As I promised yesterday, I went to a chineese date last night. Me and Alex got a 2 course dinner voucher for christmas that we finally got time to use, so I put some bling and my new dress on and off we went.

The dinner was valued at 110$ so we spoiled ourselves with a starter each, beer, and then pork hoch and mixed seafood for dinner.

It was a lot of food so I was feeling full after the starter already, but made sure to finish all the king prawns at least. After dinner we swung by the Newstead Brewery which was just next door. This brewery makes a lot of the beers that you can buy in the bottle shops around here, but by visiting the brewery we got to try out their beers straight from the brewing barrels. 🍺

We didn't stay long since Alex was driving and had work the next day. Just after he left this morning, I got an exciting call ... 📞

It was the car mechanic who called and they told me that my car was fixed and ready for pick up!

When I was in that accident a couple of weeks ago I was expecting having to go through hell to get my car fixed, but its all been going sooo smooth!

They fixed the car in less than three days, paid the repairs, paid the cabs I had to take, gave me a life long guarantee on the fixed parts and as if that wasn't enough, I got a packet of lollies too. 🍫

Maybe I should start crashing my car more often 😅😋

Three days to make it go from this☝

To this👇

Right now I am getting ready for tonight's festivities. Since everybody is working today the party will start quite late, which is annoing since I have a day off and have been ready for hours, haha!

Have a great weekend everyone x



The 12th of December last year I signed the contract to my very first, very own apartment. It's a unit in a house (which looks a bit like a castle 👸👑) which I share with another 20 year old girl from Brisbane.

The apartment has 4 rooms, 4 bathrooms (toilets and shower rooms separated), a huge balcony and of course a kitchen.💎

Most of the furniture and all of the kitchen assecories belongs to my house mate, which I'm grateful for since I don't want to own too much stuff myself since I'm not staying here for long (got to move soon to do my farm work, if I'm gonna do it..). I've  signed to stay here at least until April.

My room is quite hard to take photos of since its fairly small, so the photos above are the best I can do. Sorry!

Even though the apartment itself is spacious and modern, the balcony is still my favorite part. Partly because of the stunning 180° view over the city, but mostly because I feel like Rapunzel when leaning over the octagon shaped parapet. 👸💖

The location is perfect, which was one of the main reasons why I chose this apartment. I now live ten minutes away from my job, and only two stops away by train (about 10 minutes) from Fortitude Valley, which is where all the clubs and nightlife in Brisbane are located 🍸😜

Tomorrow night me and my house mate are hosting our house warming party here, but before I start preparing for that: I have a date to go to. 🙈🙊



This morning it was time for my baby car to go to the workshop to get a new bumper and quater panel. About a week and a half ago, a lady in a carpark forgot to look before she crossed the "give-way" line and therefore drove straight into my car. Fortunately, nobody got hurt since we were both driving very slow, but my poor car got really banged up. 🚗💥🚗

Luckely all expences are paid for by the other driver since she was at fault, including a cab ride from/to the mechanic which I used to go to the city after I had dropped of the car.

As much as I hated the thought of going shopping in this extreme heat I had to get a new bikini. All my old bikinis have lost all their elasticity and I kind of realised it was time to get rid of them when Alex pointed out that my bikini-bottom was "flapping in the wind". 😶😅

I was happy to find this peachy piece at Forever21, I love the color and the model and best of all; it was only 20$!

Next mission was to get something to wear at our house warming on Friday (that's right, time to have the first ever party in my new apartment!).

I wanted something fresh, summer-y but still casual. I stumbled over the dress below and it was love at first sight.😍

It was casual, cute, and again; I loved the colour. And even though the price tag told me: "No way!! You are smarter than spending all that money on a shit quality, oversized top Johanna", I just had to try it on. Nontheless, I ended up leaving with that pink xxxl-top in a plastic bag, 72$ poorer. Guilt fought pride as my head kept singing:

Fifty dollars for a T-shirt, that's just some ignorant bitch (Shit)
I call that getting swindled and pimped (Shit)
I call that getting tricked by a business

Thanks, Macklemore, for summing up my greedy and needy choise.

