Roskilde is a city 30 km west from Copenhagen and a home to approximately 50 000 people.
I absolutely love the city's vibe - it is a place you can easily call home. With a long pedestrian street with many cafe's, restaurants and local shops, you really do have everything needed for your big city life - basically.

Roskilde's central sightseeing place is definitely the Cathedral where all the Danish royals ( all 39) are burried. It looks spectacular and it's on the UNESCO's list!

The nature is beautiful - there are several parks where you can either chill or work out.

Roskilde is popular for its festival season, every June when basically whole Denmark moves in and parties with the world known celebs.

So, if you're visiting Copenhagen, make sure to drive 30 minutes west and your trip will suddenly be an experience richer.

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Croatia has just recently become a place-to-be. The IT place. Living in Denmark, I see how obsessed people are getting with Croatia. Scandinavians are leaving Spain and Greece behind as they hear more and more about this little, hidden gem of the Adriatic.

Here are a few tips on how to find best plane tickets, apartments and what parts of Croatia to choose when traveling throughout different seasons.


Traveling to Croatia is usually on a pricey side, especially in summer time and if you are traveling from Denmark. If you want to find a better and cheaper plane ticket, the best option is to book the trip far ahead - at least 3 months ahead.

Norwegian has super great deals, often around October. The tickets can cost between 499 Kroner ( which is around 100 Dollars) and the plane leaves every Saturday. Flights are direct. Norwegian is my favourite flight company, always on time and always such a pleasant ride. You will, however, need to pay extra for food on the plane or luggage to check in.

Croatia Airlines has direct flights and that will cost you a bit more, especially during summer. Budget around 2500 DKK, which is 2500 Croatian Kunas or 350 Euros. Flying with Croatia Airlines includes a meal on the plane, always traditional Croatian and a check in luggage up to 20 kg.

You can choose to road trip to Croatia if you live somewhere in Europe. Here, I can´t really estimate the prices, depending of a car you have or are renting, and how much gas it takes, road tax and such.. I think the prices get around the same as they would with a single plane ticket. I will be road tripping with Lasse this year as we are bringing our pug Cosmo to Croatia and he can`t fly due to his nose problems. We have calculated refilling our gas trunk every 5 hours ( which is around 400 Danish Kroner each time) , the ferry that is going to take us from Denmark to Germany and different road taxes. All together it will cost us around 2000 DKK per way. Which is a bit less or pretty much the same as it would cost us to buy the flight tickets.


Once you land in Croatia, you have several options to get to your final destination.

If you`re traveling to Zagreb you will land on the Franjo Tudman Airport. This is the biggest airport in Croatia and there are many options to get to the city once you are there. You can rent a car from one of the stands at the airport. You can grab a cab or a bus that will take you to the main bus stop in central Zagreb. The bus costs 30 DKK per person, last I checked. That is around 3,5 Euros. Make sure you withdraw cash when you land because you will mostly need it ASAP. Debit/Credit cards in Croatia aren`t used as often for the smaller purchases, train rides or bus rides, yet. The bus leaves every 30 minutes.

If you land at Zadar or Split Airport, there will be a local bus waiting right infront. Those can get easily packed, and there isn´t really a timetable. But they do go pretty often.


Whenever travelling to Croatia for a summer vacation, we rent an apartment over Booking,com. If you want to get a good apartment with a nice view, book a few months ahead. Same as with the plane tickets, it just gets more expensive. You can do AirBnb but the majority is on Booking,com.

A nice apartment with the balcony and in a good distance to the centre of wherever city you are staying in can cost you anything between 3000-5000 DKK per week. That is from 400 Euros till 700 Euros.

Private apartments are what works best for us as we love to eat out, starting early in the morning, so hotels can just be a bit too much.

Croatia has really good camps where in case you love camping and own a good tent or even camping wagon. Check this webpage out in case you are interested in camping :

If any questions or requests, please don´t hesitate to contact me or leave the comment below.

Hope this helped with your future plans. I would love for you to go and explore Croatia <3



Sunday morning, rain is falling... Sounds like the perfect timing for a ride through the memory lane. And my bus stopped on our trip to London in May 2016.

Back then, we`ve both been talking about going to London for a while. It`s a classic, right. And neither of us have been there before. I remember having a really nice Easter in Denmark and a visit from Croatia during that time so the plans got a bit postponed. Good we waited till May, cause it is always nice to leave rainy Dk behind and land somewhere more enjoyable.

