I'm soo sooo sorry for my poor commitment to the blog lately, and a million stars to the people who are still hanging in there to read this 🌟🌟

My poor excuse for not updating lately is simply that I was a bit stunned, and intimidated by the new direction I promised this blog would go. That I, myself, said. Pretty ironic, I know.

Anyhow, I've gathered courage to come back, and that by starting simple. I'm actually going to start as simple as just sharing one, personal fact about myself. I have sooo so much to tell, but I don't know where to start, so I'll simply start by stating the fact that most of you have probably figured out already:

Me and Alex are a thing. Like a real thing. Like toghether. And it's quite mind blowing to think of.

When I met him more than a year ago at Full Moon Party (Romantic, I know), I thought he was just a travel buddy and that I'd never see him again. A couple of months later we found ourselves travelling through India together and yeah what can I say.. If you survive India with someone you can survive anything together.

Once again though I thought it was the last time I'd ever see him when he got on that train in Sri Lanka. But, here we are, sharing house, food and life with each other. I guess that makes me stalker of the year, continually following him through continents like this..

..Jokes aside, I'd most likely have gone to Australia anyway, but let's just say this motivated me a little.

Getting to travel his home country with him has been a very exciting and new experience and I can't wait for what more adventures that await on the horizon: Summer break, Falls Festival, and maybe even Japan just to mention a few.

Even though its been tough sometimes I'm the happiest girl on the planet right now and therefore I feel like I am ready to share this with you, even though I suppose most of you might have known already.

This is my fact of the day and it feels good to be writing again. Expect to hear from me soon again, as ill try to catch up with whats been going on piece by piece.

Thanks for checking in! 😘

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Hey guys! Sorry for updating so slowly lately. Now that I've settled down more I'm going to proceed with a new type of blogging. Rather than updating frequently about what happens in detail everyday I'm probably going to update about once a week and sum up what I'm doing more shortly, and make the whole blog more personal rather than stating facts about what I've been up to.

Sounds good? Hope you'll like it! Writing personal posts are very intimate and new for me but I think you rather share my thoughts then how I'm making the laundry every day, right? haha πŸ˜‰

But first! I have some summing up to do regarding the week that has been. Much has happened and I did write a whole essay about it to post here on the blog, but it Disappeared. How sucky is that? Super unfortunate in my opinion because it was quite a few jucy stories in there. Though, I'll make my best to re-write it for you πŸ’•

My last post finished with this. Me and Alexsandra having our last day together. We had a really chilled one hanging out in the city, and then finished off big going to the infamous Down Under bar. This bar has quite a reputation. Anyone who has been there has a story to tell and one of them even went viral which you can read in a post in the Facebook Group 'Confessions of a Backpacker' if you're interested. A quick summary of the place would be: Backpacky, Cheap, No Rules. We had a fun night which I probably will tell you about in detail in another post inte the future, the details are quite jucy. πŸ˜…πŸ˜‰ The next day was the day of Alexsandra's departure, which was an emotional one with plenty of hugs and a promise that this wasn't the last time we travelled together. 😒Here's a little collage of some of our best moments so farπŸ‘‡πŸ™ˆ

Charming selfies are what we're best at πŸ˜‚

The days after she left was dedicated to more serious stuff. I no longer had an excuse to just chill out and hope for a job to appear out of nowhere so I spent quite some time in front of the computer editing my resumes and applying for jobs online.

Though, a couple of days later I was fed up with the boring stuff and checked myself in to that same hostel that me and Alexsandra stayed at before she left. There, I met up with the friends we had made there and hung out with them.

​One of the days me and one of the girls Sarah, went shopping in the CBD and I finally got a new pair of sunnies after having lost mine ages ago.

The weather was a bliss so I also took a stroll down to Southbank at one time (freakin' love those park lands) and sat down with my book at the moment (Scorch Trials) on the grass next to the river. Soon afterwards, I was surprised (hashtag almost got an heart attack!) by two army jet planes that flew low over the river in front of me at an incredible speed. I got the biggest fright followed by shivers of pleasure as the the planes showed off with speed, incredibly loud noise and quick manoeuvres for a full fifteen minutes. They were obviously practicing for the upcoming festival River Fire and I'm glad I got a sneak peak!

Not my video, obviously, but I was thereπŸ‘†

The last night at the hostel was Friday night, and in order to say a proper farewell to my friends there we all went out for another night at Down Under. Again, weird stuff happened there which ill sum up for you in another post soon (and maybe also post in Confessions of a Backpacker on Facebook 🐡).

