The city for romance, love with a partner, freinds or the whole family. It got the iconic pices, streets and shops. It has everything for everyone, how can you not love this place?

The destination is popular amog instagram users, the perfect spot is everywhere. And french, as far as i know - you can say anything and it sound good! So even if you do something bad and people get mad, it will sound lovely.

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This city has my heart, it's the best there is. I love this city so much, all day every year. This city is my dream, and i'm going in not to long. I could talk about London, and how much i love it for hours, but i think a picture can say more than words:




A popular statement amog people, and some make the same every year and never really stick to them. Those are the once we're gonna list today, and if you are one of this people - prove us wrong with sticking to them this time around!

# 1 Go to the gym

If you havn't heard someone say this in your life, then it's probebly you. This is normaly said - not by the person that goes to the gym a lot - but this day's kinda like a overused joke. The gym, the fitness and the healthy foods.

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# 2 Meeting new, and interesting people

In this day and age we all know that you get the know the poeple around you. Poeple don't really go out of their way to make new friends. Like, how would you react if a random person came up to you, being nice and all, but you would think there was something - right?

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# 3 Earn more money

This is something all of us dream of. The feeling of being finacially stable, in a big house, with cool cars and travel everywhere with no worries. For the selected few that's a reality, but for the rest of us. Earning more is just not that easy, some people get lucky or have some kind of talent. The rest of us work as hard as we can, but how can you earn more money?

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Ever thought about the big apple of the world, New York City?
Everybody knows about it, but do you know what to do if you travel there? Other than the normal things like the empire state building or times square.
Here is 3 things you can do in this great city, that you might not already know!

# 1

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# 2

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Let’s start with one of the places where there is summer this time a year. The winter can be loooong and cold, and a dream about a hot holiday is in most of our minds. Australia is big, hot this days and there is a lot to do. You can be slacking off at the beach all day, everyday or do something you normaly wouldn't.

# 1 beach in the COUNTRY!
Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island

Located in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. With the with sand, clear water and just the beautiful nature. You can get the tour of the beach from the view of an helicopter or sea plain, and you can also sail there (if you don’t wont to travel the normal way).

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# Not just beaches: Vineyards!
Barossa, South Australia

One of the most famous Vineyards for their hospitality, the people, food, landscape, villages, now and then festivals and the WINE.

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# Meet new people as well as Kangaroos
Kangaroo Island

The island is a mini – Australia, with beautiful beaches, cliffs, farmers land with animals like sheep’s, koalas and MANY kangaroos. This is the place most tourist are happiest about when asked leaving Australia.

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Just think about a place where you can get diffrent tips when it comes to travel or just a chat about everyday life. Here is the place! RedApple just came to the blogging world, to make you smile just a bit for the day. If you enjoy traveling, daydreaming and the simple joys of life, this is where u should be.

From the joy of a coffee to the joy of a coffee in Bora Bora! ♥