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Instead of going straight back home after 2 weeks in Portugal me and my boy decided to stop over in Paris. This city is one of my all time favorites and this was my 4th time there. We took the 11.00 flight from Lissabon and 2 hours later landed in the city of croissants, a language that sounds like poems and all that is romantic. Paris is really a city you can just walk and walk in without getting tired, there is always something new to see, a gravel street, a famous monument or the Seine swirling next to you. I sound like such a cliché but even the air feels different. Paris makes me into a better person, more relaxed and at ease. It's like when I see the Parisians walking with their baguettes, smoking their cigarrettes and drinking their wine I just instantly want to be their best friend. Share their bottle of wine. Maybe this is what everyone that visits the city feels but I can't help but being like this.


We stayed our 2 nights at a beautiful little hotel called Hôtel Cordelia, located just between the Opera Garnier and the Place de la Madeleine. With an idyllic french balcony overlooking the street, a lounge with gold details and an old lady boiling our coffee and baking croissants while giggling in the tiny restaurant. The area we lived in was very busy though so we usually walked more east to the Marais quarters where you can find anything from second hand shops to cool bars with live music.


Because Ryan had never been to Paris before we of course had to see all the top attractions, mixed with cosy restaurant stops, picknicks and playing cards on our balcony. We started off by just walking around our own neighborhood, drinking some coffee and then taking a big nap in our hotel. In the afternoon we walked to the Marais for dinner and some drinks.

Although Paris can be pretty pricy at some places if you just think smart you don't have to spend a fortune (if you are on a budget like we were). For example; wine is almost always a good idea, in the local store next to our hotel they sold bottles for €10 and in bars a glass for around €4. Of course it will be more expensive at the more touristy places but keep local and you'll meet funnier people plus not spend as much. After a very french dinner we walked around to a few different stops then headed to the jazz bar Au Duc des Lombards. A tiny, dark club with velvet couches and chandeliers on the bar. A live jazz jam we had read about was on with different musicians jumping on stage and joining at all times. Free entry after 12 pm and a very intimate atmosphere! DSC_1154For the real Parisians experience I would really suggest just walking around the Marais and stopping in all the places that gets you excited. That's the whole joy with this neighborhood, you don't have to have a great plan for you evening with all the best suggestions - you can just follow your instinct and you will get to the most loving and unique bars or small restaurants. Everything from big, extraordinary taverns with velvet couches to small rooms with signed Miles Davis pictures on the walls.
But for the one who want it black on white, here are a three cosy ground stones for an amazing night in around the Marais:

Le Progres, 1 Rue de Bretagne

Zero Zero, 89 Rue Emelot

Le Piment Café, 15 rue de Sévigné


When you only have around 48 hours in a city it's all about maximizing your days, with that said the next morning after a nice french breakfast we headed to the Eiffel Tower. Although our heads were a bit heavy from the night before we walked to get there and had to sit down in the grass below the tower to rest while consuming large amounts of baguettes with chevre cheese that could feed a whole family. yum. According to our phones we walked around 20 000 steps a day during our Paris visit, that's pretty amazing.

Next stop was a ride to the Champs-Élysées, where we just walked up and down while singing oh champs elysees. This very famous avenue is also a mad place for tourists and all the big labels, nice to see but that's enough.

DSC_1224After a quick nap and shower the evening started to come so we took the metro to Bastille where we had decided to spend our last night. After getting a bit lost, suffering from emergency food disagreement (resulting in a different kind of dinner than planned, at a place no one spoke english but were very helpful trying to explain the meny using hand gestures) we made it to Le Réservoir! People were still having dinner when we came but after one mojito the band came on and they were absolutely brilliant. The soul tunes made everyone leave their seats and after a while the whole place was dancing! After 2 hours we were sweaty but happy, ready to leave for something more relaxed, but I'm pretty sure the place kept going until late! Apparently Le Réservoir also have jazz brunches on weekends, I'm sure that would be very good.

