Sorry because I haven’t written for a long time, but this time I have been really busy with rehearsals, school and I have been sick for a whole week. That means that I haven't really written in my journal either. This week’s blog will be about two things and maybe more, but I’ve thought about two main topics. 😅

I was scrolling through all my posts and my English grammar has improved.. No regrets on keeping writing in English, to be honest! I also realized that it has been a year and a month ever since I started writing which means that I have been a good girl by keeping this thing up because I’ve always given up on every blog I ever started. You should be proud of me or at least feel good for seeing what I write and getting the chance to read my thoughts. While I was reading the texts, I saw that I have some favorites among them and so the idea of ranking them came up…

My absolute favorite one is the blog-week I did at the autumn break, it was fun to write every day and it was a real challenge for me so it has to be the number one of the five I found.

The second one is the ’’Why are you a Christian? That’s stupid…’’ blog and it is because I received good feedback. Seeing that people like what I write/share with them feels good to me and I bet you all like getting compliments when you do something you didn’t think would be good or look nice, right? So that one is the best one for getting good feedback and being the most inspiring text for me.

The third one is ’’Childhood bestie’’ because that blog made me feel so much better after losing my best friend but I also got the chance of showing you another side of me which makes me feel good because I usually don’t like to share these kinds of things with other people, especially those that I don’t know.

At the fourth place comes ’’Music cuddle’’ and it isn’t the fourth one because it is a bad one or so, it is special to me because music is what I love the most and the photo wasn’t taken by me. It was taken by Jessika and she’s a really special friend of mine that you will get to know later on.

And finally we got the ’’Bucket list’’ blog, that is the latest one but also the other topic I was planning to talk about in this blog too. Here comes the upgrade:

I’m done with number 4. It has been more than a week that I tried to be vegetarian and let me tell you it went better than I thought and I liked it!! It is a bit impossible being the only vegetarian at home, but chasing vegetarian meals at school or restaurants is a big step for me. That means that I’m on well on my way. Please don’t judge me if you are a real vegetarian!

My journal is fine, I will begin writing in it again and finish it soon. I’m halfway so I have to buy a new one. I have spent hours writing in it, literally hours! This will be the third journal I have written in my whole life and believe me, the others are funny too just like this one. I will be able to see the development in my personality so well when I get older….

I started learning sign language and it’s going good, I think…. I can spell the alphabet and ’’say’’ some phrases like I love pizza or I hate math! :D This language is a difficult one but so fun to learn because your hands get really warm after all the signs and moves.

I haven’t completed number 1, 2, 3, 7 and 8 on my bucket list but there are 10 months left of the year, so no worries I will make it.

There are other things I would like you to know, like the plans I have about having some ’’different kind of stories with a message’’- section here or continue uploading some photos I’ve taken the last few weeks. I still want to write like this but there are better or other subjects I would like to write about and not only waste your time reading about a girl’s life. I would like to inspire people with this blog at the same time that I write funny or boring things like this. What do you think? Would you like it? 



Tips, Plans

Hi! 🤓

I have been thinking about what to write about this week, as you know I promised to write a new blog every week but I will not decide a day yet because I know that I won’t be able to keep that promise so let’s just start with every week.😅

So I talked with my best friend that lives in Stockholm and she said that I should share my personal bucket list of 2017 and that was a great idea.The thing is that i want to do a lot of things, just making a list for 2017 feels like the things I really want to do and the promises I want to keep will be either difficult to keep or easy to fulfill. The list got too long I will separate the things for this year from those that I maybe could fix or that are some extras. Ready?😏

  1. This year I really want to go to a self defense course and it doesn’t have to be because I have had a bad experience or anything, it’s just that I find it to be helpful for every human being. So I will try get myself to one of them and I think that I will like it. It feels like a course like self defense helps you to build your personality. I need to do it these days….💪🏼👊🏼

2. Run a 5k, it’s crazy, I know. But if we go back in time I actually ran a 10k run in 2015 and it felt awesome!!! And because I haven't been so active last year I want to start with a 5k and then run a 10k again and maybe, a wonderful day, I will run a marathon! But before that I have to practice running again…🏃🏻🏃🏻

