​No one needs to understand but yourself. 

Get that dough, get that better life, get that better body, travel, school -->  compare youself to none. 

whatever the goals is that your set your mind to, go get that and get it hard. 

Surround youself with people that motivate you to get it. 

But most of it all you are responsible for motivating yourself daily! 

Take the small time in your day and reflect on this and relate to something you always wanted to do,

but was always afraid to do, cuz of different factors of life. 

Lemme tell you dis, your mind is setting limits to your potential, that you over the life has set upon youself. 

Through life experiences, or maybe it has to do with the way you were raised, or just the daily society/friends.

 E X P A N D - Y O U R -   H O R I Z O NS 

you have also responsibillty to educate yourself beyond what you been taught through life.

To all of you that read this on regular basis, or just stumble upon my blog. 

T A K E - C O N T R O L

never ever let anyone else set the tone of what you cant and can do? 

you can go above and beyond it's all in the mind. 

But stay humble if blessings start to rain over you. 

stay grounded. 

stay true. 

never ever forget that. 

May love and light shine upon you guys. 

WG until the day i die changed man forever skr! 

The tune is a straight up BANGER! 

You should look at my life, look at my times
See that I've suffered through numerous counts
Of unfortune happenings
Baby we back again ain't no one better than I
I got...

[Hook: Pryde]
So many things, I want to say
And I'm in a game, that I shouldn't play

But fuck what they say, if they're in the way
They gon' have to move along

They don't want to face my power
They don't want a piece of me
They don't want to face my power
They don't want a piece of me




My inner child wants to connect

Makes my heart ache by trying over and over to suffocate that feeling.

Unless i run in to you, I'll promise you will feel my love and gratitude one last time without me seeing your betutiful smile and your angel face.

Without doing any damage to where you are in life now my friend.

One last time before i leave 27/5.

I'll break the rules becouse the man i've become #wg



You seem so small when something like this happends.

Today, someone hijacked a truck delivery man and decided the fate of peoples lives in our capital city Stockholm.

Several people died and many injured,, and among them children....

He drived the truck at high speed in the most crowded street in Stockholm and straight into Åhlens the store.

I was at work when these news hit me, and i had 4 close friends in the city at that time everyone's safe thank the gods.

Even hit up old friends and checked up on them everyone i know is safe.

This was a terror attack atleast what the goverment thinks... hard to belive this is what the world has come to.

Sweden has always been the country that pearmets peace and that makes us the perfect target.

My thoughts and condolences to the families that lost somone today..my strenght goes out to you.

What moved me so much today.

To see people coming together helping out each other, opening up their homes, to people to sleep and stay in.

stores letting people in to charge their phones, eat food at the marketstore. people posting this in social media with #openstockholm.

People posting about free rides to get home into safety, this truly moved me, we have so many many wonderful people in this world and they stepped up today when people most needed it. I bow down to you guys you have my full respect.

Times like this we unite people despite our differences and look at the bigger picture love one another we are all humans no matter if your black, white, yellow, look past your religion aswell. HUMANITY is what i saw TODAY and we tend to forget that we all are humans before anything else!

Bless all of you who read this, life can be taken away so quickly.. terror is everywhere in the world... pray for the world,

UNITE people under love, and repect for one another.





Dear  -- > C O M F O R T Z O N E  

I am afraid

that my bones will rust
before these buildings do

I am afraid
that my soul will fade
before this ink does

I am afraid
that i will lose my tongue
before the world loses its flavour.

By John Watson HPS.

Times is moving so fast, things to do, deadlines to pay attention too. thoughts and feelings to keep in check.
keep the balance in life as healthy as possible is hard. Im feeling fear and dispair stronger than ever in my life.
This is the first time i've felt it so deeply. killing my work my grind game at the studio and gym to keep myself above the surface at the moment. you gotta get through it to GET TO IT.

My will and curiosity of becoming the best version of myself will always outweigh fear. and always, always remember it's not the years in your life that counts...it's the LIFE AND MEMORIES EXPERIENCES in your years. trying to spread and divide time and my love between my loved ones as much a possible. One test left. to hit up this weekend on saturday... jesus..christ cant believe i made it this far... fuckin unreal.. it's hard keeping up mentally, but i know this is the part where people are afraid to jump. But this new me put back the missing pieces differently. 

Wanna thank all of the love and even tears shred for me one of my closest friends cried today..and when i got home i got moved straight into my soul. thank you.

Ending with a tune from "more life album by drake" goodvibes all the way hit it up.

remember if you woke up today you already got the W!!!! recognize blessings.




Been reading so much bullshit lately...

woman have for such a long long time been treated like objects sexified daily, harrased daily...

I feel the rage creepin up as a write this post... all you fuckin rapist? all you fuckin men that hits woman? c'mon.. Get YO FUCKIN SHIT TOGETHER, yall aint even worthy of the love of a woman. fuck outta here man.

recently saw this youtube about this man in my own hometown talk about his perspective on womans in the world.

not even going to share the youtube video it's probably already been takin down... cant even control my writing.

