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After breakfast we went to the Temple of Heaven. The way there we saw the old people sitting there and plays cards and board games. The very lovely atmosphere and see them laugh. Very cozy.

Temple of Heaven

Past all the old people, we came to the Temple of Heaven. The atmosphere was calm and inside was such a beauty. There is something Chinese people, they are shy/scared if you take too much pictures. I had to calm me down.

I managed to take a lot of pictures but had to take it slow and not having camera up all the time.

This inside the temple. And there symbolized the days, months and years. So Chinese but so beautiful.

History of the temple in Chinese.

Then we went to the old town and took a rickshaw throughout it. Our rickshaw we had was absolutely crazy but so fun! Haha.

There are real people who live here.

They let me in so i took some photos. Only outside.

This is our group.

Forbidden City

As the memory of this, hanging Mao Zedong's portrait on the port. The portrait is 6 meters high and 4.5 meters wide and weighs 1.5 tons. It is replaced with a new one every time before National Day celebrations. To the left of the portrait says "Long live the People's Republic of China" and the right "Long live the unity between all the peoples of the world".

It was crazy with people but I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

After 3.5 hours inside the forbidden city, it was time to go home.

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Then it was Monday again. Not so fun day! The weekend went fast and slow at the samt time. I was home the whole weekend and did nothing except yesterday. But otherwise, I have took a break, which I needed. I have also finished writing my China guide (finally!!). So a new day from China will come every day. The first one is coming up tomorrow!

Throwback to china.



Hello Thursday and 1 December. It's crazy how fast time has gone? Anyway, I met up with Maria and Emma in the city to take a mini AW. We drank just one glass then we went home. It was very nice to see them!

But now I look a youtube clip then I will keep working.

Xoxo, Kat.



Tuesday, Hi! I have been trying to take a selfie with my new pink hoodie, but I can’t get a good one. Of 57 photos, I found two that were okay but not good enough. Buhu, not good selfie day. Oh well that’s happens! But something new? No, nothing is new here. I'm still working on my business plan that is never get finished or I mean it feels like that.

Hope you guys have a great Tuesday! More update will come tomorrow.

With Love, Kat.



Tonight I sat down and thought about how I want my life to look like in 5 years, 10 years and 20 years. I have always dreamed of something big and still do. I want to that Risnen get going and it is only me who can influence and change my own life. Nothing is impossible and there are some people who I'm really get inspired by.

The first is Isabella Löwengrip, also called Blondinbella. I have been following her blog for a while, and a few weeks ago she wrote about all that has taken up and put down, and no matter how it has gone, she has never given up. What a power woman, I say! And this summer, she bought a sports car as a reward with their own money. It is my goal too! Maybe in 10 years? who knows.

You can read more here about the car.

Other person I look up to is Michaela Forni. She is not only beautiful but also very smart. She recently wrote a book about mental illness that I really want to read. The book is called "I'm not perfect, unfortunately." Even her I follow several years and now lately she has really been growing and put a lot of time in the blog. The very quality that she runs with her blog, I also want to have it in mine. My goal in 5 years.

You can read more about her book here. NOTE! It is on Swedish.

The third person is Jennifer Lawrence. The best thing about her is that she is herself. She has the good looking, she is cool, and funny. The goal is to feel more secure and be myself at all times no matter the situation.

Jennifer dosen't have any social media channel at all.

Ellinor Löfgren, also called for Pdotter is my number four on my list. She is young and clever. I have read her blog when she was feeling the worst and today she is happiest on earth. It is so wonderful to see such a big change in a person. She is also amazing in social media. A few days ago, she told the world about her new collaboration with Google, and how cool is that !? That is THE DREAM. My goal in 5 years for sure.

Read more about her collaboration with Google here.

Next on my list is Zara Larsson. She is cool and super honest. She runs her own race and don't care what people think. You go girl!

I love her Twitter. You find her here.

Last on my list is Kylie Jenner. Many think differently about her looks but I think she look good. Especially when she has black hair. So beautiful. She has found her thing, very own lip collection. Nice work! And at 19 years older she opens her first store. My goal is to own a property, and all floors is mine and people will work for me. Haha. Goal in 20-30 years. Who knows. Maybe it will or it will not.



​Here are my pictures from the weekend. I was pretty active on Snapchat and if you want so you can follow me there. My name Risnen.

Last Friday, I meet up with Fanny in the city. It is boring. Here I am!

We had planned to have a typical Swedish "fika" but it ended with a dinner and a bottle of red wine. We both had two things to celebrate, one of the things, that she had not heard about my business!! It was very nice!

It was an early Friday evening. It was nice to come home pretty early. Both I and Fanny were tired after a week of work.

For once I put away the computer and read gossip and cuddled with the cats.

On Saturday I picked up Emma and we went to Lager157 and shopped. I would just as a company with but I came home with two pairs of jeans, t-shirt, two tops, socks and two sweaters. Haha typically me!

Emma bought a funny shirt.

Me and my clothes.

Me and Emma bought the same sweater. Haha.

In the evening we went to supermarket and bought some food. We bought for the whole week.

We made homemade burgers for dinner. Guess which one is mine, haha.

We lay on the couch the rest of the evening.

First we watched a movie called Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. I thought it was good then we watched Pretty woman. The movie was made in 1990, 26 years ago. And Julia Roberts was 26 years old there!!

I was home just after midnight.

When I got home, the cats were already asleep. I laid beside them and cuddle.



During the work-weeks I had time to celebrate my friend Maria's birthday yesterday. But her birthday is today! Happy birthday sweetheart! But anyway, we went to a restaurant called Aqui Tapas Bar and ate delicious tapas dishes. My favorite was squid rings with aioli. Yummy. She opened gifts then we sat there and talked. Very good evening if you ask me.

Today is Friday. Woho. I gonna work all day and then I will meet up with Fanny for a Swedish "fika" in the city and just hand out.