How beautiful are those landscapes!! I have a huge obsession with sky 😍, I love how the sky looks like at the sunset and think it's really magical here in Gotland ✨, glory be to the creator Allah 🙏🏼

ما اجمل هذه المناظر الطبيعية و هذه السماء 😍 لدي هوس كبير في التقاط مثل هذه اللقطات و خاصة عند غروب الشمس، مناظر سحرية سبحان الخالق 🙏🏼

Until next time/ Ruba 😘

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Hello there!

I'm back and I have a lot in my pocket 😁 so this post is all about the products I mentioned in my previous post. I'll l be talking about the benefits, disadvantage, how to use the products and for how long I've been using each of them.

starting with the things I use to take off my makeup:

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser/1year:

This is absolutely my favorite product, I have extremely oily, tight, sensitive, but also acne-prone skin. I've used so many different cleansers, all from oils to gels from drugstores and high end brands, but this one was something else, I got ride of acnes, my skin is less oily now and I can say that my skin feels a lot softer, My face finally feels comfortable and looks so calm and happy. I take a little bit of this cleanser on cotton pads ( please note that no need for water with this product for better results ) and I gently wipe my face with it in circles.


This product is tested on animals!

The Bodyshop Aloe Gentle Cleanser/1year:

If you love foams ( like me ) then this is a must more than a need in your life!!! the cleanser is really gentle for sensitive skin. I use this every morning before doing my makeup and even if I'm not planning to wear makeup, it gives you that fresh, clean and shiny look, you will defiantly see the deference after using it, it helps to calm the redness in your skin, cleans deeply and you will be satisfied with the results.

read more about ➡ aloe vera benefits


This product can't be used without a special cleansing brush for better results!

The Bodyshop Tea Tree Skin clearing facial wash/ 4months:

YES! you read it correctly 4MONTHS and already recommending this little one, 100% vegan, it prevents oil glands from secreting excess oil without over-drying your skin, my skin has become clearer, evener and has a radiant glow after using it and it removes all external impurities thoroughly thereby making skin even. Another good thing about this facial wash is the quantity which lasts for 3-3.5 months.

read more about tea tree benefits


Little heavy on the pocket comparing with other facial wash.

Spin For Perfect Skin/1year:

I use this cleansing brush to prepare my face for makeup and I also use it to take it off, it really gets ride of any left overs on your face for ex. foundation, powder, oils, dust etc and it leaves your skin clean and fresh, so get your hands on this spin and don't miss this offer ➡Discount on SFPS

It is easy to use it just make sure you soften the brush head with some warm water before using it, watch this➡ SFPS using tutorial


Quit expansive if you don't have discount code, the brush heads must be changed after 6months, battery-operated!

Nivea Refreshing Toner/10moths:

Tones deeply, removes residues and purifies for sensational fresh skin after cleansing, enriched with Vitamin E and contains Nivea's Hydra IQ moisture technology, moisturizes the skin to keep its natural moisture balance, leaves your complexion looking fresh, firm and revitalized. It smells so wonderful and refreshing, I get a lift each time I use it, just take cotton pads and a few dropps of this toner and wipe your face whenever you feel like doing it!


It can be replaced with rose water so it's not worth spending money on it!

Cetaphil facial moisturizer/1year:

This is the only lotion I can use that does not sting my face when I'm on different kinds of acne treatments that make my skin REALLY sensitive. It also does not make my breakouts worse. And, as a bonus, it has sunscreen! It has really helped to make my skin not as flaky with all these drying acne products.


It burns a little bit when you apply it and for people (like me) who live in Sweden and need sun rays and vitamin D, THIS isn't really the greatest option!




that I don't use all these products daily but Ive tried them along with other products to find what is the best for my skin, don't stick to one product for more than 6 months for better results! 😘




Hello there!

What is in my "life is a beautiful ride" essentials bag?☺️

Here are some products I use to take off my makeup after a long day and some skincare products:
Taking off makeup ⬇️⬇️ لإزالة المكياج
1- Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser with cotton pads ➡️

2- The bodyshop Aloe gentle facial wash ➡️

3- The bodyshop Tea Tree skin clearing facial wash (perfect for acne) ➡️
4- Spin for perfect skin in the color lucite green ➡️
5- Nivea refreshing toner as the last step to take off makeup➡️

SKINCARE products ⬇️⬇️ العناية بالبشرة
1- Mask of magnanimity ➡️
2- BB seaweed mask ➡️
3- herbalism ➡️
4- cup o'coffee ➡️
5- GinZing eye refreshing cream ➡️
6- Eye Contour Gel ➡️

Next post is gonna be about the benefits and how to use these products, stay tuned!

ماذا يوجد في حقيبة الضروريات☺️؟
في الأعلى توجد بعض المنتجات التي استخدمها في إزالة مكياجي بعد يوم طويل و بعض منتجات العناية بالبشرة المفضلة لدي

المنشور القادم سيكون شرح تفصيلي لكيفية استخدام هذه المنتجات و فوائدها، كونوا على استعداد