When you're expecting to pull off that super sexy I'm-on-a-fast-boat-in-paradise look but realise that photo shoots on a fast boat in reality aren't quite that charming. πŸ‘†

Anyhow, why was I on a fast boat going away from Brisbane on Thursday morning anyway...?

Well, do you remember this gorgeus human? πŸ‘‡

That's right, Shelley is finally home(!!), and last Thursday I finally got to see her again for the first time in forever.πŸ’•

Only 30 minutes on a ferry away from Brisbane is the huge paradise island known as Straddie. This big beauty is the reason why Brisbane doesn't have beaches or surf; Straddie is in the way and gets aaall the good stuff. πŸ–πŸŒŠπŸŒ΄

No I'm not pregnant. Neither am I participating in Biggest Looser. What you see above is the combination of a baggy dress and a lot of wind, ok?πŸ˜…

When we reached the other side of the bay, me and Alex finally got to reunite with Shelley, about one year after we said goodbye last time(!). She was pretty much the first girl I got to know when I was travelling alone in Thailand September 2015. It's quite incredible to think we've since then been meeting up in different parts of the world like that's completely normal. Love it 🌏

We enjoyed the day frying ourselves like bacon on the beach, swimming in the crystal clear sea (You won't beleive it but it was actually the very first time I had a swim in the sea in Australia, except for when I snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef😡), and visited Shelley's family's beautiful summer house.

Our walk along the coast felt like a safari as we also got to see a lot of Australia's wildlife in action. Stingrays/mantarays, sea turtles, dolphins, wallabies, you name it! The rays were big enough to make the bottle nose dolphins look tiny in comparison, and one big ray even put on a show as he jumped high abouve the surface before dropping back into the crashing waves. I didn't even know that rays could jump⁉

The sea turtles were usually just to be seen as dark patches moving around under water, but every now and then they streched their necks above the surface and revealed their little turtle faces. 🐒

Anyone who has spotted a whale or a dolphin from a distance before knows that the time you spend trying to get a photo of it is never worth it; best case scenario you can see a blurry black fin in the photo giving reality no justice at all. Therefore, we didn't bother taking photos and made sure to enjoy the moment instead.

The day came to an end much quicker than I wished it would so before we knew it, me and Alex were on the ferry on the way back to reality again. Since then I've pretty much spent the time sorting out boring paperwork (superannulation is not a fun thing to deal with when you're 20 years old, trust me) had the apartment shown to someone who might move in when I move out, shopping, running, rock climbing, reading and watching my new guilty pleasure show: Married at first sight πŸ™ˆ

Exciting times are coming up within a near future... After beeing rooted in Brisbane for about half a year, my whole world is about to change completely really soon. More about that in my next post!

Stay tuned x



Even though Brisbane airport is my work place I was actually really thrilled going there last Saturday. This time it was my turn to be a guest and not an employee: I was going to Melbourne!

Having a long weekend in Melb was a really spontaneous decision I made. Ever since I was there with Alexsandra in August I've always wanted to give Melbourne a second chanse since we we're spending most our time freezing our butts of and couldn't really enjoy it. Seeing as part of my former hostel family had an apartment in Melb at the moment, it felt like the right time to go!

I met up with Madi and Chelsea (who I met at a hostel in Brisbane 2-3 months ago) and enjoyed three crazy nights and days with them involving: clubbing, coffees, doughnuts, beers, art, penguins festivals, markets, police interference and good friends!!

The pictures above are taken at Hoiser lane, a little alleyway famous for it's remarkable street art. I was there with Alexsandra in August, but there wasn't one artwork that was the same; the art there is changing constantly! 

Melbourne is also the ultimate capitol for a foodie (like me) πŸ”πŸŸπŸ©πŸ˜

We also got a close view of these little fellows, the penguins at St Kilda beach! These penguins are smaller than your cat and will melt you heart straight away as they waddle around flapping their tiny little wings. 🐧

Even though the air was still quite cold, Melbourne definitely grew on me on this trip. Nontheless, I can't deny that I was relieved when I landed in Brisbane on Tuesday morning and got embraced by the hot and humid Queensland air; I'd never trade Brisbane for Melbourne β˜‰

I landed on Valentine's day, and as soon as Alex finished work we met up at his place. I was slighly panicked over the fact that I had no idea what he had planned for us, but got a positive surprise when the cab dropped us off outside a fancy tapas restaurant in the city.

