Like you all know my favorite band is Cradle Of Filth.
I have been a huge fan for over 13 years now and I have seen them live 2 times and I am so happy for that!
They are amazing people and their lyrics is amazing, so so amazing!
And they are GREAT live!
Dani Filth changed my life. I was bullied in school, and when I had summer break from school I met punk rockers and metal heads that I became very good friends with.
I was out one evening when an idiot screamed nasty things at me when a metal head and a punk rocker defended me, they helped me and they gave me a beer, my first beer ever lol.

After a while one of the guys showed me the video "Her ghost in the fog" and I fell in love completely!
Then I changed my style and attitude. When the summer break was over and I was back in school (8th grade) me and my mom had bought me new clothes, all black of course and a bunch of new jewelries and makeup.
People in school that was nasty to me just looked at me and said nothing!
The stopped bullying me, and everyone wanted to be my friend.
I also dyed my hair black, my mom let me do it because she knew how much I loved Cradle and Dani and my new cool friends.
Then I pierced my nose and lip.
After a while EVERYONE in school dyed their hair black, bought cool jewelries and piercings so everyone wanted to look like me lol.
Everyone wanted to be my friend and many of them were afraid of me because I actually looked like Dani (without contacts) lol haha!
BUT I was very evil for long to people that had bullying me for 6 years.

So I wanna thank Dani for all this, he and the music changed my life completely!
He is my hero and he means so much to me.

here is some pictures :) 

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