Swindled or not, I consider it a little pay-day treat to myself 👌

After shopping I walked to over the bridge to South Bank and had a swim in the public pools they have over there (was dying in the heat!) and then I met up with Georgia (Alex's sister) to check out the GOMA festival. GOMA stands for Gallery Of Modern Art (I think😅) and it celebrates 10 yeats this weak. I've been before and it was just as random today as last time.

Right now I'm back at my apartment. Thought that I'd take some photos of it tomorrow and post it here on the blog so you guys can see how I live (before it gets trashed on Friday haha).

Happy hump day everyone! 🍓



Yes, I know it was a while ago since 2016 turned into 2017, but it was just recently since I entered my second year abroad!πŸŽ‰

A year and one week ago today, I waved goodbye to my dear mom at Arlanda Airport in Sweden and braced myself to face the world on my own. As I remember it, I wasn't very nervous at first. It was when I got on the plane that my brain finally realised: there's no turning back now.πŸ›«

When I finally got to the hostel in Delhi, India, three wonderful humans waited there for me. I remember how unreal it felt to meet up with them there, in the middle of Asia where none of us had been before. These people, that had so recently been strangers to me, were now among my closest friends. Their experience, positive attitude and wanderlust inspired me and got me craving adventure. They got me ready to take on the world myself after we split up about 2 months later.

Looking back now (and God I'm thankful for the blog, I would have forgotten many beautiful moments already if it wasnt because the blog is there to remind me) I'm very happy I got on that plane one year ago. Travelling has changed my life and without changing who I am, made me a stronger, braver, more confident and open minded person. I mean Christ, I've managed to build a more independent life here on the other side of the world than Ive ever had before.

Settling down in Australia made my adventure abroad go from moving every second day, to a (quite) normal every-day life. As much as I prefer travelling new places over working, cleaning, paying bills and grocery shopping, at least I'm doing it in paradise.

Setting up a life here wasn't always easy though. It has taken a long time and it has caused me stress, lack of confidence and for the first time in my life: anxiety. When stress kicked in, the blog was one of the first things I had to give up which is the main reason I stopped so abruptly.

The snowballing pressure I experienced caused my thoughts to focus on negatives and sometimes it would smother me completely. A tiny incident could make my lungs refuse breathing and yea, it made me very vounerable.

That's when my friends stepped in. Friends that I didnt even know I had (because my head told me they didn't notice me anyway) stepped in and made me realise that I deserve to feel good about myself. Alex noticed that I wasn't well before I had even admitted it to myself. He gave me courage enough to stop denying what I felt, and to start talking about it instead. He was there to support me 24/7, didn't matter if I had to call in the middle of the night, or if he was being busy: he was always there and he always has been. 

They got me back up on my feet.

I found myself laughing the other day when I was in my car and a rock song played on the radio. The lyrics were: "You have no right to be depressed, you're not trying hard enough". I don't completely agree, I mean, I'm convinced anyone who is depressed is trying their f*cking best to get better 'cause it's not pleasant down there, but I think many fail to see and appreciate what's good in their lives. I mean, I'm living my absolute dream now, I was just naive to think it'd be easy to get to where I am.

I'm finally brave enough to realise I created this for myself, I followed my dream and I deserve to live it. All of it. 🌴

Thank you Alexsandra for encouraging me to make this post. I've really missed blogging but I assumed nobody would be interested in reading it since I'm not travelling around as much anymore. your text motivated me and I hope to pick up blogging again and continue sharing my adventure with you all during 2017 as well.




I'm back home at Alex's house after a bit more than a week in a 50 (!!) bed dorm at a hostel in the city. Sharing room with 50 people is an interesting experience but most of all it's a cheap one.

