Can't seem to find time to update all to often, got soooo much on my plate right now and i love to be on the move.

It's already late and i should be in bed right now long phonecall and folding laundry kept me up, actually sittin with my damn toothbrush in my mouth as im writing this.

Wanna just tell you guys about the most valueble thing we have in life, that we never ever can get back not matter how much we want to.

And that is Time life is limited and you can really never know when your times up.

As we people live in this bubble and most of us go on this thing "autopilot" where everyday is the same, and you know what? i understand the comfort that everyday life brings, you go to work? come home to the stuff you do, go back to sleep and then we go again.

It becomes a cycle that's so easy to get caught in, not saying at all that it is the wrong way to live life. I just guess my mental has change so much this year, and my ambitions towards goals i want more, i want my soul to be filled with all the bad and the good stuff.

read this qoute the other day " humans are the only species that never live to their fullest potential"

And that made me question my own potential? what Im i really capable to accomplish? and the answer is what you allow yourself to... we humas are so restricted and often put boundaries on ourselves. We get affected by social media, by friends, by the society we live in everyday.

Wanna end the post here lol... really need to catch som sleep could write for days with my thoughts.

the Subject Time, i have so much more about it to share but... make sure to invest time in youself, invest in health, invest time in things that matter to you, invest in experiences, money is always an issue, but you build a good foundation a strategy to get where you want to be. PATIENCE AND FAITH

And last but not least? you guys who read this. No matter how much i tell you how dope you are, and amazing and all that stuff that we people love to hear about ourselves. The words will never stick UNTIL YOU TRUST YOUR'E OWN DOPENESS.

This Season has changed me, love my mental so much right now, and that has made me move so much closer to my goals, striving to progress and achieve! 

Hocus Pocus Stay Focused And Go After Things That Feed The Soul.

​Love is all, believe that all that you do, do it with fuckin love, take care of one another. 

hitting the sheets ONE!



Here back again to share some.

So it's been like a month since i did share some of my thoughts.

Reasons why it's been so long, it's because hands down this has been one of the most emotional journeys i ever been on ever ...limbo between history and present meetings... my brain has been so up in the clouds, that no matter how many times i tried to get stuff out on posts i was never able too.

Until now, I've been through hell and back, crawling on walls sleepless nights. maaan it's been helluva ride...

The aftershock after chapters these past 4 months have been so devastating in a way, that it broke me down to the roots, the feeling of defeat took over.

But rainy days don't last, i wanna tell you guys about the power of love and there's some keywords below that i really made me realize that love is stronger than hate, greed, all that bullshit as long as you choose to ACTIVELY feed it.


If you choose to apply love fully into your life and live by it in every aspect when it comes to friends, family, relationships, or whatever haha love is all simple as that. But what it will do for you, first of vibes are so contagius so those close to you will soon catch the same vibes all love feel me?

The power of love also shortcut to making someone smile, even better making someones day. or even maybe save a life? who knows.

Love can also put you through hardships, tough and rough times...but it's maybe hard for you people who read this blog to understand.

But trust me on this, if you step back and observe with patience and with a little bit of faith. The reason why you going through the journey will show, lesson or a blessing? either way i see both as blessings really.

This Journey has made me grow ways i will forever be thankful for, not in lenght though ha

when hardships hit you, dont run, dont escape your emotions, whatever you do dont flee, you let that shit hit you so hard in your heart and soul, and you going to face it and embrace it. then you let that sink in deep, so deep you can barely breath, like it feels like you going to go insane and die.. harsh right?

this is the moment where people are so easy to put the blame on other people, exactly when your at this state of mind, This is the moment where you dont look to put the blame on others, instead ask yourself? what can you take from this, what can make you progress into being a better version of yourself? cliché right? but it's so true..keywords above plays a big part in this to apply to your mind.

It's really past bedtime, feels good to finally be some kind of collected in my mind again and be able to write a little bit for you guys especially you (Sandra CO WORKER OF MINE) haha "vad hände med bloggen? blev så inspirerad av dig, man blir tacksam för saker i livet av din blogg" haha all love fam!

Some last words before i hit the sheets.


Is something that i really have taken so deep into my life, actions make your character, the courage to make actions when your afraid too, to make actions when your vulnerable, to be brave and make an active choice to do something with what has been given to us in life.

Words are just words until they are proven by actions, so words don't get to me anymore, they used to when words were spoken from spoken from people that i hold dearly.

Wont escape my own misstakes, i myself have been eating my own words....but god knows iv'e changed.

Don't let pride and shit like that get in the way, cuz one day i'll promise you that you will regret that you never took action.

