So I just went back from Cuba (14 hours flight) ask me if I am tired :)

now that I remember it I need to tell you guys that you need cash! NO card okay så make sure you have some cash when you get there because there is not just banks around the corners. But you can read about me tips in my guide about Cuba.

Cuba has been in my bucket list for so long, and im so blessed that I now have seen different sides and places in Cuba. We started out in Havana since we have some friends living there, really interesting especially because they only speaks spanish.

one of my favorite cities are Vinales so beautiful and amazing nature. Make sure to check my guide if your ever going to Cuba.

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After being in Singapore we went to Cambodia, two completely different places on earth and still so close to each other! It took around two hours flight from Singapore to Cambodia (Siem Reap) as we arrived we were picked up In one out of 1 billions tuk-tuks, as in Thailand Cambodia use tuk-tuk as their primary transport and also the easiest way to get around.

few things about Cambodia if you are planning to visit:

1. Cambodia is a very poor country, even in the big cities as Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, so when you are going to the countryside you will see poverty.

2. The rain season is when we have summer in Europe. So if you are going for celebrate summer holiday and your plan is to lay by the pool all day long, I will not go to Asia. Is still hot and of course you will see some sun. Just a little reminder to keep in mind.

If you are in Siem Reap for some of the highlights is a must to:

- Go to a market and you can combine that with eating local which is a must, we had the most amazing local food.

- Go see some tempels. We went for Angkor Wat 5am to se the sunrise. Bayon and Ta Prohm.

- Go eat at Malis, is a famous restaurant is owned by Chef Luu Meng.

- Go to the countryside and visit the floating village

I will make a guide to Cambodia too that you can find under the category: City Guide



Singapore is such a weird "in-a-good-way-city" I came there because I wanted to visit my mom who has been living in Asia for an half year now. It took me around 13 hours directly from Copenhagen Airport to Singapore, is almost the same as when we are in LA.

A few thing that I love with the city:

- I felt really safe there, not that the police is everywhere, people are just respectful and everything runs out perfectly. The first couple of days we lived almost at Orchard Road which is the primary shopping area with tons of Chanel, Prada, Gucci, Loewe and other luxury shops on one street. A thing that I found interesting was that when I was walking around the city there was almost no people on the streets, but at Orchard Road there is so many people all the time.

The last days we was staying at the Marina Bay where the promenade, Marina Bay Garden also known as the supertree garden, and so many other interesting places.

If you are in Singapore I will recommend you to explore the different small areas as: Little India, The arabica district, Singapore botanical garden but I will made a guide for my favorite places in Singapore.



I arrived to Bali after being in Singapore and Cambodia. After a layover In Kuala Lumpur where I only had 2 hrs. I was really tired and I arrived really late so I booked a hotel close to the airport so I was ready for the day after checking in at one of my favorite cities in Bali Canggu!

I just wanted to surf and do yoga all day long and enjoy the weather and have some together time with my mom since she is a traveller who travel all the time, it was so good to have som mom and daughter time.

Most of the pictures are from Canggu, Ubud and Kanto Lampo waterfall.

In the video you can see some quick moments from the trip



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