Cheap is not always bad though, I have so many good friends at that particular hostel right now that the fact of having people staring at me while I sleep is not even bothering me much anymore. (Okay I admit it's still a bit disturbing).πŸ˜΄πŸ‘€

But, after one lively week in the city it was time to go home, and since the house was was gonna get inspected the next day, it was cleaner than ever. I took advantage of the situation and took some pictures for you to see where I spend most of my days. 🏑

All the curtains are down due to the heat. Its already 30Β°C here and its only spring, so we want to do our best to keep the heat out. πŸŒžπŸ˜…

It's quite a huge villa: 2 stories, back yard, carport big enough for 4 cars, double garage, 3 bathrooms, 2 balconies, 9 places to sit around, and I don't even know how many rooms. But there are 5 people living here after all, 6 with me, so the space is quite necessary.

Anyhow, as soon as I came back me and Alex hopped in the car and went straight for a mission that I had been looking forward to: IKEA.

The quest was to find a new bed for a reasonable price to replace Alex's old one which was literally falling to pieces.

So we did, and we even managed to fit it into Alex's little Hyndai (no offence) and put it together the same day.

We celebrated our first investment with some Swedish "fika" (Swedish tradition including coffe/tea and a treat) consisting of some Swedish "skorpor" (dry as hell biscuits) and tea.

Even though Sweden will forever be my home by heart, sleeping in (partly) my own Swedish bed and having some Swedish snack in the cubbord I feel a little bit more like home.

Tonight I'm going to crash early and get ready for tomorrow's festivities, it's Saturday after all.



Yep, it's story time! 
And by down under I don't mean Australia, I mean Down Under, the backpacker bar in Brisbane CBD.

Those who read my blog by the time I was new in Brisbane, knows that this bar is a crazy place, which you cannot leave without a story to tell. I have been to this bar twice, and as promised, I have some crazy stories to share.

First time I went there was in September, together with my partner in crime Alexsandra who was still travelling with me back then. I had heard so much about this bar that I was almost a bit intimidated by going there, seeing as "Cheap, No rules, Backpackers", are the words to describe the place.

Anyhow, with Alexsandra by my side I felt like it was time to give this bar a shot, we were backpackers after all, so off we went. First impression was as expected, dodgy. A dark, fairly small bar in the basement of a hostel. Still, the place was jam packed. Absolutely Crowded, and everywhere people were spilling drinks, fighting over tables or chasing girls. Hm. cheap, it has to be cheap, otherwise this business wouldn't be running.

A couple of steps further in, a strong scent of sweat, perfume and alcohol filled the air, and our eyes got caught on the half naked guys that was dancing in a small cage along the wall. Not gracious at all and even less sexy, these guys were obviously just being drunk and no where near professional.

We ordered a couple of drinks and managed to claim a table for ourselves. A couple of drinks more and the place started to seem not so bad after all. A few drinks more we found ourselves on the dance floor. It was a bit tough to move since the floor was covered in super sticky spilled drinks, but we made it work.

Alexsandra and I danced together and with others, and after a while I found myself dancing with a girl I didn't know. Or, I'm not sure if she was a girl, more of a woman, a mature such. I'm not the one to judge though, so I happily danced with her for a good 5-10 minutes.

After this I felt ready to get of the dance floor for a while, and that's when it happened: The woman wouldn't let me leave without a kiss. Normally, I would have excused myself and sneaked past her. But in my drunken haze I thought that it couldn't be too bad, girls do tend to kiss each other when they're drunk all the time after all.

So there I was, realising a little too late that this girl did not just intend a quick kiss, but a massive eating-face-while-spueezing-the-life-out-of-me-session. I untangled myself from her grip and excused myself before rapidly grabbing Alexsandra whilst leaving the bar.

We sat down outside of the bar and just as I was about to tell Alexsandra what just happened, I saw that the woman was following us. She came up to us and sat down with us as if we were buddies.

The situation was pure awkward. And when we thought it couldn't get any worse, the woman had apparently called us a cab. After politely saying "No thank you" about five times, with the cab driver waiting, we finally got in the car. This woman was stubborn.

We were starting to prepare for the worst when the cab calmly pulled up outside our hostel and the woman insisted to pay for our ride and waved us goodbye with a smile.

So apparently this stubborn, lesbian, middle aged woman was very nice after all. Maybe she just wanted some company.



Yes, I've bleached my hair, but not in the way you probably think I did or of the reason you probably thought I would.

