Hi guys!
Got a message from Dani's wife Toni, She showed Dani Filth my blog post about how Cradle Of Filth changed my life!
I am sooo happy for this that he liked it!
He's my hero and I love him to the moon and back!
I also love his wife, she's so adorable and sweet!

I can't explain with words how happy I am now!
I had to pinch myself because it felt like a dream!

Cradle Of Filth is my everything and they mean a lot!
They totally changed my life to the better, if I never had heard them 14 years ago I would probably be very sad and more depressed than I am!
They make me so happy and all their songs and lyrics is amazing!
They have a huge special place in my heart!

Here is the message from Dani's wife Toni:

"Hey Hun sorry it's taken so long to get back to you.... Dani did read your blog.... He found it quite moving.... He said 'wow' you've been though so much.... He finds it awesome that he/ Cradle have been able to see you though your hard times.... He sends a big hug 😊😊😊😊 xxxx"

Isn't this wonderful?!
I am crying happy tears now!

Hail Dani Filth and Cradle Of Filth!

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