Dang it! Jag tror att jag är kär i dem här jeansen alltså. Dem är inte så värst ''somriga'' men vem bryr sig liksom? Är det bara jag som inte gillar att alla sommar kläder ska vara såhär ''gulligull''? Allt är ju typ bara rosa och blommigt. Jag gillar när det är mer, tufft liksom. Dem här jeansen på bilden ser skit snygga ut, PÅ BILDEN.

Dem skulle se hemska ut på mig lmao, är det bara jag som känner så eller? Det är alltid så när man kollar på kläder.Dem ser alltid snygga ut på ''modellen'' eller personen som har på sig dem, men så fort man själv tar på sig dem så ser man ut som en potatis med armar och ben.

Idag bestämde jag mig för att skriva på svenska,vilket jag tror ni har förstått det vid det här laget.Jag är ju så van vid att skriva på engelska så det känns nästan pinsamt att skriva på svenska. Fråga inte varför (inte för att det finns människor som kommenterar men anyways lol)

Alltså, när det kommer till fashion så hittar jag aldrig saker som jag gillar. Jag hittar definitivt inte saker jag letar efter, alltså det är ju typ en standard. Dagen jag hittar ett plagg jag letar efter, är en mycket speciell dag som endast sker typ en gång var femte år.

Jag gillar verkligen fashion, men eftersom jag aldrig hittar det jag letar efter så slutar det alltid upp med att jag blir sur eller något. Jag ritar alltid såhär modeller med olika outfits, sedan finns det även vissa kläder som jag har i huvud som jag vill ha på mig.Dessa kläder finns ju så klart, men jag hittar aldrig dem och jag blir alltid like upprörd.

Därför har jag ett tips till dig om du ska shoppa på stan eller internet; leta inte efter en specifik sak utan kolla bara runt på saker och då kommer du att hitta ett perfekt plagg som du typ kommer att älska. För om du åker till stan med inställningen att ''Aaa, idag vill jag köpa en specifik tröja'' då kommer du inte att hitta den och dem kommer sluta upp med att du blir arg och drar hem.Hoppas det hjälper typ lol

xoxo <3

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Hej allihopa!Det känns sjukt konstigt att skriva på svenska eftersom att jag är så van vid att skriva på engelska när jag bloggar. Jag har börjat fundera på en sak, borde jag börja blogga på svenska? Jag vet, min plan i början var ju att skriva på engelska eftersom att jag ville att förstod det jag skrev på mina blogginlägg.

Nu vet jag verkligen inte.Det känns som att jag skulle kunna få fler läsare om jag skrev på svenska.Därför har jag tänkt lite såhär fram och tillbaka, borde jag börja blogga på svenska eller engelska?Vi får se, om jag får väldigt många läsare på det här inlägget, så tror jag faktiskt att jag börja blogga på svenska istället.



Hey you guys!Today I wanted just want wanted to make this "tag" or what ever.I wanted to tell you guys 10 facts about me.If you relate to any of this comment down below.

1.My favorite colors is Purple and black.💜

2.My favorite season of the year is Autumn and winter because I'm born in September.🍂❄️

3.I'm very ambitious and determined.

4.I love fashion and make up 💄

5.I'm a black woman

6.I also love sports and technology 🏀💡

7.I love art,books.I also love to write and draw 📚🎨

8.I HATE injustice and when things aren't fair.😒

9.I love rap/hip hop cuz I'm lowkey a badass lol 😎

10. I'm against sexism,racism and islamophobia,and basically everything thing that's ignorant

This was things I liked to do and things that a like.This was absolutely not everything,there's still a lot about me that you guys don't know 😏.
Next time I'm doing 10 things about me I'm gonna tell you guys more about my personality.



