promise so let’s just start with every week.😅

So I talked with my best friend that lives in Stockholm and she said that I should share my personal bucket list of 2017 and that was a great idea.The thing is that i want to do a lot of things, just making a list for 2017 feels like the things I really want to do and the promises I want to keep will be either difficult to keep or easy to fulfill. The list got too long I will separate the things for this year from those that I maybe could fix or that are some extras. Ready?😏

  1. This year I really want to go to a self defense course and it doesn’t have to be because I have had a bad experience or anything, it’s just that I find it to be helpful for every human being. So I will try get myself to one of them and I think that I will like it. It feels like a course like self defense helps you to build your personality. I need to do it these days….💪🏼👊🏼

2. Run a 5k, it’s crazy, I know. But if we go back in time I actually ran a 10k run in 2015 and it felt awesome!!! And because I haven't been so active last year I want to start with a 5k and then run a 10k again and maybe, a wonderful day, I will run a marathon! But before that I have to practice running again…🏃🏻🏃🏻

3. Finish an entire coloring book, yep, I like coloring if I have to be honest with you! Before Christmas break I bought a ’’relaxing coloring book’’ and my goal is to finish it before next Christmas break.📘

4. Be vegetarian for a week, if I like it then I will go for it. The thing is that I won't stop eating meat but I will try to take vegetarian food before meat meals and if I succeed I will remove the meat from my meals. If I don’t succeed, well at least I tried right?🍅🍆🌽🍠

5. Keep a journal, I know you may think that if I can’t even write a blog each week, how will I be able to keep a journal? Well, let me tell you that for my birthday I got a new diary from Stitch and ever since that day I’ve been writing in it every day. That has made me feel good and it isn’t only writing about what I did during the day, I write some thoughts, poems and of course, all my secrets! So I will try to keep a journal during the whole year.📓✍🏼

6. Learn fluent sign language, when I saw a woman at the news moving her hands and got to know that it was the language people who can’t talk use I wanted to know how to communicate that way too. And I think everyone should know sign language just like the self defense course. So I will try to learn fluent sign language!👉🏼☝🏼🖐🏼

7. Read a book together with someone, it is my biggest dream to read the same book with a friend or sibling or just with other people. Reading is my favorite hobby and when I finish a book and I have to tell about it for someone else the person is just getting my point of view and it feels like I am boring because that person hasn’t read the book I read. I don’t know if you get what I mean with this. But I want to read a book together with someone this year.📖👭👫

8. Have a real picnic, the last time I had a picnic everything went wrong and the people around weren't that nice and I didn’t even talk that day. So this year I want to say: Let’s go out for a picnic! and just enjoy the day.🏖😌

Okey, number 1, 2 and 6 are those things that I don’t think I will make it this year because of different reasons. About the other ones maybe I’ll make it through the year but those are the ones I will really try to do and the possibility of making them possible is bigger for them than the other ones.😕

So, have you done your bucket list yet or are you a person that finds this ridiculous?🤔☺️



Dreams/ Goals


Wow, a new year has arrived and Im happy about that. I don’t want you to think that I’m one of those people who say: New year, new me! That sentence doesn’t really make sense to me, but I respect those who it makes sense to. But what I find more possible is that you just become better and better.

So I try to be the same person with an upgrade, like a phone, you know. There is an upgrade but that doesn’t mean that absolutely everything single thing changes. I mean the appearance is the same, some applications look the same. It’s only a few things that either change or just become better. So a new year is just an upgrade for me and my life. I look as always on the outside but somethings are gone or change for the better on the inside.

I’m not either saying that 2016 was a horrible year, believe me there were things that made it one of the best years in my life. Like the feeling of winning a song contest and being part of the band/school or the feeling of writing 5 new songs. People came into my life and changed it, made me see this world from different point of views. They showed me that you can mean a lot for someone else and that real friendship isn’t only about having things in common but also love and support in the hardest moments. They always make me feel better when Im sad or whenever the anxiety took over. They have showed me what real friendship is about, and that in this case, age is nothing but a number.

This year I’m turning 17 and I seriously don’t know how to feel about it, should I just keep on living or should I make it the best year of my teenage years? Today is the day when I celebrate my real New Year because this year is one more chance to do things better, be more self-confident and really keep up my strength through all the obstacles life has prepared for me.

This year is MY year and I won’t let anyone or anything take my peace and happiness away like the past years. This year I will fight against my weak points and will do anything to feel better with myself before I make people feel good with themselves.

I will support those around me and I will try to keep others’ hopes up, but before that I have to keep my hope and faith up too and really believe that everything has a solution. I don’t want to be an ordinary teen who parties every weekend or to be known as a teen who doesn’t know what to do with her life. NO! I want to show the world the real me and be as clear as possible. Yes, I will make mistakes and fail in many areas, but that won’t stop me anymore because I know that I can always be, and do things, better!

Wow….. I was really inspired when I wrote that, but I meant it and I hope this inspires you too! Don’t give up just because stupid people come to you to point out your weakness or your errors! Don’t let anyone look down on you because every human being makes errors and those who judge you will never accept that they aren’t perfect as they think they are. Those who are mean to you will never know what loving or being happy feels like. Teach them! Teach all those people how to love, how to be happy!! Teach them how to be kind with themselves first and then how it is to be kind with their surroundings! Teach them that you are better than you were before and never, NEVER look back!

Go around and help people understand that we aren’t made to judge each other! We were made to help each other and try make every situation into a lecture of life.

Everything isn’t about the ideal body or the best brands. Venture to make a difference and dare to go against the tide! If you fall, always look up! There will always be another chance for you! And most important of all, forgive, love and improve yourself before you try to help your surroundings.

That’s all! See you next week!!