3. Finish an entire coloring book, yep, I like coloring if I have to be honest with you! Before Christmas break I bought a ’’relaxing coloring book’’ and my goal is to finish it before next Christmas break.📘

4. Be vegetarian for a week, if I like it then I will go for it. The thing is that I won't stop eating meat but I will try to take vegetarian food before meat meals and if I succeed I will remove the meat from my meals. If I don’t succeed, well at least I tried right?🍅🍆🌽🍠

5. Keep a journal, I know you may think that if I can’t even write a blog each week, how will I be able to keep a journal? Well, let me tell you that for my birthday I got a new diary from Stitch and ever since that day I’ve been writing in it every day. That has made me feel good and it isn’t only writing about what I did during the day, I write some thoughts, poems and of course, all my secrets! So I will try to keep a journal during the whole year.📓✍🏼

6. Learn fluent sign language, when I saw a woman at the news moving her hands and got to know that it was the language people who can’t talk use I wanted to know how to communicate that way too. And I think everyone should know sign language just like the self defense course. So I will try to learn fluent sign language!👉🏼☝🏼🖐🏼

7. Read a book together with someone, it is my biggest dream to read the same book with a friend or sibling or just with other people. Reading is my favorite hobby and when I finish a book and I have to tell about it for someone else the person is just getting my point of view and it feels like I am boring because that person hasn’t read the book I read. I don’t know if you get what I mean with this. But I want to read a book together with someone this year.📖👭👫

8. Have a real picnic, the last time I had a picnic everything went wrong and the people around weren't that nice and I didn’t even talk that day. So this year I want to say: Let’s go out for a picnic! and just enjoy the day.🏖😌

Okey, number 1, 2 and 6 are those things that I don’t think I will make it this year because of different reasons. About the other ones maybe I’ll make it through the year but those are the ones I will really try to do and the possibility of making them possible is bigger for them than the other ones.😕

So, have you done your bucket list yet or are you a person that finds this ridiculous?🤔☺️



Dreams/ Goals


Wow, a new year has arrived and Im happy about that. I don’t want you to think that I’m one of those people who say: New year, new me! That sentence doesn’t really make sense to me, but I respect those who it makes sense to. But what I find more possible is that you just become better and better.

So I try to be the same person with an upgrade, like a phone, you know. There is an upgrade but that doesn’t mean that absolutely everything single thing changes. I mean the appearance is the same, some applications look the same. It’s only a few things that either change or just become better. So a new year is just an upgrade for me and my life. I look as always on the outside but somethings are gone or change for the better on the inside.

I’m not either saying that 2016 was a horrible year, believe me there were things that made it one of the best years in my life. Like the feeling of winning a song contest and being part of the band/school or the feeling of writing 5 new songs. People came into my life and changed it, made me see this world from different point of views. They showed me that you can mean a lot for someone else and that real friendship isn’t only about having things in common but also love and support in the hardest moments. They always make me feel better when Im sad or whenever the anxiety took over. They have showed me what real friendship is about, and that in this case, age is nothing but a number.

This year I’m turning 17 and I seriously don’t know how to feel about it, should I just keep on living or should I make it the best year of my teenage years? Today is the day when I celebrate my real New Year because this year is one more chance to do things better, be more self-confident and really keep up my strength through all the obstacles life has prepared for me.

This year is MY year and I won’t let anyone or anything take my peace and happiness away like the past years. This year I will fight against my weak points and will do anything to feel better with myself before I make people feel good with themselves.

I will support those around me and I will try to keep others’ hopes up, but before that I have to keep my hope and faith up too and really believe that everything has a solution. I don’t want to be an ordinary teen who parties every weekend or to be known as a teen who doesn’t know what to do with her life. NO! I want to show the world the real me and be as clear as possible. Yes, I will make mistakes and fail in many areas, but that won’t stop me anymore because I know that I can always be, and do things, better!

Wow….. I was really inspired when I wrote that, but I meant it and I hope this inspires you too! Don’t give up just because stupid people come to you to point out your weakness or your errors! Don’t let anyone look down on you because every human being makes errors and those who judge you will never accept that they aren’t perfect as they think they are. Those who are mean to you will never know what loving or being happy feels like. Teach them! Teach all those people how to love, how to be happy!! Teach them how to be kind with themselves first and then how it is to be kind with their surroundings! Teach them that you are better than you were before and never, NEVER look back!

