It's finally September, so it's time for a new subscription box review! Some of you may know already, by reading my post on The Pip Box, that I'm trying out subscription boxes and I'm doing reviews on them. This basically means that I'm buying 1 subscription box per month, and every month it's a different one. Since I have many interests, the contents (and price) of the boxes will vary each month as well.

So, last month I tried a vegan beauty box (almost all of the boxes and products I buy/use are vegan and cruelty free by the way) and I liked it very much. I've used nearly all of the products at least once already and they're definitely worth the money. This month however, I decided to try something else completely to keep things interesting. I didn't want something that was very expensive either so I browsed Instagram and True Tea Club came up. This immediately piqued my interest since I love tea and especially the loose leaf kind!




True Tea Club is a UK based company. They have a webshop ( on which they sell a wide variety of loose leaf tees. And with a wide variety, I mean a very, very wide variety! They have white tea, green tea, black tea, oolong tea, rooibos tea, herbal tea, fruit infused tea etc. in lots of different flavors. They sell gift boxes as well, and what I was the most excited about: monthly subscription boxes.

Their monthly subscription boxes contain four different blends for which you pay £10.00 to £20.00 per month (depending on the size you choose) + free shipping if you live in the UK or £3.50 if you live outside the UK, which is very cheap. 💸

When you decide to subscribe, you get some options to choose from. First you have to choose the size. The options are standard (around 40 cups of tea), premium (around 60 cups) and deluxe (around 80 cups). I decided to take the smallest option, since I wanted to try it out first. Next, they ask you about the requirements. This is where you can tell them about allergies or other things you'd like them to know before ordering. The options you can choose from:
vegan friendly (my choice obviously)
dairy free
no nuts
You can only pick one of these options but if you want more options I'm sure you can just email them about it, they'll probably help you out a much as they can. Their service is excellent! I emailed them while ordering to ask them if I could cancel my subscription right away since I'm trying out different boxes and I don't want to be subscribed to 10 different boxes at the same time (unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to afford that) and they were very understanding about it. They answered my email within half an hour, even though it was already 8pm. They cancelled my subscription right away and were not at all trying to push me to stay subscribed (which is something many companies would sadly try to do by offering you discounts, gifts etc.).
The last thing you can choose is the dispatch date. You can either choose to have them ship your box within 24 hours or (if you want to receive your box on the same day each month), on the 20th of each month. Obviously I chose to have it shipped within 24 hours. I could not wait to receive it!



When I opened the box, there were four different blends in it (as promised).
My box contained:

berries & cream (fruit infusion)
(very sweet, no sugar needed)
vanilla cupcake (rooibos tea)
(Despite what the name implies, this one was a lot less sweet than expected. Very yummy though.)
cinnamon & rose petals (black tea)
(my absolute favourite, made me think of Christmas)
darjeeling earl grey (black tea)
(not sweet, with a herbal flavour)

What I found really great is that there were disposable tea bags included in the box (I own some tea strainers but I hate doing dishes, haha) and that each package had it's own instructions printed individually on the bag. On the packages it says clearly how much tea you need for one cup (measured in teaspoons), how long you have to let it brew and where it comes from, since the teas are from all around the world. 🌎✌️



This subscription box is definitely worth it's price (or maybe even more). The teas inside were all very good and I loved the packaging of them equally as much. I already know I will be ordering from them again in the future. If not a subscription box, I will definitely order some loose packages, however I might subscribe to them as well. Even if I would eventually choose another box to stay subscribed to, this box is inexpensive and definitely good enough to subscribe to as well.

I would definitely reccomend this box to all tea lovers out there!

From: True Tea Club
Rating: 10/10
Price: €11 to
22 ($13 to $26 / £10 to £20 ) (depends on the size you choose)

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A little while ago I found out that there's such a thing as monthly subscription boxes. It might seem silly that I had never heard of it before but it just never popped up in my head. I was immediately intrigued though when I did read about them. Then I learned that there are actually a lot of companies who are making such boxes and with lots of different contents. They can contain books, make-up, beauty products, crystals, food, tea.. whatever your heart may desire basically.

