Science has made huge advances in recent times. However, in spite of the advances made by science, one has to admit that it is still in its nascent stages. It does not have an answer as to whether we have a soul. Every religion professes the existence of the soul. However, the scientists are adamant in their refusal to accept its existence for the simple reason that it is not able to explain the same. This is the problem with science. It refuses to believe anything that you cannot prove. Hence, when you ask a scientist, ‘Do we have a soul’, the answer would be in the negative.

However, religion does believe in its existence and explains the concept of rebirth as well. Science says that the human body comprises of the various organs, water, blood, bones, muscles, etc. It does not have any explanation as to how does a mass containing the above ingredients can have life. The Hindu Vedas explain that there are two bodies; one is the physical body and the other the subtle body. The subtle body comprises of the mind and the aspects of thinking, feeling, and willing, etc. The body contains an element of consciousness as well. This is the soul. The Vedas claim that the body can die and decay but not the soul. The soul manifests itself into another body. This explains the concept of rebirth. Some things are beyond the realm of thinking and proof. That does not mean that the concept is not existent. It is just that the human mind is incapable of comprehending the same.

When you ask the question, ‘who we are’, you would have a dilemma as to what to answer. Should you identify yourself as the person whom the world perceives you to be or should you go beyond the realms of science into the rarefied fields of spiritualism? The correct answer should be that you should look at things in the broader perspective and identify yourself as somebody over and above your physical self. You would not be able to explain this idea unless you rise above the realms of the ordinary. This is the stuff of people like Swami Vivekananda. They have a different level of thinking, much above the levels of science and technology.

There is a specific reason for the birth of each organism in the world. Even the smallest of bacteria has a specific reason for its existence. If this were true of the bacteria, this would be thousands of times truer of humans as well. The problem with humans is that we do not know the true reason of our existence. If you know the same and achieve it, that would be the end of the life cycle for your soul. Unless you achieve this objective, you would have to take birth repeatedly. Of course, science does not have any explanation for this. Scientists, with their limited knowledge of science and life, in general, do not believe the same either. Perusing this page, can have the answers to all your queries.