I'm so sad! What I wrote yesterday got deleted so I just finished and published the text I wrote on Monday. Guess that's part of life.

So here's an update on what happened yesterday. Mattias went shopping at a supermarket and then he met one of our friends that were going to visit us later in the day - so he said he could give Mattias a ride home and visit us earlier instead. The awesome thing with this guy is that his name is also Enoch, but we use "k" instead of "ch". And he had brought gifts to Enok - a giraffe (that I have been wanting to buy since I was pregnant) and a gift card with a large sum of money(!!!). Because his family is from Kongo and they have a tradition that if some one in their family or that they know very well has his/hers name called after them they are to bring presents and be kind of an uncle/aunt.
We didn't know that, but we thought it is such a great tradition. And I think it bring people closer together and that we take care of each other as a community. It is so fun to learn more about different cultures and lives.

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