London was full on sunny - everything was already ready for spring, green and pink ! We had one afternoon with some heavy rain but hey, we loved it!

After a delayed plane ride ( Ryan Air always seems to disappoint) we arrived to London sometime around midnight. Took a bus from Luthon Airport to our hotel - which to be honest I don`t remember the name of, but I know it was places on the Princess Square. The hotel was great, close to one of the tube stations and 10 minutes from the Bond street.

We stayed in London for 4 days and that was actually kind of enough for starters. As it is always nice to go back and have a few things left to see and do.

People often have divided thoughts on London, but both Lasse and I loved it. We could see ourselves living there and we are always opened to new adventures so that still is a possibility. What I LOVED about London was the vibe. People are so friendly and the hospitality level is super high. Whatever store or restaurant you enter, you`ll be treated properly.

Also the vibe on the streets of London by night! You can see and try everything, and you don´t need to go far. We actually found a Mexican place somewhere around Piccadilly Square that had amazing cocktails and Nachos to die for - so that was our go to place almost each night. We would always start or end our evening out there.

Lasse is a huge casino lover so we tried that too. It was very James Bondesque.

I will leave you with the pictures from the trip as back then I was´t planning on documenting my trip so I can pretty much just share my overall experience which was LOVE. LOVE London and looking forward to go back there soon.



Bare feet and bikini bottoms. You don't need much more.

Going away for a week is literally a cure for everything. A week might not seem enough, but trust me, when you leave in the middle of a busy work period or cold,rainy weather, you are going to feel you have been away for much longer.

In my opinion, packing well can define your vacation. So, if you are planning a week vacay somewhere warm, don`t over do it. Guess what? You don`t need all the things you've put aside. Instead of packing 7 different dresses, pack a cool floatie or some cards to play on the beach. Grab you travel buddy and stay at the beach till the early morning, talk, count the stars, make a bon fire.

So now lets talk business. What is it that you really need then?

A bathingsuit, obviously! Or more likely, a few. You need a kimono. The cool thing about kimonos, this summer's hottest trend is that you can wear it both to the beach and for the evening out.

You need a pair of cool sunnies. I usually never buy the expensive ones, because at some point I will sit on them, or get tired of them.

A chic beach towel is a must. You want to look fab at all times.

Flipflops? Hmmm. Well if you need to. Bare feet, remember?

You definitely want to bring a good body oil that will make you look like a bronze goddess. Last but not least - a good book. You need a good book. We all often remind ourselves to read more, but the fact is, there's not a lot of time during the year. At least I find it hard to read more. But then whenever on vacation, the mood is there and I make sure I'm packed with at least two good books.

In the spirit of my soon-to-be vacation, here is a pick of my favourite items that are currently up for sale.



My favourite part of Copenhagen is definitely the inner city - called København K.
Full of charm, history and culture, København K is a place where you really breath in the real Copenhagen.
Wherever you turn, there's colorful buildings whose doorways are decorated with flowers and whose charm is enhanced with the bikes parked right in front - often matching the building.

For coffee lovers and foodies, some of the best places ( in my oppinion) are right in the heart of København K.

My ALWAYS go to when in need of coffee or sugar is definitely The American Pie.
Placed just a street away from Strøget ( the main shopping street) , the American Pie gives you a real american vibe. Not only there's americans working there but there's all kind of traditional american drinks, flags and THEM PIES!!
I've tried a few and never got dissapointed. They often change them, I feel, so during October there's a halloween vibe and during summer you'll find lighter, fruitier pies.

American vibe in the heart of Copenhagen but still totally cosy, or hyggeligt as Danes would call it.

I am a breakfast kind of girl, so you can really buy my love with a good breakfast bowl.
That's why I'm in love with Raw42. I have tried their Almond milk cappuccino, their Chia bowl, Acai bowl, their pancakes. All made with all raw ingredients and a lot of love.
Looking forward go this Friday when I have another girl date, early in the morning, at Raw42!

If you wanna walk all those pie/pancake calories, you don't need to go far to catch some amazing sights and feel the Copenhagen vibe.

Copenhagen K is a place where you'll stop every 20 meters and take another picture. And then you'll find a cafe where you'll go and enjoy your coffee while looking at all the bikers rolling down the street.
Stop and feel all the feels. Take pictures so you can go through your camera roll and think of the good times in Copenhagen.

