Hello readers aswell as bloggers, so today I'm here to share something about my self. I have kind of taken a long break from blogging because my lovely laptop is dead. 😔 I have been getting some questions from my lovely readers that ♥️ that they could love to know more about me. So today I will let you know who I am.

Well to start with, my name is Rita Zumbo, Zambian/Congolese young woman. I'm 26 years young, living a quite life in a small town called Horsens in Danmark. I am a wife to 1 husband, a daughter to my mother and father, a sister to my brothets and sisters, a friend to many and a mother. I'm also a student studying marking management but taking a break from the stressful life of books. (Kidding) I am a mother of 2 most beautiful childre whom I love with everything I have. I have a prince who is 2 years 4 months and a princess who will soon be 4 months in some weeks.
I am a lover and a follower of Christ and no I am not ashamed to say it out loud. I love everything about him and I live for him, I'm also a lover of food, I love looking, I do enjoying cooking and baking, even tho Im not good at cooking. I also love fashion and beautya, I try to do my own things, to come up with something and not what everyone else is doing. Very person got some different test and swag in there own blood so I believe in learning news and also coming up with new ideas.
I started blogging when I was about 18/19 I have had bloggs which I later deleted, reopened and deleted again, but Im trying to keep this one going for as long as I can. What am I mostly going to blogg about? Well there have been so much changes in my life and that is why I'm also going to do some changes. I'm not going to be doing a VERY person blogg, but Im mostly going to be blogging about parenting, beauti, interior (some DIYs) and maybe some cooking. That is what I have been planing to do.
This was just some short info about me. You want to know more about me? Comment or send me a question to my email: ritazumbo@hotmail.no

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Good afternoon to you reading this... today I have decided to ask you people come opinion on something. In this post im reaching out mostly to the believers, parents and everyone else.

So as we all know its october, autum and everywhere in the roads you find yellow beautiful leafs. October is a beautiful month just like the other 11 months. But with this month there is something, HALLOWEEN. Most people are always looking forward for the partys, masks etc and most children are looking forward to mask, gets candy and have fun eating the candys.
But as a christian is it okey, to let you children celebrate halloween in school or daycare and also letting them putting on scary masks to go out and get candys? For me I think halloween isnt for everybody and as for that my kids wont go out in masks all in the name of getting candies.
As a christian before doing something you need to ask yourself what that thing is about.
But is it wrong? I'm I bad mother?



Welcome back to my blog, this is just a quick  welcome post, just to let everybody around here and out there that I am back. 

This time Will try to blog as much as possible. Follow me also on IG: rita_1705 and on SP: trustlulu.



Good morning friends and blog family... Its a wonderful friend, with a good sun :).

Its been rough week for me, waking up so early to take Emmanuel to day care and go for my course. I what can I say, I pulled it off :)

Now it´s weekend and relaxing is my theme this weekend before real struggle starts next week. I was asked to do a post of the birthday´s theme and what it about. Thank you for the request. Here is how and what it was.

Emmanue´s birthday has passed and yes I am grateful for how it was... The THEME of the birthday was mickey mouse. I love Mickey for the colors that he has and also the ears... I made the choice was happy. I got everything I want for the party on line, will leave the link in the end. The cake itself was Mickey too :).

I love Mickey mouse and Winnie the pooh and maybe just maybe if I ever plan to hold any birthday for a child again it´s going to be Winnie the pooh.

Are you planing to hold a child´s birthday party with a good THEME? You can buy a lot of birthday theme decorations, if you live in Norway you can get these on multitrend.no it´s free shipping and trust me you will be happy.

If you live in Danmark you can get same thing and more others, links down



Good deals guys



I am still on the same topic and today and just want to take time and appreciate my son. I know he does not understand anything yet but I believe one day he will. This was to be posted on your birthday buT never got time to do so.

You turned 1 year old on the 16th of july, I was happy, I was filed with joy that cant be described. I can´t say how much I am proud of myself that I have managed to take care of you for a year. You where once a baby, a very small baby and you lived as a baby and I loved you as a baby, I treated you as a baby, did what a baby should do, and now you are a boy, you are very good and handsome boy, whom I love with all my heart and everything I am. You have to live as a boy, act like a boy that you are. Speak like a boy and do everything like a boy and grow up to be a man.

I want you to take a step at a time and learn from them so you can make something big, great and good out of them. You are a blessing and an amazing son to me. As a mother and a woman I want you to grow up and be a man that fears and loves God. A man that will love his mother, father, siblings and respect them, a man that will have respect for everything and everyone, a man with responsibilities. A man that knows his limits and boundaries.

I want you to grow up knowing the value of a woman and respects them and love them. It takes a good woman to raise a man and teach him to be good one. As your mother its my duty to teach you how to grow and be a good man and as for that I pray for the power of the lord to be upon me and help me to raise you up in such a manner.

"The best parent, in me you may not have seen. But the best son, you have always been. Having you as my son is the only way, I’d want to live my life again to this very day. No matter how old you become, I’ll always hold your hand tenderly… just like how I held it on the day that you were born. You are not just a son to me. You’re my life, my soul, my heart and most of all, the reason for my existence. Happy birthday my lovely my baby "

My beloved son, my one and only, the fact that you are my son will never change maybe that is the one of things that will never change in my life. I am a proud mom to have you as my son. I could never wish for any other than you. You are just a perfect son that any mother would wish for at anytime.