Cherish our womans out in the world!! empower them you feel me?!?!we would be nothing without them? last i checked a woman gave birth to you, not for you to go around and harrass them och fuckin rape them...

To all you mothers. daughters, girlfriends, wifes, everyone i admire you for carrying youself in this time in sociaty.

let the music down below help you to never back down high heels on be you and continue to spread the love.



On the feels of gratitude this Sunday as Im packin my stuff with slow jamz on shuffle and found my way to the keyboard.

First we were friends then became lovers

"You was more than my girl, we was like brothers
All night we would play fight under covers
Now you gone, can't love you like I really wanna
But everytime I think about your pretty smile
And how we used to drive the whole city wild
Damn I wish you would've had my child
A pretty little girl or a boy with a sunshine smile
All dem days that I reminisce
About the way I use to kiss dem pretty lips
But as long as you happy, I'ma tell you this
I love you girl and you're the one that I will always miss"

you were truly my dearest and best friend.

Who broke my shells with patience, For the warmth, trust and loving care, And the spring of joy
That's gushing from my heart, I have no words to express My gratitude.

This time you didn't choose me, but that's okay angel Im so thankful for the times you did. Choose yourself choose love, choose happiness, choose everything that makes you happy and nothing else, and anything life throws at you show'em what you got. 

All my yesterdays have led to my today. Today is nothing without them.

I couldn't be the man i am without the times we shared.

Gratitude for a good night's sleep
Gratitude for good friends and a good meal
Gratitude for the ability to heal from deep wounds
Gratitude for the ability to take a trip into Hell
And return to Stability /Reality - from the ashes i rise. 


We all have a past, that have shaped us to the human being we are today.

We all have different stories to tell, every human walking on this earth is it's own piece of art.

Value your artwork the scars, flaws, cracks, skin, hair, nipples, tummy everything!

Not everyone may like the artwork your displaying but then the art isn't theirs to claim.

To all the people reading this everything that you consider as a bad experience? something emotional? whatever it may be that you really sent you straight to hell?

flip the coin? what have you learned? how do you react to it? with hate? with greed? being straight up disrespecful?

Where ever energy flows attention goes, remember this! Handle youself and the way you react with chivalry act like it, choose it be it own it become it. I will forever choose to be a gentleman.

Change the way you think manifest it into reality, it's easy to say that your thankful and grateful for shit when life goes well. Choose to see the good in bad experiences and situations and tough chapters in life, Choose to be the problem-solver, mindset of solutions.

Mindset of love, Mindset of understadning, Mindset of positivity. Mindset of forgiveness. Mindset for progression

>Each one teach one but you gotta be one.<

>WG <




**The Human Condition Manifesting Thoughts Into Actions**

In my 24 soon to be 25 years on the place we call earth, i have really discovered that the human brain is all to easy to influence. It's so easy to be a follower, to many it relieves the burden and maybe the pain of discovering and be different and live a life that isn't like anybody elses or like the life that you were told to live.

The Human species is so fascinating to me.

How does the brain work?

we have like billions thoughts in one day?

Why do we act the way we do?

why do I act and think like i do?

If we really ask oursleves?

We all know something that we do on regular basis that is not good for us, for example bad habits?

it's amazing or just dumb in that matter....but anyway.... how we people know what we need to do to progress?

We have it all in the mind, we tell ourselves we need to start eating better? maybe quit smoking maybe quit buying that quick snack at the store everyday?

I have for a long time been one of those people, we people are really experts at talkin so much shit and dont doing anything about it. I mean I am humble as they come but more or less i recongnized my own fuckin bullshit well done round of applouse for me lol..took me 24 years..

And why is that?

We visualize ourselves in the mind achieve this goal whatever that may be, and that is the easy part you see yourself pullin through. BUT where most people fail including myself uncountable times...

Is to manifest this into ACTIONS. we need too stop talkin about it and BE ABOUT IT straight up no other way around.

And this can relate to everything in life, - relationsships, goals, daily basis, everything! actions over words makes life beutiful.

Trust me on this okay? haven't been active on this blogg in a while so those who read get this down and this will work as a reminder for myself to keep strivning and keep doing what iv'e done since the start of this year,

IF you and only IF you can manifest your thoughts into actions i promise you, you will become amazed and blown away over how much control you have over your life! don't get stuck in your way's motivate cultivate and elevate.

Biggest reason that really limit the human from reaching their truest potential in life.


And this my party people, lovers, friends, brothers, sisters, wifes, husbands, fathers, mothers, whatever you may be!

IS GOING TO BE MOST IMPORTANT TEACHER IN YOUR LIFE./ so so healthy lessons in dissapointments and failure.

Find the courage look youself in the mirror and go after the FREEDOM IN FEAR.

Be you dont, who sociaty tells you to be? or the social media?

World is huge and time limited everyday is a blessing. You should live everyday like you want to, but hey?!

dont be reckless! take care of people along your journey sprinkle the love and cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

Keep the chivalry alive, show our future genaration the kids the way guide them love them.

