So Christmas is finally here and I’m back home from a two day trip to Bethlehem I am so blessed to have spent Christmas where Jesus was born. So, me and my mom decided to spend Christmas in Bethlehem so we book a trip with a tour group cense Bethlehem is a Palestinian territory but is administrated by Israel. So, we had to be in Jaffa gate at 12 o’clock in the afternoon the 24 of December where we would take a bus to Bethlehem. It was a chaos getting on the bus because it was blocking the way for other cars and then the police came and the administrator of the group started screaming at the police but we were on the road one hour and a half later. First, we were going to Jerusalem and pick the priest up because he was going to go with us. We arrived in Bethlehem 5 o’clock. The traffic in Bethlehem was crazy and people where driving like maniacs and there is no traffic lights in Bethlehem so it was crazy. We were stuck in traffic for an hour and we arrived at our hotel, we stayed in the holy family hotel. There we ate dinner and me and my mom got tickets to go to the nativity church on the 24 of December to see the ceremony with the popes and priest the church was so protected and there were like 4 security stands with guys with huge guns and knives. The this was that I got a special ticket that was for the press so I could sit in the front but my mon didn’t have that ticket so she had to stand in the crowd of 100 people. But later I felt bad so I left my seat and gave my ticket to an old lady and apparently, she spoke Swedish and am also Swedish so we talked a little bit and then I gave her my ticket so she could sit in the front and with the ceremony. Apparently, there are limited tickets to that event and not all people can go to that church on the 24 so we felt kind of honored to be there. The event lasted for hours but we were there for 2 hours and then we went home to the hotel and fell asleep. The next day we were going to the exact same church but to the exact place where Jesus was born but the line was to dam long so we just stood there thinking what we could to to skip it when a man approached us and said that he was a tour guide and that he could help us to skip the line if we payed 100 shekels for all of us (we were 5 people) so we took a risk an payed and he help us skip the line. The pace was so crowded and there wasn’t much air sense the place was in a cave and we were 70 people in that cave, people was pushing to get through and it was impossible. Later we went home

The cave where Jesus was born

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So, Christmas is around the corner and that means spending time with your friends and family. We have so many traditions in Colombia like wearing yellow underwear for fortune in 2017 or dragging with you a luggage whether you go to bring travel to the future or putting gold in you drink to bring fortune. So, there are a lot of Christmas traditions In Colombia. But to the point is that Christmas can also come baring gifts. I know there are a lot of people in the world that are not that fortunate to celebrate Christmas, so you got to appreciate that you can. So if Santa Claus can hear me through this blog I kindly wish this for Christmas.


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