New addition to the fam, almost broke down in the phone with you in tears of happiness.. 

Feels like i cant write something to really describe how i feel...

So happy for you my rolemodel, my uncle.

you dont have money, cars, flashy things. you taught me value of family small things, taught me that hiphop from old days holds alot of knowledge that later seemed to shape me in to the deep thinker i am today, and with the bboy and old school hiphoper i became, Value that so much. 

Most of all i know that you have been through a whole fuckin lot in your life, with relationships. and you have always been a gentleman no matter how many times you'd been stept on.

you showe'd me how to act with humbleness you taught me the rules of the chivalry, and made me apart of the gentlemens club love you to death.

Thank you dear uncle, your'e going to be the best father and a rolemodel Linné could ever have.

you inspiring me strive for my goals, to keep on going to keep standin on my two feet,. knuckels up, but before i hit kiss them with love...and fuckk shit up!! and be a wolf like you.

I know when im going to have a kid, im going to be the best father, becouse i been raised with so much love and truly by best people beside me. 

Cant wait to see you and Linné this weekend.

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Love you always beutiful soul, oh how deeply i love you... 

reapet after me? B A D T I M E S DONT LAST! it's going to be ok, wipe away your tears angel, brighter days will come. 


As many of you know I always fought what I believed in. Never give up on something you love..

but...when do you stop being defeated?

I saw the simplistic brutal truth this weekend, It's not worth it anymore. I held on when she let go enough to ..see someone else .. It just wasn't meant to be i guess... after this weekend I feel glad i saw you kissing someone else and holding his hand, and you went home with him...and i really wish you well always and all the good in the world. It gave me the real pure closure... Iv'e been replaced by another and that's ok like i said before your'e smile is all and your laughter and happiness matters most to me even without me. . .... It's my turn to let go fully on every aspect, and really shutting the door and never look back..

In the end the people that do matter will always be there for you. That's the real love. I now see that this wasn't my greatest love story. My greatest love story is yet to be told, and I'm excited to tell it with whoever it may be.

My vow to myself still stands stronger than ever. I see it as an opportunity to bettering myself as a man.

"Let the word "Beginning" wash over you my bestfriend wish you all the luck in the world"

everything you consider flaws about yourself im mentally kissing them with so much love... 

Goodbye And Be Safe. 




If not in this life, we are meant for each other in another... i just know it.

I want you to remember me curled up like a little joker, listening to the sound of your heartbeat and tracing maps across your skin. Remember me laughing at your jokes, even the stupid ones. Remember me in hysterics for absolutely no reason and in tears because one time you made me so sad neither of us thought I’d recover. Remember me brave, that time you held my hand and I thought I was going to die; remember me scared and gentle and delicate and breakable - only for you though, only for you. ALWAYS FOR YOU.

Remember me happy, and all the ridiculous ways I tried to get your attention. Remember the way I was too stubborn to talk to you and how absolutely insane it drove the both of us. Remember all the firsts and how they were so delightful we went back for seconds and thirds and fourths. Remember the songs you couldn’t stop listening to and the childish dreams you allowed yourself about the future. If it’s any consolation I allowed myself to have them too.

I think im unconsciously still hope for you and me one day....but if it really comes to it.... I don’t want you to remember the ending.

Remember the beginning. Remember the first time you KNEW

And keep believing in love, and most of all love yourself.

- Im the furthest thing from perfect, but always always wanted to do good by you. -

We live and we learn. god knows i want a second run with you. (we would kill it just know it)

Wanna chase you so bad.... but i would forever chase something that doesn't wanna be held by me but by somebody else.

you got places to go bestfriend I believe in you kill it, slay it, own it! =)

" you were the soul to my mate, the rest was just fakes"

If forever meant a minute spent with you, I'd spend ever second wishing for two.

Chessy, but you know it's real though. fuckin miss you could write about you forever, but this is the last  postt about you..

up in my feelings, and that's alright. so let me peep some in swedish down below....



igenom allting alltid tacksam. <3

Great minds takes time to heal, the one who gets my love, when im done ....just wow im going to praise you for life everyday.  "lover not a fighter in frontline with a poem" 




Ink on my mind to pass the time.

Finally, next month ive been saving enough money to do some work on my skin!!!. on my neck arms and hands.

With me moving... the expenses has been so high and money tight, to save for both my drivers liscens that i start in October after all this time iv'e been practice driving so im well prepared and that together with my Ink plans and at the same time survive lol... so it's been a rocky road! but im moving forward, i have a alot of small goals to reach until New Year.

I guess that's somehow the beuti in life, that you never know what happends next, theres setbacks and failure but the most important thing is to keep moving forward always, rise up show up do work, BUT ALWAYS BE IN THE PRESENT!

