Hello everyone!
I finally have Samsung Galaxy s7! And I'm so happy about it!
I choose the gold one, they only had white or gold, the black was all sold out.
But this one is so beautiful! hehe Samsung rules!

I slept for 4 hours and woke up one hour ago so I'm just watching some TV.
Also took a shower and washed my long black lovely hair ;)

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So Dani read my latest blog post "Happy birthday Dani Filth!"

His wife Toni showed him that post and he said it was awesome and that he's very honored!
That made me so happy that I had tears in my eyes!
This means a lot to me, It feels so weird that he have seen my blog!
I can't evem explain how much that means to me and how happy I am for this.
Gosh this is awesome!
Wouldn't you be super happy if your hero/idol would read your blog?! I mean it's so fucking cool!
That he had been here and reading stuff!

Anyways hehe I'm super happy about this, holy cow!

Oh btw, here is the first interview I saw with Dani for 14 years ago!!!
And it's so cool ragt Adrian is Swedish hehe!



Today is a very special day! it's Dani's birthday!

I just feel that I have to write about how much Dani really means to me.
Ever since I was 14 I have always liked Dani.
Like I said in another post "Cradle of Filth changed my life" I explained a lot how CoF and Dani changed my life completely.
An old friend of mine showed me music videos of Cradle and the first one was "Her ghost in the fog". He also showed me a lot of interviews with Dani and I knew at that point that he is a great and cool person, also very funny!
After that I changed my style and I came back to school after he long summer break with a brand new style and attitude.
People stopped bullying me and they had respect for me. People had never showed me respect before so it felt very odd.
Nobody wanted to mess with me at all and I got many new friends.
All this thanks to Dani.
(And I looked a bit like Dani lol *laughing*)

It's hard for me to explain how much he has done and how much he really means to me.
It's very odd how one person can actually changed a whole life for a person.

Dani is my hero and will always be that.
Nothing can ever change that.
I love this man to the moon and back.
I am so happy that I have met him 2 times and I hope to see him soon again, I really miss him.
When I first met him 2014 he was so kind, polite and funny. I was very nervous haha! But it all went well and it was a dream come true. I had to pinch myself many times after that.
I also met him last year in Stockholm and I wasn't nervous about it because I know he's a great person.
We talked pretty much and took a lot of cool and funny pictures.
He really took his time just to talk with the fans who was waiting for him after the show.
I have met many famous people but nobody has been so sweet and funny like Dani is.
He even painted the flowers black for me that Lindsay Schoolcraft gave me from the stage (you can see the flowers in the pictures below)
And I cried a bit because it made me so happy and I felt very special.
He was very happy about the gift I gave him, a bottle of red wine.

I really love his attitude, in every interviews I've seen he has been very finny and kind.
And I don't understand how some people can talk shit about him... and how some people don't like him.
I always defend him when some idiots talk shit about him and I will always defend him even though it always end up with huge fights online on social media.

He has done so much for me and it's still hard for me to explain that.
I would love to tell Dani all this face to face.
I really hope to see him soon again.

I hope that his birthday gonna be awesome with tons of cake, presents and a lovely time with his friends and his beautiful family!

Dani, you're my biggest inspiration and my hero.
Never forget that.



All of you know that I love Cradle Of Filth.
Been a fan for 14 years now and I have seen almost all the lineups.
I LOVE the new lineup, its the best!

And I love Lindsay Schoolcraft ❤ we became good friends thanks to facebook for about 3 years ago.
Then I met her 2014-02-25 for the fist time.
She's so lovely and kind! such a great woman!
And her voice is amazing. And she's very beautiful too.
She loves her fans and she always answering messages when she can.
She have done so much for me, she always cheer me up! She makes me so happy!
She's also my hero, she have sent me many gifts just to cheer me up when I have been depressed.
I mean who does that? Not many famous people! And I've been in contact with other bands but Lindsay is one of the sweetest person I know!
She means a lot to me.