Actions is all, it will make your life fulfilled, in all ways possible, then you can never look at yourself - "I wished a did that back then"

Thankful for everything i been put through, every single detail, Life is good, Be good do good, clarity will show, and when it does you buzz let that blow up, watch now when blessing after blessing will fall upon on you, have faith.

May you people have a blessed week, ONE!



Wanted to share some.

you ever get that feeling? you know when everything stops, and the only thing you can feel moving is your thoughts.

It happend to me today, the feeling of PURE Gratefulness for everything i have, for all the people i have in my life.

for all the people that has been in my life, for all the people who is still in my heart but not with me in my presence.

I wanna thank you all you are amazing every single one of you.

My main purpose is to share love, and smiles and A Lot Of Love.

Love and passion is always in fashion, allday everyday! 

If you read this, you are blessed, you're breathing, tomorrow is never guranteed. be thankful for each day. 

Vibes are contagius, so better make them goodvibes spread and the badvibes spiraled! 




So well im back at it again! here to deliver my second post of this blogg.😊

Im going to tell you a story about the lady who brought me to this world. 👆

My Angel, My Queen, My Soul, My Everything. My Mom..

The woman you see on these pictures above is my mom, to others she known as Delia Feolino Domanais.

My mom is born and raised in the Philippines not in the better parts with electricity, free water, and malls and technology, but in Biccol which is a small village surrounded by the jungle located almost 6 hours from the capital city Manila.

People live in small huts without doors that they built with bamboo and other types of wood. And there no laws out there the people is like a own community looking out for each other, growing food together, walkin miles to collect water together.

She grew up there with her dad, brother and her two sisters and a whooole lot of cousins thats impossible to keep count on lol. Her mom left her almost directly after her birth so her father was everything to her.

My mom went to school and was very talented, but growing up in Biccol where making money was hard, she had to drop out of school to take care of the home obligations... time went on she became older and she was livin well.

(Believe it or not to live in the jungle without cellphones tv screens and all of that is soo soo peaceful.

I know beacuse i been there at and early age though but it changed my view of things to the better.

It makes you pay attention to the small things like spending time with family, enjoying just being alive, and nature oh lovely nature. " oh got distracted for a minute there and got off topic sorry! back to it! 👇)

Like i said time went on and my mom reached the age of 27 and the years had treated her so well she was so beutiful. The same year she became pregnat and that little baby in her tummy was me.

Unfortunately the man (mydad) she was dating at the time didn't want anything to do with a baby. So that heartless mofo left my mom all alone..  time went on and my mother met another man namned Kent who came from Sweden. And Kent was later on going to be my who i saw as a dad, didn't know that at the time though i was in the tummy still chillin hard hah! 

Kent was with my mom all the way through the pregnancy and also with her at Manila Hospital when i was born. -For that i will always be thankful and feel deepest gratitude to him that my mom didn't have to go through that alone but instead side by side with a real man bringing her comfort. 

This part now is where hell breaks down    ...bare with me. 

After a week or two i was born into the world, my mom noticed i was sick like really sick.... so she took me in to Manila hospital again for them to run some tests on me, to see what was the reason behind the ilness. 

The news the doctor brought to my mom must be the nightmare to hear for any of the beutiful moms in the world. 

I had been diagnosed with leukemia also known as bloodcancer, and they wanted to bring me in for treatment right away operations and blood tests. 

Don't know really for how long i was in Manila hospital, but my mom told me that she had a gut feeling that they wasent giving me the right treatment...mother instincs i guess.. 

Then Kent came in the picture and said we take him to Sweden for treatment, and my mom agreed to that in a heartbeat. 

So my mom left everything she had family, her home, everything she knew to take me to Sweden and to Linköpings Hospital where they had specialized doctors to treat cancer. 

Well at Linköpings Hospital

We met a doctor named Mikael that was going to be my saviour, he took us in with open arms and told my mom we going to do everything we can to make your'e baby son well and healthy and cancer free. 

I practicly like lived at the Hospital for 5 whole years with my mother by my side all the time every step i took her loved pushed me further and further to wellness hand in hand with Mikaels amazing staff. 

To rewind further cuz time is getting late and i need to catch some sleep...

My mom left everything she had to make me free from cancer. 

She didn't knew the language at all, she got a job, got bullied, she ate her lunch alone in the locker room. she till kept on fighting! saved every little dime to make my future brighter. 

And people theres so much more to this story but it's getting way past bedtime!

But i just wanna thank you mom for showing me what love is how to get through life when it trying to bring you down, thank you for teaching me to have the mindset of a champion and always what so ever never give up! everything i am or ever hope to be i owe to my angel mother. 

To end this, to all the mothers out in this world i love you, i appreciate you, aint nothing like a mothers love. 

"My mother is my root, my foundation. She planted the seed that I base my life on, and that is the belief that the ability to achieve starts in your mind"

One, sleep tight.