Go around and help people understand that we aren’t made to judge each other! We were made to help each other and try make every situation into a lecture of life.

Everything isn’t about the ideal body or the best brands. Venture to make a difference and dare to go against the tide! If you fall, always look up! There will always be another chance for you! And most important of all, forgive, love and improve yourself before you try to help your surroundings.

That’s all! See you next week!!



I haven’t done what I promised you, sorry. But a new year is about to come and I will begging to write a blog every week. But which day should I choose?

Today’s blog will be a life update where I will tell you about how it goes at school, what I have done and I will try to tell you about my point of view about Christmas. :D

I remember and I know that I wrote my expectations on high school and I told you about the squad/group All I can say that it has been harder than I thought it would be and to be honest I don’t know if will fix this. But Im glad that I have people around that always support me! I kind have my cheerleader she has just began writing random stuff here and I think you should support her as well. :P Lea is one of those close friends of mine and I think it is time for me to tell you about this guy who has become really close to me, do you remember him? Well I won’t write his name yet because I want to hold me until next week and he maybe knows why. But I have a really good nickname for him and that will help you to have an idea of what his personality can look like. 

Anyway! I call him Stitch, I know, it is silly but if you know how Stitch is with Lillo and during all the movies I can tell you that he is really like him! :D So now you have a better image of him I hope. And if not, you will get a really good one next week. What I can say is that he has become a really good friends me and our friendship reminds me of the one I had with William, my childhood bestie. So I think this will be a good and long-lasting one. Even if we do not talk to each other every day at school, we both know that we can still chat after school or so. I just like the way it is now and even if there are some few things I would like to change, everything is cool. :) 

Those two plus one more have become a bit near to me and I will talk about the other one another time! About the group, I honestly do not know what to say. It feels like we aren’t as we were at the beginning and that the squad feeling is fading away.

I would like to know how to fix it but I cant find a way to do it so Im just taking in everything as it comes and if we split I will at least try to feel peace with everyone. So the group I told you about isn't the same now and as I said, I didn’t want to rush into the friendship thing and I really don't feel like hurting people anymore just because of small things that aren’t so dangerous enough to talk about. This time I will be quiet and act like nothing happens until someone asks for my opinion. Otherwise, I wont say anything.

Well leaving the friendship struggle, lets move on to the Christmas touch I was thinking of giving to this blog. :P

Christmas, oh Christmas! If I have to be honest with you I have to say that I’ve never had a Christmas that was like the one I always dream about. There are presents and a dinner of course, but the real family touch hasn’t really been there for a lot of reasons and that makes me feel like Christmas shouldn exist sometimes. I'm always the one telling my sister she is the Grinch but actually I am the Grinch deep inside of me. I just try t make the best out of the day and try to enjoy the dinner with my family.

When those kind of thoughts come to my head I tell myself to stop thinking like that, because the only reason we celebrate Christmas is it because we say it was when Jesus was born to become a man. I hope that we are all certain about that He wasn’t born in December, it was actually by October/September and the 24th December is just a symbol because no one really knows the date. 

Thinking of why we usually celebrate Christmas is what makes me a bit happier and more positive and that kind reminds me what I have to remind myself every day of the year. Jesus was born, my savior was born for 2000 years ago! Knowing that makes me feel complete that day and that is the biggest reason I like celebrating Christmas and because the family has to be reunited, even if we are just 4 and kinds of broken family, I don’t care as long as I keep that in my mind everything will be okay!

This has become a long text but I needed to write this down and I hope this doesn't annoy you. Hihi.

I will try to write more and all these ideas of writing about school, friends and Christmas have I got from 10 people and I don’t know if I am able to write their names here but I will write them up next blog! :D 

See ya unicorns! :D




Friday!!! :D

This day has been a long-lasting one, the feeling of waking up early everyday during break isn’t so good or maybe I’m just not used to it. We ate breakfast by 08:30, my sister had to go to the university so it was only me and Vero this morning.