Saturday was a lazy day, at least until like 6.40pm when we realised that the fire works show of River Fire Festival was starting in 20 minutes! 😱 It was definitely too late to take the train into city, but I was certainly not going to miss this event that i had been looking forward to for so long. So, we quickly ordered an Uber (black taxi, ish) and got moving. Apparently though, half the city was closed down due to security reasons so going by car was not really as smooth as we had expected. Fortunately, our driver was an absolute sweetheart so with some teamwork we managed to arrive at our destination five minutes after the show has started. We ran up the stairs to the watchtower at the hostel i stayed at and got an amazing view over how the impressive fireworks lit up the city.

The video below is very long so obviously you don't have to watch it all, but it'll give you a hint of what I'm on about.

The fireworks came up in all kinds of shapes and colours: smiley faces, love hearts, you name it. All synchronised in shape and colour throughout the city, from the river, the park lands, the skyscrapers and the Story Bridge.

Unfortunately, we did miss the Super Hornet (jet plane) show. Luckily for me I had already seen the practice runs so at least i did not miss out on too much. The incredible thirty minutes on that rooftop was enough for me to fall in love with the city i now live in even more.

The picture below is taken when i first arrived in Melbourne in August. I loved Oz then and I do still.

When we came back to the house after the show it was buzzing with people. A house party was going on to celebrate Caitlin's Brother's B-day πŸŽ‚ We joined in and had a good night playing pool, making a bonfire and celebrating.

Sunday was a recovery day, but as soon as Monday arrived the resting was over. Alex more or less kicked me out of the house(as a joke of course) since i had been postponing going out and applying for jobs in person for so long.

So there I was, alone in the city with a bunch of resumes in my hand. I was dead nervous, never having applied for a job before in my life and now I had to do it face-to-face. 😱 I told myself that sometime would have to be the first time and also, what could possibly go wrong? Worst case scenario i would not get a reply and id certainly not get that by not applying at all so off I went.

Approximately eleven places later I called it a day, and could sum up my experience as a relief. Talking to all the managers went without problems, and even though i was knackered at the end of the day, I was happy that I had it done.

And I soon got a confirmation of that my effort had not been in vain. Soon, three replies waited for me in my inbox at I couldn't be more happy. Literally the day afterwards I was up for my first job trial, and I was absolute buzzing about it! The trial was at a cafe which style is healthy eats and drinks. So, in my six hours there I learnt to make coffee, smoothies etc and use a cashier machine. I had a really good time and am eager to get back in touch with the company.

I do have another trial coming up soon as well which I'm really glad for. I can't wait to get back into some routines (don't get me wrong though, being a lazy backpacker is awesome but routines can be good for you) and also to get a context of my own.

...And thats pretty much where Im standing now. Its an exciting turn in my life and I am again about to do something that I've never done before. I promise to be back soon with a post with the stories from Down Under bar so stay updated πŸ˜‰

Also, This will be the last post for now in the category "Australia" since I want to keep that one as a 'Travel-category' if that makes sense for you and myself to look back at for a quicker overview over my travels in this country. For a while now, my posts will go under the category "Living in Australia" where the more personalised post will be. Cheers !



The day has finally come, the day when I put my nomad life aside for a while and for the first time in eight months are able to call a place home.

I'm back in Brisbane, where my Australian adventure began and where I'll stay and try to get a context of my own.

But, before I came here, I had a road trip to finish.

I sure know how to pose and enhance a picture πŸ˜˜πŸ˜…

As you might remember from the last post, we were in Byron Bay, and were about to take a day tour to the funky town Nimbin! Also, the readers who read my blog in June, know that I've been there before and what it's about (a tiny town in the middle of nowhere where laws does not seem to apply, everyone wear hemp clothes and every weed - related item can be bought). We stayed for a couple of hours, and I ended up bying a necklace with the tree of life on it before we went back to Byron (the hippie culture kind of affected me). 🌳

...After Byron we headed two hours north, to Surfer's Paradise. Once again a familiar place but still as good !

Since it's not really legal to stay in campervans anywhere else than in actual camping grounds it was pretty hard to find somwhere cheap to stay in Surfer's. Eventually though we found a hostel that would let us stay on a parking space in their garage, which was super narrow so it was quite sweaty to park in there. πŸ˜… But with some teamwork we managed to park our van without a scratch, and went up to play some pool in the common area.

A phone call later Alex was on his way from Brisbane to come and meet us for a couple of hours. Such a nice surprise since I didn't expect to see him until the week afterwards! Unfortunately he had to leave the same night but we still had time for a volleyball competition and some drinks.

We had the good taste to land in Surfer's on a Friday, which gave us the opportunity to experience the city's main attraction: the party. So, on Saturday night we joined in on a pub crawl together with 100+ other backpackers!

