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Oh, I have found a couch that I really, really want. The problem is that it is too big or I think is too big. I live in the 25 square meter apartment so I can't have too big, but I want one enough so two people can relax. It is hard!

Dream couch.



Good morning! Hope you guys are feeling well. I feel not so well. I got the cold and a cough, again. Typical. But today I'm going to visit mom and the cats. It will be cozy.

But otherwise, then? Well, I start getting anywhere with my apartment. I have emptied two moving boxes and 3 IKEA bags. All the clothes hanging in the closet and in the dresser. Now, I don't have so much more stuff to unpack. Woho.

An old TV. I want to buy a new one and saw that there were many good TV for a good price. Then I have an old board, candlesticks, cacti and tulips.

It still feels empty and I want something more. But what I don't know what yet.

Look beautiful my tulips are!

3 mini cacti that I love.



Last night I didn't sleep as well as I slept the whole weekend. I woke up several times during the night of anxious to oversleep. The last time when I woke up 3:30, I couldn't go back to sleep and when the first larm rang, I went up. But now I'm at the office and will work all day then I'm going home and continue unpacking my moving boxes.



I haven't done so much besides been in the apartment and been working. And then I have been at my mom's place to cozy with my cats. The worst part of moving is to leave Theodor and Leopold but I will visit them every week!!!

Btw, tomorrow is moving day! ❤



Yesterday Emma picked me up to drive one more before Friday when is finally moving day. We filled up the entire car and drove away. Once we got there, my landlord was there and put my new sink and toilet. I'm so happy!

We took a lunch break. Classic Swedish meal, meatballs with mashed potatoes and gravy. Yummy.

DONE! It took us 2 to 3 hours to be at IKEA.

Now It's look like more an apartment. It feels so unreal that I'm moving but it feels so good. I can't wait until Friday!

My new beautiful dresser that took 3 hours to do it. So worth it because it is so beautiful!


But it's still chaos. So much stuff to go through but after 12h, we were done! We went home! When I got home, I went to my bed directly. I was going to listen to a podcast, but I feel a sleep before I had to start it. Haha, I was so tired!



We started with a welcome drink

The table setting is beautiful. Good job, C.

Starter. Skagen with toast.

Main course. Meat, homemade potato gratin, beets and goat cheese in puff pastry with asparagus on top.

Dinner time!

Dessert. Pannacotta with raspberries.

Then we went out to see the fireworks at midnight.


The girls.

The boys.


More fireworks.

The evening was good and I'm happy. I didn't drink so much yesterday but was still tired. But now I gonna watch "Solsidan" and then pack the last thing.



New Year's Day is finally here. Last night I read Blondinbellas blog about her anxiety and that she hates goodbyes. I thought about it and decided that I'm totally the opposite. I don't like old and always gladly to leave it behind me and move on to the next chapter. so I'm happy and looking forward to 2017.

I'm in a hurry because I gonna help out in the kitchen with food so this may not be a well thought out update but still wanted to write as long as I have it in my head. Anyway the best thing that I think has happened in 2016 is: I started my own business and I got an apartment. Two big dreams truly come true. There is more good things that happened this year but I don't have the time, sorry. But another funny thing is that I managed complete two of four New Year's resolution from last year. (You can read them HERE.)

1. Get me an apartment. DONE!

2. Be good in school. DONE!


This year I only have three New Year's resolution:

1. Travel at least two trips. (Spain and Budapest maybe?)

2. Complete the interior at my apartment.

3. Start with workout again. (Emsy, I know you read this so come on!!!)

There we go! But with all this, I still want to wish you all a Happy New Year to every single of my readers. See you in 2017. Love you guys!!! ❤❤



I planned to do "my 2016" but then I changed my mind. I saw that everyone else was doing it so I lost the feeling for it. Instead, I thought using my Instagram. Most likable nine photos throughout 2016. Much more fun! Hang on!

ONE. with text: Sweden ✈ China.

On this particular day, October 9, 2016 I went on two weeks vacation with mom to China.

TWO. With text: Moulin Rouge.

Here is a picture when I was in Paris with Cicci to celebrate her birthday. Here, I stand outside the famous Moulin Rouge.

THREE. with text: Today we celebrate 4 years of friendship (which Facebook says). Home spa and wine this evening.

This picture was taken at Emma's place. We decided to have a spa day and all of a sudden facebook reminded us that we have been friends for 4 years. Time flies but lovely!

FOUR. with text: First moving boxes into new apartment.

Guys, do you recognize this photo? I took it recently. For about 2 weeks ago I got an apartment and I have slowly but surely moved in.

FIVE. with text: The diploma is finally here and I'm happiest girl in the world. It has been tough, many study nights and quite a lot of coffee but I did it!!!!

That feeling, I will never forget. It was quite incredible that I managed to study 100% while I was working 100%. Nothing is impossible.

SIX. with text: "I'm singing in the rain!"

A stormy picture taken in Shanghai on a bridge. It rained a lot and I was disappointed. We stood on a bridge and the plan was to see the whole Shanghai skyline but we didn't. I had heard so much about the city and really wanted to see it. Oh well.. I thought the picture was cool and I Instagramed it. And apparently got many likes.

SEVEN. with text: A really happy girl! I saw the Eiffel Tower for the first time!

Here comes one of my favorite photo. A photo from the beautiful Paris. That's me with the Eiffel Tower. A big credd to Cicci who managed to take this photo I have even thought to print it out and frame it. Haha.

EIGHT. with text: Early morning in Arlanda. I'm ready for Paris.

A classic photo from airport. I was on my way to Paris then.

NINE. with text: Hello Empire State Building!

New York City. My beloved city. An old photo from March 2015. Then, I felt like the best!