When we finished, we returned to our room and fell asleep again… hehe. Pernilla came in and said that she and Olivia would go out and they wouldn’t come back before 23:00 and that the house was our and that we could call her if we needed something. She’s so nice and such a kind woman. I really like her personality and even if I haven’t had the chance to stop blushing in her presence and the courage to have a real conversation with her, I know she has a beautiful heart and good feelings. Now I’m sure that my sister is safe and in the right hands of the right person.

And even today I got the honor to cook again, but this time I had a bit of help from my sister. :) When we were done with dinner we wanted a while to ourselves and by 18:00 our ’’fredagsmys’’ started. We tried to play monopoly but we’re dummies so we didn’t understand anything about how you play that game… It ended with a quite funny game and the last thing we did was watch a movie.

Tomorrow we are going to a big mall called A6, I don’t know why but I call it ASUS and yes, I know, it is a computer brand it’s just so similar for my brain that I call it ASUS….

So I’ll try to capture what I can, tomorrow will also be the last day in Jönköping so I’ll try to make the best of it and cuddle as much as I can with my sister. Just to load my love energy to 100% until I see her again.

Heeey! Today is an important day!!! Because it’s Lali’s birthday :D I don’t want to write a lot, but I think you guys have seen her name a lot of times on my blog and sometimes she has been an anonymous person in the backgrounds of my blogs. But as I’ve always said, she’s like a star in my life because she’s like a little insignificant dot in the sky but the significance of giving brightness to my night is so important. Every time I talk to her, she always leaves a big smile on my lips and really good taste in my mouth. She can always give good advice and she can push me up whenever I’m about to fall in my ordinary life and my spiritual life as well.

I love her for who she really is and because even though she’s way older than me we can still be best friends! <3

Bai bai unicorns! See you tomorrow :D



Dreams/ Goals, Text-blogg, Pictures


Today I woke up at 07:00 and everyone was still asleep at that time, so I did nothing but pray, brush my teeth and go back to bed and scroll through all the notifications I hadn’t seen the night before. But I was totally bored until 10:30 when Vero woke up and so did my sister after a few minutes.

My breakfast felt more like a brunch which consisted of a cup of strawberry tea and two bread slices with some eggs. Today we face-timed with our big brother Francisco, we kind of ate breakfast together and had fun as always. I don’t mind a single time where we actually can talk without a joke in the middle of the conversation and I think that’s good because you can talk some serious stuff but still joke during the conversation. I think my life wouldn’t be the same without my ultimate squad, there I can find love, support, family and a lot of joy in Blanca, Vero, Lali and Francisco. These people are simply the stars God sent to my darkness to give it brightness and life to me.

So I always enjoy spending time with them and even if there is a distance between some of us, it just feels the same when we Skype or actually meet each other and being able to have the same faith makes the friendship last longer and stronger! Guys, if you read this.. I love you so much! <3

Okay, back to the real subject… Today we went to the cinema and watched the film: Storks.

I think it was a good movie, I could relate to so many things in the different characters and I found a lot of similarities between some of my friends and the characters too. Hehehe… Pyttegrej….

It was cold outside so we didn’t ’’fika’’, instead we went home. While we waited for the bus to come we went to a music store and of course I went all the way to the piano and I actually played the beginning of Nocturne no. 9 by Chopin and the whole song I learned at my piano lesson last week.

Oh, the feeling was awesome and it just convinced me more to reach my biggest goal and realize my biggest dream about being a pianist as a hobby. It was actually what I’ve always wanted to be, but the most members of my family always said that being a musician always ended wrong or maybe I didn’t even have the talent to be a pianist. Because of that and the fact of not getting some lessons I gave up my dream, but now that I have the chance again I ain’t afraid of being a pianist at least as a hobby or in my spare time. So I won’t give up yet, my grandma always believed in me and she said that I would be a strong, self-confident and an independent woman that could play piano. Now that she isn’t here by my side, I'm even more sure of not giving up! I will do this for her and for myself.

I know that we didn’t do so much today, sorry. But at least you are getting to know me better and that’s good I think.

Before the movie we went to a museum and I found one to first cameras and the story about the woman who was the royal photographer and this was her camera.

