As January rolls in, we are all left with a little emptiness inside our hearts...time to start eating healthy, working out, (I rolled my eyeas just as I typed it down, haha) and well, basically we want to start fresh. This brings me to today ˝drama, when they sold me a planner for last year, and let's get it straight...payed a full price for it! ....hhhh..., but I got some really cute sticky notes to go with it and that made it all better.

But on to better things! :) As for better things and fresh start I bought myself a new plant, that's supposed to be a ˝good energy˝one....and some tulips, because I absolutely adore them! :)

...and my ˝healthy˝or maybe not so...breakfast. :) haha

This is sort of my ˝test˝post, (wow, lot of ˝˝ signs for such a little blog post, oh well), but hopefully there will be a lot more to come.

Take care,

love, Ella