The crawl was indeed a good deal: 30$ (~190SEK) for 4 entrances, 4 drinks, shuttle bus, dinner and heaps of merchandise ! I don't know why you would need a compressed towel to go out but I was not complaining!

We had good fun that night, among other things pretending to be celebrities on the red carpet πŸ˜‚β˜

The next day we got in the car again, this time to head straight through Brisbane and another few hours north, to Noosa.

I've stopped by in Noosa before (when me and Alex went on the roadtrip to Airlie Beach), but never spent a night there. This time we had a night ti sosnd, and we got really lucky with our accommodation as we got a deal at a hostel that was also a very nice restaurant in a lovely big wooden house.

We pretty much just had dinner there and went to bed though. We were so tired from the drive and the night before so we got to bed about 8-9pm.😢

Maybe it was a bit bad that we did not spend the night checking out the city closer, but at least the early night gave us more energy for the upcoming adventure the next morning: we were going to Everglades!

We stocked up on pasta, noodles and goon (the three pillars of nutritionπŸ˜‚) and got going to the camp. It was still fairly early but we didn't get any tasks for that day. So, what we did was to socialise, chill, and look for deadly snakes.

I had kind of started to believe that the 'deadlieness' of Australia's wildlife was excaggarated, but after an hour in the bush we actually almost stumbled upon a Taipon snake, which could totally kill an adult with it's venom. phew! !

We had the same accommodation for three days, most people staying in tents but we stayed in our campervan.  the second and the third day were spent on the Everglades river, kayaking on black water that reflected the surroundings like a mirror. Everglades means 'ever green' and apparently it is because of the all year vegetation (mostly tea trees) that the the water is coloured brown/black (from the leaves falling into the water).

The goon was an manadory survival item that was to be stored easily accesable at all times ☝

Even though the kayaking was hard work sometimes (we had wind, waves and tide to fight against) the overall experience was amazing. We had complete calmness, no reception, no internet, only our group, beautiful weather and a lovely swim.

The last day the tide in the lake we were crossing was so low that we had to get out of the kayaks and walk in the water. An exciting detail by doing so was that we now shared territory with a large amount of stingrays. πŸ˜…

A stingray is what killed Australia's most famous wildlife expert, Steve Irving, so we walked with respect and with our paddles to check the bottom in front of us. Still, we could see them splashing or sweeping past every now and then.

The best moment of the whole tour was actually right there and then though: one massive stingray, approx 2 meters tall and 1 meter wide, was so big it couldn't swim fast in the shallow water. So, we could follow it for a long time without risk before it reached deeper water. I really got to see with my own eyes what impressive creatures they are.

Even though the trip was only a few days you kind of bonded with your group since you spent 24 hours a day toghether. So, the last night we stayed up and played drinking games and sat by the bonfire until we couldnt keep our eyes open anymore. Two days paddling really drained our energy.

The next day was the day I mentioned in the beginning of this post, the day we came to Brisbane. We arrived on a Thursday, and started off by telling everyone on social media that we were still alive. Second of all, we met up with Alex again who fortunately  had a day off. Thirdly, we washed our spaceship and said an emotional goodbye to it as we dropped it off and then we spent the night at Alex's house.

Cleaning with styleβ˜πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‚

We spent the weekend days strolling through the city. It was a bit wierd to be the 'guide' in a town that I'm used to being the 'new one' in, but I enjoyed it 🌴

It was nice to see the big changes since I was here last time. The weather is warmer so all of a sudden heaps of people were hanging out by the man made beach in town, some of the skyscrapers that were under construction last time I was here are now almost finished and yea, the whole city just feels livelier now that spring is here.

Also, Brisbane festival is currently on, and what better way to celebrate than with some good beers straight from the copper barrels in the brewery?

Since this was Alexsandra's last weekend abroad we wanted to go big, so on Saturday night we squeezed into our party dresses and got club ready. πŸ’Ž

We partied in Fortitude Valley, together with hundreds of thousands other people. It was a good night out in one of Brisbane's biggest clubs, but still sad to think it was our last one.

Yesterday was spent indoors at Alex's house. Even though I was tired I finally managed to put up a job application profile online and also wired money from Sweden to Australia so hopefully I'll be able to start using my new pink bank card soon ! πŸ˜€

The same night, we moved out from Alex's place and checked in to a hostel in the city. Here, we're going to spend the last day and night before Alexsandra leaves tomorrow.

I miss her already 😭



Isn't she lovely? 🚗 😅

This is the car that will serve as our home for about two weeks. Her name is Rosie, and yes she has and old lady's name because she quite an old lady, but she does the job.

We booked her on Friday as promised, and left on Sunday after two big nights out clubbing in Sydney. It was a bit of a struggle to pick up the car though, since the car rental office was on the other side of town plus it was closed so we had to do all the paperwork etc on our own. Due to this, we left as late as 3pm on Sunday afternoon.

