After Noosa and Fraser I went back to Surfers Paradise (for the third time 😱) to stay at Brad's with the cats, the plants and the snake. Such a lovely home 😻 "Don't shrink me gipsie!"

Went back to visit Surf n Sun, so nice to see everyone again! Such a chill place. We wheren't even staying there atm and we could still hang out and drink in the courtyard and join the pub crawl 💃🏻🎉

Missed my flight home, good times 😂 Ran around on the airport like a maniac. Called Emirates and they where super friendly about it. They rescheduled it to two days later for only bout $250 👍

This meant I had two more days in stralia, best spent at surf n sun ofcourse 😄

Now I'm on the plane going back to sweden. These four weeks has been amazing, thank you everyone. I'll be back, ofcourse, but propably not until next february... 😔 See you next year!! Oi cunt we're going on a maccas run and some durries and get fucken maggot or nuh?! 🇦🇺

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Per request I'm now doing this in english, enjoy!

I'm on the coach from Noosa to Surfers atm, trying to catch up with the blogging. I arrived to Noosa five days ago and spent my first night at Nomads Hostel. I had been partying hard for 21 days straight and it finally caught up with me: I crashed, I was done. I had dinner, a couple of beers and booked a trip to Fraser Island but the fever was getting worse so I ended up going to bed early, slept for 13 hours, checked out, took a bus to Dolphins Hostel and slept for another three hours.

My two days in Noosa was the first and only low during my trip. I felt sick and sad in so many ways (blaming serotonin for not being present in my time of need) and I didn't really enjoy the town. It was small and quite a hike to get to their shitty beach. Felt like a place where you stay one or two nights just to go to Fraser or Whitsunday. The Dolphins hostel was the worst though. It was super cozy and nice but in the middle of nowhere and they had a strict no goon policy (!) and no drinking after 7pm AND no bar!

It was beautiful and pink though, here's a pic.

And here's Nomads. It was actually really good. They had a pool and a bar with lots of crazy competitions every night and this awesome mega-gay in the café. 💁

Then was Fraser Island. It was by far the best thing on the trip so far and one of the best times I've ever had in my whole life. The weather was awesome and the people where all so incredibly nice, we where like a family by the end.

The trip consisted of four 4-wheel drive land cruisers, accomodation at a resort and about 32 backpackers. Driving those things was awesome and we just pumped tunes going 80km/h on this beautiful beach.

Got heaps of pics on my GoPro but I don't think I can be bothered atm. Might upload later.

First stop was The Champagne Pools. The guide said something interesting about it but meh. Waves came in and made the water fizzy and nice. Four out of five toasters. Canonfun 👍👍

Next was Indian Heads, a big rock. The view was nice and Kerstin stubbed her toe. 🇩🇪

The worst attempt at rolling a fag I have ever seen. Thank you for this Chris I've-stopped-smoking Hansen 🇩🇰

Haven't decided yet if I should upload anything from our game of truth or dare. It got kind of out of hand 😅

Back in Noosa the hostel had reserved tables for us and we got some free drinks and food. Ended up dancing and drinking a lot and finished it off with a skinny dip 💃🏻 Great way to end a great trip. Next day was checkout and saying the sad goodbyes. 😕

Bye Liverpool, stay irish ✋



Nu har jag spenderat en vecka i härliga Byron Bay. Det är en enorm kontrast till Surfers Paradise, mycket skönare stämning. Ett citat som perfekt beskriver Byron: "Man ser typ inte vilka som är uteliggare och vilka som inte är det här".

Jag har haft en helt fantastisk vecka, tack alla ni som förgyllt den 😘

Det oundvikliga inträffade. Oh the horror 😱😫

Nomads, vårt kära hostel. Good times 😂

Surfingen var fantastisk, särskilt om man tog sig ut till The Pass som låg en halvtimmes promenad bort ute på udden.

Mitt kylskåp: öl, goon och snabbnudlar. Standard.

Tog en promenix upp till fyren. Syns inte här men utsikten var grym! And it better be, det var ungefär 300 grader och klättringen höll på att förgöra oss. Men lätt värt. Gick genom massa häftig djungel och såg fula kalkonfåglar.



Nu har jag precis sagt farväl till alla och sitter på bussen på väg till Byron Bay. Det är motigt att lämna guldkusten men det känns som jag har gjort det mesta här nu 😊

Melbas, Beer Garden, Sin City, Vanity: Stay classy 👌



Ah, paradiset 😍 Hur länge har jag varit här? 3, 4, 5 dagar?

Vädret har slagit om, nu jobbar vi sol och pub crawls 💃🏻☀️

Frukost på stranden #madgains

Surf n sun, lätt bästa hostlet so far 💁



Ah, hostellivet... 😍

Utsikten från poolen på YHA. Vädret går bananas atm. 🍌

Kajsa, Elin och Jonathan. Svenskar måste ju hålla ihop!



Hälsade på ett annat hostel och efter en stund kom någon springandes med en huntsman spider. De är en av de största, hoppar och käkar fåglar. Det här var som tur var en bebis. Ibland är det gött att bo på ett finare hostel 😅

Såg en stor ödla i botanical garden också! 🐊



Första inlägget, får se om det blir det sista men det vore kul att föra lite dagbok.

Det här är alltid roat mig: rökning förbjuden följt av ett askfat. Derp!

Bästa flygningen hittills. Bakom första klass, precis bakom två söta bebisar som var knäpptysta HELA RESAN. Tre säten själv och blev väckt mitt i natten av "Would you like some ice cream sir?". Hell to the yes.

Såg Sicario. Bra skit. Årets kvinnliga huvudroll?