It was quite dark in the restaurant which was cozy but made it incredibly hard to take photos of the food. πŸ˜… We enjoyed a shared four-course meal including garlic sourdough bread with olive oil, fried mushroom croquettes, delicious marinated giant prawns and a generous seafood soup. We finished of the night in a perfect way by walking across the road to the vintage bar Lefty's, where we enjoyed fresh apple whiskeys while listening to taleted live performers.

It was a flawless night, though, it ended fairly early since I was quite knackered after my early flight and rough weekend. I felt really spoiled and thankful to Alex who arranged this for us. Can't wait until next Valentine's πŸ™ˆπŸ˜» haha 



Hi guys!
I would have done this post earlier, but I've been waiting for photos from a certain company which hasn't been sent, and once I realised I wouldn't be getting them anytime soon and made a blog post anyway; Nouw decided to delete my draft. *sigh*

Lucky for you though I don't feel like writing the whole post again and will therefore sum up the story (and try to complain less this time 😅).

Last Sunday it was finally time for me and Alex to climb the spectacular Story Bridge! I gave this experience to him as a Christmas gift but we haven't taken the time to actually do it, until now!

The Story Bridge is a tall, iconic structure which has proudly been connecting the southern suburbs with the city since 1940. We chose to do the more expensive Twillight tour to get the most out of our experience, and it was worth it! We got to see the city in daylight as we climbed the stairs up the bridge, watch the sun set behind the city skyline while we were at the top and then watch as the bridge and city lit up as the sky turned darker on the way down. We spent almost two hours taking in the wonderful 360° view from 180m above the sea level. We could actually see the Glass House mountains on the horizon, ~60 km away!

Unfortunately, we were not allowed to bring anything during the climb and were therefore unable to take any photos. The tour included photos though and the guide did indeed take a few individual and group photos along the way.

When the tour was finished and went to collect our photos we were told only the group photos were included and that we had to pay 17$ for the individual ones (!). We chose to decline the stupid offer and spent that money on well deserved pizza at a spectacular pub underneath the bridge instead.

The next day I got the group photos sent to my email, or more correctly, a link to a webpage to which they had been uploaded. Compressing and uploading the pictures to this free website resulted in a terrible loss of quality and made the proffessional photos look like they were taken with a Nokia 8210 rather than the expensive camera they used.

I called the company and asked them to send me the photos on email directly instead to preserve the quality of the pictures and they promised to have that sorted out within 30 minutes. It has now been 22 hours and 30 minutes and I have kind of given up hope, so unfortunately you'll have to settle with the pictures above.👎

Face palm failed but expression of disappointment successful

The climb was a week ago now and since then I've frequently been practising a different kind of climbing: rock climbing! I was originally just going to join Georgia for a climb but I got really fund of the sport and have been back 3 times since. Bruised and with torn up hands I learnt that long pants are worth wearing despite the heat and that chalk is necessary even for beginners.

Alex and I have been assisting each other when a rope and harness is needed but we've mostly done this "boldering" climbing (see above) where you dont have ropes but the floor is one giant matress that swallows you when you fall.

I'm so excited to go back climbing as soon as possible but I just landed in Melbourne and am planning to enjoy a relaxed weekend here without bruises and broken nails. Many of my friends are here at the moment and I cant wait to see everyone!!!  ❤

Expect a Melbourne update soon x



Newly opened and only 10 minutes away from my apatment is the epic Netherworld!
I've driven past this huge building a couple of times before and I've always wondered what's hiding behind those dramatic white-on-black letters. Last night I finally got to see it up close since Alex suggested it was time for us to check it out.

