Heey guys!

About a week ago i travelled to Liverpool city as my last choice. I chose Liverpool because i could visit 2 in 1, to place in one time. Which was very great. In Liverpool we can visit hundred of places, but my choice was to vising Anfield stadium, because it's a opportunity to watch soccer in person and see how players play the game. This will maybe sound weird, but i'm not an Liverpool fan. But it's always fun and amazing to see something different.

I had so much fun with my friends at the Anfield stadium. This trip was amazing! This was an experience i will never forget in my life. 

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Heey guys! It's time to see and read where i was as my second choice.

So as my second choice I traveled to New Forest, National Park in Hampshire, England. To a very peacefully place where my friends and I could relax. When we arrived, i felt like I was 8 years old again. When I was from 1-8 I lived in a farm. And this place reminded me of it, and things I did too. Like riding horses, go long walks in a green forest, watch the sunset go down and the sun come up.

We lived in a house with a woman who owned the house. And I don’t blame her that she wanted to live with us, because I think she was afraid so she requested to live in the house with us. Her house was amazing and very beautiful!! She was cooking and cleaning for us. So my week was very relaxing. We had so much fun together, my 2 friends and the woman who owned the house. Every night we talked about scary stories in the house or outside, and had bonfire with big marshmallows.

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From National park to wildlife park:

2 days beforeleaving this amazing place. I requested to visit Wildlife Park. Which is a parkwith animals not so far from where we lived? It was 4 minutes fromNational park to Wildlife park. I wanted to see what kind of animal iwould see in there, and because when i saw an opportunity to see somerare animal, i would latterly do anything. I was very excited withmy last tour before leaving. This day was one of my favorite in here.

Every time when I’mtravelling I always search for Animal Park or zoo. My friends ask my why, and Ianswer them that my passion is animals. It’s not my fault I love animals, andwant to see them.

Eurasian lynx

Eurasian wolf & European pine marten

Ural owl & Spectacled owl

Barn owl



Hey guys! So about 3 weeks ago i was in Glasgow, Scotland. But before i traveled to Scotland i made a plan what i've wanted to see. And my first choice was to vising one of the oldest museum in Scotland which is called Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery. This museum first opened in 1807 in a building in the High Street, where the original campus of the University where. When the University moved the museum did the same. In 1870 the Hunterian collections were transferred to the Universiry. From1807 to now they have many attractive collections. Some of them are a little bit disgusting, but some are very interesting to see. So i'm just going to remind you that this museum isn't for children, to those who think that it's a good idea to take children with you, it's not. I think the best age is 13/14 years. Because there is some collections, children shouldn't see.

I had much fun in Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery. I've learned interesting information about each thing we visited. The whole museum was amazing, very beautiful and very organized which is great. I didn't expect so much collections specially animals skeletons and humans brains. If you are interested in old collections, then you should definitely visit Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery museum!