Gary Conwayis one of the three founding partners of Vaquero and is the firm’sCEO/President. He has more than 24 years of experience in the oil and naturalgas industry and a track record of success. Prior to co-founding Vaquero, Garyserved as Vice President of Engineering and Operations at TEAK Midstream LLC,and was a key participant in the board’s analysis and decision making. His roleinvolved all aspects of the engineering and operations of more than 300 milesof high and low pressure gathering systems, a grassroots 262-mile high pressuregathering pipeline, and a 200 MMSCFD processing facility with an additional 400MMSCFD planned on the complex.

Prior to his tenure with TEAK,Gary served as Vice President of Treating and Construction for Petrohawk/HawkField Services, completing the midstream assets in the Fayetteville Shale,establishing a major footprint of midstream assets in the Haynesville Shale andthe initial assets for the Eagle Ford Shale.

Prior to Petrohawk/Hawk FieldServices, Gary was Director of Processing for Energy Transfer. In this role hewas instrumental in guiding Energy Transfer into the Barnett Shale, leading theconstruction and operations of the 500 MMSCFD Godley Cryogenic Complex.

Previously, Gary was Managerof Engineering at Crosstex Energy Services in the Treating Division, whereunder his execution management Crosstex grew to more than 120 operating amineplants. Prior to joining Crosstex, he was employed by consulting firms as achemical engineer working for major and independent natural gas andpetrochemical companies in the United States and abroad.

Gary received his Bachelor ofScience degree in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M University.

 (281) 501-5699 x112

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Achieving a unique and interesting home ispossible if you place some bespoke furniture in it.  Bespoke furniture or custom-made furniturecan have a simple or complicated design, depending on your needs. You can alsosave a certain amount of money and find quality pieces if you're going to bewise in buying bespoke furniture.


It's known in some parts of London that peoplelook for the professional attention of Hamilton Marsden Custom Furniture whenthey need to alter their old furniture into beautiful and stylish pieces, butsome people still choose to buy brand new pieces. Provided in the following arebasic tips in finding the best bespoke furniture for your home.


Searchfor reviews


The internet is the best source of reviews oncertain products and services to avoid being scammed. It would be a smartchoice to gather data on a specific company first before buying any furniture.Ensure that the company is really trustworthy and provides high-quality pieceswith an affordable price. 


Look atonline furniture stores


Eric Earl Hamilton Marsden previously providedsome tips on buying online, so it's also preferable to buy bespoke furniture onfurniture stores residing online. You should also visit some local stores inyour area to compare prices and decide which one is the best for your budgetand for your home.




Understand that consistency is essentialbecause nothing is achieved without it. Even if it will take some more time,don't stop until you find the best furniture for your home. Make sure that youwill feel happy and contended with the pieces you buy.




If you are considering your budget in buyingbespoke furniture, then it is better to compare the prices of differentfurniture found online and in stores first to find the piece that fitsperfectly into your budget where you can save up to 50 percent.


Follow those simple tips mentioned above andyou're close to finding the best bespoke furniture for your home. Eric EarlHamilton Marsden hopes that you will have a unique and special home soon withyour chosen bespoke furniture.



Becomingrich in an instant is not the promise of real estate investment. One must exertgreat dedication and effort first before seeing great results. It is alsorequired to learn the foundations in advance before putting them into practice.The firm of Bacall Development needs you to consider the helpful tips provided in the following paragraphs even if you'reexperienced or new to this enterprise.


Bacall Development is a comprehensive real estate firmthat has been responsible for the completeground-up development of several real estate developments in various U.S.states.


Nothingstays the same, even in the real estate market. What is popular today may notbe popular tomorrow. In fact, during the past decade,the rental market was strong but has been weak in the recent years.


However,one shouldn't be scared to gamble in this venture because it is still possibleto make money in real estate because it is considered a cycle and cycles have some level of predictability. This way, it isimaginable to earn a profit in your real estate business and run itself despitethe constant changes in the real estate market.


Learningthe basics often leads to smarter investment decisions. The basics are composedof tried and true methods as well as strategies and systems that worked in thepast and are still working and will work in the future. Having all thesignificant tools to become flexible in real estate investment is crucial whenthe real estate market starts to change.


Thefollowing names the tips for investingin real estate prepared by the firm of Bacall Development.


1.      Start planning.Entering this endeavor requires a good plan first, reviews said. Determiningyour long term real estate goals and short-term needs is important. Once yourplan is developed, set up the proper entities and put the plan in place.