I am so happy to have her in my life.
I love everything she's doing.
And what a talent! best female vocalist I've ever head!
And when she's playing harp and keyboard that's just amazing.
Words can't explain how much I love her 💚
She's always there for me.
I met her for the second 2015-11-23 and we had lunch and had a great time together.

it's just so amazing how a person can cheer up other people just like that!
Everything she do is perfect!
Lindsay is their best female vocalist and keyboardist they ever had, and I'm just being honest.
I have to say again that I am soooo happy that she joined the band!
She has such a great talent with music and writing lyrics etc etc. A genius!
I'm sure the next Cradle of Filth album will kick ass just like 'Hammer of the witches'!
I mean EVERYTHING she is fucking perfect.
She have a heart of gold, always so kind to her fans.

(Will post some pictures of the gifts she sent me and pictures with us together and some other beautiful pictures of her below.)

Lindsay, I love you to the moon and back! 💚

Check out her page on Facebook: Schoolcraft
Also don't forget my fanpage: Lindsay Schoolcraft Fan Community

To hear more of Lindsay works go to:




Got a few mails about how I keep my skin so pale and beautiful.

I have problem skin with pimples and dark spots (black heads)
So I have tried many products and for about a month ago I changed the products because the ones that I had didn't worked so well.
I'm using Neutrogena visibly clear!
It makes my skin very clean and smooth and without pimples and black heads!

And another tip for you guys is to be without makeup as often as you can to avoid these problems.
The skin needs to rest sometimes and foundation and powder is blocking the skin too much which isn't good, especially not for us with problem skin.

And don't forget to drink plenty of water!

(And btw, I never get a sun tan because that's not good for the skin at all, I am pale every summer)



Hi guys!
Got a message from Dani's wife Toni, She showed Dani Filth my blog post about how Cradle Of Filth changed my life!
I am sooo happy for this that he liked it!
He's my hero and I love him to the moon and back!
I also love his wife, she's so adorable and sweet!

I can't explain with words how happy I am now!
I had to pinch myself because it felt like a dream!

Cradle Of Filth is my everything and they mean a lot!
They totally changed my life to the better, if I never had heard them 14 years ago I would probably be very sad and more depressed than I am!
They make me so happy and all their songs and lyrics is amazing!
They have a huge special place in my heart!

Here is the message from Dani's wife Toni:

"Hey Hun sorry it's taken so long to get back to you.... Dani did read your blog.... He found it quite moving.... He said 'wow' you've been though so much.... He finds it awesome that he/ Cradle have been able to see you though your hard times.... He sends a big hug 😊😊😊😊 xxxx"

Isn't this wonderful?!
I am crying happy tears now!

Hail Dani Filth and Cradle Of Filth!



Like you all know my favorite band is Cradle Of Filth.
I have been a huge fan for over 13 years now and I have seen them live 2 times and I am so happy for that!
They are amazing people and their lyrics is amazing, so so amazing!
And they are GREAT live!
Dani Filth changed my life. I was bullied in school, and when I had summer break from school I met punk rockers and metal heads that I became very good friends with.
I was out one evening when an idiot screamed nasty things at me when a metal head and a punk rocker defended me, they helped me and they gave me a beer, my first beer ever lol.

After a while one of the guys showed me the video "Her ghost in the fog" and I fell in love completely!
Then I changed my style and attitude. When the summer break was over and I was back in school (8th grade) me and my mom had bought me new clothes, all black of course and a bunch of new jewelries and makeup.
People in school that was nasty to me just looked at me and said nothing!
The stopped bullying me, and everyone wanted to be my friend.
I also dyed my hair black, my mom let me do it because she knew how much I loved Cradle and Dani and my new cool friends.
Then I pierced my nose and lip.
After a while EVERYONE in school dyed their hair black, bought cool jewelries and piercings so everyone wanted to look like me lol.
Everyone wanted to be my friend and many of them were afraid of me because I actually looked like Dani (without contacts) lol haha!
BUT I was very evil for long to people that had bullying me for 6 years.

So I wanna thank Dani for all this, he and the music changed my life completely!
He is my hero and he means so much to me.

here is some pictures :)