You bring out the joy which i never knew I had, you bring out the happiness from nowhere and you also bring out the anger that I never knew I could get. Yes I do get angry at you not because I do not love you but because you are also a human that makes mistakes over and over again. And as time comes in and out and as you are growing you are also learning from what I am teaching you.

I love you to the moon and back <3

Because you where made in my womb, God knew, he loved you and he God chose me to be your mother. Before I knew anything about you, I used to pray for a handsome sons and beautiful daughters to be my kid. Before you where be I wished to meet you, to see you, to hold you and to kiss you all time. Before I knew you I dreamed about and prayed for you.

A precious you are, a beloved son you, an angel sent from about, you have made me to be called a mother and for that I will forever be grateful. I will love till the end of the world, I will protect you even when there is nothing to harm you, I will guide even when you know the path, I will stay on your side even when you have many around you.No world can describe the joy and love that my heart is filled with.

Forever you will be my son, and forever you will be loved so very much. Always remember that mom loves you for another anything in this world.



So, I have taken a too long break from blog life, and now I am back.

Last post I posted about the birthday of my son who was by then to turn 1 year. Yes he is 1 year now, and it feels so good, to know I have raised a son, that his no longer counting months and weeks but years.... I am a full proud mother :). The birthday planing went very well and the party itself went very well.

I am writing this in appreciation to the help I got from friends and of cause family. It was amazing to see you all and I am more than happy to be friends with you. 

Thank you for the support and everything that you all deed.   



God ettermiddag bloggere, håper dere alle har det bra. Så hvis du hadde lest bloggen min fra i går, da kommer du til å forstår godt dette innlegget. Jeg startet med bursdag nedtelling i går. Jeg gleder meg så mye til denne dagen. Min lill prince fyller 1 år.

Jeg har vært opp og ned prøver å få perfekte ting. Jeg har vært i klæs butikk for å få en perfekt out til både jeg og han uten å lykkes :( but I am still on the matter. Jeg har som mye jeg vil så gjern prøve ut også lærer meg nye ting. Så ut av nysgjerrighet ønsker jeg å gjøre POPCAKES og jeg var ute etter hva jeg skal bruke siden jeg aldri bakt dem før. Dette kommer til å være spenned glader meg sykt mye.

I går hadde jeg en mini baking shopping, hvor jeg fikk mange gode ting, og forhåpentligvis vil de være til hjelp. Jeg kjøpte noen ting i butikken og noen ting på internett. så langt er jeg fornøyd med hva jeg har kjøpt selv når jeg ikke har sett dem alle. som de sier så langt så bra

Fant den fløtt grass som jeg ble veldig forelsket i, den skal jeg bruke til smoothies... <3

Disse her skal jeg bruke for alle første gang. Ser veldig bra ut og håper dem smaker også.

Det var 2 glas i bok en med blå og hvit lokk og sugerør og en med rødt og hvit lokk og sugerør. Dem kosta meg kun 20kr jeg er veldig fornøyd men kjøpe

Silikon popcake form, den kom med 20 pop stik, jeg glader meg sykt til å bruke disse ting om ikke så lenge. Jeg kjøpe dem for 15 kr hver, godt tilbudt.

Jeg kommer med resten av innkjøping når alt er på plass. Som sagt alt jeg har posta her har jeg ikke brukt før men glader meg å bruke dem for alle først gang.



Good evening my folks Hope everyone else is doing fine just like I am.

Like you see my title 10 days to go, yes its 10 days till my baby boy turns 1 year. I have been looking forward to his birthday. And for that reason I have been busy making plans on how the birthday will take place.

Due to that I have been moving up and down in search of clothes and everything needed. I found some good things that I could use but yet don´t know what to choose from. Here are few of the tries that I did.






Good morning, it´s friday, that means weekend. Enjoyments and relaxing in the planing. I have already done my morning running, It was hard today :( did not run the whole week. So after a good running. I decided to make a good yellow and testy smoothie, maybe it might be something you also want to try.

Easy to make and you do not need a lot of ingredients, trust me.

​I used half of the mango

1 Banana

2 ice cubes 

Some orange juicy. 

You can try this at home!!!



Hello bloggers as well as readers. I have been away for a while but I am here now. :)

Today I want to share the ALICIA KEYS no makeup movement. This has been going on for a while now and I wonder what is up with her. This is the thing, if celebrities comes up with something then everybody wants to do it as well. I wonder what is wrong with people.

Lately Alicia Keys came up with a no makeup movement and almost the all internet has been cooking up with photos of no makeup. Of cause I don´t mind who wants to go without make and who wants to go with makeup on. One thing people don´t understand is that, these people are celebrities and all they do and want is be talked about.

I believe in myself, I know I am beautiful with or without makeup. My everyday life is a natural one. I do like makeup as well, and I use it when ever I feel liker I use it. h Makeup does not change who I am. Yes it might change the look of my face but it never changed who I am.

I do not lei about myself and so doest´t makeup. If you believe in your beautiful then having makeup on should not be an issue. I find something that she said `` Every time I left the house, I would be worried if I didn’t put on makeup: What if someone wanted a picture?? What if they POSTED it??? These were the insecure, superficial, but honest thoughts I was thinking. And all of it, one way or another, was based too much on what other people thought of me.``

Thats her, she did not say everybody should so or follow what and how she feels. Girls stand on your won, be a woman/ girl that you want to be, stop following these celebrities. One thing I know for sure is that we are all born beautiful, so you are still beautiful with or without makeup. What matters is what you feel and not what you are copying.

Be happy with the life that you have or what to live. Do not follow everything everybody does. Your beauty is what matters and you can never change that.