We all have our demons, we fight them everyday the most beutiful thing is to rise in the morning with the mindset of overcoming and win the small daily battles.

Powerpoetry and a tune to end this post. lol this became an essay..

"If everyone has a destiny why do we have to choose, If everything happens for a reason what have you got to loose, So many questions, so very few clues, So very little time, so much to do, One can only do so much by oneself, If you can do anything better than I can then whats next, Ever noticed what you do when put to the test, Always expect the worst and hope for the best, Follow your heart for nothing is what it seems, Never let anyone make your decisions, follow your dreams, Think positive, keep your head up, Quitters never win and loosers are out of luck, You are where you are because that is where you need to be, The truth hurts sometimes because that is what you needed to see, Advice is good from another point of view, But remember it is your life... your choice... it is all up to you.

Shoutout to WG community for showing me the ropes thanks for letting me in and letting me be apart of it so grateful. 

Thanks to you im on the run up!  Move in Silence.  

Take care of one another share smiles! 



So well im back at it again! here to deliver my second post of this blogg.😊

Im going to tell you a story about the lady who brought me to this world. 👆

My Angel, My Queen, My Soul, My Everything. My Mom..

The woman you see on these pictures above is my mom, to others she known as Delia Feolino Domanais.

My mom is born and raised in the Philippines not in the better parts with electricity, free water, and malls and technology, but in Biccol which is a small village surrounded by the jungle located almost 6 hours from the capital city Manila.

People live in small huts without doors that they built with bamboo and other types of wood. And there no laws out there the people is like a own community looking out for each other, growing food together, walkin miles to collect water together.

She grew up there with her dad, brother and her two sisters and a whooole lot of cousins thats impossible to keep count on lol. Her mom left her almost directly after her birth so her father was everything to her.

My mom went to school and was very talented, but growing up in Biccol where making money was hard, she had to drop out of school to take care of the home obligations... time went on she became older and she was livin well.

(Believe it or not to live in the jungle without cellphones tv screens and all of that is soo soo peaceful.

I know beacuse i been there at and early age though but it changed my view of things to the better.

It makes you pay attention to the small things like spending time with family, enjoying just being alive, and nature oh lovely nature. " oh got distracted for a minute there and got off topic sorry! back to it! 👇)

Like i said time went on and my mom reached the age of 27 and the years had treated her so well she was so beutiful. The same year she became pregnat and that little baby in her tummy was me.

Unfortunately the man (mydad) she was dating at the time didn't want anything to do with a baby. So that heartless mofo left my mom all alone..  time went on and my mother met another man namned Kent who came from Sweden. And Kent was later on going to be my who i saw as a dad, didn't know that at the time though i was in the tummy still chillin hard hah! 

Kent was with my mom all the way through the pregnancy and also with her at Manila Hospital when i was born. -For that i will always be thankful and feel deepest gratitude to him that my mom didn't have to go through that alone but instead side by side with a real man bringing her comfort. 

This part now is where hell breaks down    ...bare with me. 

After a week or two i was born into the world, my mom noticed i was sick like really sick.... so she took me in to Manila hospital again for them to run some tests on me, to see what was the reason behind the ilness. 

The news the doctor brought to my mom must be the nightmare to hear for any of the beutiful moms in the world. 

I had been diagnosed with leukemia also known as bloodcancer, and they wanted to bring me in for treatment right away operations and blood tests. 

Don't know really for how long i was in Manila hospital, but my mom told me that she had a gut feeling that they wasent giving me the right treatment...mother instincs i guess.. 

Then Kent came in the picture and said we take him to Sweden for treatment, and my mom agreed to that in a heartbeat. 

So my mom left everything she had family, her home, everything she knew to take me to Sweden and to Linköpings Hospital where they had specialized doctors to treat cancer. 

Well at Linköpings Hospital

We met a doctor named Mikael that was going to be my saviour, he took us in with open arms and told my mom we going to do everything we can to make your'e baby son well and healthy and cancer free. 

I practicly like lived at the Hospital for 5 whole years with my mother by my side all the time every step i took her loved pushed me further and further to wellness hand in hand with Mikaels amazing staff. 

To rewind further cuz time is getting late and i need to catch some sleep...

My mom left everything she had to make me free from cancer. 

She didn't knew the language at all, she got a job, got bullied, she ate her lunch alone in the locker room. she till kept on fighting! saved every little dime to make my future brighter. 

And people theres so much more to this story but it's getting way past bedtime!

But i just wanna thank you mom for showing me what love is how to get through life when it trying to bring you down, thank you for teaching me to have the mindset of a champion and always what so ever never give up! everything i am or ever hope to be i owe to my angel mother. 

To end this, to all the mothers out in this world i love you, i appreciate you, aint nothing like a mothers love. 

"My mother is my root, my foundation. She planted the seed that I base my life on, and that is the belief that the ability to achieve starts in your mind"

One, sleep tight.