Our first destination was The Blue Mountains, and the original plan was just to visit there for an hour or two and then spend the night in Newcastle. But, since we left so late we just had time to see the sun set behind the mountains, so we decided to spend the night at a campsite in the mountains instead.

It was dark when we arrived at our camp spot for the night so it wasn't more to do than to cuddle up in the van. Doing so we discovered an incredible surprise, our van had a glass roof, above which a billion stars shone brighter than ever.

The sun woke us up the following morning when rising above the horizon and shone light on the surroundings of our car. It turned out we did not just stay at any campsite, we stayed at a campsite on the edge of a massive canyon. Quite a nice surprise to wake up to.

Another surprise was the wonderful weather since we expected bad weather for pretty much the whole roadtrip. Not at all complaining, we got on the road again.

Time to explore some of this massive national park! First stop was another canyon with probably the tallest waterfall I've ever seen, and this was not even the main attraction!  👀

...The main attraction was our next stop, and is called The Three Sisters. Apparently in Australian aboriginal mythology the rock formation consisting of three rock pillars represents three sisters that were turned into rock long ago; the more you know!

We spent about one hour here, walking between different viewpoints.

We also climbed down to the "honeymoon bridge", that leads to the first pillar in which a bench has been placed. Here, we had breakfast with a view, just a little bit afraid of the whole pillar to fall down on us 😅

See that bench in the very bottom of the picture above? That's where we consumed our brekkie! 👌

After this we felt satisfied and got back in the car, this time heading north. Again, we headed of quite late, and it was obvious from the start that the 9-10 hour drive to Byron Bay was not going to happen that day.

Instead, we stopped half way, at a small coastal town named Port Mcquire. Again, we arrived just in time for sunset, and got to enjoy the glowing water in the harbour as we drove past.

We only spent the night there though, sleeping in our campervan and then headed up north again about 10am the next morning. This time we actually finally reached Byron Bay, but it took ages since literally the whole 5-6 hour drive was through roadworks 😧

We arrived at night, parking our campervan at Arts Factory Hostel in Byron Bay! This hostel is actually quite famous, being really old and hippie and is also in the movie Inbetweeners! Totally been looking forward to my stay here and it did not disappoint; as soon as we arrived the wierdest things started happening lead by the wierdest people. This place sure is old school hippie! 🌻🌼🌸

We spent the night chillin at the hostel and enjoying live music performed by all the talented people that are staying here, and went to bed pretty early.

The following morning (yesterday) we woke up by the rising temperature. We are so far north now that the outdoor temperature has increased, a lot. So, instead of sleeping in, we had some brekkie and went for a walk. A familiar walk to me but new to Alexsandra: to the lighthouse on the most eastern point of Australia.💡

Remember the picture to the left below? That's from when I was here last time in June. The one to the right is from yesterday. Funny feeling to be back on familiar ground again.

It was a lovely day so we took our time up there by the lighthouse, having lunch, baking in the sun, and watching whales! Yes, you can spot the massive things jumping, playing and breathing by just gazing over the horizon from the shore.

Spring has just begun here in Australia, which means the whales are moving along the east coast and it becomes easier to spot them. 🐳

Yesterday evening we played trivia at the hostel and then went out with our team mates. It was a good night, but we sure had to pay the price for coming back late; the van was boiling as soon as the sun rose and we were not able to stay and sleep in there.

Oh well.. A shower and some brekkie did us good this morning, so now we just need to gather some more energy for today's quest: which is a day trip to Nimbin!

Can't wait to be back in the funky little town with its odd hippie society. 🌸🌻🌼



Does this skyline look familiar? ☝ Sure does to me, especially after having spent six nights in this particular city. 🌇

To be honest I did not have very high expectations for this city, having heard from so many people that it's famous for it's buildings, yes, but except for that lack of both charm and soul. Though, this is not how I've found it. Actually, I'm starting to prefer this city over Melbourne, and I did never expect to do that!

Maybe it's just becase I had high expectations for Melbourne but not for Sydney that I find Sydney so amazing. Either way, I warmly welcome a positive surprise.

We arrived on Friday morning, and got quite a surprise when we walked from the station to our hostel; along the way were more strip clubs than restaurants! Apparently, we had booked into the red light district 😱😂 Oh well, the hostel at least was safe and clean and of some reson, this area is packed with backpackers.

We spent that whole day in bed due to the lack of sleep on the sleeper bus the night before. That same night though, when we had gathered some energy, we hopped on the train to go and meet up with my wonderful globe trotter cousin: Elin!