It all started with a party. Me and Alex were at Georgia's (Alex's sister's) house celebrating her 21st birthday, all dressed up in wonderful 1920's outfits.

It was a glamorous and fun night, which I could go on telling you about for ages, but that's not the point of the story. The point is, that is was on this night that Georgia offered me to come with her to another party next week, Rave of Thrones.

Rave of Thrones is tour where the actor for the character Hodor in Game of Thrones is DJing at a few cities in Australia. Being a massive Game of Thrones fan, there was no way I was saying no to that!

The event required that all guests dressed up as characters from Game of Thrones, and I wanted to be something unique. Seeing as I have long blonde hair my most obvious option would be to come as Khaleesi (see above), but knowing that half the guests would dress up as her, I chose to dress up as the Red Lady (above) instead.

I bought a red dress and a heavy necklace but the outfit wouldn't have been complete without red hair. I didn't want to dye my hair for the occasion, but I didn't have the money to spend on a wig.

The compromise was spray-dye, you know those cans you got as a kid for Halloween. As I remembered it those colours didn't stain your hair and they gave a decent result, and it was only like 8$.

And so this happened.
With a lot of help from Georgia and a lot of laughter, my hair was actually kind of red. And so for the first time ever, the Red Lady and Arya Stark sat down and had champagne together.

The night was honestly the best night I've had in a long long time. The panic came the day afterwards, when I washed my hair and realised my hair was stained by the red spray dye.

I admit it was a bit stupid to put red colour in blonde, dry hair.

My solution was this ☝

Lemon, baking powder and Head & shoulders shampoo. I know it sounds a bit desperate, but I really wanted to avoid putting actual bleaching in my hair when I've finally got my natural hair colour back.

So, the result of this mix was a fluffy mousse which I applied to dry hair, I thought it might be more efficient that way.

I put some plastic wrap (backpacker's version of that plastic hat hsirdressers use) around my hair and applied heat to it with a blow dryer to speed up the reaction. Then I sat down and watched Netflix for an hour before I washed it out.

The trick kind of worked.  I've done it twice now (apparently you can do this about 2 times a week without damaging you hair too much) and some of the red stains go every time. I'm still not sure if it's because of the treatment or just the shampoo though to be honest. And the treatment has really dried out my hair.

Conclusion: Good trick if you wanna get rid of coloured pigments in your hair without bleaching it, and also good if you dont want to spend too much money. In my case though I don't think it's worth the damage it has done to my hair seeing as I have bad hair quality to start with. 

Note: Even if you don't want/need to bleach your hair you should totally still try to mix the three ingredients. The backing powder makes the shampoo-mix explode and beclme super frothy! It's worth it for the fun Kitchen chemistry. 🍴💥🍚




I'm soo sooo sorry for my poor commitment to the blog lately, and a million stars to the people who are still hanging in there to read this 🌟🌟

My poor excuse for not updating lately is simply that I was a bit stunned, and intimidated by the new direction I promised this blog would go. That I, myself, said. Pretty ironic, I know.

Anyhow, I've gathered courage to come back, and that by starting simple. I'm actually going to start as simple as just sharing one, personal fact about myself. I have sooo so much to tell, but I don't know where to start, so I'll simply start by stating the fact that most of you have probably figured out already:

Me and Alex are a thing. Like a real thing. Like toghether. And it's quite mind blowing to think of.

When I met him more than a year ago at Full Moon Party (Romantic, I know), I thought he was just a travel buddy and that I'd never see him again. A couple of months later we found ourselves travelling through India together and yeah what can I say.. If you survive India with someone you can survive anything together.

Once again though I thought it was the last time I'd ever see him when he got on that train in Sri Lanka. But, here we are, sharing house, food and life with each other. I guess that makes me stalker of the year, continually following him through continents like this..

..Jokes aside, I'd most likely have gone to Australia anyway, but let's just say this motivated me a little.

Getting to travel his home country with him has been a very exciting and new experience and I can't wait for what more adventures that await on the horizon: Summer break, Falls Festival, and maybe even Japan just to mention a few.

Even though its been tough sometimes I'm the happiest girl on the planet right now and therefore I feel like I am ready to share this with you, even though I suppose most of you might have known already.