Cool huh? :o





I woke up to the most wonderful weather in this world today, snow!!! Can you believe that my favorite season has already arrived? Im so happy, my friend thinks I’m crazy but I actually don’t care by this time of the year. Winter is just the best thing I know and snow is so beautiful because it brings a little sparkle to the darkness outside.

Snow is perfect for me and I love looking out the window when it snows because it feels so cozy, it feels like we are inside a crystal snowball and God has just shared it so the snow starts moving around.

Drinking a cup of tea or coffee is a delicacy, reading a book makes me feel complete and a cozy blanket makes everything perfect for this weather. And that is what I did in the morning after waking up.

I read and looked out the window until my sister was about to come back from school and I had to cook some ’’salchipapa’’, it is something we ate on Saturday night at my friends surprise party and we thought it would be easy to cook today when my sister wouldn’t be home.

So I cooked that for us today. :)

After yesterday’s dinner we decided to play some games, unfortunately we just played one. We played for a long time actually but after a while it became boring. So what we did was watch a movie and we watched Corpse Bride. A really good novel that my old English teacher showed us in 8th grade.

When the movie was over we started joking with each other and Vero started to tickle me, so that I made weird sounds. This little girl seems to be very shy, but when she gets comfortable you can’t be serious with her. We had a kind of a happy hour by ourselves until we reminded that we weren’t home alone so we just calmed down and went out of the room and Pernilla said ”Oh you guys seemed to have fun, didn’t you”?

I felt how I flushed and how she noticed that so she started laughing and said that it was okay.

Until now we have just been sitting in the room in silence and I’m writing this for you, hoping that this ain’t annoying for you to read and if it is, please don’t be worried to say that and I’ll try to do this better…

Tomorrow we will do something different and fun. I think that you are going to like it! :D

Bai bai unicorns!



Blog week- Tuesday

Today I’m basically writing about what we’ve done today so let’s get started!

I woke up at 07:00 and my sister, Blanca, and my bestie, Vero, woke up at 08:30.

There is something that I may have to tell you. I had a very strange dream last night and it scared me in some ways but it also confused me a lot. It began with me at one of my friends place but their house was renovated and totally white. I felt happy and after drinking tea with them I went to school because I had a chemistry test that day and I didn’t want to miss it.

When I came to school the lights were turned off, and I’m that kind of person who’s still afraid of the dark as many children are. So now you know about that. Anyway, I just looked after a button to turn on the lights but while I did that there was a teacher following me, so it was an uncomfortable situation with someone walking behind me.

I found the button and went to my locker which is on the third floor. I took my chemistry book and my computer, I was about to go when this strange teacher stopped me and asked: Why does your homework look like this?- he fluttered my project in his hand - This is just a piece of sh*t! Now you follow me to the principal’s office and explain what you’ve done!

I was so confused that I didn’t follow him and when he found out that I didn’t do it, he started slapping me at the face and the people around didn’t do anything but stare at me, going away and letting the teacher do whatever he wanted to me. I was crying while he dragged me all the way to the classroom. I was so sad and didn’t try to hit him back or run away because I knew that all I could get out of it was losing and getting worse punishments.

We came inside the room where my classmates were, they stared and so did my chemistry teacher. I screamed for help and got eye contact with this one close friend from ’’the squad’’. He was paralyzed and didn’t react until the teacher lifted me up holding my hair up, he walked by this friend and all I did was whisper ’’help me please’’….

I thought he was going to slap the teacher or something else, but he ran out with another guy. I didn’t actually care so much anymore, my head hurt and I felt how my sense of pain was going away and I heard the teacher say: you like these cables? Well I hope you enjoy them as well! So he hung me up in the cables, I was prepared to die by that time, all I did was cry and hate him.

When he was about to actually kill me, I saw the close friend of mine rushing into the room with the principal and the other guy. The principal saw how scared and half dead I was and said that the police was about to come and that the teacher couldn’t do anything about it. He tried to run away but my friend stopped him on his way out, while I was trying to not fall down, hang myself with the cables and finally die.

The police came and they took the teacher away to jail because of what he had done.