Reunited again we did what we do best: drank wine. And went out. This time to her friend's office, on the 40th (!) floor, overlooking the whole harbour including the opera house and the harbour bridge. The night involved meeting new people, unlimited drinks, beer pong and a cheese/fruit/snack "buffét".

I couldn't have asked for a better first night, and even though the party obviously wasn't just for me, I felt welcomed like a queen 👑

The night continued with some bar-hopping and finished with Mc Donnald's french fries eaten in bed. #drunkfoodsthebestfood🍟

We did not let the hangover stop us the following day though and eagerly went for a walk through the beautiful botanic gardens, which we enjoyed til the second we found hundreds of giant spiders in webs above out heads, after that we were quite fed up with the place. 🌱

The ultimate goal was not the gardens anyway, but obviously the famous Opera house, you might have heard of it?

...And also of course, the other impessive and giant masterpiece: the Harbour Bridge.

We spent some time enjoying the sunset by these massive landmarks, and then headed to a packed roof top bar with a view over the whole scene. Here, we met up with one of Elin's friends that I met before in Hong Kong and had a couple of beers. The night continued, as you might be able to guess, at a bar.

Sunday was spent in bed. Seldom been so hungover.😷

To compensate, we had a packed schedule the following day, again walking through (more like around) the gardens and enjoying the view from a new perspective.

Passing by the Opera house this time we stumbled upon some commotion. It took us a while to calculate what was going on but eventually we realised they were cheering for the Aussie Olympic team! 😮

We met up with Elin again and took the ferry together to the other side of the river: Manley. Manley was nice and remembered me much of the Gold Coast actually, with a nice pedestrian shopping street and a wide beach. Best of all though was of course their 100% Swedish café: Fika. This qute little place sold everything from Ahlgrens bilar to pytt-i-panna.

When we were done with our "fika" we continued our 'day trip' taking another ferry along the river to Sydney's Luna Park! That's right, Sydney has got a copy of this wicked amusement park as well. 🎡

Unfortunately though, the park was closed when we arrived, but at least we got to take some selfies with the spectacular entrance.

Failing our attempt to visit this park we instead did what we do best: drank beer.

The night somehow continued with me and Alexsandra standing on a stage singing kareoke in front of everyone at at bar in Kings Cross.😳😂

Tuesday: hungover. But we fought the temptation of staying in bed and put our trainers on; we were gonna do the popular coastal walk from Bondi Beach to Coogee beach.

The walk took us 3 hours (!) but it was probably the most beautiful stroll I've taken, considering it was scenic for the full 3 hours.

When we arrived at Coogee it was already becoming dark outside and we came down to see this beautiful view👇 We had some tacos with Elin who was waiting for us there and then passed out at the hostel at probably 8 or 9 pm . 🙈

Wednesday we took a stoll in the city centre for the first time, having lunch in China town and did some shopping and H&M. We also bought 3 bottles of wine and some ciders, which we finished in Elin's apartment later on. Our girl's pre party lasted a little longer than expected so once we were ready to go out, only bars in Kings Cross were open.

So, King Cross it was, and I must admit the bar was waay better than I had expected. The menu was packed with drinks I had never heard of, and from it i picked 'A pot of skittles'. Which was literally a pot with skittle flavoured alcohol in it. ☕🍹

It was such a good night, but as familiar every night out at some point comes to the 'guys get creepy and annoying' phase and that's when you know it's time to leave.

The next day was a wonderful one, and as much as we wanted to go outside, we had some planning to do that we had already postponed for way too long. We decided to do the whole journey from Sydney to Brisbane by campervan, starting from Sunday, and it's gonna be awesome! ✌

Today we're going into town to book our van, then to Elin's area to pick up my Australian bank card, and then probably, going out. After all, it's Friday night 😜



Just saying: reading through this post you'll encounter a massive load of rock formation porn. You've been warned🗿💕

The Great Ocean Road; the "must do" day trip in Victoria, well known as a road with a stunning view and oh so popular to visit. Our expectations of this journey was sky high, but yet the views did not fail to impress.

The preffered way to go on the Great Ocean Road is of course, by doing a roadtrip by car together with friends. Though, apparently in Australia it's nearly impossible to rent a car for a short term if you're under 21 years old. Sigh. 😧

Yes, we were quite upset by the thought of that we instead would have to go on a pre-arranged tour along the coast, spending about 80$ each and getting no freedom.

Luckely though, a conversation to a guy from our hostel happened two days before we were planning on going, which changed things. Apparently he, Michael, had not done the Great Ocean Road yet either and would love to do it together with us, and all of a sudden we had a car and a driver, and a new friend. 👐

We picked up the car at around 10am on Tuesday morning, and then headed the inland - way to the cute little coastal town Lorne. Here we took a break for a coffee and a wee and found some bold kokaburras that were chillin' in a tiny tree by the sea, harassing anyone with a sandwich.