This is my fact of the day and it feels good to be writing again. Expect to hear from me soon again, as ill try to catch up with whats been going on piece by piece.

Thanks for checking in! 😘



Hey guys! Sorry for updating so slowly lately. Now that I've settled down more I'm going to proceed with a new type of blogging. Rather than updating frequently about what happens in detail everyday I'm probably going to update about once a week and sum up what I'm doing more shortly, and make the whole blog more personal rather than stating facts about what I've been up to.

Sounds good? Hope you'll like it! Writing personal posts are very intimate and new for me but I think you rather share my thoughts then how I'm making the laundry every day, right? haha πŸ˜‰

But first! I have some summing up to do regarding the week that has been. Much has happened and I did write a whole essay about it to post here on the blog, but it Disappeared. How sucky is that? Super unfortunate in my opinion because it was quite a few jucy stories in there. Though, I'll make my best to re-write it for you πŸ’•

My last post finished with this. Me and Alexsandra having our last day together. We had a really chilled one hanging out in the city, and then finished off big going to the infamous Down Under bar. This bar has quite a reputation. Anyone who has been there has a story to tell and one of them even went viral which you can read in a post in the Facebook Group 'Confessions of a Backpacker' if you're interested. A quick summary of the place would be: Backpacky, Cheap, No Rules. We had a fun night which I probably will tell you about in detail in another post inte the future, the details are quite jucy. πŸ˜…πŸ˜‰ The next day was the day of Alexsandra's departure, which was an emotional one with plenty of hugs and a promise that this wasn't the last time we travelled together. 😒Here's a little collage of some of our best moments so farπŸ‘‡πŸ™ˆ

Charming selfies are what we're best at πŸ˜‚

The days after she left was dedicated to more serious stuff. I no longer had an excuse to just chill out and hope for a job to appear out of nowhere so I spent quite some time in front of the computer editing my resumes and applying for jobs online.

Though, a couple of days later I was fed up with the boring stuff and checked myself in to that same hostel that me and Alexsandra stayed at before she left. There, I met up with the friends we had made there and hung out with them.

​One of the days me and one of the girls Sarah, went shopping in the CBD and I finally got a new pair of sunnies after having lost mine ages ago.

The weather was a bliss so I also took a stroll down to Southbank at one time (freakin' love those park lands) and sat down with my book at the moment (Scorch Trials) on the grass next to the river. Soon afterwards, I was surprised (hashtag almost got an heart attack!) by two army jet planes that flew low over the river in front of me at an incredible speed. I got the biggest fright followed by shivers of pleasure as the the planes showed off with speed, incredibly loud noise and quick manoeuvres for a full fifteen minutes. They were obviously practicing for the upcoming festival River Fire and I'm glad I got a sneak peak!

Not my video, obviously, but I was thereπŸ‘†

The last night at the hostel was Friday night, and in order to say a proper farewell to my friends there we all went out for another night at Down Under. Again, weird stuff happened there which ill sum up for you in another post soon (and maybe also post in Confessions of a Backpacker on Facebook 🐡).

Saturday was a lazy day, at least until like 6.40pm when we realised that the fire works show of River Fire Festival was starting in 20 minutes! 😱 It was definitely too late to take the train into city, but I was certainly not going to miss this event that i had been looking forward to for so long. So, we quickly ordered an Uber (black taxi, ish) and got moving. Apparently though, half the city was closed down due to security reasons so going by car was not really as smooth as we had expected. Fortunately, our driver was an absolute sweetheart so with some teamwork we managed to arrive at our destination five minutes after the show has started. We ran up the stairs to the watchtower at the hostel i stayed at and got an amazing view over how the impressive fireworks lit up the city.

The video below is very long so obviously you don't have to watch it all, but it'll give you a hint of what I'm on about.

The fireworks came up in all kinds of shapes and colours: smiley faces, love hearts, you name it. All synchronised in shape and colour throughout the city, from the river, the park lands, the skyscrapers and the Story Bridge.