If you want a good view of the city, get up on the top of Illum and enjoy the sight with a glass of cold Aperol. ( they have good pizza's too).

300 meters down the street, there's the Rowndtower that offers a 360• view of the city. I can guarantee you a windy but selfie worh experience.

København K is great for living, cause you have everything just under your nose. It can ofcourse get pretty expensive, especially if you love to wine and dine.

I simply love my Croatian background where sitting and chilling with a good cup of coffee is a remedy for everything - that's why this little København K into is a lot about coffee. ☕️

Next on my agenda is Nørrebro. A cool neighbourghood just across the lake :) stay tuned and be patient <3 a girl's gotta work!



The past few weeks, here in Denmark, all had some kind of a holy day in between. When living a really busy life, working hard and having just too much to do all the time, I really see the opportunity to travel in every single day off. Therefore, Pinse weekend ( 3rd of June til 5th of June) was spent "roadtriping" around Denmark and Sweden. When I say roadtriping, it wasn`t a real roadtrip, but we drove, instead of usual flying and let me tell you, it was a hell of a ride. :) Saturday morning we packed our bags, and our little pug Cosmo to drive off to Rødvig, a small port city on the south coast of Denmark. Rødvig is around an hour and a half away from Copenhagen where we live, therefore, this was an easy ride. We went to Rødvig for a family bbq and just to spend a cosy day with the whole family, since there are so many of us. Besides eating well and having a cosy time, we took a walk down to the beach, where we enjoyed the view of the port and the small fishing houses. In the late 1800s, Rødvig evolved from being a cluster of fish houses and an old shore to a town with harbor and rail. At the harbor you can also see the white wood burning stove, which has become Rødvig's landmark. Since we felt a bit adventurous, we decided to camp in the garden - and that won`t be happenign again. The tent was way to small for the two of us and Cosmo, who walked all over us all night long :) Therefore, as soon as the clock rang 05, we jumed into the house, took a good shower and made really strong coffee as there was a long drive in front of us!

DAY 2 - Gothenburg, Sweden

Sunday morning meant hitting the road again. We drove of from Rødvig pretty early, just after breakfast with the fam as we had another 4 hours ahead of us, with a really bad weather and a crying dog in the back :)

The trip itself was fine, it`s mostly a highway experience so nothing very exciting. Denmark and Sweden are connected by the bridge called Øresund bridge and that takes you less than 10 minutes to cross. Easy peasy. One of the things I have noticed right after we crossed the bridge was the amount of really crazy cars! Denmark has such high tax on cars so you don` see Teslas, Mercedeses or newest BMW´s around. Here you really bike a lot, but hey, GO SWEDEN !!

We had a stop after around an hour and a half of the ride as our little dogster had to do his business and we did`t mind stopping and grabbing something to drink. But shortly after, the trip continued. We were really eager to check into the hotel , refresh our selves and get lost around the city as we only had two days.


We stayed at Hotel Poseidon which is placed 7 minutes from the strict centre of Gothenburg. When looking into the hotels, we did´t wanna go big as it really does´t matter to us if it´s a 5 star hotel since we aren`t going to spend any time in it. This was a really nice hotel with a good size room, great view and a big balcony, and an amazing breakfast. I would definitely recommend it !


Thank God our hotel had a bucket full of umbrellas cause it was POURING RAIN. That of course did`t stop us from getting out and enjoying the city. Sweden was`t affected by the same holiday as Denmark was so all the shops were opened and the city was very vibrant. As the rain got really crazy while we were strolling around, we decided to grab a bite, and we found this great place called Swedish American Kitchen. What I really liked about the place, besides an amazing interior, was their simple menu. There was literally 4 meals to choose between. I took a salad and L. had a burger. How stereotypical are we ? :)


Haga is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Gothenburg. It traces it origins back to the middle of the 17th century, when Queen Kristina granted permission to develop a suburb outside the city walls of Gothenburg. The original houses were low timber structures, a constant fire risk, and as Haga expanded they were replaced by three storied buildings, with the ground floor build of stone or brick and the upper storeys of wood. That type of building is unique to Gothenburg. Today Haga is a central place an attractive district with many shops cafes and restaurants.