After this stop, our Great Ocean Road adventure could begin

And what can I say.. The views were just stunning 😍

The drive down to Apollo Bay was incredibly scenic, with the endless ocean at one side and beautiful hills at the other. We didn't stop in Apollo Bay though, but continued straight to the number one sight along the GOR: The Twelve apostles.

... Out of the original twelve, eight (I could only spot seven but wikipedia says eight... and wikipedia is allways right as you know 😜) of these giant limestone pillars still rise out of the violent sea. For years and years weak acids in the sea has been eroding the limestone leaving nothing left of the original cliff but these few impressive pillars.

After munching on our picnick lunch (bread buns with butter, cheese and cucumber 😍) with a view that was even better than the lunch we got back in the car and headed 4 minutes west.

Yep, 4 minutes on the road later we reached our next destination which was another rock formation called the Loch Ard Gorge.

Loch Ard was originally a ship that sunk year 1878 on a reef outside Australia's southern coast. Only 2 people survived, and got flushed up in this particular gorge (thereby the name) and had to spend the night in the cave below before climbing up and searching for help.

Another 20 minutes along the coast, the next sight waited: The London Bridge. Do not get fooled by the name though, this bridge is not man made, it's another natural formation.

This "bridge" originally had two archs which made it look more obviously like a bridge that you'd find in a big city. The arch that was attached to mainland collapsed in an accident year 1999, but luckely enough no one got harmed.

Two people got stranded on what was left of the bridge though and had to wait hours upon the new pillar before they got rescued.

Last but not least, we visited The Grotto. I had no clue what to expect from this formation, and to be honest I had a feeling we had seen it all already by this point. But no, once again I was to be impressed.

The Grotto is an extraordinary little formation created by a cooperation between a swamp, and the sea. While the moisture of the swamp eroded the limestone from above, so did the sea from below, and eventually, the spaces met up with each other and a hole/tube was created.

This hole has with time expanded to a formation that now contains a "bridge", an arch and a love heart. 

By the time that we were done exploring the Grotto the sun was already about to set and we were quite knackered so it was time to head back home. 2-3 hours and a Mc Donnald's burger later we were back in Melbourne, and nothing could beat the feeling of a hot shower and to cuddle down in bed again after that.

We had been out for 14 hours!

Yesterday and today we spent our time doing laundry (and occupied our whole dorm with panties in a desperate attempt to get everything dry☝🙈), went for some shopping in the city, went out for a couple of beers and yea just in general had a good couple of days before we had to leave Melbourne.

One of the nights was quite wicked actually and worth mentioning. We just went down for a beer at the hostel-bar but soon noticed it was something g going on. All of a sudden you had to pay entrance to go our inte "beer garden" and when we asked why, the cashier girl just said "wierd shit is going on in here.. Curiosity took over and we paid the 10$ to enter. What we saw was human beings being sold and undressed at an auction (😵) and then their new 'owners' had the right to do whatever they wanted to them (😨). Not sexually, of course, but we'll horrible. Forcing em to drink, eat, crawl, sing, dance, undress or dress etc. (😱😱). We got it explained to us that this was an annual University event and that sll people involved were volunteering for it. Me and Alexsandra still sat there watching and considering if law adapted upon this event or if maybe, it was sime sort of cult.

Right now, it's Friday and we've just settled down at our hostel in Kings Cross after a 12 hour bus journey.

I cant wait to see what Sydney has to offer, and am also super excited to meet up with my cousin Elin again (met up with her in Hong Kong in April, remember?)!! Good days await that's all I know 👌



Oh, St. Kilda. You've been a bliss.

This little suburb 20 minutes out of Melbourne city centre is a cool and hipster little one. Hipster people hanging on hipster cafés and bars in hipster little houses, everywhere. Also, the beach is just next door, alongside which big gardens, parks and restaurants have been placed.

Cutest of all: they've got penguins! I thought we would have to do an expensive tour or something to get to see the them, but we soon found out that the little fellows lived on the pier, just a 10 minute walk away from our hostel!

So, the day after we arrived we took a stroll down to the sea and said hello to them .

Unfortunately, they were hoding in between the rocks on a sunny day, so it was quite hard to get a photo of them. But, some 'brightness' and 'contrast' did the job and you can kind of tell there are tiny penguins in there on the pictures below. 👇

Some creatures that really liked attention though, was the water rats.

Water rats are big (almost the same size as the penguins!) brown rats with a white tip on their tails and skin between their toes which makes them good swimmers. Curious and hungry they showed their cute little faces to anyone getting close.