3 cosy bars in Bastille:
Le China, 50 Rue de Charenton
Tape Bar, 21 Rue de la Roquette,
Le Red House, 1 Rue de la Forge Royale


Our last hours in Paris the next day we spent at the Louvre museum. Amazed by the wall paintings and of course trying to get a glimpse of the Mona Lisa, although one of the biggest highlights was when we found a great deal on baguette + cake +  coffee for €10!! Then we walked around small gravel roads, breathing in the air for a few hours until it was time to leave for the airport. We were feeling a bit sad about leaving but what an amazing time we had. Au revoir Paris, until next time xx




Lagos is a vibrating small city located in the Algarve area in Portugal. As we drove in to the city and saw the village rise infront of us we instantly got very excited, compared to Faros small harbur and tranquil atmosphere Lagos is the absolute opposite. Picturesque restaurants in small squares mixed with young people shouting at you to come into their bars. DSC_0672We stayed at small Guest house called Hotel Cidade Velha owned by an old lady and her son (we guessed) located in the middle of all the gravel roads, getting us lost every single day. The roads of Lagos have no sense of structure, they are up and down with so many one way roads that even our dearest google maps couldn't help us at the best of times. An old traditional map that was given to us by the hotel owner was our savior - but oh how charming that can be! DSC_0663DSC_0653IMG_2121Except drinking wine and walking around in the old town we hired surfboards and drove to the different breaks in the area, mainly around  Sagres and Amado. We found an amazing vegan restaurant in Carrapateira called Micro Bar - tips! Another vegetarian dinner option inside the walls of Lagos we found is called More Than Fries and makes you choose your own veggie bowl which they then cook with either rice or or bulgur on the pan, delicious!! DSC_0569DCIM999GOPRODCIM999GOPROLagos also have some great snorkling and kayaking tours that take you all around the different lagoons and cliff formations. Although it was quite overcast the rain held off on our kayaking day so it was still really worth it! We stayed in Lagos for 3 nights then moved on to our next destination.....



We land in Faro, Portugal, after what seems like a nightmare journey including wrong flights and tickets, both shouting and cheering from the people working at the airport and two large gin and tonics when we finally breath out - sitting on the plane. It's late in the seemingly quiet city and we check into a dead looking hotel right by the airport.  Early the next morning we quickly decide to get onto our journey, we  rent a car and begin driving to Lagos after two hours sightseeing in Faro.

The knowledge that we are on the road and have 17 days of absolute freedom in this rather unknown country compared to neighboring Spain and France feels like a dream. We have one car, one hotel booking in Lagos and one map marked out with beaches, castles and surf spots from hours of googling.




My name is Rebecka Drake and welcome to my space here on the fabulous thing called the internet. I'm a person always seeking for an adventure but would not describe myself as restless. I love seeing new things and meeting different kinds of people, to explore this world we live in and I want to share everything that comes with it.

I believe that you don't need to go to the other side of the planet, take 3 weeks off work or spend thousands to experience true adventure. You can easily go away for one weekend and still feel it all. Breathe the new city air, watch waves crashing against a rock you've never seen before, climb a hill or eat something unfamiliar. It's the little things that count and I want to show that you can do it all - work, live and travel. It's all about the weekends away.

Hope you will get inspired!

xx /Rebecka




In July I got a five weeks job opportunity as a receptionist, working 40 hour weeks was a new thing for me and not so surprisingly lead to a lot of money. So me and Ryan decided to try save all of our wages and go to New Zealand after those weeks of work. 11 of August as a matter of fact, the day of my 21st birthday! We spent ten days in Queenstown, four of which we snowboarded up in the mountains, and the rest of the time explored the city's all corners with cozy bars, cafes and restaurants. I discovered that I love mulled wine but never will do a bunjyjump, that going on a pub crawl with 40 people always will end in a brutal hungover, that kiwis are the nicest people and of course that exploring places with Ryan is the most fun you can ever have. Queenstown is one of the most beautiful places I've seen. It felt like walking around in a dream with the snowy mountains and bright blue lakes, snowboarding in the sun and stopping for a hot dog and beer at the top of Cornet Peak.







As the Australian summer returns after what they call a long winter it makes me think of the autumn that I usually experience this time every year. A time when the leaves turn red and yellow and the sun slowly starts it's journey away from us, allowing its presence less and less. When there are days so rainy and dark it feels like we are trapped in a thick grey bubble. But also days with that special autumn crispiness to it and steam is coming out of your mouth when you take long walks.
But instead of all that I'm right now in the middle of spring and I absolutely love it. The temperature varies from 15 till 30, everything is green and I don't miss that grey bubble at all. I'm sitting outside on my lunch breaks to souk up the sun, and I realize I've actually missed it! It's insane how quickly you get used to something, through my whole life I managed through months with only a few sunny days and now after not even a month of "winter" I've come to miss the real heat. Say what you want about Australia but no other place can beat this weather.

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