Once upon a time, a magic fairy flew across a big blue ocean, over mountains and forests, lakes and waterfalls, with the most breathtaking views, but she felt lonely.

She took her magic stick out and said “ Let this become a paradise “, and paradise it became. She called it Croatia.

Well, not exactly. But a girl can dream.

Croatia wasn't created by magic but it looks and feels like it. I`m not saying this because it`s my homeland - I am not a big patriot. I am saying it because it's an absolute truth and I know many would agree with me.

I moved to Denmark more than 3 years ago and before that, I didn't appreciate all the beauty I was surrounded with there.

I was born and raised in Zagreb, the capital city, but I naturally traveled all over the country.

One of my favourite cities is Trogir, a historical town on the central Adriatic coast - very close to Split, for many of you foreigners who can navigate better knowing that.

I traveled to Trogir in summer 2015, together with L. We first landed in Zagreb and after a short visit to my family, we took a bus to the coastline.

My expectations weren't high, all I wanted was a nice beach and a few beach bars. But boy, did I get surprised !

Trogir lies on a small island, connected to the mainland and the island of Ciovo, connected by the bridge.

We stayed in a cosy apartment right at the beach, 15 minute walking distance from the center. Ciovo is the place to stay if you're traveling to Trogir as you'll be away from the city life, yet so close if you want it, at any time. There are tonnes of stores, cafes, bakeries and rental places in Ciovo.

Our days were pretty chill. Every morning we would grab a bite from the bakery and then sit for coffee on the beach, enjoying our breakfast. Then we would move 50 meters and rent chairs where the rest of the day would be spent. Around midday, we´d grab a bite , buy some drinks and come back to our chill place.

The first few days we used the beach right in front of our apartment but as we walked further, we found a beach more crowded, and we stayed there for the rest of the week. It was more due to the amount of bars and music around us. Makes it a bit more fun. And it´s easy to move away if you like peace.

Evenings were spent first on the terrace, and then in the city center. It is always nice to take an evening stroll, especially when you need to walk over a small mountain to get to the city. Trust me, when you walk into Trogir, you'll never forget that feeling. As I mentioned, it´s a historical town, therefore you feel like you're walking through a fairytale. What you'll walk by is a pretty marina with luxurious yachts. Then there`ll be restaurants just across in case you want to grab a bite and enjoy the view. As you get deeper into the city, you'll find live music, traditional dances, shows, restaurants, bars and such. Always, and I mean always sit down and order a plate of seafood. It doesn't get better than that.

Eat, sleep, sightsee, tan, repeat ! That was our agenda for a week, before we continued further to Hvar !

Hvar definitely deserves its own post, so I guess that`s next. Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures from Trogir!

If you have any questions, worries or are simply interested in traveling to Croatia, hit me up on sabinastravels@gmail.com and I'll be happy to help.

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A picture tells a thousand words, especially when it comes to food.

I would`t call myself a foodie at all, but I do enjoy a good plate when traveling. Here are some of the best dishes I`ve tasted while traveling through Europe.

I am a breakfast freak - that explains the amount of smoothie bowls and avocado toasts :)

WARNING ! Don`t scroll down f you`re hungry.

Let´s start with Barcelona.

Off to Greece , Lesbos & Crete

A bit from Croatia



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My boyfriend and I decided to take a little pre summer trip somewhere warm. Since we went to Greece last September, I was`t really that much into it. Last time we went to Lesbos, and it was a really nice vacation but a bit too quiet and not shopping friendly. This time, the deciding factor was my weather app. It said - Crete 30 degrees. SOLD. We booked a lovely apartment in Gerani, 25 minutest west from Chania. Arrived there and our minds were blown. We stayed at Eanthia Village - an amazing complex of vacation buildings, a restaurant and a pool bar straight on the beach. Our apartment had two rooms and two balconies, so we could enjoy the sun both in the morning and in the evening. The service was outstanding - as anywhere else in Greece, your needs are really taken care of and a customer really is a king.

Our vacation was a mix of relaxed with an active vacay. It is easy being relaxed, all you need is a pool - check - tonnes of sun - check - good book - check - and cold drinks - check- check- check - :)

One of the days we decided to rent bikes and cycle all the way to the west, as we could see on the map there was a wonderful bay that should be checked out. While biking all the way there, we checked out the top of the mountain close to us, and visited an old tomb, which was pretty cool to see. Not mentioning the sick views we had from the top.

When in Crete, rent a quad ! That was absolutely amazing. This way you can really see all the hidden gems of the city, visit the small beaches and check out the spectacular views you probably wouldn't get the chance to see.

We drove to the centre of Chania and it took us around 30 minutes as the traffic was pretty bad. On our way back, we drove to the top of the little mountain in Platanias, the city between Gerani and Chania. The views from that trip you can see down below on my pictures. Perfection. I took the wheels in my hands for the first time and the adrenalin was contagious!! It`s also really cheap to rent it - it cost us 35 € for a middle size quad, for 24 hours.

Now on to food ! Last time we went to Greece, we mostly tried food in local Tavernas as there was`t really a lot to choose from. Local tavernas have great food as you often have an owner serving the food for you. But we never tried anything WOW. Well this time - this time we just cousin`t stop eating. Our best experience was a rooftop restaurant called Platea in Platania. For good food, don't go to the central Chania, don't follow the crowds. You really need to get a bit away to find that hidden treasure.

In Platea we started with some traditional greek salad and fried calamari. We got freshly baked bread AND delicious spices to put on. I mean we were literally looking at each other, not believing what we`re tasting. After that, I had a wonderful risotto with mushrooms, made to perfection. My boyfriend ( L.) had a beef stew with potatoes. And he is a foodie, he also cooks great so he is picky. He loved it. + some good wine. White to start with and red to finish with.

All full, not being able to move, we decided to ask for the receipt and get going. Our waiter came and said - we don't end here, this is on the house - and brought out a dessert made in heaven. Check the picture below. Layers of chocolate and caramel and bananas and just dreams. That dining experience I will never forget !!

Every vacation of ours is amazing but this was just the best trip we´ve had so far. Just thinking of those times where we`d wait for the bus and laugh about the Greek time and punctuality to sitting on he balcony and drinking ciders... A trip to remember !

Hope you´ll enjoy the pictures down below !