My latest tattoos were done 21st October, and I'd run out of all my usual creams. My artist was out of the Aloe Cream I used on one of my previous tattoos she did on me, so I thought I'd just pop down to the pharmacy the day after and get a tube of Bepanthol, despite not really liking that cream much. Not for any reason in particular, I just don't like it. 

And that's when I saw it. My tube of pure Argan oil sitting on my nightstand, brought to me directly form Morocco. This oil is a miracle ointment for me. I have very dry skin on my hands and Argan oil is one of the few things that I've found that actually help.

I directly started searching the interweb for information about using it for curing tattoos, however, despite my hardest, I couldn't find anything that really gave a proper answer that satisfied me. Some posts said it was amazing whilst some said it was the plague for new tattoos. So, me being me, I thought I'd try it out and see for myself. 

I only used this method on my larger tattoo, since my second (and smaller one) was in a bit of an awkward position and it just felt like I'd need something a little thicker for it.

24th October: Tattoo scabbed over as they do, but felt like the oil dried it out quite fast. I followed my usual ritual of washing it three times a day and applied a generous amount of oil on it every couple of hours. I could feel that the tattoo was about to start peeling very soon, and so far, no itching. 

27th October: By this point I'd used a  separate tattoo cream three times since it felt like the oil wasn't hydrating the tattoo enough to my liking. Peeling had started, and I could see that a couple of lines needed redoing. This however is just sometimes necessary with thin lines. The colour looked good by this points, however, using argan oil on it self wouldn't have been a good idea. It seems like a great product to use when the tattoo actually starts peeling. ​So far all pain had disappeared and I hadn't experienced any itchiness yet. 

29th October: I decided by this​ this point that this oil was the Holy Grail of tattoos. 8 days later and I was still waiting for the itching to start. My tattoo had almost completely finished peeling and I hadn't even gotten the annoying sunburnt feeling yet. This oil is amazing.

Reason this ointment is so great is because it contains vitamins​ that are good for healing. I was already expecting to have less itch than what I usually did, however, to not have any itching at all seems almost too good to be true. Do not use this ointment on it's own. Use it between creams. Healing has passed so fast and peacefully, but don't just take my word for it, try it yourself. 

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Over the past few days there has been another one of these facebook 'trends' where they choose a photo from every year you've been active. The one facebook assigned me left me disappointed and unimpressed, so, I took it upon myself to create my own timeline, and the photo above is the result. The first photo dates back to 2009 and the last one is from a few weeks ago. The obvious difference in these photos is, without a doubt, my hair.

When people tell me, ''Oh, Ira, I barely recognised you!'' or ''Oh my, you've changed hair colour again!'', it fills me with joy, because I am constantly doing things to change my appearance.

Obviously I've had hair disasters over the years, and obviously there are plenty of more hair styles that I've had. There has been times where I've physically not been able to take photos of my hair due to the disaster they were, and how self conscious I felt.

I am currently growing my hair out, which has been a pain in the ass, and I am also trying desperately to get the blue dye out. I am contemplating on not using Crazy Color anymore since the past few times it's just not turned out correct. At all.

It was a fun little project to put together. All of my hairstyles have a memory behind them. Eras where I did this, and eras where I did that, and it's a nice way to mark the milestone. 




Some people love it, some people hate it. Some consider it a burden and avoid it, whilst others conceder it a salvation.

For me, it's the confidence part. I accept the way I look. I don't love it, but I don't hate it. However, knowing that I have the power and skills to change myself into however I want fills me with joy. I like being able to change my chubby cheeks into something less...chubby, and fill in my plain, albinolike eyebrows.

I have absolutely no problem with leaving the house bare faced. I wake up some days when I think ''Fxck this, nobody deserves to see me in all my glory!''

Photo above is simply a quick routine I did whilst being slightly resourceful with my products. I simply wanted to kill some time without actually having any plans to leave my house. I didn't use all the products listed below which I usually use on a day to day basis.

My usual make-up routine consists of me starting of with me washing and moisturising my face, and after moving on to the eyebrows. Then, if I am planning on doing a smokey eye look I will do my eyeshadow first which involves primer, two to four different eyeshadows, liquid eyeliner, pencil eyeliner and mascara. Then, I move on to the main part of my routine, my face. I tend to use up to three different concealers since I have very dark bags under my eyes (it's in the genes, all the kids in my family have it). The first concealer I use before applying anything apart from moisture, the I procede to my foundation, Then, I continue with my second concealer and start contouring on my cheeks, nose, neck, jawline and forehead. After blending it all I do my third concealer which I apply under my eyes, nose, forehead and cupids-bow. Now I move along to powder where I make it all look nice and natural, and then, finally I go in with bronzer and blush. Last, but not least, I do my lips where I define my top lip. It looks very straight and boring without lipliner, then, I go in with lip primer and finally my much beloved dark lipstick.

The process of applying make-up for me is something almost magical. I always do slight changes and try to improve my skills and work with what I got. Shuffling between dark smokey eyes with heavy eyeliner to a nice simple wing with some nude eyeshadow gives me the exact look I desire for the outfit I choose. If I want to look less girly when wearing a dress I go for the dark eyes, and always, always use my beloved Mac lipstick.

I make mistakes however, I add too much blush sometimes, and other times I over-line my eyebrows too heavily, but with confidence I make the look work. When I got my wings on 'fleek' I feel like I can intimidate even the toughest of people, and that, my dearies, gives me the biggest happy boost. The confidence I feel flowing through me is amazing. And the hours I put in to finding the right shades and best tool gives me something to do during the many hours I spend doing nothing. A hobby you could say. A hobby I'm not planning on giving up anytime soon.



Three years back I thought I wouldn't make it

Sleepless nights and numb days

Three years back life seemed vague and dim

Oh, how things have changed

Three years forward only a faint memory remains

But three years forward it still creeps up from time to time

Oh, how things have changed, yet stayed the same

When things were numb and distant, only the silence was haunted

The silence is still haunting.

Three years back and all hope seemed gone

Gone were the days of joy and laughter

Wondering if those days ever even existed




Three years back was when the brain was my sole enemy

The silence gets better.

Three years forward and things have changed

Three years forward and I'm a fighter. 



Halloween is soon upon us so I decided to make yet another make-up look. This time I did a nice innocent porcelain doll look, and the cracked porcelain doll look.

Personally, I like the cracked one more since it gives off more of a halloween vibe whilst the plain one just makes me feel like a Lolita.

I absolutely love how my lips look overdrawn. I also made my bottom lip a good 0.5cm thinner on both sides giving it a more pout like appearance. 

The only thing missing from this look are some nice big fake eyelashes, unfortunately, I didn't have any. Maybe next time. Also perhaps some more doll like clothing (pink, pastel, dressy), which I don't own since the main colour in my wardrobe is black...