When they went my friend helped me get down safely and the others hugged me. I cried so much that I was red in the face and about to swoon, so they called an ambulance. My friends followed me and all of them took care of me.

The dream has a good ending, but it’s one of the most terrifying dreams I’ve ever had! It felt so real that when I woke up I had tears running down my face.

I really had to write this down, because maybe there is a significance in the dream. I don’t know, but writing this down makes me feel good in some way.

By the way, I didn’t tell you about what we did today, but I leave these captures from todays walk through town and a little description about their themes.

Bai bai unicorns! See you tomorrow with another blog! :D

This is a part of Vättern, well I need to go down in the knees so that I could take this capture, but I'm really pleased with it.

This is how the town looks like in the beginning and the more you walk into it the more you see all the shopping stores :D

What can I say? I just did to take a picture of this elegant restaurant, isn't it awkward? Like:

- Where are we going to eat tomorrow?

- I think Dirty Dick's would be good!

That's just disgusting but funny in some way.... XD

There is a park, like in the center of the town and it reminds me of Central Park at New York City. I think that I'm falling in love with this cosy city, help! :S



Blog week?

Well it’s autumn break here in Sweden and for the first time in my life I’m not spending it at home. This time I will spend it with the best people in this world and in my life. My big sister and my best friend. We are in Jönköping this week and I think that it’s a very nice and cozy city. It is cozy enough to cuddle in almost everyday (in my opinion).

So what I’m thinking of is to blog everyday, of course, and tell you what we have done during the day and this time I will try to take some photographs because I feel that it has been a long time since I uploaded or showed you the ones I have taken. This is going to be a kind of a photo-blog week.

I can tell you a little bit about the trip right now. It was fine but we had to wake up at 04:30 am because the train went at 06:25 am. So yeah, we didn’t have a good sleep.

The trip took about 3 hours and 45 minutes which led to my day feeling longer than usual. I can’t believe that it is 19:25 it just feels like 21:00 or so.

In Jönköping there are so many uphill slopes. Geez! I couldn’t breath half way up!

But we made it to the top and when we entered the house, the dog of the owner welcomed us with happiness and so did Pernilla, the owner. The house is very stress-free and there is a brook on the backside of the house and it’s very relaxing to listen to it while we are eating or cooking. I think this break will be the most relaxing and fun I’ve ever had. Our room is big and it has a large bed to sleep on which looks extremely comfortable.

We took the dog out for a walk and it was already dark outside. You could see the Vättern and the houses on the other side of the lake. The lights and the water made me feel like I was in a movie or like a night walk in Paris with the lights and the darkness. It just felt wonderful. All I needed was some background music.

And now it is time for me to eat again and the plan for the night is to watch a movie together and sleep because tomorrow we will be going to walk around town and will try to make capture good shots for you too, so that you can get a nice image of Jönköping!

Bai bai unicorns!



The last time I wrote was in September, so it is maybe time to tell you guys how it’s going in school and in life for me :D

Well, I have told you about my surroundings at school and there is nothing wrong with them. I have become a bit closer to all of my friends, which feels good, and we are on different types of ‘’close’’ but it is so fun seeing how every person is unique and how they try to develop in different ways.

All I can say is that they are awesome people. We always have fun and we try to do as many things together as possible. For example, today we are going to have a sleepover and even though I am not coming we will skype through the night. The feeling of knowing that they do things to include me is good I think :S There are so many things that I have seen with these guys and it is incredible how classmates can be so good to you.

One of them is getting extra closer to me. I am trying to not make the same mistake I have been doing with my previous friendships and I will give it time that it needs. Who knows, maybe it is just a friendship for the time being and I am not in the mood for suffering for a friend. I just want to take it slow and not rush into the friendship. xP

If there’ s anything that I can’t keep up with, it’s math. God, please you don’t know how hard it is for me to think outside the box and have self-confidence at the same time, yikes! Thank God my friends have patience with this little dummy dummy girl… Hihi, believe me you don’t want to teach me how to think when it comes to math, unless you really have enough patience with someone like me, someone who always wants a reason for everything.

So now you know how it’s going for me in two different areas…. :D

I will try to write a blog once a week, this time I promise that!