I decided to give it a try. But first I had to choose which box I wanted exactly.
After browsing the web for a little while I was left with so many options that I had no idea where to even start. The only things I did know were that I wanted to go for a beauty/makeup box first and that it had to be vegan or at least cruelty free. I was not interested in paying import costs so the company had to be based in Europe or the UK (since I'm from Belgium). I was still left with a few options so I decided to go for one of the cheaper ones to start with. That's when I discovered: The Pip Box.



The Pip Box is a box offered by a company that goes under the same name based in the UK . They ship to Europe and the UK and their boxes sell for £14,99 plus p&p (you can also opt for a 3 month bundle which works out a bit cheaper). There's no minimum commitment and you can cancel your subscription anytime by logging in to your account or simply sending them an e-mail.
They offer both cruelty free and vegan friendly + cruelty free beauty boxes (the non-vegan ones sometimes contain products with things such as beeswax, which explains why they are not entirely vegan friendly).


The boxes contain 5 beauty products (a mix of full sized and travel sized products, but never tiny samples) that can be hair products, beauty products, make-up or skincare. The average value for each box is around £35,00 so it's actually a great deal! You get some awesome beauty products for about half their actual prices!

Fun facts:
  • 50p from every box they sell is donated to animal friendly charities!
  • Every month you can win a free Pip Box (that includes free postage) by simply sharing your experience on social media and tagging them in it.
  • You can buy this box as a gift for your best friend, mother or sister by clicking the 'gift' option at the checkout. This way you will only be charged once and you won't be subscribed (I clicked this option because I wanted to try it out first, before committing to a monthly subscription). You can even let them put a little note inside for the one who will receive the gift.
  • The Pip Box is named after the founder's dog Pippa! 🐶



I decided to order this box a few weeks ago. I knew I would have to wait to receive it for a little while 'cause they ship all of their boxes on the same day, around the 20th of each month. In the FAQ on their website, it says that most subscribers receive their boxes before the 26th but that the shipping can take a lot longer when you live in Europe. So when they announced that the beauty boxes were on their way on the 19th of August, I was not expecting mine to arrive for a few weeks or so. To my surprise, it was here only two days after they had shipped it!! 💖

Fun fact:

  • On the box (right next to your address) there's a little note that says 'Dear Postie, I'm special! Please handle me carefully.' To make sure the mailmen handle your package with care.

Of course, I couldn't wait to see what was in it, so I opened it immediately and after unwrapping the beautifully bright pink paper I discovered some amazing beauty products along with some discount codes (for when I decide to buy the full sized version of these products).



I ordered the vegan friendly + cruelty free box so I'm not entirely sure what's in the regular one, but here's what mine contains and where to purchase the items on their own (just click the brand name).


I am definitely loving what The Pip Box has to offer, but I want to continue trying out some more boxes before making the commitment of actually subscribing to a monthly box. This way, not only me but also you (by reading about my experiences on this blog) can discover the lovely world of subscription boxes and what they have in store.

There are so many more boxes to try out (I will not only be testing beauty boxes btw)!

Curious what the next box will be?
Stay tuned! 💋

From: The Pip Box
Rating: 10/10
Price: €16,35 ($19,30 / £14,99) (cheaper when you opt for the 3 month bundle)



Teami Detox Pack
(round 1)

"Yay, you have received your yummy 30 day detox pack!".

I have been eager to order the Teami Detox Pack since my good friend and burlesque sister Ripley Brown recommended it to me. (Click on her name to go to her blog). So obviously I couldn't wait for it to arrive in the mail so I could get started. And finally, after a small week, the delivery guy handed it over to me.

I can't tell you if it works (yet) or how it tastes since I'm gonna start tomorrow but I will keep you updated on the progress I've made throughout the weeks. So stay tuned if you wanna see the results!

The detox pack consists of 1 pack of teami skinny tea (that you have to drink every single morning), one pack of teami colon tea (15 bags, you have to drink this every other night, an infuser and a tumbler (of which you can choose the colour). The teami team also added a handy calendar and a small booklet with some handy detox recipes and a discount code for my next order.

I will be posting some updates about this so you guys can follow my progress. Stay tuned ✌.


Day One

Today was detox day 1!
Ofcourse there are no results yet but I can tell you something about the taste already.

On the first day you're only supposed to drink the teami skinny tea. I was really excited to try it so that's what I did first thing in the morning (it is recommended that you do this as early as possible).
I was happily surprised! Normally I like my tea sweet. This tea wasn't (it had more of a herb-y kind of taste) but I really liked it anyway. Teami suggests to add some lemon to it if you want a sweeter taste and I might do that on some days just to change things up a bit but not because it's necessary. This tea is yummy!

