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She gets cuter and cuter everyday! She's now 6 months. Still breastfeeding and now on solids! She loves them so much no matter how bad some of them smell.

Her cheeks in the picture of her sleeping OH MY GOD! she warms my heart so much.

I love you ♡



I have the best news! The best I've heard in awhile. Since I had a baby and decided I wanted to raise her on my own, I decided to leave high-school. Which means not letting her go to a daycare or stay with my parents.

I started doing online school but it wasn't really working for me, I've had really bad motivation issues for awhile so it made online school even harder, and Adriana takes up a lot of my time because she still is so small. I decided to not do that either.

I went to a lady at a college a few towns over and she interviewed me. We talked about my plans and goals. Then she signed a waiver and sent it to the school district allowing me to get my GED. Which is a high-school diploma.

I will take a 3 month course and take tests (4) and if I pass I get the diploma. If not, I'll retake the ones I didn't pass. Once I pass I'll be able to enroll at the college in my town!

Isn't that crazy?

My dad told me there was no hurry to finish high-school and that I have time but I really want an early start on my career. He will be in Afghanistan for 6 months and when he comes home I'm going to surprise him!



So I've decided to start blogging about fashion, makeup and fitness, maybe food?

I've always loved these shoes but I never started making my own money until this year because I am sixteen.

So, I decided to buy these beautiful sneaks. I've always loved them, I love white shoes but my mom never bought me them because I was "messy".

They go with seriously with anything and everything. They run small so I went down half a size. (7)

They are really comfortable and are a little narrow towards the toes.

Price: $80 (US)



This is just a list of thing I hope to never do before I die.

Smoke cigarettes
Eat frog legs
Play with a ouija board
Get a tattoo
Go hunting
Take back an ex
Get in a car accident
Get harassed
Deal with anyone's bullsh*t but my own (or my children)
Drop out of college
Cut my hair short
Eat squid
Mistake sugar for salt (which I did but with pepper)
Forget my child in a public place (or at all)
Take anyone for granted
Get stolen from
Enjoy milk
Drop my baby
Get stuck at sea
Get stuck in the middle of nowhere
Run out of gas

I hope to never have these things happen!!



1. Feet. I seriously hate feet, I really don't know what it is that grosses me out so much, maybe that they touch all the germs on the floor or that they wiggle all weird. Maybe it's just me but they seriously make me sick.

2. Milk. I used to live in Germany and my mother tells me I loved German milk. I haven't been there in awhile so I don't know if I really do like there's, but the way it smells! Woo! I can't stand it and the way it tastes, even worse. I can't drink it by itself.

3. Styrofoam. I don't know why but this stuff makes me cringe. I sweat and and shiver, whenever I get a package and it has styrofoam in it I will put off opening it until I have to. Oh, my gosh I'm getting goosebumps thinking about it!

4. Sleeping against the car window. I don't know if this happens to anyone else but I can not sleep with my head against the car window. The vibrations tickle my nose and ear hair and I seriously just can't handle it. I was always the last bus stop from middle school to high-school and I would be so tired but I could not sleep.

5. When people can't pick-up after themselves. Even if it's not in my house or if we're in public it makes me angry. I don't know what it is but seeing dishes out hours after being off of makes me irate. Trash, cups, mail, games it makes me so angry. Clutter! Ugh!

6. Cheating. Not necessarily on tests because I've been there and I've done that, but on people. Whoever thinks they can cheat and think it's okay is ridiculous! I think it's hilarious that as soon as a cheater gets cheated on they get angry and sad, because really they're just a hypocrite. Cheating is just one of the things that is never okay.

7. Those people who are just always in your business. Ooooh, I hate this. Where are you? What are you doing? Who are you dating? What's going on with you and blah blah? Who are you texting? Why are you guys fighting? What happened? BLAH BLAH BLAH. I'm pretty sure everyone hates this but I mostly started hating it more as soon as I found out I was pregnant and left school. As soon as I stopped seeing everyone from my school and my friends I really didn't care about what anyone else was doing besides me. As soon as I left that's when people hit me with all types of personal questions. Even from people I didn't know. I've always been a private person so I was easily bothered by this.

8. People who always have something to say. I can't stand this, it irks me so much.

I recently saw a blog post with things to blog about when you have writers-block. I really want to blog more than just every few weeks so now I will be blogging more!



The Little Things

I want to remember these little things when you're not so little anymore.

The way you grunt and scream at your favorite toy like a little monster (in the picture above) and hold really tight.

The way you smile as soon as you wake up, with your eyes all puffy and your arms up stretching.

The way you tighten your body before you fart. I always know when you're gonna fart because you grunt a little sometimes. Still cute though.

The way you kick the water in the bath and splash the water in your face.

When I put your diaper too high up your back and you lift up your butt by putting your feet down and pushing up so I can pull it down.
This one is totally one of my faves, it's so adorable. I wonder if any other babies do that.

The way you stretch so much as soon as you wake up and arch your back.

The way you laugh in the mirror as soon as we walk past one.

The way you kick so hard in your bouncy seat. Even though you make your Achilles' tendon bleed. (not so good part)

The way you smile while breastfeeding.

There are so many things you do that making me smile and even sometimes cry. Oh I just love you so much! Sometimes I just can't believe I made you.

-xoxo mama



Ugh, I am so in love with my baby. I don't know where to begin. Things are so good right now, Adriana's got her first tooth now, bottom right. It's adorable. It's not big enough to hurt me during breastfeeding but I've been wondering a lot about that. She's laughing so much more smiling and she rolled over!

It's just so crazy to think that she is only four months old, it feels like such a long time and I'm cherishing all of these moments. I know when she's my age I'm gonna wish she was a baby again, so I can cuddle with her and kiss her and make her laugh and do all those things that's teenagers say "Ew, go away!" "Stop mom" to. So I can definitely wait. Every time she hits another milestone I just want to cuddle her and cry and cry and cry. Tears of joy!

Motherhood is so beautiful and the love you have with your own offspring is so much different than the love you have with a friend. I'm just so in love, I can only imagine what it be like to love 200 of your own kids.

Adriana is officially Roman Catholic! She got baptized and it makes me so happy. In her dress she looked so beautiful, with a bonnet and stockings it was just to die for. She behaved so well and it was overall just a beautiful day. She got to meet a lot of my friends she hasn't met. The love my friends have for her makes me want to cry. I am such an emotional mom! I am just so happy nothing can kill it. Goodnight everyone and thank you guys for reading!

Xoxo Fabyana



This year was a crazy roller coaster. Good and bad.
God gave me a beautiful lil-pumpkin. Adriana is so beautiful and so cuddly, she's so sweet, challenging sometimes but that's how parenting is. This year I had to grow up really fast but that's okay. I had/have so many by my side the whole time and others whom I drifted apart from. I know this coming year good things will come to me. I've become a better person this year and I'm proud of myself for taking on a big challenge at such a young age. I'm proud of every new parent this year. Happy New Years everyone. 💓