5AM, worst time to wake up, but I had to, Victoria BC was waiting for meeee. Seeing my luggages and bags prepared I started to feel nervous about my travel journey since it is supposed to be 20h+ trip. After a quick breakfast it was time to say goodbye to my home, my habits , my dear friends and pets.

After a 3 hours long car trip I finally arrived at the airport in Frankfurt. The time to say definitely goodbye to my family came, feeling anxious and at the same time incredibly happy I left them. I didn't feel sad, but scared about the trip. Once I passed the security I only had 1 hour left before leaving Europe. After a little 10' walk I found my gate and immediately realized that my dream was about to get real.

11:30 AM , finally in the sky , saying officially goodbye to my old life. I am pretty scared of planes , I only take them when there's no other way to get to a place but this time I was surprised by how relaxed I felt. 10:30 hours later I finally landed in Vancouver feeling very happy. To get to Victoria you need to take a 25' flight from Vancouver, as I arrived at the airport I found out my flight had been delayed meaning I had more time to pass through Immigration. But this was actually the beginning of a nightmare. Instead of waiting 1-2 hours for my study permit , I waited 5 hours in a cold room feeling very tired and unable to sleep. But this is just a little part from this nightmare, I missed my flight to Victoria and also the next one. As I came out of Immigration I felt very anxious, tired and lost. Luckily , the airline found a place in the last flight to Victoria, at 11:25PM . It was 6:30PM and I had plenty of time in front of me. It had been 24 hours since I woke up and coffee became my best friend. Being to scared to miss my flight I couldn't sleep, and it was the worst feeling I ever experienced . At 10:50 it was time to find my gate and SURPRISE my flight had been delayed to midnight. At this moment I just wanted to sleep and arrive . So I waited, again, falling half asleep. The boarding time came and after the mini flight I was so happy to finally be there, finally meet my family and finally going to my new home.

However, I feel very happy and lucky to be here, to be able to experience a gap year and meet new people.

Have a good day,


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