Happy New Year! I really hope that 2018 will be a better year for me and for y'all. 2017 was really a nasty little bitch to a lot of us and I've been through a lot, physically and mostly mentally. New Year is the kick start I needed and I wanna be proud of my Journey on the same day, next year. I know making resolutions just on the first day of a new year is pointless but I'm still going to list for you all my new resolutions. 2018 is all about me, myself and I. I really am going to try my hardest to keep minding my buisness and prosper in every way possible. I am that bitch, i'll just be a better and badder bitch this year.

1. GOD

I know he's my bestfriend and he will be forever. He'll never let me down and 2018 is our year, as a team I guess.


I'm going to try my hardest to workout daily, even a little bit. I've struggled a lot with my physical health but now I am feeling motivated and inspired to loose all my thigh fat. BELLA HADIDS BODY IS THE GOAL. I know changing my eating habits is going to be the hardest part... I love my comfort food so much.


One of my favorite youtuber, the amazing Siena Mirabella is organized af. She gives amazing tips and I'm going to follow them this year, religiously, starting with bullet journaling. Actyally she doesn't use a bullet journal but she use "Google calendar" which is not my cup of tea. I mean all the digital stuff is not for me, I need to control everything and that is why tomorrow, I am going to purchase a bullet journal. I needed to convince my mom because I have to let her know everything that I buy (ugh!). Anyways I'll let you know how this whole organization situation goes.


I LOVE FASHION I REALLY DO, even though my style is simple and minimalistic. I feel like 2018 is the perfect time to step up my game and get out of my comfort zone! I need more clothes, more shoes and MORE PAIR OF JEANS. A friend of mine, has an amazing style, she gives me amazing shopping tips and since sales are coming next week I'll make sure to follow her advices!


Ugh I hate school, but I need to graduate and to get educated so I can be a woke bitch. I'm clever af but I'm so lazy to study I always do the bare minimal. But this time I have to give all I have ( sadly ). I'm not motivated but I have to do it.


OMG this is so important to me, clear skin is everything. I need to buy more skincare products and get a clear skin before may. I cannot stand having clogged pores on my T zone.. they are bigger than my booty and that's not acceptable. I'm definitly going to purchase Mario Badescu products and keep using my fav thing in the world: rose water ( yup, you guessed it). I feel like it goes in the same category so I'll throw it here, I need more makeup. I barely wear makeup and this gotta change... Again it's my parents lol they won't let me buy anything.


2018 is the year of minding my own buisness, no more helping people to be honest. Also, I used to love making friends but I just don't like it anymore. I enjoy being alone and that's what I am going to be doing more this year. I'll go shopping alone, at the movie alone, even at the restaurant alone. I am my own bestfriend since Hazel is far away from me </3. I have some good friends over here but I don't know I just don't feel like hanging out with people. Maybe that will change. I don't trust anyone now, I'm done with being betrayed. For a Libra, it's really hord because we live through Relationship, but I have to get through it. And about boys... I guess I can't live without them. They ain't shit, I know but I want somebody to ruin my life. I'll regret it! In 2018, I'll only be surrounded by good energy. I'll stop trying for people that do not deserves me.


I love twitter with a passion, this is the only place when I relate to people. I feel like I should take a break from Instagram and Snapchat because first of all I never take pictures and second of all even if I did, I am too socially anxious to even think about posting anything. I'm also maybe going to start a YouTube channel. I already made it but again, I'm too scared to post anything.


I'm not sure about getting vegan or vegetarian yet but I wanna do Something for sure. Again I am sure my parents won't let me but I'll do it anyway. I'll try to update you all about it!

10. A NEW ME

They are a few things that I hate about me, and I am going to change that in 2018. I'm not talking about my body but about my personnality. I'm too talktative to me, I am pointless and annoying. I used to be so cool lmao but she is gone. I need to be less friendly to people that do not give a shit about me. I am that bitch and sometimes I forget it. I need to stop thinking about what will please the people I like and start thinking about me more.

I wish you all a happy new year and a lot of SHMONEY. Some things won't change though: my love for Haz, weed and the D.  I'll still be evil in 2018, being nice is not my thing that's for sure.

Make sure to tell me your new year resolutions!

May 2018 be good to you <3