Today, most marketers are talking about conversion rate optimization, but some of them are still wondering if it works. If you are one of those who are curious about the effectiveness of conversion rate optimization, but you haven’t made the decision to implement it into your digital strategy, here are 3 case studies where CRO made wonders, boosting conversion rates significantly with only a few small changes:

1) 37 Signals – sign-ups increased by 102% by adding a human image

Psychology confirms it: people are more responsive when they see a human face instead of an object. That’s why a human element in your offer will increase the chances of your visitors purchasing your products or services.

When 37Signals decided to do something in order to increase conversions on their landing page, they tried several different tests with marginal results. In the end, they decided to take a different approach to conversion rate optimization and added an image of a woman smiling, in order to make the landing page warm and inviting.

The result – conversions increased by 102.5%!

Key conclusions of this conversion rate optimization case study:

- don’t be afraid to start from scratch and test new ideas;

- include human elements in your visuals, whenever possible.

2) Nature Air – conversions increased by 591% by changing the location of the CTA button

The position of the CTA (call-to-action) button on your landing page is just as important as the CTA message.

This case study refers to Nature Air, a travel company which wasn’t satisfied with some of their landing pages, due to the low conversion rates they generated. After conducting a conversion rate optimization research, they ran A/B tests on each landing page, with one version having the CTA button in a more visible place on the page.

After implementing the landing page version with the more visible CTA button, the conversion rate increased from 2.78% to almost 19%! That is a 591% increase, which demonstrates the power of conversion rate optimization.

Key conclusions of this conversion rate optimization case study:

- even if you have an attractive offer, it’s useless if the users don’t see it;

- conduct A/B tests for different locations of your CTA buttons.

3) – a 400% increase in conversion rates using a 3-step website update

This case study refers to, a job search website focusing on voice actors and voice actor employers. They created 11 experiments, each of them involving small changes in various stages of their sales funnel. Among their objectives, the most challenging was targeting multiple audiences and adding perceived value for a “middleman” service.

Here are the 3 changes that had the biggest positive impact on their conversion rates:

- adding the logos of former clients to instill trust in prospects;

- creating two different CTA buttons to differentiate their audience based on their two primary buyer personas (those looking for voice jobs and those offering them);

- adding a useful and educative video that clarifies how the service works.

As a result, the conversion rates skyrocketed by 400%!

Key conclusions of this conversion rate optimization case study:

- you need to ensure your potential customers that your website is safe and trustworthy;

- you need to make sure that your visitors are educated about how they can purchase your products and/or services;

- the easier you make it for users to turn into customers, the more likely they are to do so.