So about the ink, iv'e been puttin so much work into it, taking help from friends with sketches and ideas i want it to be masterpiece, i want it to tell my story. It's going to most of all symolize LIFE, LOVE, STRUGGLE, GROWTH

I want the ink to be a reflection of my personality in real life.

I want to give a shoutout to Anna my dermotologist that helped me out the past month, some of you don't know this, but iv'e been for a long time struggeling with bad skin condition, like itchy and flaky it's always been a sensitive subject for me, did all i could to have properly good skin on my own but needed that little extra push....

And you have done it for me with mental Podcast advice, meal plans, and so much more, so Anna i wanna thank you from the depths off my soul, and most off all thank myself for not being to fuckin stubborn and a straight up dumbass and finally asked for help. 

I got the remedy, and now Im so excited to be under the needle again.

So sometimes in life all you need is a helping hand, but you gotta ask for it. or in this case pay for it haha but if it serves you good do it! take care of youself mentally och physically.

Im the furthest thing from perfect .....“I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions.”




Wanted to share some.

you ever get that feeling? you know when everything stops, and the only thing you can feel moving is your thoughts.

It happend to me today, the feeling of PURE Gratefulness for everything i have, for all the people i have in my life.

for all the people that has been in my life, for all the people who is still in my heart but not with me in my presence.

I wanna thank you all you are amazing every single one of you.

My main purpose is to share love, and smiles and A Lot Of Love.

Love and passion is always in fashion, allday everyday! 

If you read this, you are blessed, you're breathing, tomorrow is never guranteed. be thankful for each day. 

Vibes are contagius, so better make them goodvibes spread and the badvibes spiraled! 




Back at it, found some time to write a post!

Hope you peeps who visit this blog is doing well, and having a wonderful week!

Some of you i know some of you i dont! but yo always feel free to check in!

So it's been a hectic two day's of the week, with work especially, but as far as i know im doing a really decent job as a production planner, atleast it seems like the technicians feel me haha! ....3 more day's too go, then Sandra is back, and then for me it's back to basics, back to the old routines, but with me from this experience i can add to my resume! for future adventures!

Outside of work, it's been hectic aswell! if you didn't know, like about 2 months ago i moved into a townhall apartment, and all that in between with the moving was stressful.

And now it's my mother who's moving and is going to sell her apartment for future plans, so i have almost been helping her out every day with packing stuff. So proud over what she got planned out, she's becoming brighter each day in her descision makings. Proud to be her son everyday.

So yeah, Im kinda drained, but hey?! for the fam anything!

But it feels funny though, right now it feels like Im all over the place doing this, that, here, and there. And my work is a production planner, emphasize the word P L A N N E R .....

And for the past 3 weeks my planning and structure for my days outside work has been straight up disaster haha, maybe it's the pressure from taking on this PP roll at work.

But Im going to give it my all these 3 days, left, and for the weekend i got alot to look forward too, and that makes me more excited to get there.

gotta catch some sleep.

Have a good night, and hope you guys wake up tomorrow determinated! hungry! and love and smiles to share,

"Thought i saw my bestfriend today, but the reflection in the front mirror made it hard to see, take care of yourself killa!" 




What's good fam!

It's still been a busy week, but a good week!

What's been on my mind is relationships?

And really that is what life's about, cherish the people you love, and making memories be there in the good and bad times.

Sometimes in life relationships end... either you grow apart or life pulls you in diffrent directions.

And theres one woman out there she knows who she is, i wanna praise her in this post.

This lady i met at the time back then seem like the perfect time! but yo? love just comes around when the vibe is right!

And I really really wish you guys could feel the vibe we had! she was like my brother, my homie, lover, my partner in crime.

strange combo? yeah i know but that what exactly what it was.

"there all kinds of love, but never the same love twice"

What we shared was deep, and pure companionship!

And Im SO SO THANKFUL FOR THE TIME WE SPENT, it's insane really!

Life situations? and circumstances?, obligations?, growth?

"Love changes, bestfriends become strangers" ps: We should never had moved apart haha. fuck we had a good run girl. i miss you.

What im trying to tell you guys, is every realationship has something special it can be a hidden lesson? or something else, just have an open mind and know yourself, either you realize that and cherish that even though your'e not together anymore. or you act like a fuckin scumbag and call each other out.

As you can tell I lost a big ass soul that meant and still means so much to me this year and it's okay it's, life you gotta take the good with the bad and make a stand, to be better on every aspect improve yourself, reinvent yourself.

