~Yoga - action
10h - I still do yoga 3 times a week, to try to calm down. A do yoga for about 1h every time and it's something I would recommend every ib student to try

Reflection- it's really stress relearning and so far the best CAS action I have done.

~Church - service
6 h - so fare I have been to 6 Sunday masses and I have during that time helped out at there little "store" where they sell candles, bracelets and bibbles. And I often stay after to help with the cleaning up after the fika and putting out the candles before everybody goes home.

Reflection- it's really nice to feel like your apart of a community and knowing that your help is really being appreciated and going to good use.

~Home schooling - service
8h -since school begin I have homeschooled two of my moms work friends kids. They are struggling in math and some times we go trough other subjects that they found difficult during the week. We meet up atleast 1 times a week but sometimes the older boy(12 years old) needs more help so we meet up again. We are currently at 8 hours of service.

Reflection - The thing that I think that I value the most with this CAS is that the two boys really appreciate my help and I feel like my own knowledge comes in good use.

~Cas booklet - service and creativity
3 h - so far, the CAS booklet is a working long term CAS project were me and Emmy are trying to sum up our experience from CAS and giving all the best advise that we can give, also our best advise for how to time plan CAS. So far we have a front page and the 3 front pages for CAS, what we have left is to sum up our own experiences and ad on more to the advise for every letter.

Reflections - really makes me understand and think more about what CAS really is.

~Star for life bracelets- service + creativity
2h - 10 bracelets.

Reflection - even though I could not participate in star for life this year because of health issues I really liked being able to participate in some kind of way.

There is more to comes but I hope this is okey for now! The pictures will come very soon in a collage instead of picture by picture

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24/5 - 12/5 - 2 times - 45 min each time

i have never liked running but lately i have tried runing along the beach. this was something i really liked and found to be stress relaxing so its something i will continung to do. And i also run with a friend every time so he ( plays fotball extremlly fitness obsessed ) can keep e motivated if i want to quit.




some thing that i have always loved is baking and thats why i use it for my cas. I recently started conecting it to cas but so far i have tried new recepice some i have created my self and others i found on internet. But in total every cake took me 1 hour so far i have made 4 diffrent cakes,

  • chocolate pannacota 
  • kladdkaka with a twist 
  • chease cake brownie 
  • lemon cupecakes with frosting.

in total of 3.5 hours 



Friskis and Svettis FEB- MAJ

3 LW 55 classes - 70 min 

4 yoga classes 3 - 3h 

The gym 5 times - 5 h 

Friskis and svettis for me has become a place not only for my cas but to actually enjoy working out. The classes i do mostly for fun and i really like the group traing sessions and the gym i do as phsiotheraphy for my back. I focus on bulding it ut again, being able to train for one h each time for me gives me motivation to keep on doing it. 




I still conitoue to do yoga not every dag but atleast 3 times a week for 1h. I have done this through out februari , mars , april and maj. I personally find it very suthing and calming and because of the ib it works as a great stress reliver. Im also improving my skills when i dont have time to go to a yoga class i use the ipad and watch classes on youtube. Im finding it extremly helpful for both my back and stress.

w.6 - 3h

w.7 - 2 h

w.8- 3 h

w.11 - 3 h

w.12 - 3h

w.14- 2h

w.17 - 3h

w.18 - 4 h

w.20 - 2h




I helped out with doing 4 diffrent grils hair before a big floklor competion they hade. it took me about 20 minuts with every girl and we practest the hair due the day before. This for me is Service beacuse i helped out voleentery in my own local community and acctually started to get intrested in geting back to dancing myself and from that experiance i actually tried to start myself again but now they have a summerbreak but i made it to three dance lesson each lesson 1.5 hours.

Here is a picture from the first training i was at, the photo was taken quite blurry because i was in a hurry to get it.

​Here is a picture of the competition in Malmö were you can see the girls hair, in our hurry to make it in time for the bus i forgott to take fotos while we were doing it but i hope you can see the hair doe here.



Total ignorerat att uppdatera bloggen, mesta dels föratt skolan tar upp all min tid och även lite nya ändringar i mitt liv delarplats på mitt schema. Läste igenom snabbt vad mitt senaste inlägg va (minus casinläggen som jag gör för skolan), det är rätt kul satt bara o log när ja lästaom nyår. Kan verkligen säga att grejer ändrades efter det. Men en snabb update påhur mitt 2016 varit so far:

Skolan har tagit upp all min tid. Det har varit minstsagt stressigt och ångest fyllt men med hjälp av en ny person har ja lyckatshålla fötterna kvar på jorden och fyllt mina helger av minnen för livet. Närdet kommer till skolan har jag redan valt ämne och topic till min EE och redanhaft mitt första möte med min valda mentor till arbetet. Vad jag vill dela medmig av so far är att ja ska skriva det i psykologi. Det är rätt blandadekänslor över ib rent generellt, min EE är jag inte nervös över med tanke på attja ser fram emot att få börja skriva på den (väntar bara på godkännandet förval av böcker för information) men mår dåligt över stressen jag lägger på migsjälv. Det är svårt att hitta ett mellan ting där man inte känner sig stressadoch där man inte känner att man inte duger.

Men om man bortser från skolan har jag upplevt extremtroliga minnen, upplevelser… allt har bara varit så perfekt som det går, detbetyder inte att det är lätt och allt fel fritt men det är perfekt i mina ögonoch hade inte ändrat en sekund på hur mitt liv är nu och ser bara fram emotvart allt leder här ifrån. 



Alla ❤️ dag för mig har alltid för mig varit en dag då man ger lite extra kärlek om möjligt gör något lite mer speciellt än vanligt. Men igår fick ja firar den med någon som betyder lite mer och kan säga att den var bättre än vad jag någonsin hade kunnat tro.



Ännu en gång grattis fisen ! Helt otroligt rolig kväll , mer behövs nog inte veta



I don't take pictures during the fika time and I dont take A lot of pictures in general in church but. But this year I helped out during the Christmas mass 7/12-15 with serving and preparations. I have been in church and help out

20/9 -15

I'm there for more then 1 hour because of the mass but one thing that I have learnt and take joy in by being in church is that you get to help out and talk to people how has story's to tell and different life's from yourself. You get to feel like your help the same time as you get to learn