I've finally arrived in Keller. I left my house 2 in the morning and got to the airport in Copenhagen at about 4 in the morning where we were supposed to meet with the other students I was traveling with. The first flight was from Copenhagen to Frankfurt, once we were in Frankfurt all we had to do was wait for the next flight which was a 9 hour flight to Chicago. The flight went well and the food on board was all right too. When we got to Chicago we found out that some of us had forgotten our visa papers at home so we only had it in our passports. Luckily we went through well and there were no trouble. I also found out that I was the only student who was flying with American airlines, so I had to fly by myself to Dallas Fort Worth airport even though there were 3 other danish girls going to the same airport as me, but it all went fine. Once I got to the airport I met my host family who were waiting for me in the bagage claim area, it was so good to finally know that I had arrived. After we picked up my luggage we just drove home and ate cheese and crackers and just had a great time.

My first day in Keller started off with us going to the high school that I'm going to attend. There were this thing where all the clubs and teams tried to recruit for this season. My host mom Heather, host sister Adriana and my hostbrothers girlfriend Hannah and me stood at the girls wrestling team to try to recruit new members. They also gave me a small tour of the school.

After we had been at the school for a while we went back home and ate hamburgers for lunch. I also got time to pack some of my stuff out before we were leaving to go to another Danish exchange student's house because my host mom is her contact person. We had a good time and went swimming in their nearby pool. They live very close to us.

Right now I'm just really tired because of jetlag but I think it has been a good first day for me!