Howcan we meet our spendingneeds in the current investing environment?

Ithasn’t been easy for institutions to earn what they spend in the past fewyears. The truth is, the possibility of poor performance for an extended periodaccompanies almost any investment approach. That’s why it’s important tounderstand if your business model and risk tolerance are flexible enough toadapt to difficult environments without having to selloff assets at a deep discount. That’s where we can make a difference.  Through an enterprise review, we help youunderstand what risks you might be taking. We stress test your portfolio andhelp you see how your investments might behave in different marketconditions.  We help set or adjust yourinvestment policy benchmarks accordingly. In the end, we build a portfolio thatties your risk and return objectives more closely to your long-term goals andshorter-term risk tolerances. With this information in hand, you can have openconversations with key stakeholders about whether your investment strategystrikes the right balance between achieving your long-term objectives whilemeeting short-term spending needs.