It was a lot of fun to watch the tea 'grow' as well. Literally. The leaves grow as you pour hot water on them!

The packaging says that you can reuse the leaves 2-3 times throughout the day. I've used it twice but they had already lost some of their taste the second time. 3 times would be a bit too much I guess.

So, I think it's safe to say that the first day was a success! Let's see what next week brings! I'll keep you posted.


Week one

A little over a week has gone by since I received my Teami Detox Pack. I have drunk my Teami like I was supposed to. One cup (or tumbler) of Skinny Tea every morning and one cup of Colon Tea every other night.

Like I told you earlier, I really like the taste of the Skinny Tea but the Teami Colon is not really my cup of tea (pun intended). I did get used to it a little bit already but I'm still not liking it very much.

As for the results.. After one week I do feel a little less bloated but I can't say I have lost any weight yet. I must admit however, that I haven't been eating very healthy and I didn't gain weight because of it either. So it might have already worked!

I'm gonna continue this detox plan until the end of the month and hopefully I might still get some more results out of it.

A new update will be posted soon - stay tuned!

From: Teami Blends
Rating: 8/10 so far
Price: €49,99 ($59 / £45,79) (they often have discount codes)



I recently threw out a lot of my beauty products because they were filled with bad ingredients or weren't cruelty free. This meant that I had to go shopping for new products and I ended up buying some products at The Body Shop. I already owned some of their products, but most of them were bath products.

I bought some of the products with tea tree oil in them because I read a lot of good things about it already and the women who work at the local store told me these products are perfect for people who have acne, or imperfect skin since tea tree is known for its purifying qualities.

I'm impressed!

I decided to give it a try and I must say I'm very impressed! I bought the Facial Wash, Toner and the BB cream (all from the 'tea tree line') and I tried them all at once. My skin instantly looked better and the BB cream is truly amazing. I only needed one drop to cover my whole face and it matched my skin tone perfectly (I used the lightest one available).

The saleswomen were kind enough to give me some samples from the other products in the same line so I'm definitely gonna try them out as well!

From: The Body shop
Rating: 9/10
Price: €9 ($10,60 / £8,13)



The girl who loves a million different things.

My name is Raven Romance. And as the title says: I love a million different things. Literally.

Never in my life have I been able to quickly make decisions. I often rely on other people to decide for me or I just go for both of the things I can't choose between. The downside to this is that I do spend a lot of money on things that I don't necessarily need. I also used to think this made me weird but just recently I came to realize that it doesn't make me weird at all. In fact, it makes my life so much more interesting.
It means that I get to enjoy more of what life has to offer and that I am often surrounded by a lot of things that make me happy.

Although this blog will mostly be about ( vegan & cruelty free) beauty & skincare, I will also let you take a look into my daily life. And since I'm indecisive, there's a lot going on in that life of mine , haha. If you want to know what those things are, make sure to read the 10 facts about me below!

Enjoy! 💋

10 facts about me

1. I am a Burlesque performer & producer in a Burlesque Troupe called Ne Touche Pas Burlesque👯

2. I have 3 furbabies: 2 kitties and a Siberian Husky dog.

3. I am studying to become a kindergarten teacher. (And while doing so, I am also working as a domestic helper to stay financially stable.)

4. I love going to Disneyland Paris! I used to have an annual passport but it got a little too expensive. Maybe someday I'll renew it.

5. I have been a vegetarian since age 12. 🌼

6. I love to collect things (Funko pops, books, make-up, Disney pins & other Disney stuff, ...)

7. I have some tattoos and wish to get a lot more of them in the future.

8. I almost never drink alcohol, only on special occasions and even then I will stop after one or 2 glasses. I just don't like drunk people at all (and yes, I have been drunk a few times in my life and I hated it).

9. I LOVE glitter! I know, I know, I'm supposed to love glitter since I'm a Burlesque performer. But even in my daily life I absolutely adore glitter, whether it's in my clothes, make-up, bath bombs or accessories... ✨

10. I may not look like it (or do I?) but I could be considered a geek. I LOVE Star Wars, I play Magic the gathering and I love boardgames. And yes, I'm proud of it!