Picture stolen from mustdobrisbane.com

This, ladies and gentlemen; is a fantastic Bar + Kitchen + Arcade hall 😍

The range of retro games was HUGE, not only flipper games but also classics like Pac-Man, Street Fighter, zombie shooters, race simulators and even old school consoles like Super Nintendo, Atari and Nintendo 64!

I want to say "best of all was.." but I can't because everything was SO good!!
Best of all was: Everything. Incuding:
-Netherworld's own IPA brew 🍺
-Cash-out in the bar πŸ’Έ
-Cheap arcade games (1$ for 4 goes)!
-Range of almost everything in the retro gaming category
-Awesome vibe
-Free epic and rare console gaming
-Kitchen flippin' burgers all night
-Mini-tables next to each machine to avoid awkward play-with-a-beer-in-your-hand moments and to look after the machines
-Scented candles in the bathroom (yes, very important).
-Free huge range of board games!!

Yep, pick whatever board game you feel like playing from the range above (☝) and play til' you drop! FOR FREE!! Only me who is feeling this is a bit to good to be true? 😍

I was glad to see that even though it was a Thursday night; the place was crowded. Jam freakin' packed even though the place was big.

Generally I hate crowds but I was glad that this place proved to be so popular and that people seem to genuinely appreciate all the hard work and money that the lovely souls that started this place have put into it.
They're keeping retro gaming alive, with style!

Since I'm working this weekend there won't be any more nights out this week, which is good since I'm trying both to save money and spare my liver for a bit. There is one thrilling experience coming up Sunday afternoon though, as me and Alex are gonna put some climbing gear on and take on the most iconic structure in Brisbane: The Story Bridge πŸŒ‰πŸ˜†

Check in soon to see the photos from this sky-high adventure! x



Check out this awesome creation I wore for the "The Simpsons" themed party last weekend!

Best of all, I only spent 5 bucks getting it! The only piece I needed to buy was the blue top (which I probably would have bought anyway) and that was was on sale for only 5$(!!!) at Forever21💰👍

The rest, I simply crafted from things I had already.

I made the "Duff Beer Belt" by stabbing holes in empty cans with a kitchen knife, and then tying them to my leather belt using thin steel wire that I had at home already.

The cape is actually not a real cape but the red dress that I wore at "Rave of Thrones" a while ago when I dressed up as "The Red Lady".

I was originally planning on ripping the dress apart and sow a cape from the pieces, but then I realised I could make a decent cape out of it without ruining it: I simply folded it and pinned it to my top! 👌

The outfit would have been complete with a red skirt and a "Duff" hat, but I was satisfied without them since the outfit was obvious enough anyway with all the "Duff" labels glued all over it. It turned out that I was one of the very few at the party who actually dressed up anyway (as usual... but I can't help that I love dress-ups!🙈) so I'm glad I didn't spend much money on the outfit.

Since the party (last Friday) I've pretty much stuck to every-day stuff: working, relaxing, cleaning etc. I've actually been working out more than usual as well, I guess the whole Foxton family have had a little (late) new years "wake up", where we have decided to live a bit healthier for a while. I feel like it might be time to have a "white" month after more than a year of daily drinking and crappy food 🙈💀

Exception: Tomorrow me and Alex are going to visit Brisbanes new (and huge) arcade game bar: Netherworld! I'll try to snap some photos since it seems too epic to miss and I'd love to share it with you all.

Have a good day where ever in the world you are, be sure to check back in soon x



In comparison to Sweden, Australia actually celebrate the day dedicated to their nation, and yesterday January 26th was the day to do it.

A typical Ausse day includes:
-Day off work
-House party
-Day drinking (starting at noon latest)
-An esky full of beer
-Sausage sizzlers
-Swimming pool
-Garden activities
-Stupid decisions
-Cockroach racing
-People passing out before 9pm

Even though me, Alex and Liam were terribly rough from the day before, I think we managed to tick off most of the "must do's" on Australia day.

Regardless, I gained a lot of Aussie points when I agreed to join to go see a live cricket game match in "The Gabba" stadium on Wednesday night. It was Sydney "Sixers" vs Brisbane "Heat". The vibe was awesome and they were shooting fireworks and other pyrotechnics everytime a team scored a 6, 4 or if the batsman got "out" (For my Swedish fellows who isn't familiar with cricket, it's the national sport here and it's very similar to Swedish "Brännboll").