After satisfying our sweet tooth, we took a short nap at the hotel and then all fresh went back to explore a bit more. Yes, it was a long and eventful day! Gothenburg by night is absolutely alive. The rain was gone so people could sit outside and enjoy the atmosphere. We found a couple of cute places with fabulous views, discovered some hidden gems in the side streets of the city and then sat down for a drink.


Monday morning, sun was shining. I was the first one up so I took Cosmo for a walk around the neighbourhood. The university of Gothenburg was placed just behind our hotel and it is surrounded with green hills and grass, perfect for a little walk. I was actually surprised of how many estethic clinics there were, in the radius of 2 km. You can get pretty everywhere. :)

Our plan for the day was to shop a bit and then just check out at 12. We were actually surprised that by 12 we already pretty much saw everything a couple of times. Gothenburg is a small city with all the good stuff concentrated around the centre.

Two of the pictures just above are taken at The Garden Society of Gothenburg. TGSG is one of the best preserved 19th century parks in Europe. Here you can relax, tan, have coffee and even get married. The Garden Society of Gothenburg has been declared a listed historical site under the Culture Hermitage Act and is run in accordance with ecological principles.

In the middle of the park you will find The Palm House. It is built in glass and iron. I don`t know why don`t I have a picture of it. I remember snapping it and then just admiring it, I guess :) The Palm House is divided into 5 sections it brings together a wide variety of plants from foreign parts which creates a certain mood.

After we have hopefully seen it all, driving back home was on the schedule. We also wanted to see one of the other cities by the coast as the nature should be spectacular and the day was so beautiful. So we randomly found what ended up to be a Nature park - Natturreservatet Gamla Kopstad.

People often feel two or three days isn`t enough to go and explore. I truly could`t disagree more. Leaving the city for just two days will completely recharge your batteries and trust me, you´ll feel you have been away for much longer that 2 days. Now back home, I am looking forward to all the new adventures we have planned, starting with Croatia next month !!



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London is always a good idea. Umbrella is your go-to accessory and style options are eternal. 
Girls trip to Barcelona screams maxi dresses, floral prints and big earrings.
I don´t know what is it about Stockholm, but everything just looks brighter, nicer, fancier. You really can`t go wrong with mixing high fashion with simple pieces. 
Oh la, Paris. Have you read How to be Parisian ? Neither have I, but one thing I know for sure - Keep accessories to a minimum and don`t overload your ensemble with too many pieces. 



Once upon a time, a magic fairy flew across a big blue ocean, over mountains and forests, lakes and waterfalls, with the most breathtaking views, but she felt lonely.

She took her magic stick out and said “ Let this become a paradise “, and paradise it became. She called it Croatia.

Well, not exactly. But a girl can dream.

Croatia wasn't created by magic but it looks and feels like it. I`m not saying this because it`s my homeland - I am not a big patriot. I am saying it because it's an absolute truth and I know many would agree with me.

I moved to Denmark more than 3 years ago and before that, I didn't appreciate all the beauty I was surrounded with there.

I was born and raised in Zagreb, the capital city, but I naturally traveled all over the country.

One of my favourite cities is Trogir, a historical town on the central Adriatic coast - very close to Split, for many of you foreigners who can navigate better knowing that.

I traveled to Trogir in summer 2015, together with L. We first landed in Zagreb and after a short visit to my family, we took a bus to the coastline.

My expectations weren't high, all I wanted was a nice beach and a few beach bars. But boy, did I get surprised !

Trogir lies on a small island, connected to the mainland and the island of Ciovo, connected by the bridge.

We stayed in a cosy apartment right at the beach, 15 minute walking distance from the center. Ciovo is the place to stay if you're traveling to Trogir as you'll be away from the city life, yet so close if you want it, at any time. There are tonnes of stores, cafes, bakeries and rental places in Ciovo.

Our days were pretty chill. Every morning we would grab a bite from the bakery and then sit for coffee on the beach, enjoying our breakfast. Then we would move 50 meters and rent chairs where the rest of the day would be spent. Around midday, we´d grab a bite , buy some drinks and come back to our chill place.

The first few days we used the beach right in front of our apartment but as we walked further, we found a beach more crowded, and we stayed there for the rest of the week. It was more due to the amount of bars and music around us. Makes it a bit more fun. And it´s easy to move away if you like peace.

