Beside trade, a targeted and accountable investment infrastructure is one of the most effective ways to stimulate economic growth. PT. SMI is not only aware of this very fact, but also of the fact that there is a significant imbalance between the available funding for the development of infrastructure with the number of infrastructure needed to be developed. As a company that serves as a banking service complement, PT. SMI focuses on providing a few different types of funding alternative to help the infrastructure development.

As a financing company which provides financing alternatives for the infrastructure sector, each and every operational activity which belongs to PT. SMI is guaranteed to be compliant with the Minister of Finance Regulations Number 100/PMK.010/2009. The aforementioned regulation is known to strictly regulate infrastructures which are approved as the objects of financing by the Minister – in which road, transportation, telecommunication, waste water, water supply, irrigation, and electricity are a few of the approved objects to receive financing. The following is a list of investment products and financing options which are provided by PT. SMI:

● Term Loan, also known as financing investment

● Mezzanine Loan

● Bridge Loan

● Working Capital Loan

● Take Out Financing

● Equity Investment

● Promoter Financing

The offered infrastructure financing alternatives are provided with a varying number of schemes including mezzanine, equity, and loan. As for the loans, there are currently six types of loans, see the following list for the previously mentioned loan types:

● Senior Loan, in which PT. SMI serves as the project’s senior lender.

● Convertible Loan, in which the scheme involves conversion to equity at the pre-set maturity date.

● Subordinated Loan, in which PT. SMI serves as the project’s junior lender.

● Contract Financing and Invoice Financing, types of loan given to the contractors of a project.

● Equity Investment, a type of direct investment given through equity ownership.