My home begins to take shape, and I'm getting happier every day that comes. Although I have not bought a couch yet, it doesn't matter because I love my home.

This weekend, my mom came by and had two (large) beautiful flowers. Two pink/purple orchids. I'm bad at taking care of flowers so I will make sure not to kill the them. But check out how nice my windows became with flowers. Iiiiiihhhh, so beautiful! And thank you, mami! ❤

In Sunday I cleaned my bookshelf and tried to get things right but still not so happy, but it's okay. I can live with it until I found out how I want it.

But my drew is completely finished. What do you think?

This is what my bookshelf look like now. Do you guys have tips what I can do with it?

One side of the apartment is finished. Now I just the other side and there I need a couch. Still have not found one that I really really like!!! Gaaasshhh!

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Yesterday, after work I met up with Fanny and we went to the movies. We saw Beauty and the Beast. It was really good movie and children's memory come back to life.

When I and Fanny goes to the movies, we always buying the same. A large popcorn and a large snack with sour taste. It was my dinner, haha.

After the movie we went for a walk around the city. We walked over 1h and talked about everything and nothing. You know that friend who you don't see very often and when you do, it feels as usual and talking about 1000 different thing? That's is my Fanny.



Here are the pictures that I have promised.

Friday: After work, I went in to the city to buy some things for the apartment. I bought pots, flowers and bowls.

Then I met up with C to go home to her and eat shrimp and drink some bubble. Very Cosy.

Saturday: On Saturday I met up with my mom and we went for shopping. Then we went home to her and cuddle with my cats. Look at Leopold. I love him! (I love Theodore as much!!!) ❤❤❤

Sunday: I met up with Maria and we went to a café Vero and ate brunch. It was really good and after that I took a walk to the city.



Hey guys!! How are you? I feel good even with everything that happens in my life. The blog has suffered and I lost it. Unfortunately. But I have basically been busy every night with Risnen and then I have no motivation for the blog. But I will be back. Soooooon!

Until then, here is a colorful picture.

Xoxo, Kat.



Tonight I sleep over at my mom's place with my cats. Leopold came in at 07 and began to climb and jump from the shelf down to the bed. Then it was just to go up. I did hand out with my mother, then I went to the city and now I lie on the bed and ready to sleep.

Tomorrow I have no major plans except to do some washing and then meet up with Cicci. It will be cozy.

But Goooooodnight!! Xoxo, Kat.



Thursday. In the evening we took the boat Baltic Queen to Tallinn. Here you see the boat. Bigggg!!

There was a show on the boat which was quite okay. Just because I compared with shown on the boat we went back with to Stockholm which was much better.

Birthday drinks!

Birthday girl Emma, Maria and Me.

Before bedtime. The time was 11pm.

On Friday morning we ate luxury breakfast at Grill House which was okay.

Before the take off from the boat.

We went directly to the hotel and checked in. Left our bags and then we went to the Old Town.

The town was so small and cozy. The houses were beautiful and beautiful colors.

I mean, look! Me like.

The girls or Korvar (in English sausages) as I call them.


I can imagine to live in this small town. So cozy.

Me and Maria.

Russian Church.

Then we went to different small shops and they were so beautiful souvenirs.

I bought a Russian babushka.

I loved these cats! Unfortunately, the price was a bit too high.

Me in Old Town.

The view!

Team Korvar.

Emma and Maria.


I couldn't decide because I thought black was beautiful too so I have alike.

I had action camera with me and when Maria was taking picture of me so Emma couldn’t resist and filmed me. I couldn’t stop laughing so it was fun to get it on pictures!

Team Korvar again.

Then we went for a lunch. Can not remember what the place was called but they had good burgers anyway.

After lunch we went to some stores and looked. I fell for scarf in different colors that were so soft and shirts with different pressures on. But I bought nothing. I gonna wait until I get to Spain and to do some shopping at Primark.

On Friday evening we went to the 5 star restaurant called Tchaikovsky and the food absolutely fantastic.

Beautiful Maria and Emma.

Check out the table. How beautiful?? It is a swan made of napkin..

For an appetizer I ate Russian Pelmeni. It was really good!

For the main course, I ate lamb.

Between each course you got the small dishes and I forgot to take picture of the first one but here is the other one who came after food. It was less good!

Saturday. We ate the hotel breakfast which was good.

Then we were at the spa all day. We went for swimming, sauna and each took a treatment. It is absolutely fantastic and the price was even better. I will like to come back here. The hotel we stayed at, called Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel.

Then it was time to pack up and go toward the boat. Here I sit with a cup of coffee and wait until we could go. It took only 15 minutes to walk to the terminal.

Drinks on the boat.

Showtime! They were really good and much better than the last boat.

Sunday. Breakfast at the boat. Yummy.

Hello Stockholm!

I did some shopping at duty free.