It's been an intense week: we held our house warming which became a sucess though the day after I thought I was going to die at work.. 😷

Then it was the cricket game, Aussie day and tomorrow: The Simpsons themed party!

Tune back in soon to see who I'm dressing up as 🙈🙉🙊



As I promised yesterday, I went to a chineese date last night. Me and Alex got a 2 course dinner voucher for christmas that we finally got time to use, so I put some bling and my new dress on and off we went.

The dinner was valued at 110$ so we spoiled ourselves with a starter each, beer, and then pork hoch and mixed seafood for dinner.

It was a lot of food so I was feeling full after the starter already, but made sure to finish all the king prawns at least. After dinner we swung by the Newstead Brewery which was just next door. This brewery makes a lot of the beers that you can buy in the bottle shops around here, but by visiting the brewery we got to try out their beers straight from the brewing barrels. 🍺

We didn't stay long since Alex was driving and had work the next day. Just after he left this morning, I got an exciting call ... πŸ“ž

It was the car mechanic who called and they told me that my car was fixed and ready for pick up!

When I was in that accident a couple of weeks ago I was expecting having to go through hell to get my car fixed, but its all been going sooo smooth!

They fixed the car in less than three days, paid the repairs, paid the cabs I had to take, gave me a life long guarantee on the fixed parts and as if that wasn't enough, I got a packet of lollies too. 🍫

Maybe I should start crashing my car more often πŸ˜…πŸ˜‹

Three days to make it go from this☝

To thisπŸ‘‡

Right now I am getting ready for tonight's festivities. Since everybody is working today the party will start quite late, which is annoing since I have a day off and have been ready for hours, haha!

Have a great weekend everyone x



The 12th of December last year I signed the contract to my very first, very own apartment. It's a unit in a house (which looks a bit like a castle 👸👑) which I share with another 20 year old girl from Brisbane.

The apartment has 4 rooms, 4 bathrooms (toilets and shower rooms separated), a huge balcony and of course a kitchen.💎

Most of the furniture and all of the kitchen assecories belongs to my house mate, which I'm grateful for since I don't want to own too much stuff myself since I'm not staying here for long (got to move soon to do my farm work, if I'm gonna do it..). I've  signed to stay here at least until April.

My room is quite hard to take photos of since its fairly small, so the photos above are the best I can do. Sorry!

Even though the apartment itself is spacious and modern, the balcony is still my favorite part. Partly because of the stunning 180° view over the city, but mostly because I feel like Rapunzel when leaning over the octagon shaped parapet. 👸💖

The location is perfect, which was one of the main reasons why I chose this apartment. I now live ten minutes away from my job, and only two stops away by train (about 10 minutes) from Fortitude Valley, which is where all the clubs and nightlife in Brisbane are located 🍸😜

Tomorrow night me and my house mate are hosting our house warming party here, but before I start preparing for that: I have a date to go to. 🙈🙊



This morning it was time for my baby car to go to the workshop to get a new bumper and quater panel. About a week and a half ago, a lady in a carpark forgot to look before she crossed the "give-way" line and therefore drove straight into my car. Fortunately, nobody got hurt since we were both driving very slow, but my poor car got really banged up. 🚗💥🚗

Luckely all expences are paid for by the other driver since she was at fault, including a cab ride from/to the mechanic which I used to go to the city after I had dropped of the car.

As much as I hated the thought of going shopping in this extreme heat I had to get a new bikini. All my old bikinis have lost all their elasticity and I kind of realised it was time to get rid of them when Alex pointed out that my bikini-bottom was "flapping in the wind". 😶😅

I was happy to find this peachy piece at Forever21, I love the color and the model and best of all; it was only 20$!

Next mission was to get something to wear at our house warming on Friday (that's right, time to have the first ever party in my new apartment!).

