Day 1:

At this moment activities provided by the island seemed endless but one in particular caught my attention, Harrison’s cave which is an underground cave with as well as waterfalls and pool. This beautiful cave which is considered to be one of Barbados greatest wonders lies in the hearth of the Barbados and is located in the central uplands of the island. It took proximally two hours car ride then a hike which at the start seemed to be fun but for every steep I took that feeling faded away. But promises by the guide that it almost was over was the fuel that kept me going even though my legs didn’t seem to be operating together. The guide, a beautiful girl with mesmerizing blue eyes kept talking about how much I would appreciate the hike if I knew what lied beyond it, every man on the tour appreciated her. Believe me when I say this, the view was so breathtaking that I could never have left if the guide didn’t insist on it. I thought that the view itself was impressive but those thoughts came and went as soones as I went inside the cave. I have to admit that despite my fear of small space I didn’t even consider that fact that it was small but rather curios about what the rest of the cave had to offer. And as expected it didn’t let me down, flowing streams, deep pools with crystal clear water made me gaze on this wonder and I am looking forward to what the rest of this island has in store for me.

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Tomorow we will take the plane to Barbados. Me and Asad are so happy that the trip will take off. Me (Lydia) is also very nervous because of that we are backing and i have no clue what will happen on this trip. Time will tell we can say.

We have vaccinate us because of the long staying for 30 days. We took the compulsory vaccinations for yellow fever and it are required because of that we are arriving in South America. Just because that we are backing and dosent know were we are coming, We thought that we should take the recommendation vaccations as protection against hepatitis A (Epidemic Jaundice) and hepatitis B and typhoid.

This is my list about what i will pack with me:

  • Vitals such as: Medications, toothbrush and toothpaste, hairbrush, shampoo and conditioner, cellphone, passport, money (pocket money) and important ATM-card.
  • Makeup: Just one bronzing powder to strengthen my burn.
  • Protections for the sun: Sunscreen 25 because i dont get burned so easely, aloe vera aftersun and sunglasses.
  • Clothes: 4 bikinis and 1 bathing-suit, 12 different tops (Including t-shirts that will protect my shoulders from getting burned, a pair of jeans if we will visit the djungle and also a pair och sneakers because of all the walking, 5 pair of shorts, 2 pair of sandals and 1 pair of flip-flops to wear on the beach, 2 towels (one for the body and one for the face) 12 pair of underwear and socks.

We are so excited and we cant believe that tomorow were both sitting on a airplane on our way to Barbados, it will be so fun to meet new different people and see things i could not dream about. Since the day we booked this trip i have saved every single coin so i could do this.



This is our trip to Barbados and also back home. It will take us 47 hours and 50 min to travel. It will be really though and i will be really tired. But if we want to take the fast plane it will cost us 56 564 swedish kronor which is so much money that we could spend on much funnier things. But this is really worth it because this is a life time experience.

Our return trip will not take as long as the trip to the destination which i think is good. Because i know myself and i know that the only thing i will think about is my bed and to eat swedish food so the trip home will go very slow in my head. It will take 37 hours and 20 min.

The tickets is very cheap and will only cost us 11 384 swedish kronor for both. That is so cheap for a trip forth and back for two. We chose to take the cheapest flight to save as much money as possible.


Here's some pictures of the hostel we will be staying at for the 6 first days. It's located in a great place, we will be close to everything. The hostel is very close to the capital Bridgetown. This hostel is a high standard of this type of lodging. This 6 days will cost us about 5951 swedish kroner.

This will be our next stop. We will stay here for 9 days. From 22-31 may. I am most excited to visit this hostel actually. This hostel is the most exclusive hostel of them 3 different we will visit. This hostel has a own pool and also near to the ocean. Though is this hostel the most expensive because it costs us 6239 swedish kronor. I think that this hostel is worth it and also me and Asad is worth it.

​The last stop will be Villa Marie Guesthouse. We will stay there for the last 15 days before we will take off home. This 15 days will cost us 8133 swedish kronor. 

Together it will be 11384+5951+6239+8133=31707 swedish kronor. 




I spent all day looking for it, despite that I clearly packed it with me I couldn't seem to find it. We're was my bathing suit? The island tour would start at any moment and I couldn't take my eyes of the clock, which clearly disturbed my judgment. After a while of panicking and rushing trough the house It turns out I already had the bathing suit in the bag. I grabbed it and ran to the meeting place and in my delight the tour had yet begun. Our destination was the foul bay which was located in south-east coast of Barbados and described to be one of, if not the most beautiful beach on the island. Why this beach you might ask if you read articles about Barbados and the answer it self is quit simple, it's almost deserted. As a tourist you clearly aren't the only one thinking of going to the beach and the larger beaches are often crowded, and I for one don't like crowded areas. So when I had the opportunity to go to a none traffic beach the choice was simple. But why is this beach empty of tourists, because of its location. Another reason is because it doesn't come with the usual perks of vacation as, changing room, beach bars and and shops because they are nonexistent. I bathed and tried for a while to surf, didn't go as planed even though the instructed was quit good teacher. Then I went on a both trip and fished, one of the tourist lent me his fishing gear. The day it's self was delightful and I can most certainly guarantee that despite the nonexistent of the usual perks it's a trip worth it's effort.​/ Asad



Despite the fact that I had a wonderful time at the Harrison's cave I found myself restless for the next two days. I klinged to Memories from the past activity to endure the everlasting heat. As I was about to abandon the hope I found a solution, taking a tour of Barbados. The meaning of the tour was spending a day exploring the history, wildlife and the stunning natural life of Barbados. The tour started at 2 pm and we begin with a stroll in hunters gardens, a mesmerizing trail trough a rainforest gully. After admiring the garden we head to Bathsheba, named after the wife of King David who allegedly bathed in milk to keep her skin soft. The guide also mentioned the fact that the pools located in Bathsheba were rich with minerals that had beautifying effects. After bathing for some time I was quite hungry and we went to cattlewash to enjoy lunch above the rugged coastline. Afterwards there was only one stop to make, a trip to the wildlife reserve. Previously I didn't se the meaning of finding animals cute but similarly to the past trip I found myself intrigued. We were allowed to get close to the animals and interact with them along with petting them from a safe distance.