Evenings were spent first on the terrace, and then in the city center. It is always nice to take an evening stroll, especially when you need to walk over a small mountain to get to the city. Trust me, when you walk into Trogir, you'll never forget that feeling. As I mentioned, it´s a historical town, therefore you feel like you're walking through a fairytale. What you'll walk by is a pretty marina with luxurious yachts. Then there`ll be restaurants just across in case you want to grab a bite and enjoy the view. As you get deeper into the city, you'll find live music, traditional dances, shows, restaurants, bars and such. Always, and I mean always sit down and order a plate of seafood. It doesn't get better than that.

Eat, sleep, sightsee, tan, repeat ! That was our agenda for a week, before we continued further to Hvar !

Hvar definitely deserves its own post, so I guess that`s next. Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures from Trogir!

If you have any questions, worries or are simply interested in traveling to Croatia, hit me up on and I'll be happy to help.



A picture tells a thousand words, especially when it comes to food.

I would`t call myself a foodie at all, but I do enjoy a good plate when traveling. Here are some of the best dishes I`ve tasted while traveling through Europe.

I am a breakfast freak - that explains the amount of smoothie bowls and avocado toasts :)

WARNING ! Don`t scroll down f you`re hungry.

Let´s start with Barcelona.

Off to Greece , Lesbos & Crete

A bit from Croatia



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My boyfriend and I decided to take a little pre summer trip somewhere warm. Since we went to Greece last September, I was`t really that much into it. Last time we went to Lesbos, and it was a really nice vacation but a bit too quiet and not shopping friendly. This time, the deciding factor was my weather app. It said - Crete 30 degrees. SOLD. We booked a lovely apartment in Gerani, 25 minutest west from Chania. Arrived there and our minds were blown. We stayed at Eanthia Village - an amazing complex of vacation buildings, a restaurant and a pool bar straight on the beach. Our apartment had two rooms and two balconies, so we could enjoy the sun both in the morning and in the evening. The service was outstanding - as anywhere else in Greece, your needs are really taken care of and a customer really is a king.

Our vacation was a mix of relaxed with an active vacay. It is easy being relaxed, all you need is a pool - check - tonnes of sun - check - good book - check - and cold drinks - check- check- check - :)

One of the days we decided to rent bikes and cycle all the way to the west, as we could see on the map there was a wonderful bay that should be checked out. While biking all the way there, we checked out the top of the mountain close to us, and visited an old tomb, which was pretty cool to see. Not mentioning the sick views we had from the top.

When in Crete, rent a quad ! That was absolutely amazing. This way you can really see all the hidden gems of the city, visit the small beaches and check out the spectacular views you probably wouldn't get the chance to see.

We drove to the centre of Chania and it took us around 30 minutes as the traffic was pretty bad. On our way back, we drove to the top of the little mountain in Platanias, the city between Gerani and Chania. The views from that trip you can see down below on my pictures. Perfection. I took the wheels in my hands for the first time and the adrenalin was contagious!! It`s also really cheap to rent it - it cost us 35 € for a middle size quad, for 24 hours.

Now on to food ! Last time we went to Greece, we mostly tried food in local Tavernas as there was`t really a lot to choose from. Local tavernas have great food as you often have an owner serving the food for you. But we never tried anything WOW. Well this time - this time we just cousin`t stop eating. Our best experience was a rooftop restaurant called Platea in Platania. For good food, don't go to the central Chania, don't follow the crowds. You really need to get a bit away to find that hidden treasure.

In Platea we started with some traditional greek salad and fried calamari. We got freshly baked bread AND delicious spices to put on. I mean we were literally looking at each other, not believing what we`re tasting. After that, I had a wonderful risotto with mushrooms, made to perfection. My boyfriend ( L.) had a beef stew with potatoes. And he is a foodie, he also cooks great so he is picky. He loved it. + some good wine. White to start with and red to finish with.

All full, not being able to move, we decided to ask for the receipt and get going. Our waiter came and said - we don't end here, this is on the house - and brought out a dessert made in heaven. Check the picture below. Layers of chocolate and caramel and bananas and just dreams. That dining experience I will never forget !!

Every vacation of ours is amazing but this was just the best trip we´ve had so far. Just thinking of those times where we`d wait for the bus and laugh about the Greek time and punctuality to sitting on he balcony and drinking ciders... A trip to remember !

Hope you´ll enjoy the pictures down below !