Now that it's like -20 degrees (not really) where I live my skin gets really dry​​, so I decided to try out the popular Creme de Corps from Kiehls. I reeeeally like it as its so moisturizing without feeling sticky. Also their #1 lipbalm is an important item this winter (I mean any other time of the year but it's cold af right now). It's like the Glossier Balm dotcom which I also really love. Just a scentless, clear lipbalm that protects the lips from drying out. With this Kiehls purchase I received a travel size of the midnight recovery concentrate and can't wait to try it. Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer is my new favorite as it covers everything but it doesn't feel heavy on the skin around my eyes. Now on to perfume... I'm sooo picky when it comes to scents. I've tried everything and my favorites right now are Le Labos Rose 31 and Byredo Gypsy Water (which I'll hopefully get for Christmas, can't wait!) For my hair the Ouai Texturizing spray is great, because my hair is so straight and soft it never holds a hairstyle and this really helps. What are your essentials for this winter?