To all the adults; I´m pretty sure my deprssion is not a phase. I´ve been feeling like crap all my life and It´s only getting worse. I´ve heard it before; you´re a teenager it will go away. And I wish it was that simple but it isn´t, my deprssion is only getting worse and I´m frustrated because I don´t know why. I´m getting good grades in school, I know that I look good and I only hate some people now. but still my deprssion´s getting worse, I don´t bother going to school, I´m not eating, I´m afraid to go out in fear of what might be and if I do my OCD completly takes over. So again I think that this isn´t "just a phase" and even if it is I´m still going to be a teenager for five years and I don´t think I can handle this for that long.