Unfortunately, we did miss the Super Hornet (jet plane) show. Luckily for me I had already seen the practice runs so at least i did not miss out on too much. The incredible thirty minutes on that rooftop was enough for me to fall in love with the city i now live in even more.

The picture below is taken when i first arrived in Melbourne in August. I loved Oz then and I do still.

When we came back to the house after the show it was buzzing with people. A house party was going on to celebrate Caitlin's Brother's B-day πŸŽ‚ We joined in and had a good night playing pool, making a bonfire and celebrating.

Sunday was a recovery day, but as soon as Monday arrived the resting was over. Alex more or less kicked me out of the house(as a joke of course) since i had been postponing going out and applying for jobs in person for so long.

So there I was, alone in the city with a bunch of resumes in my hand. I was dead nervous, never having applied for a job before in my life and now I had to do it face-to-face. 😱 I told myself that sometime would have to be the first time and also, what could possibly go wrong? Worst case scenario i would not get a reply and id certainly not get that by not applying at all so off I went.

Approximately eleven places later I called it a day, and could sum up my experience as a relief. Talking to all the managers went without problems, and even though i was knackered at the end of the day, I was happy that I had it done.

And I soon got a confirmation of that my effort had not been in vain. Soon, three replies waited for me in my inbox at I couldn't be more happy. Literally the day afterwards I was up for my first job trial, and I was absolute buzzing about it! The trial was at a cafe which style is healthy eats and drinks. So, in my six hours there I learnt to make coffee, smoothies etc and use a cashier machine. I had a really good time and am eager to get back in touch with the company.

I do have another trial coming up soon as well which I'm really glad for. I can't wait to get back into some routines (don't get me wrong though, being a lazy backpacker is awesome but routines can be good for you) and also to get a context of my own.

...And thats pretty much where Im standing now. Its an exciting turn in my life and I am again about to do something that I've never done before. I promise to be back soon with a post with the stories from Down Under bar so stay updated πŸ˜‰

Also, This will be the last post for now in the category "Australia" since I want to keep that one as a 'Travel-category' if that makes sense for you and myself to look back at for a quicker overview over my travels in this country. For a while now, my posts will go under the category "Living in Australia" where the more personalised post will be. Cheers !



The day has finally come, the day when I put my nomad life aside for a while and for the first time in eight months are able to call a place home.

I'm back in Brisbane, where my Australian adventure began and where I'll stay and try to get a context of my own.

But, before I came here, I had a road trip to finish.

I sure know how to pose and enhance a picture πŸ˜˜πŸ˜…

As you might remember from the last post, we were in Byron Bay, and were about to take a day tour to the funky town Nimbin! Also, the readers who read my blog in June, know that I've been there before and what it's about (a tiny town in the middle of nowhere where laws does not seem to apply, everyone wear hemp clothes and every weed - related item can be bought). We stayed for a couple of hours, and I ended up bying a necklace with the tree of life on it before we went back to Byron (the hippie culture kind of affected me). 🌳

...After Byron we headed two hours north, to Surfer's Paradise. Once again a familiar place but still as good !

Since it's not really legal to stay in campervans anywhere else than in actual camping grounds it was pretty hard to find somwhere cheap to stay in Surfer's. Eventually though we found a hostel that would let us stay on a parking space in their garage, which was super narrow so it was quite sweaty to park in there. πŸ˜… But with some teamwork we managed to park our van without a scratch, and went up to play some pool in the common area.

A phone call later Alex was on his way from Brisbane to come and meet us for a couple of hours. Such a nice surprise since I didn't expect to see him until the week afterwards! Unfortunately he had to leave the same night but we still had time for a volleyball competition and some drinks.

We had the good taste to land in Surfer's on a Friday, which gave us the opportunity to experience the city's main attraction: the party. So, on Saturday night we joined in on a pub crawl together with 100+ other backpackers!

The crawl was indeed a good deal: 30$ (~190SEK) for 4 entrances, 4 drinks, shuttle bus, dinner and heaps of merchandise ! I don't know why you would need a compressed towel to go out but I was not complaining!

We had good fun that night, among other things pretending to be celebrities on the red carpet πŸ˜‚β˜

The next day we got in the car again, this time to head straight through Brisbane and another few hours north, to Noosa.

