Bought some new makeup from KICKS yesterday.
A new mascara, nail polish, lipstick & eyeshadow palette.

L'Oréal Paris Volume Million Lashes Fatale Mascara

Essie: Nail Polish (05 Allure)

IsaDora: Perfect Matt Lipstick (Bare Bohemian)

Smashbox: Photo Matte Eyes Palette



Hey look what came with the mail today!

A personal calendar!! It's so awesome because I design it myself !

Want one to?? Just klick here and create your own calendar!



Sometimes I don't understand people.

Yesterday I was out on Facebook and saw some person complaining about refugees in my land. That he/she hates how they beg for money and come uninvited to this country.

The first thing i did was check out that persons profile.

He/she had a nice car, house (with pool) and I also saw that he ate out a lot.

So I was thinking;

"How can a human that have roof over their head, is healthy, have food and have a good life, complain about someone that have a lot worse?"

I understand people that complain about very rich people, I mean I can do that sometime. Wishing I had this and that. But to sit on the internet and talking bad about someone who has it so much worse than you? How does that person think?

There is just one thing I have to say for you people out there that hate refugees and people on the street asking for money.

"Be happy for the little things. Because some people don't even have that."

- Linnea Aurora Larsson



Hi guys this is my first make up tutorial I've made.
I'm kind of proud of it and I hope you guys will like it.
And it would make me so happy if you can like and subscribe.