If you’re curious about the latest cosmetic surgery trends, you can probably just pick up a magazine and see what the Kardashians are doing. No doubt the rest of us will be following suit not long after. The gossip pages will tell you that fillers are in, but if you ask any cosmetic surgeon, this only scratches the surface of what is going on in the industry. While you might think that everyone is going under the knife to get bigger assets, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, more people are getting their implants removed these days.

Advances in surgical technology mean that breast implants are getting more and more natural looking. And the breast implants that have been placed in the past look tacky in comparison. Which is why more and more women are choosing to have them removed and opting for more natural choices to improve their look.

The mastopexy is one procedure that looks a lot more natural than implants but offers similar results. There’s also the option of having much lighter breast implants with the B Lite implants, which means less weight and less tension on the skin over time.

What’s more important is that cosmetic surgery is also getting safer, and some surgeons are getting ahead of the crowds by putting patient wellbeing at the heart of everything they do. Some cosmetic surgeons have given the entire industry a bad name, so it’s really reassuring to see some are putting the safety and wellbeing of their patients first.

Technology is helping to push the industry forward. While you might associate virtual reality with gaming or movies, it is now being used by surgeons to help empower their patients to make smarter choices. Pop on a pair of goggles and you can step inside a virtual room of mirrors and see exactly what those breast implants would look like. While it helps some people to decide they are happy with the result, it also helps others to realise that surgery isn’t the answer.

What are your experiences with cosmetic surgery? Have you ever gone to a consultation? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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As a jewellery shop owner, creating unique and beautiful pieces is only half of the struggle. The creativity doesn’t stop there, as you then have to find a way to make your jewellery look as tempting as possible to potential customers. Photographing jewellery is a difficult task because jewellery is small, and capturing all the details in one photograph can be difficult. If you’re struggling to make your jewellery photography shine, try following these tips for perfect product photography on a shoestring budget.

Make a DIY studio

If you want a clean, clutter-free background you will need to create a pure background and balanced lighting using a photography sweep. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on professional photography kit. You can create a DIY photography sweep using a few pieces of matte card and a glossy piece of card to bounce the light. Set your light box near a window with plenty of natural light and then use the glossy card to bounce the light back and create even lighting.

Get creative with the background

If you are a confident photographer, you can work with more complicated backgrounds with incredible effects. Create a softer focus with a lower aperture as this will allow the details of the jewellery to stand out, while creating fall off in the background. EmilyJDesign (below) uses a textured fabric background to help their delicate jewellery stand out.

Image credit: EmilyJDesign

Sparkle and shine

If you are selling gems or diamonds online, you will need to give your stones a little help to really sparkle. To help your diamonds and gems shine, use natural light rather than a flash. It can be tempting to use a flash to help the diamonds to sparkle, but this will create shadows and over lit shots. Use a tripod to make sure you get a clean, sharp image.

Image credit: huiyitan

Props and styling

If you are running an online store, you have an opportunity to use a few different types of images which will help to establish your brand. Tell a story with your jewellery photography by create a few different types of images using props or a model. Having a photo of a model wearing the jewellery will also help people to see the size of the piece. Taking a few styled shots using props will help you to promote your jewellery on social media.

Image credit: WildFawnJewellery

Look to the Pros

Sometimes, keeping it simple is best. Look at how the pros photograph their jewellery and you’ll get some great pointers. Companies like Peter Jackson are very simple in their approach to photographing ladies jewellery, so you’re sure you find some inspiration from them. If in doubt, keep it simple!