Good morning!

After a very busy month with a lot of skating I'd like to write something here. The pictures above, are showing the Championships in Porto, Portugal. It was (as always) really nice and I have learned a lot!

In January we won the Dutch Championships in Almere with the Small Group and the Large Group! We were selected by the Dutch Federation to show our performance at the European Championships in Porto, Portugal and at the World Championships in Novara, Italy.

Our first show at the European Championships was the Small Group with the number "Silent Love". The song is about telling somebody you love him/her but you can't do it in words because that person is deaf. For the performance we learned the sign languages to show it to the judges. I was really happy, we ended as 9th.

During the last day it was time to rock with the number "The Magic of Aladdin". Everybody knows Aladdin so I don't need to explain it. For some skaters it was the first time they participated at an event like this. I'm proud of all the skaters of my team, you did well guys!! And... Escpecially my brother, it was his first time at the European Championships and he did really well!!

Now it's time to focus on school... 5 weeks to go and then it's time to party! Summer Holidays!


Kelly <3



World Championships 2014 - Reus, Spain