Hey you guys!I really don't know what to write about today.So far my summer has been okay like I haven't done something that's like soooo funny but I mean it's just so far. I just feel like I wanna ramble today about irrelevant shit because I literally don't know what to write about.By the way,I'm blogging from my phone.Now some of you guys are gonna get the "oh she doesn't put time and effort on her blog" type of vibe.First of all,it may seem like I don't put time and energy on my blog but I actually have good reason.
Think about it,first of all, I don't know how many of you guys that even read my blog like what if only two people or nobody reads my post?Seconds of all, I just feel like I don't have many followers so basically it feels like I'm writing to non-existing people lmao😂. I just feel like if you like my blog and you basically read it everyday or if you like one of my post,then show it to me by following me or liking my post.Every time I see that someone started to follow me or liking my post,I lowkey get so happy lol. Also I get very motivated and inspired whenever I see that more people are. reading,liking,following and commenting.It makes me motivated because now I know that there's at least some people that are interested.That makes me put more time and effort on the blog. When I actually think about it,I think that one of the reasons why I didn't know what to write about today and just rambling about random things is probably because I'm so unmotivated.My goals this summer is probably to get AT LEAST 100 followers on my blog,can YOU help me with that?Well obviously you shouldn't follow me if you don't like my blog,but if you like my posts it would be amazing if you could follow me.In that way you will help me get 100 followers.☀️Thanx !!

I don't understand what wrong with me today guys lol 😂 I'm literally so bored that I'm getting bored of being bored,did that even make any sense??🤔 I think I'm just having anxiety for absolutely no reason which is so annoying because I wanna go out and do things but I feel like I'm gonna have a bad time because of my annoying ass anxiety.Have y'all ever felt that you just wake up on the morning and you're like *uhh fuck no, can I just die peacefully in my bed while I'm sleep cuz I'm not dealing with shit,not today*??

By the way I'm writing this while I am at a football (soccer) game.It's literally so boring here, I wanna go home but I feel like I need to take my anti social ass and do stuff while the sun is shining.

Omg, I can't believe I'm even telling you guys this bullshit.I don't know, what a wrong time to write a post.I just want you guys to know that if you guys think that people on social media or blogs have a "perfect" life then y'all hella wrong.Wait why am I talking about that now like out of nowhere??😂

Guys i feel like I should stop now, this is literally cancerous.If you guys are reading this post I feel bad for you on a spiritual level.I must be very depressing to read my posts lol that's probably why I have like 2 friends but you know what, o rather have 2 real friend than 100 fake ones lol (tryna make myself feel better like 😂) but reall though I mean it.

Okay now I really need to stop.Bye babes!! Xoxo

^ This is probably the face y'all making when y'all reading this post lmao😂



Hey you guys!It's Ruweyda,so since I promised you guys that I will do a "things to do this summer"list, I've decided to that.So if you don't have any idea of what to do this summer,this list is perfect for you!💛

1.Go swimming

2.Explore your own town(go to places in your own town that you've never been before)

3.Read a lot of books!

4.Start training or join a sport

5.Eat a lot of fruit/ice cream/ just summer foods

6.Spend time outdoors.

7.update your wardrobe aka SHOPPING!:)

8.Try make new friends!

9.Visit a theme park!

10.Redecorate your space!

11.Go to the beach!

12.Make your own ice cream!

13.Draw something really nice!

14.Listen to summer songs/music

16.Go out with your friends and eat somewhere!

17.Take summer pictures and then make an album in the end of the summer

18.Explore a hobby

19.Try to do things that you've never done before.

20.Just have a boring ass day where you just chilling in your bedroom and watching movie while y'all eating pizza.

That's everything that've got for your guys.I hope that now you've figured out what you can do this summer.If you don't feel like you wanna do any of these you can just make your own list of what you wanna do. I hope you guys liked it!



Hey​​ you guys! It's been a while since the last time right? Trust me, i have a good reason as the matter of fact i have PLENTY of reasons,but i don't feel like i wanna tell you guys everything that been going on in like, i don't know, 4-3 month? All i can tell you guys is that it's been a rough and stressful period in my life and we're having summer break now. Before the summer break it was national exams, grades, prom and all of that shit. Now it's finally over and it's finally summer!!! I've been sooo relaxed, finally i can relax for a while. Now i'm gonna focus on the blog more. Also, i will be posting a lot this summer. I hope that we at least can reach 100 followers this summer? Can we? I will be posting everyday and hopefully you guys wanna follow my blog.I really don't know what more i should write. I just feel like that this post is like an ''introduction'' of my plans for this summer. By the way, this summer i'm also working (not a real job obviously, i'm like 15) but anyways this summer i'm working ( a job) and i'm also working on something else that i will tell you guys about when i'm finally done with it. I think that's all i wanted to say in this post. It's finally summer break and tomorrow i'm gonna write about things you can do under the summer break. It's gonna be funny because i also wanna do a lot of stuff under the summer time. One of the most important thing to do under the summer break (if you are a student) is to relax. Relax, have fun and enjoy your day. xoxo 