I've stopped by in Noosa before (when me and Alex went on the roadtrip to Airlie Beach), but never spent a night there. This time we had a night ti sosnd, and we got really lucky with our accommodation as we got a deal at a hostel that was also a very nice restaurant in a lovely big wooden house.

We pretty much just had dinner there and went to bed though. We were so tired from the drive and the night before so we got to bed about 8-9pm.😢

Maybe it was a bit bad that we did not spend the night checking out the city closer, but at least the early night gave us more energy for the upcoming adventure the next morning: we were going to Everglades!

We stocked up on pasta, noodles and goon (the three pillars of nutritionπŸ˜‚) and got going to the camp. It was still fairly early but we didn't get any tasks for that day. So, what we did was to socialise, chill, and look for deadly snakes.

I had kind of started to believe that the 'deadlieness' of Australia's wildlife was excaggarated, but after an hour in the bush we actually almost stumbled upon a Taipon snake, which could totally kill an adult with it's venom. phew! !

We had the same accommodation for three days, most people staying in tents but we stayed in our campervan.  the second and the third day were spent on the Everglades river, kayaking on black water that reflected the surroundings like a mirror. Everglades means 'ever green' and apparently it is because of the all year vegetation (mostly tea trees) that the the water is coloured brown/black (from the leaves falling into the water).

The goon was an manadory survival item that was to be stored easily accesable at all times ☝

Even though the kayaking was hard work sometimes (we had wind, waves and tide to fight against) the overall experience was amazing. We had complete calmness, no reception, no internet, only our group, beautiful weather and a lovely swim.

The last day the tide in the lake we were crossing was so low that we had to get out of the kayaks and walk in the water. An exciting detail by doing so was that we now shared territory with a large amount of stingrays. πŸ˜…

A stingray is what killed Australia's most famous wildlife expert, Steve Irving, so we walked with respect and with our paddles to check the bottom in front of us. Still, we could see them splashing or sweeping past every now and then.

The best moment of the whole tour was actually right there and then though: one massive stingray, approx 2 meters tall and 1 meter wide, was so big it couldn't swim fast in the shallow water. So, we could follow it for a long time without risk before it reached deeper water. I really got to see with my own eyes what impressive creatures they are.

Even though the trip was only a few days you kind of bonded with your group since you spent 24 hours a day toghether. So, the last night we stayed up and played drinking games and sat by the bonfire until we couldnt keep our eyes open anymore. Two days paddling really drained our energy.

The next day was the day I mentioned in the beginning of this post, the day we came to Brisbane. We arrived on a Thursday, and started off by telling everyone on social media that we were still alive. Second of all, we met up with Alex again who fortunately  had a day off. Thirdly, we washed our spaceship and said an emotional goodbye to it as we dropped it off and then we spent the night at Alex's house.

Cleaning with styleβ˜πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‚

We spent the weekend days strolling through the city. It was a bit wierd to be the 'guide' in a town that I'm used to being the 'new one' in, but I enjoyed it 🌴

It was nice to see the big changes since I was here last time. The weather is warmer so all of a sudden heaps of people were hanging out by the man made beach in town, some of the skyscrapers that were under construction last time I was here are now almost finished and yea, the whole city just feels livelier now that spring is here.

Also, Brisbane festival is currently on, and what better way to celebrate than with some good beers straight from the copper barrels in the brewery?

Since this was Alexsandra's last weekend abroad we wanted to go big, so on Saturday night we squeezed into our party dresses and got club ready. πŸ’Ž

We partied in Fortitude Valley, together with hundreds of thousands other people. It was a good night out in one of Brisbane's biggest clubs, but still sad to think it was our last one.

Yesterday was spent indoors at Alex's house. Even though I was tired I finally managed to put up a job application profile online and also wired money from Sweden to Australia so hopefully I'll be able to start using my new pink bank card soon ! πŸ˜€

The same night, we moved out from Alex's place and checked in to a hostel in the city. Here, we're going to spend the last day and night before Alexsandra leaves tomorrow.

I miss her already 😭