2.     Determine your targetmarket. You can't be allthings in the real estate market. For example, start investing in theforeclosure market if foreclosure interests you, or if you want to be alandlord, focus your efforts to state owners.


3.     Gain more knowledge.Educating yourself is also vital in real estate investment. You must learn newtactics, tips and strategies to help you earn more in real estate.


4.     Master your finance. The business of realestate involves finance and marketing, so it's only natural to thoroughlycomprehend the field of finance. One must understand the interest rates, loanprograms, and mortgages available out there. You can properly negotiate yourdeals and sell your properties well if you fully understand how financingworks.


5.     Solve problems well.You can get real estate deals that others can't if you can properly solveproblems. Being an effective investor is often about being ready to face thechallenges of real estate investment all the time and to refrain from gettingrip off and scammed.


6.     Don't overthink. It's hard to be in an "analysis paralysis" state.Over-analyzing things won't help you come up with a good decision.


7.     Be consistent. Finding good results in real estate investment requiresconsistent and persistent traits. Stick to your plan, and obtain more knowledgein real estate to become a great investor.



Salary: Competitive

Location: San Francisco,CA, USA

Job Type: Permanent,Full time

Company: First Republic Bank

Updated on: 05 Jun 16

More information about this job:


TheHead of Digital Channels Risk Management is responsible for delivery,maintenance and evolution of an effective program for the identification,measurement and monitoring of risk and associated operating controls related tothe department and its digital products and services.

This individual will work closelywith managers and teams within Digital Channels, as well as with organizationsacross First Republic such as Information Security, Vendor Management,Information Services, Audit, Compliance, and BSA/AML, to ensure that soundrisk, regulatory compliance, and internal audit processes are in place andmaintained in order to manage the accuracy and effectiveness of the Bank’sdigital services. The position will also consult to management and product teamson potential risk factors presented in new products, markets and procedures, aswell as stay abreast of market trends and developments relative to risk andsecurity aspects of online and mobile banking.


· Consult on potential risk factors presented in newproducts, markets and procedures, with the aim of reducing risk exposure to thebank.

· Work with Digital Channels managers and product teamsto facilitate the completion of risk assessments as required, and oversee thecoordination and continuous monitoring of open audit, review, and regulatoryissues.

· Serve as the Risk Liaison, the 1st line of defense,responsible for understanding the business unit’s processes and functions andidentifying and reporting risks or unusual trends.

· Assist Digital Channels managers and product teams inidentifying and addressing control deficiencies that surface as a result of anexposure identified during an investigation, or control issues resulting fromeither an internal audit or regulatory review.

· Maintain and evolve the Digital Channels RiskManagement Playbook, and assist management in ensuring controls and proceduresare in place to manage all audit and risk processes/issues.

· Maintain the department’s Risk Management Dashboardand supporting documentation for the ongoing monitoring and reporting of thecurrent status of risk controls, comprised of a number of categories such asAudit & Compliance, Business Continuity, Access & Identity Management,Vendor Oversight, and Fraud Detection.

· Advise managers and product teams in the successfuloversight/management of any relationships with 3rd party vendors to ensure astrong control environment is maintained at all times and that risk to the Bankfrom external vendors is minimized.

· Keep current on market/technology trends anddevelopments relative to risk and security aspects of online and mobilebanking.

· Perform duties & responsibilities specific todepartment functions & activities.

· Perform other duties & responsibilities asrequired or assigned by supervisor.



· Minimum of 5 – 7 years of related work experience inat least two of the following areas is required: operational risk, IT audit,banking compliance, fraud prevention

· Minimum of 5 years demonstrated experience in DigitalFinancial Services system/product development is strongly preferred.

· Excellent presentation skills and the development ofrelated materials

· Excellent oral and written communication skills

· Strong organizational skills

· Ability to collaboratively influence business partnersin addressing control issues and business practices

· Ability to handle confidential information in a matureand professional manner

· Adaptability and flexibility

· Team player

· Undergraduate degree required; graduate degreedesirable


· Vision must be sufficient to read data reports,manuals and computer screens.

· Hearing must be sufficient to understand aconversation at a normal volume, including telephone calls and in person.

· Speech must be coherent to clearly convey or exchangeinformation, including the giving and receiving of assignments and/ordirections.

· Position involves sitting most of the time, but mayinvolve walking or standing for brief periods of time.

· Must be able to travel in a limited capacity.