I got a picture of a fellow's nose as he probably thought my phone was food. Unfortunately though, I forgot to download the picture from my Snapchat story, and thereby it's gone.

With my obviois disability to take photos of the animals, I atleast managed to take a photo of a sign to show you what I'm on about.

Australia keeps impressing me with their unique fauna, and I'm so glad I got to tick Penguins of my 'to-see' list. ✔

Even though it's winter in Oz and Melbourne is in the south, we were provided with such a nice and sunny day that we could walk around outside in just our singlets. Still, a jacket was to prefer to keep the chilly wind away.

Feeling done at the per we continued our stroll along the beach, passing by a few bold (crazy) people who were actually having a swim in the cold winter sea!

We satisfied with dipping our fingertips in the water before moving on.

The next stop was supposed to be an old but spectacular amusement park called Luna park, but when we got there we realised that unfortunately it was only open during weekends.

Still, this didn't stop us from taking photos with the oh -so creepy clown face entrance.

When our roller coaster plans were ruined, we decided to hop on a tram and head into the city centre instead. And surely, that is an impressive place.

If St. Kilda has got small, old and hipster buildings, Melbourne City has the opposite. Sure, you can still find beautiful old buildings every here and there, but they hide in the shade below a huge amount of tall and impressive skyscrapers in all different shapes and colours.

Anyhow, we are still the ground people, backpackers, and we like to stay close to the earth. So, we settled with just looking up at the tall buildings from one of Melbourne's narrow hipster alleyways while enjoying a pale ale and a glass of red.🍷

The same night, Thursday night, a 50$ drinks voucher and free shots vouchers were handed out to whichever group at the hostel who seemed most keen. The task to be the most motivated ones wast too hard though, seeing as it was pretty much only us there! The problem was instead finding enough people to even form as group to go out with.

After some convincing and a lot of goon (I had to down a whole bowl of the stuff after loosing at the game Ring of Fire😷, see below) we managed to get a group together, and enjoyed a free and fun night at the hostel bar.

The following day it was time to get a bit serious seeing as I'm actually about to live and work in this country for a while, so I headed to the bank and opened up a few bank accounts. 1 hour later I found a tired, bored and hungry Alexsandra waiting for me at the couch so I made sure we had lunch as soon as possible to save my own life (you know how girls can be one when they're hungry).

We enjoyed a delicious 5$(!) sushi lunch before heading back to the hostel. The rest of the day was spent in bed and in front of the TV: we were still hungover.😷

Saturday we the tram into the city again, this time to check out the awesome grafitti covered Hosier Street!

This street is for anyone to contribute to and surely reflects the creative soul of Melbourne and it's people. I loved every square inch of it, especially the more recent Pokémon inspired artworks.

And also, it was finally weekend, meaning it was time to head back to the wicked amusement park in St. Kilda! To our relief when we arrived, the park was open and the entrance was free of charge.

Even though the park is old, the attractions are still up and running. The plan was to go on at least one ride but a ticket was more then 10$ so we skipped out on it. Which was probably for the better, most of the rides seemed pretty dodgy.

It was still really cool to see the the park from the inside even though we didn't go for a ride. Instead, we moved in to a skate park nearby where awesome tiny kids were dominating the skate pits.

It soon became too cold to just sit still outside though so we headed back to the hostel for some warming food and drinks. After all, it was Saturday, and all of a sudden the whole hostel seemed to gather up in the common dining room. We all went out together for a big night at Chapel Street in South Melbourne and danced until we dropped.

...Which we kind of regretted this morning when our alarms called at 9am. It was time to move hostels, and since check out was at 10am, we had to get out of there. After a ew hours sleep on the couch we dragged ourselves out for a reviving coffee and brekkie at a café nearby.

Later on we brought our backpacks on the tram to a new hostel in the city centre which will serve as our home for a couple of days now. The night has been quiet with small jobs like grocery shopping, cooking, writing a resume (CV) for Australia and planning.

It looks like the upcoming days are going to be exciting ones 🙈🎉



Back in Australia! And I must say it's quite a contrast to hot and sunny Bali. We left yesterday night (around midnight) after two good last day on our little island Bali.

On Sunday afternoon we split up with the group and went to Seminyak as familiar. Though, we happened to forget our chargers at the villa in Kuta, and therefore spent the afternoon going back there to pick it up. No luck, (they said they didn't have it) but we got a number to call the next day at least.

So I did, and after 10 calls they finally picked up the phone and told me the chargers were found. Great! So the next day we went back to Kuta again, just to hear the chargers wasn't there. Quite pissed now we told them were going to come back one more time and if they still "couldn't find" the chargers they'd have to replace them.

The threat worked, and the same night they had all of a sudden "found" the chargers. Phew! +40$ saved there!

