Loving her is a beautiful thing,
I can't help wanting to love her even more.
But at the same time it is not easy,
Not easy to love her who is broken.
It could hurt me even more,
But I have to understand that she is hurting too.
I may not have heard a lot of background stories about her,
But I do notice her on some events, and end up staring at her.
She has mentioned me about her last relationship that didn't end well.
I can see the painful past she has gone through,
Or is going through right now.
I know for myself that she's an amazing girl,
And I know that I really care so much about her.
Thus, I have to be patient (One of the Christlike Attributes: PATIENCE)
Patient with the girl whose heart was broken before I came into her life.
And I am very sure, she's worth it.

What we have together is too good to be true.
It will take time. It will take patience.
It will take courage to pursue a woman who has been broken before,
But I know that it makes her that much more worth it.

She is giving me a chance,
A much bigger deal I could think of.
If it be me, to changed her mind about love existing.
That she can love again despite of what happened.
Despite being hurt by someone.
And I am so much blessed,
That she's willing to love someone again,
That she's willing to love me.
She's still learning how to trust again.
So while she's doing that,
I'm gonna go the extra-mile,
The extra time, the extra efforts,
The hugs, and to understand the moments.
She's worth it all.

I know that she have made a place for me,
Despite of her past pain and trauma,
She wants me in her life.
And I'm very sure of that she's worth it.

I love her, and adore her.
I have faith in her.
I want to laugh with her or even cry with her.
I want to see things her way, and let her see things my way.
I am indeed content with her.
I am so proud of her that I could scream my lungs out,
And tell it to the world, shout it to the world.
She is a beautiful dream and reality,
A symbol of eternity, a heaven here on earth.
I want her, and need her.
She is worthy, a truly daughter of the Almighty King.
I'm gonna fill the void in her heart,
Because maybe I am the only one missing to make her whole again.
And she is the love I've constantly prayed for.

I love you so much Jade Faye Lozano Cortes,
And I don't know if I have used appropriate words,
But I do.
I do really love you, and this love is worth it.
You are worth it, I love you.
Let's give it a shot, and AIM EXALTATION.

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A world filled with many distractions,
Temptations and trials.
Its where I live in.
Not surely proud, not entirely ashamed.
But this is where I really live.

Activities that are floating around with no limits,
No restrictions, and nonstop.
It gets my attention all the time.
Faced with this kind of crisis,
The power of my purpose taps my reserved energy,
My determination, and my courage-
That I didn't know I had.
My mission was clear,
It was clear as a crystal.
My goal was irresistible,
Enthralling me at its finest.
My focus was laser-like,
The accuracy was steady.
And my potential was utilized.

Most of us- dearly humans,
We live our lives by focusing on what we have to do.
The endless, mountain-like tasks continues,
And we even wonder-
"Why do I feel like I'm not getting ahead?"
Yes, it feels like we're sprinting on a treadmill,
Running in loops- just trying to keep up.
Then hopefully,
Finish the task completely-
And replace it with new ones.

But with a clearer sense of our purpose-
It'll enables me, you, them, to focus.
Focusing all our efforts on what matters most,
Compelling us to take risks,
And push forward regardless of the odds,
Regardless of the obstacles, of the hindrances.

Life gets simpler-
When we know our priorities,
When we discover what's really important,
When we always ask why, or ask questions.

These things might sound simple,
But that doesn't make things go easy.

In a world full of expectations-
Expectations placed on us by others,
Expectations placed on us by ourselves.
Some people, Some of them,
Will look at us strangely.
Once we examined our life,
Examined eagerly, with determination,
A lot of patience, and through the lens of WHY-
We'll start questioning ourselves,
"What's important to me?"

Step away from what society expected of you, from you.
Start focusing, Start refining-
The expectations you expected of yourself.
Do it-- and when you do,
You'll see the world I live in,
You live in, We live in-
In an entirely different view.

Running through the maze of life,
Bumping into a lot of troubles and glooms,
Meeting different kind of individuals,
Facing what society really, truthfully is,
Doing the best we can to find our way out,
Our way out ​of the seemingly unending nightmare-
It's not easy. It was never easy.
But what we're doing here, right now, matters.