One cold day in the start of February, I sat in a car crossing the bridge that connects Denmark and Sweden, along with two other pretty fantastic humans. One of them, my mother, and the other one my grandmother, who had previous to this little roadtrip, been quite sick at the hospital.

They had talked about it for a while, what her reward would be once she got better. For a long time my grandmother had been wanting to get a tattoo. So thats what they did, together. And there we were, a couple of weeks later - in the small tattoo shop on Ahornsgade 25 in Copenhagen, where my friend Emilie work as an apprentice. They to get tattooed, and I to document it all. It was pretty awesome. And I remember I said to myself - I'll edit these photos tonight and post them on the new blog tomorrow.

It has now been, maybe three months or so since that day in Copenhagen. Three months of not editing or posting anything. If you want to follow this blog, which I really hope you do, this might be something to get used to. I sometimes make promises I can't keep - in regards of blogposts and other social media activity. Hopefully my amazing personality will urge you to stay patient for those hard times, and make you want to stick around... I will really, really try my best to keep one day per week, scheduled for social media.

And for those of you who don't know me from the physical world, my name is Rebecca. I'll be sure to introduce myself more properly in the next post, but until then, here's the basics:

1. I'm a photography student
2. I live in Malmö, Sweden
3. I love things that smell of coconut
4. I'm sometimes extremely lazy..
5. ..and sometimes overly hyper
6. I'm really bad at making lists
7. I'm really good at laughing
8. And apparently in writing cliché stuff.
9. So I'm gonna stop now.

Let me know if there is anything specific you wanna know for the next post, and be sure to check out my instagram, and my two portfolios - fashion and portrait.