A lot of users want to get private proxies rather than shared proxies as they don’t want to share the ownership with multiple users. You can find any cheap private proxies on the internet also. Cheap proxies are liked as they don’t cost much. There are a lot of benefits and advantages as well as disadvantages of cheap private proxies. Before telling you those first let me tell you what exactly private proxies are.

A private proxy is a dedicated proxy that is used entirely by only one client. It hides the public IP address assigned by the ISP.

Many people say that cheap private proxies are not good as they cost less so they contain fewer features. This is true to some extent. But still, they have a lot of advantages also as they are private and don’t really cost much. Money factor matters a lot in case of buying proxies. If you’re getting a good product for less money with a little less feature then your decision of buying that product is not bad.


Let’s talk about advantages of private proxies or cheap private proxies so that you can decide by yourself that whether you should go for these proxies or not.

1. High-speed connection:

A high-speed connection is provided by the hosting plan that is based on dedicated proxy. They are much safer so they allow you to bypass firewalls and filters.

2. High-anonymity:

Anonymity becomes better as more IP addresses are provided and the location is also hidden. Cheap private proxies allow you to surf the internet without internet servers being aware of you using the proxy. More protection is provided by using HTTPs protocols.

3. More IP addresses:

Why needing more IP address? It’s because more IP addresses mean more geographical locations. Your identity will be hidden more securely and you will be able to conceal your browsing history. It provides more confidence while surfing the internet.

4. Prevents hacking:

Most server and browser administrators collect information about their visitors. Email administrators also read those emails which are not encrypted. For making advertisements, web-browsing is also being tracked down. Your location, phone number, personal data and financial information can also be hacked by anyone. Through cheap private proxies, it becomes hard for them to know where, when and for how much duration you have visited.

5. Improved loading time:

A similar transfer of information among servers is prevented by creating a cache. Loading time is improved and access to previously visited websites becomes easier.


Even though cheap private proxies have some advantages but it has some disadvantages also.

1. Unreliable provider:

You are not really sure of the provider and he could be unreliable too. It is true that price of any proxy doesn’t describe its reliability but mostly unreliable proxies are provided at a lower rate. If the provider is not reliable then the proxy will not be safe and it will be useless for you.

2. They are not Elite proxies:

I’ve told a lot of benefits of cheap private proxies above but that not possible each time you get a proxy. Mostly these proxies are not really good with less anonymous headers etc.


So now you know cheap private proxies have advantages as well as disadvantages also. You must check the reliability before buying then hopefully you will get a good proxy at cheap rates. Residentialips.io provides best private proxies at cheap rates as well as normal rates also. You can visit the website and see it yourself. It has a good name in market and reviews also show that people who have bought proxies from the website are happy.

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