Hey you guys,how is life going?Long time no seen.I have to admit that I haven't updated the blog for a long time.But don't get it twisted boo,I got my reasons.
I really just wanted to tell you guys what's going on in my life right now and I also wanted to share some of my ideas and plans for the future.
Let me start with what have been going lately.I'm finally done with the final exams(nationella prov on Swedish).I'm so relieved you guys.Omg, the final exams was pain in the ass.I stressed myself out so,so much and I don't even think that my results was good.
Which is totally f*cked up.
These three months, I have been studying day in and out.I have literally give everything that got and now I'm EXHAUSTED girl let me tell you.I don't feel like doing anything at all I just wanna sleep and then jump of a cliff like Lol literally,THAT tired.
But now, it's finally over(the final exams) and I got one assignment and one exam left.After that,school is about to end.Soon my whole class is going to a amusement park and we're going to have fun, or at least I hope that because I'm a very social awkward person.
I almost forgot one thing.
Prom.Yes guys, it's prom soon and I have literally nothing to wear.I'm freaking out because I hate times like this,it's just so much to do and it feels like the time is just running away.Anyways, I'm going to prom.I'm going to have fun with my girls one last time before we leave each other and starts another school.So after prom,I'm "graduating" and it's finally summer break.
I really got plans for this summer and I really got plans for the blog and everything.I wanna change a lot this summer.By the way, I think you guys know that I'm a Muslim?So,it's Ramadan soon and I'm looking forward to it.Ramadan is a month were us Muslims need to remember the poor/starving people.It's a very beautiful month and I'm looking forward to it.
Stay blessed y'all, I luv you guys!!!💕💕



Yaass, I am going to start watch this and I have already seen 3 episodes. So I am going to give you guys my opinion on the characters based on these 3 episodes that I have watched.
I don't like Jessica,Hanna and Justin.I really do not like them at AALL.First of I hate Justin, and Hanna just annoys the hell out me for some reason guys.
My favorites is Clay and the Mexican guy, I think Tony was the name.
But anyways you guys my opinions are going to change, I know that.But y'all should really watch this.



Okay hey you guys, I just wanted to make a quick post just to inform you guys about something.
If you are going to start follow my blog then make sure that you are not going to unfollow one second later.
It just annoying because I always get so happy and excited when I see that somebody started  to follow me,but after like one day that person unfollows.
And this is not the first time guys, this has happened like 5 times or something and it just kinda of disappointing for me because I'm really trying to make sure that people read my blog.
I'm trying and when I see that somebody starts following me I get happy and excited because I'm think oh finally someone starts to appreciate my posts.
And I don't need to have a lot of followers like if only llike 10 people started to follow me or something it would be amazing because then I know that when I'm writing at least someone  are reading.
So that's why I just think that if you know that you are not going to follow my blog a longer time than one day or even shorter than that then please do not even follow me at all.
Have a great day you guys and tomorrow I wanted to make a tag or something, it would be amazing if y'all could DM me what tag you guys want me to make.
Instagram:Ruweydaabdirahman 💛💛



Hey you guys, it's ya girl Ruru!And today I just wanted to write a little, I also wanted to update you guys about what has been going on lately and stuff you know.
First of all I have done two final exams and i think i failed at both of them.Girl let me tell ya, these two final exams was hella hard.This whole week has been hella hard.You know what?This whole year has been hella hard.
This year I have struggled my way trough this last term.I swear there is just nights I feel so tired that I'm too lazy to even sleep.
Well it might sound funny for some of you guys and it might sound very rough for others.The truth is that, I may be very strong and determined but I'm also exhausted.
I'm not exhausted just because of the studying, but everything else that is going around.My anxiety, stress and me getting disappointed in myself.In a whole year I have felt that and know the school year is ending, and I'm exhausted.
So I'm finally having a break from school, we are having break in one week and three days which is amazing but..But but but, my friend I'm not resting this break.
I have 2 home works, I got one Spanish exam and the other final exams are coming after each other so if I don't study this week I'm going to have it really hard these last couple of weeks.
I also have 2 assignments, so honey I'm not resting this week.I'm working.
So that was a little update of what's going on in my life right know.
I'm smiling through the pain,stress and anxiety.If I can do it then you can,so only positive vibes babe.Even though it my hard for me I'm still positive and I'm smiling.
In my next post I wanted to make a tag or something, so stay tune you guys!Have nice day!!💛