I wanted something fresh, summer-y but still casual. I stumbled over the dress below and it was love at first sight.😍

It was casual, cute, and again; I loved the colour. And even though the price tag told me: "No way!! You are smarter than spending all that money on a shit quality, oversized top Johanna", I just had to try it on. Nontheless, I ended up leaving with that pink xxxl-top in a plastic bag, 72$ poorer. Guilt fought pride as my head kept singing:

Fifty dollars for a T-shirt, that's just some ignorant bitch (Shit)
I call that getting swindled and pimped (Shit)
I call that getting tricked by a business

Thanks, Macklemore, for summing up my greedy and needy choise.

Swindled or not, I consider it a little pay-day treat to myself 👌

After shopping I walked to over the bridge to South Bank and had a swim in the public pools they have over there (was dying in the heat!) and then I met up with Georgia (Alex's sister) to check out the GOMA festival. GOMA stands for Gallery Of Modern Art (I think😅) and it celebrates 10 yeats this weak. I've been before and it was just as random today as last time.

Right now I'm back at my apartment. Thought that I'd take some photos of it tomorrow and post it here on the blog so you guys can see how I live (before it gets trashed on Friday haha).

Happy hump day everyone! 🍓



Yes, I know it was a while ago since 2016 turned into 2017, but it was just recently since I entered my second year abroad!πŸŽ‰

A year and one week ago today, I waved goodbye to my dear mom at Arlanda Airport in Sweden and braced myself to face the world on my own. As I remember it, I wasn't very nervous at first. It was when I got on the plane that my brain finally realised: there's no turning back now.πŸ›«

When I finally got to the hostel in Delhi, India, three wonderful humans waited there for me. I remember how unreal it felt to meet up with them there, in the middle of Asia where none of us had been before. These people, that had so recently been strangers to me, were now among my closest friends. Their experience, positive attitude and wanderlust inspired me and got me craving adventure. They got me ready to take on the world myself after we split up about 2 months later.

Looking back now (and God I'm thankful for the blog, I would have forgotten many beautiful moments already if it wasnt because the blog is there to remind me) I'm very happy I got on that plane one year ago. Travelling has changed my life and without changing who I am, made me a stronger, braver, more confident and open minded person. I mean Christ, I've managed to build a more independent life here on the other side of the world than Ive ever had before.

Settling down in Australia made my adventure abroad go from moving every second day, to a (quite) normal every-day life. As much as I prefer travelling new places over working, cleaning, paying bills and grocery shopping, at least I'm doing it in paradise.

Setting up a life here wasn't always easy though. It has taken a long time and it has caused me stress, lack of confidence and for the first time in my life: anxiety. When stress kicked in, the blog was one of the first things I had to give up which is the main reason I stopped so abruptly.

The snowballing pressure I experienced caused my thoughts to focus on negatives and sometimes it would smother me completely. A tiny incident could make my lungs refuse breathing and yea, it made me very vounerable.

That's when my friends stepped in. Friends that I didnt even know I had (because my head told me they didn't notice me anyway) stepped in and made me realise that I deserve to feel good about myself. Alex noticed that I wasn't well before I had even admitted it to myself. He gave me courage enough to stop denying what I felt, and to start talking about it instead. He was there to support me 24/7, didn't matter if I had to call in the middle of the night, or if he was being busy: he was always there and he always has been. 

They got me back up on my feet.

I found myself laughing the other day when I was in my car and a rock song played on the radio. The lyrics were: "You have no right to be depressed, you're not trying hard enough". I don't completely agree, I mean, I'm convinced anyone who is depressed is trying their f*cking best to get better 'cause it's not pleasant down there, but I think many fail to see and appreciate what's good in their lives. I mean, I'm living my absolute dream now, I was just naive to think it'd be easy to get to where I am.

I'm finally brave enough to realise I created this for myself, I followed my dream and I deserve to live it. All of it. 🌴

Thank you Alexsandra for encouraging me to make this post. I've really missed blogging but I assumed nobody would be interested in reading it since I'm not travelling around as much anymore. your text motivated me and I hope to pick up blogging again and continue sharing my adventure with you all during 2017 as well.