To you: I love you always and will always be down for you, down to ride, down to die. Im so thankful for the time iv'e spent with you, all the laughters we shared, the moments. you were my bestfriend that will ache in my heart! hard to find someone to be so goofy with! Times changes new adventures to explore! you will meet someone new as will i, or maybe we meet? on a crowded street ;) - remember you don't owe me anything! i don't want you to relate me to bad thoughts or sad thought's okay? live life to the fullest! our Story is to dope to ever forget!

"Saw you on your mothers balcony, you didn't see me

you looked stunning, like a woman like you should.

whatever you do, always know i belive in you. "

No one will ever understand, and that itself is a masterpiece it's between me and you.


It's always a lesson and experince hidden in it. 




" To be homesick yet not for a place,

but more of the feeling from seeing their face"

" I want to paint pictures with pastel shades of your heart,

frame it with love, and hang it in the darkest corner of my soul;

to remind me there is always a reason to believe in in us "


"Try my best not to let this happen again..

We weren't necessarily put in the best position to make the best decisions at that time. 

You can't be hard on yourself
For these were the cards that we were given so you have to understand that these, like...
That's not who you and I are
You're trying to be the best you can be but that's all you can do
If you don't give it all you got, you're only cheating yourself
Give it all you got
But if it ends up happening, it ends up happening.

That's what it's....that's what's happening with me
It's like God I'm giving it all I got, sometimes
I'm weak.... but I'm gonna do it, and it's like I'm not giving myself grace...
I'm just like understanding... and will forever be understanding you mean so much to me.  (From JB's purpose only edited a few words.

Miss you.



Well here i am, rising from the dead, back to deliver another post.

In the recent post i told you guys that i had much going on, and now it's finally over atleast over the weekend 2 days of taking it easy, resting.


For you guys who read this blog and do not know me personally, my regular everyday job i work as a support planner for a technician company called Relacom,

And now for 3 weeks ahead im working as a "fill in" (subsitute) for my dear collegue Sandra who is having a month vaction in Cali. So damn jealous, i wanna travel so bad aswell but got stuff to take care off here before i go, but if someone deserves a vacay it's her!

"I know you will read this post sandel! i hope you doing good and enjoying Cali to the fullest!"

So my job now for 3 weeks is working as a production planner, dont feel like writing down all the stuff i do, but i tell you guys IT'S A LOT! and it's been a tough week, alot of overtime. So that's been the main reason iv'e been away.


And then it's my dance, the semester it's about to start, I told you guys i had a dance thingy going on and i could'nt tell you what it was, it was a birthday suprise for my sister Pascal who had her birthday bash at a Nightclub called Hugo.

Myself and some cats from Legacy family did a small dance show for her, and i really went out of my comfort zone just to have fun with a student and friend of mine Olle, we peformed to the magic mike song PONY haha!

We did a small piece like 45 minutes the day before the bday bash. want to upload the video, but i can't or i do not know how to, So new to the blog tools lol another time maybe.

On top of that, my classes started off this week at dansakdemin we had a so called "Try any classes you want day"

and i had like 20 people trying my hiphop class, and what made it so much more fun was the mix between the ages on the people from 30 down to 17. love when dance bring people together.

Have a badass Choreo on it's way too. going to post it when it's done, going to put alot off work in too it.


And then we have some small things that's happend while the time i haven't been posting, underneath like a small checklist lol, really all i wanna do is sleep right now, going up early tomorrow.

- I was attacked by a bee, that tried to sting me in my face, threw away my glasses, and guess what...i accidently jumped on them in panic, dont ask me how.. haha.

- Bought 2 pair of new glasses, 1 Pair Pilot Glasses, 2 Pair is like a Harry Potter kinda look glasses lem guardian leviosa swag haha.

- Im at last officially out off my old apartment, after alot of commotion! with bills, and the new guest wanted too argue about childish stuff.

- Spending time with people i care most about my family.

-Emotional talk with my dad (whos not my biological dad) but in my heart he is... he told me he want's to adopt me, might seem funny cuz im 24 years old, but for him to say that means the world to me. hey! im getting a real dad.


Some of my friends wonder why im writing in english, when i live in Sweden,  It's because i listend to R&B and watched english series at such a young age, i feel comfortable and at home with english.  so there u have it! 

I think that's about it for now, I will be trying to post something tomorrow night when i get back home.

Hope yall have an amazing weekend, take care of one another, cherish and be grateful.  

And again since i into poetry let me end this post with an sexual one though it's so lit i love it! gave me chills. 

"I thought your laugh was my favourite thing about you, until i made you moan and once I heard those gasps and sighs, you turned on my soul" 

amazing huh? i think so anyway!  :)