But we did more than argue about chargers these days, and best of all was the horse back riding tour on Monday afternoon 🐎💕

2 hours in the sadle was exactly what I needed. It was such a nice tour, walking through rice fields and villages at first and then finished on the beach.

The horses were soo happy to get in the water, splashing with their hooves to cool down their bellies in the sea. 💧💧

But we were not only there to bathe, we were also there to race!

The guides raced anyone who wanted to, experienced riders as well as beginners. The horses were fast and excited and me and Alexsandra rode with the biggest smiles on our faces 😆

No matter how fun we had on that beach, we did have one misfortune. During one race I lent a slight bit to the right, while steering my horse against the sea so we could canter in the water. But as soon as i lent the slightest, the right stryrop (the thing that your feet in to keep balance) BROKE, and all of a sudden I had nothing underneath my right foot while leaning that way = I fell into the sand.

Luckely my horse didn't step on me, Alexs did not ride into me and I landed in the soft sand. Also, my horse wasn't very tall so the fall wasn't so long 😛

It was just to get back in the saddle again, this time on the guide's faster horse (the guide took my horse since my saddle was broken) and tried the race again, and won! 🏇🏇

A good end to a good day and even though I was covered in sand, soaked in water and sore, I was so happy at the end of the day. Definitely worth every rupiah! 

But now we are in Melbourne, far avay from beach rides and hot weather.

..Instead, we're close to penguins, kangaroos, koalas, big cities and delicious craft beers 😍😍

I'm so happy to be back in Australia! And to get to travel it together with Alexsandra as well. We've already sorted out the main quests: found our hostel, gone grocery shopping and bought 4 l of goon.🍷= ready for another month full of new adventures and experiences!



This was our crib for the 2 days in Canggu, and what can I say, big houses are homes for big parties!πŸŽ‰

We spent our days by the pool and our nights recording our Snapchat show 'the big brother house' (more like geordie shore since Sam did the documentuary voice and she's from there πŸ˜‚).

Had a good 2 days with this awesome crewπŸ‘‡πŸ’•

...But after this stay we had developed a taste for private villas and got a new one: this time on the main street in Kuta! πŸ’Ž

Cuz there's only one place to go if you're gonna celebrate full on : and we had a B day girl in the house! πŸ‘‘

My partner in crime Alexsandra finally left her teenage days behind and turned 20! We celebrated with gifts, drinks, shots and more shots. πŸŽπŸŽ‰

The night was indeed a great one with dancing, dancing and even more dancing. And a few fist fights (no one of us involved tho). We came home at six and finished the night skinny dipping in the common pool πŸ™ˆ and then crashed in bed.

The next night (yesterday) we went for the delicious buffΓ©t at Sky Garden which is the biggest club around and then enjoyed the free flow of drinks that continued til 11pm. Apparently a big DJ was in that night and we got let up on stage to dance πŸ’ƒ

We got knackered pretty quickly tho, still being tired from the night before and also too full from the buffΓ©t so we went home early.

Today out crew unfortunately has to split up, a few going home and the rest in different directions.

Our direction will be Seminyak, which is in between Kuta and Canggu. We're gonna check this big baller part if town out before we go on our horse riding tour on Monday. ✌



Yep, I'm back in Bali, and this is the 4th time I touch down in this island. 😅

We did not get to ride on Lombok unfortunately, it was fully booked.. But instead were booked into a 2 hour tour on Monday in Canggu! 700.000 rupiah (455 SEK) per person is a pretty steep price, but to be fair we have not done any expensive activities so far so we still have the budget for it. I think riding through rice fields, local villages and cantering on the beach in the sunset will be worth every rupiah. 🐎💕

Something g we did do was the yoga lesson I mentioned, and even though it was more than an hour long, it actually went better than expected! Stretched and refreshed we sat down for an amazing sushi dinner followed by a swim in the pool.

The last full - day was again, spent on a beach. This one a remote one so we pretty much had it to ourselves.  Such a nice beach, white coral sand and turquoise patchy water 😍

The beach was also quite windy, which was nice at first since it was cooling..

... The result: I stayed waay longer than I should have in the sun.

Tomato face.

Well well, at least it'll turn into a tan once it settles. The night continued with a beach party with live music and a good vibe..

Til I stumbled upon a rock and turned into a limping zombie.

A little pink plaster made me feel better though and ready to take the 30 minute flight back to Bali, where we are now, in a massive private mansion! 💎💎

Finally reuniting with Sam and Sam we decided to do it properly and rented our own villa in Canggu! 🏠😍 A welcome contrast to the tiny homestay that has been our home for the latest couple of days.

Can't wait to see what the night has to offer,  but what can go wrong with a villa full of good friends and cocktail material? 🍸🍸💕